CBS: Jazz From USSR Vinyl Set

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EnlightenedSavage - 4 hours ago
How do you get a good sound like this on youtube. What is your recording setup?
EB240 - 23 hours ago
That last tune was amazing, daaym
Ansun Walks
Ansun Walks - Day ago
Wow the last one Утверждение is a cool tune!
It renders very futuristic, optimistic note with the tune. This is very unique.
When I was a kid, i heard a lot of music like jazz its a SoyuzmultFilm.
Anderson 63 Scooper
Quite the aesthete, I see.
Name here
Name here - 2 days ago
9:53 Woah, that's straight Coltrane.
Knightshade - 2 days ago
Jazz-loving tankie gang unite!
Deme3s - 2 days ago
Шикарно, большое спасибо за сет, поставил ролик утром перед работой, под чашечку кофе.
Michael Ferrarella
Michael Ferrarella - 2 days ago
My goodness, each and every installment of the Coffee Break Sessions is pure gold. Thank you!
Sven Görgl
Sven Görgl - 2 days ago
14:20 reminds me sooooo much of full metal alchemist soundtrack
Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller - 4 days ago
Forgive my ignorance, are these all Russian artists? Great Set! Excellent Musicians!
Jesse Fanta
Jesse Fanta - 4 days ago
🔥 Fire starts @ 7:00 🔥
Seriously though, this is a great mix.
The Banana
The Banana - 5 days ago
Now that's how you play Jazz baby! (because if you play poorly we'll send you to the gulag, comrade)
Nicolas Sarkozy
Nicolas Sarkozy - 5 days ago
At least no one has to worry about intellectual private property on this mix.
Dwayne Hills
Dwayne Hills - 5 days ago
Where can we find this vinyl - Утверждение - Утверждение and Ленинградский Джаз Ансамбль Под Управлением А. Вапирова - Воспоминание
zloy_ gorod
zloy_ gorod - 5 days ago
LOOOOK that is "MELODY" on vinyl -soviet classic!!!! I got several rings
Derpenator - 6 days ago
Where do you dig up these tracks, really curious. They're remarkably good!
Ash3yto Classy
Ash3yto Classy - 6 days ago
you should stream this is amazing
Chris Luno
Chris Luno - 7 days ago
incredibly cozy and great track selection this 🤟🏼inspired me to upload a vinyl set myself, thanks!!
Виталий Плотников
До слёз!
TowerJr - 8 days ago
Friday Knight
Friday Knight - 8 days ago
I am one with this channel
rovarisluiz - 9 days ago
man thats just an amazing set. I have my concerns about one or two that i think that dont fit the rest, but overall its really well build up. Got me subscribed.
Aleksey Karpov
Aleksey Karpov - 9 days ago
Igor Dziuba
Igor Dziuba - 9 days ago
остання композиція взагалі бомба
Валерий Ковтун
Чилим, товарищи!)
pleasure. - 10 days ago
*Hitler* don't like this
GraemeMarkNI - 10 days ago
Is your coffee break 45 minutes. My boss is gonna kill me 😅
Sensibility - 11 days ago
The USSR was amazing. It was so beautiful as a kid growing up to know that somewhere in the world there was a country not being run by cliques of posh financiers from under piles of hookers and coke on gold plated yachts. Yeah yeah, repression, rights, yada yada. This mix is the light.
sissifreud - 11 days ago
pls help where can i find the the mo3 ? to 6:50
ethann mazak
ethann mazak - 12 days ago
dislike trolls are psychopaths
jonas kongsro
jonas kongsro - 12 days ago
I think I found my new favorite channe
Jott Zu Dem B
Jott Zu Dem B - 12 days ago
Simply WOW! I am absolutely glad that I found your channel. Keep your good DJ work going and big thanks for doing what you do!
Fran Armida Zainaab
Fran Armida Zainaab - 12 days ago
DOBROGUN - 13 days ago
когнетивный десонанс после тога как тут услышал татарскую-башкирскую песню "яшляр жырлай" )))
Иван Кушнеренко
Thanks man, so much joy!
Hodek Van Mealstrom
Hodek Van Mealstrom - 13 days ago
More jazz please
Alexx S.
Alexx S. - 13 days ago
as a multilingual with knowledge of 6 different languages and music history of each folk, i have to admit i am surprised each time by your uploads, as well as this time!! great, solid, exceptional work!
рияз галиев
рияз галиев - 13 days ago
сәлам казак бауырларыма татарстаннан.дустар группасы иң матуры
James D
James D - 14 days ago
That 11/8 groove at 9:07
downonbarbe - 14 days ago
this one stared me in the eye and broke me.
KidKangaroo - 9 days ago
Good "broke" or bad "broke"? Because for me it's good broke, the song puts a smile on my face, because of how catchy and upbeat the melody and the lyrics are.
ov0 - 15 days ago
awesome! thanks for your hard and great work! I'd like to suggest a setlist only with Armenian music, from the soviet period and beyond. I believe there's a goldmine there to be explored. Cheers!
Hodl My Beer
Hodl My Beer - 15 days ago
Bald and bankrupt gonna love this 😅😅
The Goat Lord
The Goat Lord - 15 days ago
Can anyone please help me to find the third song at 06:50? I'm Having no luck so far
The Goat Lord
The Goat Lord - 15 days ago
@My Analog Journal Thank you!
My Analog Journal
My Analog Journal - 15 days ago
Инструментальный ансамбль "Дустар" - Дождь Идет
culota - 16 days ago
Imagine being this guy's neighbor. I'd love to spend afternoons with a book and muted jazz music resonating from my walls.
Ivan Bogdanov
Ivan Bogdanov - 16 days ago
Records "Melody" have always been considered very bad)
But you were surprised
Timothy Lloyd
Timothy Lloyd - 16 days ago
Sometimes the algorithm hits you just right
12 345
12 345 - 16 days ago
The last one is magnificent.
Николай Зародин
WOW!! Спасибо, бро, не слышал ранее и половины из этого!
Lego Man 12345 12345
Lego Man 12345 12345 - 17 days ago
enjoyed it thoroughly!
Ligny C.
Ligny C. - 17 days ago
39:34 That's the track that Nujabes used to sample Counting Stars!!
Anthony Magazine
Anthony Magazine - 17 days ago
Please do a set with some Italian music
My Analog Journal
My Analog Journal - 17 days ago
Anthony Magazine it’s coming very soon!
Minimal User
Minimal User - 17 days ago
Why grown men show ankles these days?
gem - 5 days ago
...who cares?
Stephan Richard
Stephan Richard - 8 days ago
Ankles are the new biceps ofcourse
Михаил Ожирельев - Flat Earth Police
Nice ethnic fusion.
Kat Reynolds
Kat Reynolds - 18 days ago
fire tracks
Poison Damage
Poison Damage - 18 days ago
yt knows whats up
George Karanadze
George Karanadze - 18 days ago
Where did you find these vinyls?
Inafu Sabi
Inafu Sabi - 18 days ago
I dont speak a lot here, but have to say that this channel gives me great audible and aurable pleasure
Brush Saint E
Brush Saint E - 19 days ago
In Soviet Russia, music swing you, comrade!
mr wow
mr wow - 19 days ago
The USSR has produced incredible musicians and music!
Kristopher Brown
Kristopher Brown - 19 days ago
Jazz is the same language no matter the origin
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