Massive Dam Collapse During Construction 😱

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DJ Drewski Thunderbirds
DJ Drewski Thunderbirds - 14 days ago
You just couldn't leave it alone, could you? You had to add stupid music instead of leaving the original audio intact.
Grenge g
Grenge g - 16 days ago
periesicsd - 20 days ago
that is not a collapse. This how they start using a dam!
Chilli - 20 days ago
Be water my friend.
Trần Thanh
Trần Thanh - 20 days ago
FairwayJack - 20 days ago
more cowbell !!!!
Kieron Gray
Kieron Gray - 20 days ago
So at what point did the dam collapse? All I saw was a mud bank collapse. Idiots
Vilmar Babolim Babolim
Vilmar Babolim Babolim - 20 days ago
Barb McCafferty
Barb McCafferty - 21 day ago
This was actually done on purpose.
Bobo von Hoppe
Bobo von Hoppe - 21 day ago
Hold your camera tight in one direction please next time!! What an amateur focus, omg
Jock Anderson
Jock Anderson - 21 day ago
standard procedure... don't know where this is filmed from, but when a dam is built, the water has to be held or diverted while they do it... once it's built, they have to release the water back to where it was going originally... this is the temporary one being "let go" so the "new" one can start it's job.. they can't just blow the temporary one up, the huge in-rush of water might (I say might) have a bit of a shock on the new dam, so they blow a little bit of the earthworks, let the water flow slower to start with, it will build up as time goes on, the weight of water onto the new dam builds up over ten minutes, rather than 10 seconds... all the earth and silt in the water will be gone fairly soon..
Paul - 21 day ago
keep the bastard camera still
ชา นอย
ชา นอย - 21 day ago
KumaBean - 21 day ago
I honestly expected this to be another clickbait nothing-burger, but man, what an incredible piece of footage! 👌
usernameagainahcrap - 20 days ago
Sarcasm ...
SupPort Sulphur
SupPort Sulphur - 21 day ago
Is this on r/thatsucks yet?
dan phillpotts
dan phillpotts - 22 days ago
This is in the shit hole India, there flushing the poop and plastic straws and the dead bodies into the sea. This is almost as bad as Tia Juana or San Francisco.......well almost.
馬鹿日本も そのうち こうなるだろう 馬鹿ばっかりだしな
denise campos
denise campos - 22 days ago
4:40 parece ser uma pessoa 🤔
Jörg Roßdeutscher
Jörg Roßdeutscher - 22 days ago
Shitty camera, shitty music, no background information —> clickbait trash.
Greg Brophy
Greg Brophy - 23 days ago
clickbait. planned .
Владимир Глазырин
Зачем эта конструкция??? Что автор пытался показать?? Ясно видно,что это ЗАПЛАНИРОВАННАЯ хрень!!! Диз!!
Borne Bol
Borne Bol - 24 days ago
Not an accident... but a Rerouting of water, timed and synched by a Hydrologist.
Don Nebes
Don Nebes - 5 days ago
Borne Bol no it’s a proctologist.
Oliver Beiro
Oliver Beiro - 24 days ago
Thefirstgalaxybeing - 24 days ago
WASTE OF TIME!!! What brain-dead nincompoop thought this idiotic music/noise was better to listen than the rushing water?
Leon Allan Davis
Leon Allan Davis - 24 days ago
Stupid video...stupid music out...
Ballance Marbleblust
Ballance Marbleblust - 24 days ago
Aurelio Pegarro
Aurelio Pegarro - 24 days ago
Wow excelent
Preben Jensen
Preben Jensen - 24 days ago
Nice to see nature strike back. Humans destroy everything.
jquest43 - 25 days ago
Poor Damm
Tragic..never had a chance!!!!
jquest43 - 25 days ago
Debora Edwards
Debora Edwards - 25 days ago
why is everyone so upset, the Governments want us all to drown like rats and destroy OUR lands.. by means of flood & chemicals and all the rest!!
Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton - 26 days ago
Why the annoying music???
Burnwash - 26 days ago
Trump Dam Builders Inc.
usernameagainahcrap - 26 days ago
Clickbait shit.
The dam is on the right and did not collapse.
Shitty awful muzak.
Thumb down.
MichSignMan - 27 days ago
Wow... they taught a monkey to point a camera? impressive, now they have to teach him to not swing it around in circles. That would have been a great video to watch... instead of a "dislike" video / waste of my time
Leonardo Ochoa Daniel
Leonardo Ochoa Daniel - 27 days ago
Porque no abrirían las compuertas?
thomas - 27 days ago
Flood the Containment basements
registro cuevas ondas
registro cuevas ondas - 28 days ago
Hey your shit together that was the purpose stupid idiot
csx/ns/Amtrak railfan
csx/ns/Amtrak railfan - 28 days ago
Why didn't the idiots open the flood gates of the dam to relieve all that water
Homero Toribio
Homero Toribio - 28 days ago
Boostinpulsar - 28 days ago
Completely pointless to watch. Move on
SJNCLady - 28 days ago
This was clearly engineered and done on purpose. It's not a "disaster". Misleading title.
tuberesu - 29 days ago
Much better muted, perfect switched off.
gilconida ambat
gilconida ambat - 26 days ago
yes ,noise pollution
redskinjim - 29 days ago
Kenan - 29 days ago
Buy a tripod if you're incapable of holding the camera steady!
Johann Krafter
Johann Krafter - Month ago
Wer hat dafür die Verantwortung
Michel Foucault
Michel Foucault - Month ago
The cameraman is a complete imbecile and stupid. It is urgent that this stupid take a course on how to film with his stupid phone and that he shows a doctor that parkinson so son of a bitch he has with that crazy shiver.
Sboizify - Month ago
Nothing quite like the power of water..
Robert Heinkel
Robert Heinkel - Month ago
Makes me wonder if the roadway was designed to be above or below the water level?
Nohea - Month ago
dont ever hire this company to work on dams. Damn stupid
therealbrains - Month ago
Halte doch mal die Kamera ruhig du Bratwurst
jassy mortz
jassy mortz - Month ago
Am i drunk while watching this video?or the one who took the video?..
Edward Nummelin
Edward Nummelin - Month ago
And that is not the real dam !
Pastor Paul D
Pastor Paul D - Month ago
It would be nice to know exactly what , where and when this actually took place ! Anybody Agree? Mankind ain’t nothing compared to Gods creation. So why don’t YOU believe him ?
Craig Armstrong
Craig Armstrong - Month ago
Looks like a planned flooding.
Spade Spade
Spade Spade - Month ago
Байкел Эсенбай
Дамбы нету теперь миллионы ущерб а сколько невинных погибнут
Eliane Santos
Eliane Santos - Month ago
Será que aquilo é uma ponte? Porque eu não atravessaria ali.
Jobson Andrade Filho
Jobson Andrade Filho - Month ago
Abertura de um canal de desvio...
cymen1 - Month ago
It's not a dam, because a dam separates water from water. This is just a dirt wall or temporary dyke.
Pam Shearer
Pam Shearer - Month ago
Thank you for sharing very interested information and inspiring music , with
Everyone ! Safe in the Master hands♪
Hermenegildo Madriaga
Hermenegildo Madriaga - Month ago
:( sad
Gunnar Horpestad
Gunnar Horpestad - Month ago
Crap camera wobbling
Tom G.
Tom G. - Month ago
God dammit, quit moving the camera back and forth. Where the hell is this anyway?
Really - Month ago
Can't swim looking at it makes me suffocate
Kristoff Payne
Kristoff Payne - Month ago
I got motion sickness from camera movement
Hasan Deb
Hasan Deb - Month ago
هذا ليس انهيار ،هذت ساتر حجز الماء حتى بنوا هذا القسم من الجسر ،وسيكملون بنفس الطريقة .
Karl-Heinz Hagemann
Karl-Heinz Hagemann - Month ago
Das is a gewackel mit dem Handy - furchtbar und alles fake
fechaed - Month ago
fake collapse, deslike.
ali kill
ali kill - Month ago
هذا السد مؤاقت امام السد دائمي حته لايصر ضغط عليه 😶
RockMonster1000 - Month ago
you suck uploader
oskuboi [GD]
oskuboi [GD] - Month ago
Gerhard Binder
Gerhard Binder - Month ago
Kameraführung nicht gut diesen Andauernde hin und her schwenken ist extrem schlecht.
what th' ??
what th' ?? - Month ago
I think the earthen dam was built to allow for the building of the concrete structure. The earthen dam was then destroyed on purpose. Am I right?
Al - Month ago
You're an idiot for posting this. Instant dislike. Misleading.
Ernesto Sales
Ernesto Sales - Month ago
This is not good
Ray Hill
Ray Hill - Month ago
Keep your day job you suck filming ... Dizzy
Me here
Me here - Month ago
Why did he have to keep swinging back and forward.
Andy S
Andy S - Month ago
what is wrong with the shooter, looks like he had enough vodka in is brains
pmailkeey - Month ago
That's a rough sea that camera's mounted on. Bobbing about all over the place !
Starbuck 777
Starbuck 777 - Month ago
Isn’t that a planned breach of the cofferdam after the main dam, of camera to the right, is complete, bringing it online?
roboZ starrr
roboZ starrr - Month ago
Himm, thumbs up or down? hard to decide, I mean the video was dizzy, no info & the music didn't help . . . but the comments were pretty funny!
David Buschhorn
David Buschhorn - Month ago
The camera movement had me wanting some Dramamine.
Scottish NS Rail Fan
Scottish NS Rail Fan - Month ago
Another fake headline
Alfredo Toscano
Alfredo Toscano - Month ago
Deja quieta la cámara y la gran concha de tu madre!!!!
tricky dicky
tricky dicky - Month ago
Click bait, bad music, bad camera work. In all a waste of my time.
majikjuggalo - Month ago
RIP blue barrel
George Craig
George Craig - Month ago
Looks to be a flood control structure that was almost complete and ironically a flood "opened " it up a bit earlier then planned. Other then that, it's a clickbait video.
نونة نونة
نونة نونة - Month ago
اين هذه السد
chbeng tan
chbeng tan - Month ago
It is not actual main dam, it is called coffer dam, temporary structure during site construction below water level and is to be demolished on completion of construction.
فارس التنين
فارس التنين - Month ago
هذا افتتاح وليس إنهيار يا حيوان
Kent Robison
Kent Robison - Month ago
The river is  flooding. They may is  have got the dam built in time before the flood broke the coffer dam.
Harold Reardon
Harold Reardon - Month ago
Very poor camera operation, stay on target and quit swinging it all over the place. Lousy music that has no place here too.
Friendly Machine
Friendly Machine - Month ago
The most hideously awful music ever written. The idiot pee brain who chose this music should be flooded in a pool of feces and be forced to eat his way out, and then paraded on live tv drinking buckets of this awful crap lack of taste no culture knumscal.
oshtoolman - Month ago
the camera work is terrible. Swinging back and forth. How about staying on one subject for 20 seconds before SLOWLY panning in a different direction. I got dizzy watch this
victor van dyke
victor van dyke - Month ago
There is no doubt the river out there is raging! Certainly well above normal flow. Then the cofferdam that was built was meant to eventually be flooded. It seemed it just happened sooner than expected due to the flood in the river.
stefenos thepom
stefenos thepom - 29 days ago
No doubt it was meant to happen bait..
baddog711 - Month ago
I whole heartedly agree.
Charleston Heston
Charleston Heston - Month ago
Com certeza, teve a participação brasileira.
mweb1 - Month ago
The collapse was on purpose. I still don't like man-made dams.
Steve Solo
Steve Solo - Month ago
And this is not the releasing of a cofferdam?
Saif Odah
Saif Odah - Month ago
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