Mark and Ethan Attempt an Escape Room

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fragilecreature - Day ago
- That’s my heart 🥺
- that’s a machine
Joshua Pyle
Joshua Pyle - Day ago
Props to Quinn for not breaking character through Mark being a douche.
Joshingone - Day ago
"My Life is in the hands of an idiot!?"
"nononononono 2 idiots!"
i'm fockin dead
Ben Chudyk
Ben Chudyk - Day ago
Why is there a timer in the beginning of all of the videos?
Hey_its_me_Keira _lol!
And from that day forward, Mark and Ethan live no longer...
l l
l l - Day ago
My lifes in the hands of an idiot Ethan no two idiots
Smeagol 262
Smeagol 262 - Day ago
Ethan: *aRE yoU cHiLl wITh DyiNG?*
shippergirl 5000
shippergirl 5000 - Day ago
"My life is in the hands of an idiot!"
"No, two idiots!"
Cat Wiems
Cat Wiems - 2 days ago
I love how Mark and Ethan talked exactly like it was a horror game let's play
Catherine Crook
Catherine Crook - 2 days ago
Mark: How long have you been dating?
Quinn: 2 and a half years.
Mark: 2 and a half years is a long time to keep someone here.
Maxwell Firth
Maxwell Firth - 2 days ago
If I did an escape room I'd be so in character playing along with the actors in it, I feel like that would make it more fun to play along
Amy Allen
Amy Allen - 2 days ago
That girl was a great actor. Wow.
Kayla W.
Kayla W. - 2 days ago
when you're a guy about to do it for the first time but you never had sex ed or the talk: 2:55
Chloe Hickman
Chloe Hickman - 2 days ago
Oh you must do another escape room
Kayla W.
Kayla W. - 2 days ago
uhh the basement's voice sounds like how I imagine Mettaton from Undertale sounds lmao
devil man
devil man - 2 days ago
dude i think she might be high
Gforce Productions
Gforce Productions - 2 days ago
Ethan: Is that a 2???

Mark: yeah that's a 2!

Quinn: *agonising screams*
devil man
devil man - 2 days ago
you are a annud .unnus annus
Nathaniel Unruh
Nathaniel Unruh - 2 days ago
This is like when the Blair witch game wanted Mark to kill Bullet but refused
strawberii luna
strawberii luna - 2 days ago
quinn was probably having a hard time staying in character
Silver Kite [Games]
Silver Kite [Games] - 2 days ago
Im suprised she stayed in character I would have been laughing my ass off
DeadDog - 2 days ago
Ethan is so sweet. Also that girl is a damn good actor. I would have busted laughing
amy Haining
amy Haining - 2 days ago
My name is Amy
Regan Gibb
Regan Gibb - 2 days ago
Ethan is so cute during this
Nveous - 2 days ago
Quinn im so sorry we're so dumb
IamSage 88
IamSage 88 - 2 days ago
They should do this again!
Jen Nash
Jen Nash - 2 days ago
Girl locked in cage beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep *clap*. markiplier: "WE ALL DIE"
Jen Nash
Jen Nash - 2 days ago
Ethan: "in the in upstairs"
Jen Nash
Jen Nash - 2 days ago
Madison Ferron
Madison Ferron - 2 days ago
My life is in the hands of an idiot. Nooo no no, two idiots. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
saber plays
saber plays - 2 days ago
Quinn: so my life is the hands of an idiot?!
Ethan: NO NO NO NO NO! two idiots XD
Jeanette Wilson
Jeanette Wilson - 2 days ago
Quinn:My life is in the hands of an idiot!?
Ethan:no no no no TWO idiots
Dario Hasanbegovic
Dario Hasanbegovic - 2 days ago
I love that mark is carrying that head everywhere😂😂
Jet Paskinski
Jet Paskinski - 2 days ago
ethan is really cute
thicc - 2 days ago
whats the countdown in the beginning for
Jet Paskinski
Jet Paskinski - 2 days ago
i fucking can't mark is just hilarious he's so chill
Abbie Pagett
Abbie Pagett - 2 days ago
I bet everytime Mark and Ethan were away Quinn was pissing herself laughing, like when Ethan said 'just chill out' she was probably fuckin dyin
Amber Buwalda
Amber Buwalda - 2 days ago
i love how ethan just grabs marks arm at the end because he's afraid aw
Roi Castro
Roi Castro - 2 days ago
Youuuuu did thisssss lmaoo
DarkestShark676 - 2 days ago
My life Iain the hands of an idiot?!
No no no no no no no........
TWO Idiots
CHIN Panda
CHIN Panda - 2 days ago
Hmmmmm welp.....hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah! This is funny!
likemice - 2 days ago
Man I wanna go to the basement
Miss Sabrina
Miss Sabrina - 2 days ago
i feel like mark jus dislikes peeps lol
3ndless - 2 days ago
Mark and Ethan just casually putting tons of chemicals in her while she gets tortured
Libby Perrigan
Libby Perrigan - 2 days ago
You should do more of these escape rooms
badboy17 cool
badboy17 cool - 2 days ago
No one has mentioned that we don't know what happens after they release the hounds 😡😡😡
Anime Gamer
Anime Gamer - 2 days ago
Voice: I will release the hounds.
Mark and Ethan: PUPPIES
Derp Cade
Derp Cade - 2 days ago
Emperor Palpatine would be proud of that actor. For context, "Do it"
That kid UwU
That kid UwU - 2 days ago
0:57 best part
The Swirl Bunnies
The Swirl Bunnies - 3 days ago
-Little Bits-
-Little Bits- - 3 days ago
Omg! My name is Quinn! I should be in that cage
Raquel Guzmam
Raquel Guzmam - 3 days ago
Lmaoo his name would be Edward... That's such a bastard name 😒
TunableJoker16 - 3 days ago
I wonder how much the girl in the cage was annoyed at her job
Zach Barnard
Zach Barnard - 3 days ago
"My life is in the hands of an idiot"
"No, no, no. Two idiots"
Trip Over A Knife
Trip Over A Knife - 3 days ago
Ethan is me 😂😂😂
Pony - 3 days ago
Captive:My life is in the hands of an idiot!?!
Ethan: TwO IdIoTs!!!
Smokeyy Bear Hugs
Smokeyy Bear Hugs - 3 days ago
The A.D.D. is strong in this one, guys.
KvZxn_Yeet - 3 days ago
my left ear enjoyed this
wa la
wa la - 3 days ago
"What is that? Is that a bomb?"
"No that's my heart"
" *no that's a machine* "
Shetland - 3 days ago
Quinn : My life is in the hands of an idiot...
Ethan : Nonononono, You're life is in the hands of *TWO* idiots.
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