Baking Cakes with The Try Guys!

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino - 2 months ago
I hope you enjoy today's video! Have you ever decorated a cake before? A big thanks to the Try Guys for helping me bake these!! 😊💘
Myckayla Bright
Myckayla Bright - 11 days ago
I Bake cakes ALL THE TIME . I am a baker. I plan to open a cafe/bakery soon!!!
inchfamily4 - 26 days ago
decorating is my thing when it comes to cakes
Jisung’s Jams
Jisung’s Jams - Month ago
Dear Rosanna Pansino, Could you please do another baking video with Markiplier. Him baking with you is the best thing ever, almost like when you bite into a layered cake to find all your favorite fillings inside! From: Me UwU
Laila Sarkis
Laila Sarkis - Month ago
Can you do a video with Shane Dawson.🎂
Isabella Boscán
Isabella Boscán - Month ago
Do we really need vanilla bean seeds?
Geeky Cosplay
Geeky Cosplay - 7 hours ago
She's so small compared to them!
Emma Coffey
Emma Coffey - 7 hours ago
The Try Guys all share one brain cell that bounces back and forth between them
Livvy Lestrange
Livvy Lestrange - 8 hours ago
Wait they’re putting jelly in the cake? Jelly? That doesn’t look like jelly it’s too liquidy.
Judd Cordy
Judd Cordy - 17 hours ago
Ro looks so small next to them
Lunar_ Eclipse
Lunar_ Eclipse - Day ago
She’s just so pure, cute and innocent compared to the Try Guys
Stay awesome Ro! ❤️
Gymnastics Girl
Gymnastics Girl - Day ago
Question how many times do you do the dishes
Night_fury 124
Night_fury 124 - Day ago
0:54 das a simile
Golden Rampage
Golden Rampage - Day ago
*this collab..*
Brooke Butterworth
Brooke Butterworth - 2 days ago
Ro is a child standing beside them :O!!!
Greta Maggioreni
Greta Maggioreni - 2 days ago
She just keeps turning her back to Keith and Ned😂
Almajxms Sjisndsj
Almajxms Sjisndsj - 2 days ago
2:33 pause
Sharra-Mya Rampat
Sharra-Mya Rampat - 2 days ago
Eugene is so handsome
karti vijay
karti vijay - 2 days ago
It was hilarious seeing her dance behind them😂😂😂 they didn't seems to notice her just dancing in the background 😂😂😂😂
Bella Graziano
Bella Graziano - 3 days ago
I was laughing SOOOO hard
Opal Firelight
Opal Firelight - 3 days ago
9:57 0wO?
Cassidy Parish
Cassidy Parish - 4 days ago
This is so cool
Trinity Adams
Trinity Adams - 4 days ago
Keith: I feel like a log today
Thirsty Bartenders
Thirsty Bartenders - 4 days ago
Lily Vaughan
Lily Vaughan - 4 days ago
Jesus Christ she’s so small! 💀😂
meow meow girl 210 0
meow meow girl 210 0 - 4 days ago
The size difference of there body's
Cherry_Boy - 4 days ago
I Enjoyed Your Part In Escape The Night!
RtestEmma :3
RtestEmma :3 - 4 days ago
they could be a corus
` Josefu
` Josefu - 4 days ago
I am Ro and the try guys are my friends, my friends are really cool and I try and fit in whist they are in front and I'm behind just trying my hardest to fit in
Cathleen Baldwin
Cathleen Baldwin - 4 days ago
Ro! You look so short compared to them 😂
Ellie Warrington
Ellie Warrington - 4 days ago
They are all one of two heads taller then ro but I am a small almost teen so #tinypower
Albert Grunnion
Albert Grunnion - 5 days ago
I always forget just how short Ro is...
Wendie 123
Wendie 123 - 5 days ago
I love that she is soo smoll next to them it like me next to literally everyone in my school I’m real short LOL
Megan Riordan
Megan Riordan - 5 days ago
2:39 we are wet
teng096 - 5 days ago
10:47 only chill vibes in this here kitchen
Mickey .stopit
Mickey .stopit - 5 days ago
Ro is sooooo tinyyyy
F l o o f y
F l o o f y - 5 days ago
T e e n y
ew_adri - 5 days ago
*she’s so short omg do u need a stool?*
Jane Phua
Jane Phua - 5 days ago
Barbara Roblox Life
Barbara Roblox Life - 5 days ago
Barbara Roblox Life
Barbara Roblox Life - 5 days ago
Do more vids with him
Gopika Vijith
Gopika Vijith - 5 days ago
Never really noticed how short ro is until they all jumped up 😂
Nimmu N
Nimmu N - 5 days ago
will Cardi B be attracted to the "OFFSET" spatula
Ray Esparath
Ray Esparath - 5 days ago
Ro is *so* short
Phyllis Barron
Phyllis Barron - 6 days ago
The only moment you realize rossana is short is when you get 4 tall dudes in the there
this channel has been terminated.
Ro reminds me of Cat Valentine
BrieKeeleyXX - 6 days ago
Do baking with Jenna marbles!!😍😍
Lynn Chin
Lynn Chin - 6 days ago
4:01 joke time? More like Yolk time..... Get it?..... Ok I'll stop.
Thomas The Tank Engine
Thomas The Tank Engine - 6 days ago
she's so short
Lainey Peveto
Lainey Peveto - 6 days ago
Shattered Hope
Shattered Hope - 6 days ago
Collab with crankgameplays
Eesha Jamil
Eesha Jamil - 6 days ago
Anyone else wondering what happened to the halfsy cakes? 12:46 - and what was so funny?? (probably not PG, and had to be cut out xD)
Improv Plus
Improv Plus - 6 days ago
Rosanna Pansino reacts to “Try Guys bake bread/pie without a recipe”
Like if you want to see it.
Sophie Arsenault
Sophie Arsenault - 6 days ago
13:08 the faces the made because of Thier dirty minds 😂😂
MyMyTeaTea - 7 days ago
Ro “flour”
Everyone else “floooouuuuurrrr”
BASIMA SHAMS - 7 days ago
collab with Sarah Betts
[]Heelys[] - 8 days ago
Everyone in the Great British Baking show's tent is 𝙦𝙪𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜
B Ningthouja
B Ningthouja - 8 days ago
I do not know about the rest but these are some of the instances of her genuine impulsive laughter 15:43 15:56 15:59. Her genuine laughter brings me joy.
JaydenGacha - 8 days ago
Poor Rosanna, I hope her innocent heart survives this video.
A1 M4
A1 M4 - 8 days ago
Ro just dancing in the background
Jean Yeo
Jean Yeo - 9 days ago
The others laugh at the joke with hint of sarcasm and Ro is just laughing genuinely she's to pure
Maiya Peters
Maiya Peters - 10 days ago
At 556 till she stops dancing is my brain when I'm supposed to be listening in class
Carolina Aguirre
Carolina Aguirre - 10 days ago
Rosanna= innocent 😍😍

Try Guys= trying to be dirty 😂😂
Carolina Aguirre
Carolina Aguirre - 10 days ago
This will probably get lost in the comments😂😂😭
daniel mozes
daniel mozes - 10 days ago
The try guys made the vid 1037484920 times better
Sammi Irwin 卌
Sammi Irwin 卌 - 10 days ago
"im doing a classic *exo exo* " this is how influential kpop is

and i don't even listen to exo
Forever11 - 11 days ago
Did anyone else notice how zach and ro seemed like they were flirting with each other
mahdiya hashmi
mahdiya hashmi - 11 days ago
pls collaberate with sarah beauty corner and wengie pls ro love yoy
Myckayla Bright
Myckayla Bright - 11 days ago
Meow Mew
Meow Mew - 12 days ago
SHE LOOKS SO SHORT (it's freaking adorable too)
SoSoPotato - 12 days ago
Can we all the just about how tiny Ro looks compared to the Try Guys 😂
Abigail Raubenolt
Abigail Raubenolt - 14 days ago
Keith and Eugene at 13:09
Adam smith
Adam smith - 14 days ago
play a challenge with them plz
curlyswirly - 14 days ago
Her laugh when Eugene said "he got that whole boner in his mouth"! 😂😂
Aidan Kernaghan
Aidan Kernaghan - 15 days ago
LOL Ro is so short compared with them
كاظم ستار
كاظم ستار - 15 days ago
Melissa Sim
Melissa Sim - 15 days ago
13:0 legit everyone (except ro) slowly realising the unintended sexual innuendo made by Ro. Those looks though and them trying to control their laughs.
Infaroyya al karimah muhamad
"...with try guys!!!"
Me: i hope nothing burns... wait, that would be awesome though... 😂
Bella Teresa
Bella Teresa - 15 days ago
*I NEEDED THIS, Ro was so tiny compared to the Try Guys*
Gem Hart
Gem Hart - 17 days ago
SHE'S SO SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!??#$?#!#
Rhys Kneebone
Rhys Kneebone - 17 days ago
Wow those guys are funny they should make a YouTube channel
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia - 17 days ago
The try guys were like the little aliens in toy story, repeating everything Rosanna said in weird monotoned voices.
Northern Lights
Northern Lights - 19 days ago
Ro and the Try Guys: the newest band of 2019 in the USA
Amber atagan
Amber atagan - 19 days ago
Rosanna, Laurdiy, Safiya = the trygirls
•polarized sunshine•
•polarized sunshine• - 19 days ago
the try guys literally tower over ro
Proudhufflepuff - 19 days ago
Talk about height difference
gabby p.
gabby p. - 20 days ago
Zach is taking point liberties
The Soccer bros
The Soccer bros - 21 day ago
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Mary Poppins
The Soccer bros
The Soccer bros - 21 day ago
just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down,the medicine go dooooowwwwwnn the medicine go down,just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down (PAUSE for 1 second)in the most
delightful way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Faith Flower
Faith Flower - 21 day ago
13:08 when Rosanna is explaining about the piping tip, keith looks at eugene evily, lol, I think they we're thinking of a different tip
Faith Flower
Faith Flower - 21 day ago
11:02, lol, Euenge is just like Oh after Zach subtley nudges him to do what the rest of the try guys are doing . lol
Debb Ebersole
Debb Ebersole - 22 days ago
They did a drag show on their channel.
Whatsername - 22 days ago
Keith and Eugene's looks back and forth when she talks about tips...
しんこShinko - 22 days ago
I bake so much it's been 13 1/2 years 0-0
しんこShinko - 22 days ago
I love how everyone is singing seriously and Ro is dancing in the back
Luna Bear
Luna Bear - 22 days ago
Eugene: w Ë t
delle g12
delle g12 - 22 days ago
At 16.20 everyone was singing and ro was idea she has somuch talent lol!!
Painting,baking,dancing... 😂
Hannah Frank
Hannah Frank - 23 days ago
Is that grant from college humor. 💩
banana boi
banana boi - 23 days ago
Seeing this is like that meme with all the black guys and the one white girl
Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess - 24 days ago
Oh Ro you are the best when it comes to cooking...hella better than me thats for sure but when it comes to dirty jokes..the try guys are out of your league
eww madeline
eww madeline - 24 days ago
ro: *does anything baking related*
the try guys: _WoOaAAhH_
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams - 26 days ago
"I know what a metaphor is..." *uses simile as example*
I am a smol bean
I am a smol bean - 26 days ago
She looks so short compared to them omg
Illustions_ Aloud
Illustions_ Aloud - 27 days ago
I’m wondering..

Is Ro really short, or are the Guys really freaking tall😂
VICKKI TEO - - 27 days ago
Ro looks so tiny between them
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith - 27 days ago
Zack will always be my favorite lol
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