Baking Cakes with The Try Guys!

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino - 12 days ago
I hope you enjoy today's video! Have you ever decorated a cake before? A big thanks to the Try Guys for helping me bake these!! 😊💘
Misskiah - 2 days ago
Try guys try acapella
Oliwia Wos
Oliwia Wos - 3 days ago
I used the tiniest little nail tool (never used on nails before the making of the cake btw) to place little shiny pearly decorating thingies... You know, the hard little metallic balls that are actually lumps of sugar? I had to place them in really specific points all around the cake on my sister’s birthday. Also, with the height difference and their repeating your remind me of a fairy tale, lol. Ginger Snow White and the Four Giants.
Kiana Wood
Kiana Wood - 5 days ago
Rosanna Pansino I love cake decorating it’s so much fun to do
Cam Salerno
Cam Salerno - 6 days ago
Fath Aja
Fath Aja - 8 days ago
NGL your cleavage is distracting... I mean if you're confident with your cooking and want people to pay attention to the way you cook, you should've covered it :-/
Gail Flores
Gail Flores - 10 minutes ago
13:07 eugene and Keith are a little dirty minded
Trisha Barquilla
Trisha Barquilla - 40 minutes ago
10:48 - 11:03 , eugenie is so confused omy (probably spelt it wrong oh well-)
Lesly Delara
Lesly Delara - Hour ago
When Ned was putting in the dry ingredients they sounded like the green things from toy story 😂
oliviart - Hour ago
they always look so awkward when rosanna is first like introducing them and talking
Lub Slub
Lub Slub - Hour ago
Ro + cleavage = never been seen before
Nicki Reed
Nicki Reed - Hour ago
Omg! Just bite the cakes already!! They bite the cakes right?!?
Nicki Reed
Nicki Reed - Hour ago
Whew! They finally bit in to those cakes. LOL!
Sourgummybear 8
Sourgummybear 8 - 2 hours ago
She is so small. I haven’t watched her videos in so longgggg I will be getting back to it tho😂😭❤️
Salma Gheith
Salma Gheith - 3 hours ago
Hi ro i am a huge fan of your channel and baking supplies I was wondering if there are any new products coming out I am a huge foodie who is cooking/baking 24/7 I love it and was just wondering if there are anymore additions to your awesome line coming out
Northern lights 208
Northern lights 208 - 3 hours ago
This video is cringy but amazing
Dawn Tisdale
Dawn Tisdale - 3 hours ago
"With a fingerprint and everything!" Lol she's so cute
Marlee Combs
Marlee Combs - 3 hours ago
13:01 when ro was talking ab the tips, they all looked up and made faces at each other 😂😂😂
FireDoommage - 3 hours ago
“The number one tip is the smallest” words of wisdom
ShellBy Beauty
ShellBy Beauty - 3 hours ago
When they try not to laugh at Ro saying “tip” so many times😂
Alpha127 - 4 hours ago
13:20 Eugene looks at Keith Keith looks at him... as rose explains tips come in all different sizes....
martha atakora
martha atakora - 4 hours ago
The only part of this Eugene enjoyed was when Ro was talking about tips
Lord Martin
Lord Martin - 4 hours ago
looks like gang bang
Curllly_Fry Awesome
Curllly_Fry Awesome - 4 hours ago
I'm so hungry rn
kj - 4 hours ago
the hight difference UwU
It’s Just Maggie
It’s Just Maggie - 4 hours ago
Weren’t they good in laurdiy
Mel&Dee Gaming_TV
Mel&Dee Gaming_TV - 6 hours ago
Omg they look so huge I was laughing so hard when I realized
Mxlody - 6 hours ago
Can I have that "ship it" one?
Catherine Davis
Catherine Davis - 6 hours ago
You can rub lemon juice around the bowl before you whip your Egg whites. It gives the egg whites a beautiful glossy look, and it gives the egg whites some volume.
Ania Zhang
Ania Zhang - 6 hours ago
11:01 😂
Shots of Cringe
Shots of Cringe - 6 hours ago
Could you do the beignets from the princess and the frog? love your channel!!!
Moondust AJ
Moondust AJ - 7 hours ago
I don't know why but I honestly thought Eugene was gonna write "send nudes"
Emily Torres
Emily Torres - 10 hours ago
I wish I could just eat one but I am to lazy to make some 😭
Martina Alarcón
Martina Alarcón - 10 hours ago
She's so tiny o:
Jacquelyn S
Jacquelyn S - 10 hours ago
I really respect that she isn’t like “and to know what I did buy my book.” You know she loves what she does and doesn’t really care about the money. She’s such a pleasant person. I don’t even watch her I just came for the try guys but I love her now
JAYME IS A PERSON - 10 hours ago
Nissa S.
Nissa S. - 11 hours ago
How much sugar goes in the egg whites vs how much goes in the wet mixture?
Adyson Scott
Adyson Scott - 11 hours ago
They seemed so uncomfortable
Phoebe Ahn
Phoebe Ahn - 12 hours ago
0:54 Keith! That's a simile!!!
Skyler Tillman
Skyler Tillman - 12 hours ago
"Tips come in all shapes and sizes" *Eugene and Keith make eye contact and try to avoid laughing*
Skyler Tillman
Skyler Tillman - 12 hours ago
2:23 "with a whisk, whiks together until everything is well combined." Use the whisk to whiks.
latrell mccallum
latrell mccallum - 13 hours ago
Ti amo
VD - 14 hours ago
Lol they sounded like those aliens from toy story
oliver567 - 14 hours ago
“They try Santa outfits!”

*flashback to Korean claus*
Arandia - 15 hours ago
when they said "Let's get started" i automatically thought about the english learning song we sang in elementary school xd
(let's get started, we're on they way, we're learning english, let's go hooray xD)
RM? I only know Rap Monster
They communicate through their eyes lmao 13:01
Amanda - 16 hours ago
I loved Keith’s “Boner!” heart!!😂
zaynab siddiqui
zaynab siddiqui - 16 hours ago
13:05 pictured: eugene and keith both hearing a sexual innuendo and making eye contact
amy cockrell
amy cockrell - 16 hours ago
I wish I have your book Rosanna ( BAKING ALL YEAR AROUND )
Cuban Linkss
Cuban Linkss - 16 hours ago
Eugine is sooo cute!
Kourtney Bigge
Kourtney Bigge - 16 hours ago
Zack you should stand by Ro so that you taller
Jamie Sart02
Jamie Sart02 - 16 hours ago
Omg they all start smiling at 13:00
reina darwish
reina darwish - 17 hours ago
Ro looks so small compared to the try guys 😂
Jaritza Luna
Jaritza Luna - 17 hours ago
My sister wach you
Yael Japus
Yael Japus - 20 hours ago
Eugene: "and now, my son.. you are a man"
gradeone newton
gradeone newton - 21 hour ago
Rose you are to pure for the try guys
Mister Real
Mister Real - 21 hour ago
The guys are having fun, bug Eugene is like quietly when she explains and stares like “Yes!! Teach me master...*o*”
Amelia - music videos
Amelia - music videos - 22 hours ago
Ro look so short 😂
Jordyn R.
Jordyn R. - 22 hours ago
You all sound like your high

Sorry mom and dad if your seeing this
Ksenija Heath
Ksenija Heath - Day ago
Jan V.
Jan V. - Day ago
Keith losing his sht at 12:45 🤣
Silence ?
Silence ? - Day ago
Hannah Litmanovic
Hannah Litmanovic - Day ago
Keith: “That cape is really helping”
Ned: “ThAnK yOu”
Julia Adventures
Julia Adventures - Day ago
7:02 Thank You, Next
ichbinbells - Day ago
Ro is so bubbly, I just fell in love with her
•박지민씨• - Day ago
Awe Keith and Eugene kept staring at each other 💜💜
Han She
Han She - Day ago
I haven't watched your videos in a while, and this was so entertaining! You have such a bubbly personality that really makes your videos so great! Can't wait for the next one!
Kirsten Jokinen
Kirsten Jokinen - Day ago
Ro: you guys have the wet ingredient

Eugene: we are wet

Oml I laughed so hard
jeon jungkook
jeon jungkook - Day ago
she's so small compared to them and it's so cute uwu
Najae Perez
Najae Perez - Day ago
Awww look how tiny rosanna looks compared to the try guys.😍
Rachel Waldroup
Rachel Waldroup - Day ago
You forget how small Rosanna is until now
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse - Day ago
Eugene is my spirit animal
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse - Day ago
Zach:Omg your handwriting is so beautiful
Rosa:Oh thanks it almost took a decade
Me:Dang girl you work hard while I don’t do anything
Alejandra :D
Alejandra :D - Day ago
Møøń Łïght
Møøń Łïght - Day ago
Chloe Chanhsy
Chloe Chanhsy - Day ago
Awww thanks
It’s only took YEARS
HnL Youtube
HnL Youtube - Day ago
Queen is almost at 11 million
Simply Erica
Simply Erica - Day ago
The Berg
The Berg - Day ago
They gangbanged her after the video
The Official Andy Saenz
4:47 "You just got me all wet all at once! That's how I roll!"
These guys are freaking hilarious! Ha ha!!
The Official Andy Saenz
WOW, these 4 dudes look really tall standing next to Rosanna! How tall are they? Or is Rosanna just a petite little lady?
Ranferi Pineda B
Ranferi Pineda B - Day ago
3:26 I have those knifes
spinta xd
spinta xd - Day ago
Try guys look like They are gaints
Kristen Nicole
Kristen Nicole - Day ago
The tip comment is killing me 😂😂😂
Sophie Thieme
Sophie Thieme - Day ago
Nahomy Moncada
Nahomy Moncada - Day ago
At 11:00 Eugene wouldn’t get it
luvanime4life - Day ago
"We are wet"........and with that demonitizing has begun.
Innocent baking turned vulgar.....and we all laughed
JM Driftz
JM Driftz - Day ago
OMG she’s shorter than Zach 🤣😂
jungshook af
jungshook af - Day ago
13:04 Eugene and Keith are something else lmaoooo
Yara Daoud
Yara Daoud - Day ago
Rosanna: we gonna mex together all of our wet ingredients
Eugene: we are wet
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 2:37
The Crazy Watermelon
4:55 what happened?
Kashmira Savant
Kashmira Savant - Day ago
it will floof I'm dying 😂😂😂
zaibs 4life
zaibs 4life - Day ago
Nutella Babe130
Nutella Babe130 - Day ago
I love how keith was dying with laughter at 12:47
Ela - 2 days ago
Omg how eugene and keith looked at each other when she said that tips come in all different shapes and sizes
Mr yoongi
Mr yoongi - 2 days ago
Ro trying to keep the dirty children rated PG (if Ro ever sees this, no offense)
Gen Knowles
Gen Knowles - 2 days ago
I thought Zach was short but not anymore
Gracie Harvey
Gracie Harvey - 2 days ago
thats a simile Keith.
Josie McCall-Metzel
Josie McCall-Metzel - 2 days ago
The dirty-minded face "Tips come in all shapes and sizes"
Josie McCall-Metzel
Josie McCall-Metzel - 2 days ago
is it just me or does roe sound like Penelope from Wreck it Ralph at 7:55
Kylie Dervaes
Kylie Dervaes - 2 days ago
gimme the joel shirt
Cimber Bray
Cimber Bray - 2 days ago
Keith is an idiot does he not realize that kids probably watch her and he's spelling boner and also at the end putting one in his mouth.
Casey Pham
Casey Pham - 2 days ago
Ro is me with all my friends (not trying to make you feel bad Ro but)... SHORT
ultimaterandomness 02
ultimaterandomness 02 - 2 days ago
Cutest most pure thing ever
Olivia Auduong
Olivia Auduong - 2 days ago
11:01 😂
ShannonSmash - 2 days ago
Genuinely lold
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