Baking Cakes with The Try Guys!

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino - 6 months ago
I hope you enjoy today's video! Have you ever decorated a cake before? A big thanks to the Try Guys for helping me bake these!! 😊💘
Jennifer Christian
Jennifer Christian - 11 days ago
I love the try guys
Edmond Lem
Edmond Lem - 22 days ago
U are the best☺️
asian_white_girl ___
asian_white_girl ___ - 2 months ago
To be honest, if I had a choice between baking with Martha Stewart and Rosanna Pansino...I would choose Rosanna 😂 don't judge me...
Myckayla Bright
Myckayla Bright - 4 months ago
I Bake cakes ALL THE TIME . I am a baker. I plan to open a cafe/bakery soon!!!
inchfamily4 - 4 months ago
decorating is my thing when it comes to cakes
toyosi oyinda
toyosi oyinda - 8 hours ago
it will floof 😂😂😂😂😂
Sheep Mania
Sheep Mania - Day ago
You need joe and Dianne in ur kitchen
Deborah Donut
Deborah Donut - Day ago
I love the try guys their so hilarious
DoubleDecker BeckerPecker
I’m realizing just how short Rosanna is-
Scarlet Sutcliffe
Scarlet Sutcliffe - 4 days ago
It will floof -Ro 2019
Lucy Chapman
Lucy Chapman - 4 days ago
Ro is so small 😂
Xavier Jacobs
Xavier Jacobs - 4 days ago
Im suprised mostly the try guys r baking
And this is not that family friendly
Scarlet Sutcliffe
Scarlet Sutcliffe - 5 days ago
Ro: there’re really delicate
Keith: *shoves the whole thing in his mouth*
Eugene: put that whole boner in your mouth
Amber Burbidge
Amber Burbidge - 5 days ago
Ro I love you! I just realized when they all popped up, that you are a small girl!! You are so nice and so sweet!
oT Clan
oT Clan - 5 days ago
At 10:03 was funny from Keith 😂
JJ Morganatic
JJ Morganatic - 5 days ago
The knife changes from green to orange
eleven wheeler
eleven wheeler - 6 days ago
It must’ve been so hard for Eugene not to curse or say anything dirty
eleven wheeler
eleven wheeler - 6 days ago
Adventure time come on tell your friends to go to Very distant lands with Jake the dog and Finn the human the fun will never win it’s aventure time
Leila Bailon
Leila Bailon - 6 days ago
13:02 oh I saw Keith's and Eugenes faces lol that look doe
Keisha Walter
Keisha Walter - 6 days ago
Zach: *nudges Eugene*
Eugene: OH
nate Nate
nate Nate - 6 days ago
Why are you guys looking at each other??? XD Lmao
Alessandra Imey
Alessandra Imey - 6 days ago
The try guys looking at Ro boobs
Aniya Gibson
Aniya Gibson - 6 days ago
Zach: Wait I need my cake! *steal*
Qwert Y
Qwert Y - 7 days ago
this is weird but why do I actually ship Eugene and ro?
Max Jensen
Max Jensen - 7 days ago
they're weirdly symmetrical, they're wearing burgundy or denim all of them
Ren Diacarte
Ren Diacarte - 8 days ago
Keith, that is a simile, not a metaphor
Gris Bautista
Gris Bautista - 9 days ago
Literally nobody:
Eugene: 😁✌🏼
@ 7:05
XoxoLaLa Life
XoxoLaLa Life - 9 days ago
Idk how I haven't subscribed to your channel yet but this episode is my FAV. Love the energy, love the red blue red blue red color coordination set up and just how in sync everyone's vibes are
Nadia Albritton
Nadia Albritton - 10 days ago
Row is so tiny compared to all of them
Nadia Albritton
Nadia Albritton - 10 days ago
I can’t believe my two favorite channels had done a Kalab and I haven’t seen it!!😂
Natalie Leydet
Natalie Leydet - 11 days ago
i LiVe iN THe KnIFE dRAwer
- Zach Kornfeld 2019
Natalie Leydet
Natalie Leydet - 11 days ago
Tiny little Ro ❤️🥰
Grace Hermes
Grace Hermes - 12 days ago
Matpat should've come to this collab.
Undercover Mochi
Undercover Mochi - 12 days ago
Ro's is like half the size of Keith what a lil cinnamon bun
Rachel M.
Rachel M. - 13 days ago
14:28 the existential crisis in her eyes when she says "it's almost been a decade!"
Emily Mirfin
Emily Mirfin - 13 days ago
Ro: tips come in all different shapes and sizes
Try guys: *heads turn*
Also try guys: try not to laugh
Ro: carries on talking normally
Gachawolf 23
Gachawolf 23 - 13 days ago
Zach is a nerdie cookie that’s why he’s on the spatula
Cherry Zhang
Cherry Zhang - 13 days ago
Rosanna looks sooo small compared to themmmmmmm

(She looks adorable)
Sydney P
Sydney P - 14 days ago
12:45 look at Keith and Ned pouring the stuff XD
dorkacorns glasses
dorkacorns glasses - 15 days ago
Even if she stood next to zac she would still look like an adorable little elf
Addyson Lastname
Addyson Lastname - 15 days ago
Ro looks like a child compared to Keith, and it’s so cute.
manggae tteok
manggae tteok - 15 days ago
sydney merryman
sydney merryman - 16 days ago
I just noticed that ned & keith covered one of the cakes in half blue & half pink and that was honestly so cute .... but where is it in the final cakes ?
Alexa David-Lang
Alexa David-Lang - 16 days ago
This entire video is just everyone making dirty jokes and ro ignoring it and smiling and laughing
Charlie Sucks
Charlie Sucks - 16 days ago
eugene in the beginning: *modeling and slightly paying attention*
Bossness Ranger
Bossness Ranger - 17 days ago
Ro is so small compared to them
Macius Urban
Macius Urban - 17 days ago
Try guys singing
Not a single soul:

Ro: dances in background
cookietheif Shit content
cookietheif Shit content - 18 days ago
8:53 is it just me or could Eugene look like Korean husky
cookietheif Shit content
cookietheif Shit content - 18 days ago
What do you call a villages in a candy land
Talia Moreno
Talia Moreno - 18 days ago
9:00 it will floof 😂😍 that sounded so cute 😂
A Day In The Life Of Brie
Ro: your going for that bubble bath look
Me: .......Pee in a bubble bath???
Lindsay Flanagan
Lindsay Flanagan - 19 days ago
Omg she looks so tiny
Rachel Walch
Rachel Walch - 20 days ago
The mash up I didn't know I needed. Love both Ro and the Try Guys!!!
Undertale Odyssey my fav
Undertale Odyssey my fav - 20 days ago
At 4:56 what did Eugene say to ro?? Someone tell me plz
Yana Fletcher
Yana Fletcher - 20 days ago
Valentines Day is my birthday
Mihda Saraf
Mihda Saraf - 20 days ago
It's so sad all the try guys have there colours except Eugene
Abigail Brown
Abigail Brown - 20 days ago
10:59 😂😂😂😂
нαρρу нєανєиѕ
producer: what are you making today?
eugene: *alcohol*
producer: what?
eugene: *YES*
Metzili - 21 day ago
rosanna’s such a mom she’s adorable
Sophia Suchodolski
Sophia Suchodolski - 21 day ago
I love the try guys omg
Laf Taf
Laf Taf - 22 days ago
Ohmygod she's tiny it surprises me all the timesjdjdjdk
Katie Atkinson
Katie Atkinson - 22 days ago
13:05 when Keith and Eugene share a moment with their dirty minds 😂😉
Demon King
Demon King - 22 days ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Ned: My baby.
Grayson Grebla
Grayson Grebla - 23 days ago
Ro standing next to Ned and Eugene who are way taller then her was really awkward
👇this is how many people agree
Anwesha Muherjee
Anwesha Muherjee - 23 days ago
Eugene got punched in lip
Mackers 4897
Mackers 4897 - 23 days ago
15:10 Anyone else notice Keith and Need start poking their cakes?
Mackers 4897
Mackers 4897 - 23 days ago
Rosanna: Tips Come in all different shapes and sizes
Try Guys: *All look at each other with a smirk or a snicker*
Smoloofybean Yaasss
Smoloofybean Yaasss - 25 days ago
I wonder if they planned to wear those colors
Lia Rhodes
Lia Rhodes - 25 days ago
Eugene being extra is all that I need in life
Samantha Kalkbrenner
Samantha Kalkbrenner - 25 days ago
No offense but you look so short compared to them
Isabel Duenas
Isabel Duenas - 25 days ago
Ro is so cute i’m dying i love her
Isabel Duenas
Isabel Duenas - 25 days ago
i wish you would do a video with a fan (me 🤪) that would be so cool!!!!!
Isabel Duenas
Isabel Duenas - 25 days ago
thepanestofcake - 25 days ago
" *i AM the the dishwasher* "
itsJCrazy! - 26 days ago
itsJCrazy! - 26 days ago
At least Zach looks taller now xD
anaiya gonzalez
anaiya gonzalez - 26 days ago
The way Keith and Eugene looked at eachother because she said #1 was the smallest tip👀👀👀
The Weird One2 HEHE
The Weird One2 HEHE - 26 days ago
Eugenes hair

*S W O O S H*
Sofia Villanueva
Sofia Villanueva - 26 days ago
I didn’t realize how short she was 😂
SoKawaiiTea - 26 days ago
Of course Valentine's Day is Neds favorite holiday 😂
The Half Dead Bisexual
The Half Dead Bisexual - 26 days ago
Ro: “ crushed sweet tart candy”
Try guys:”mmmmhhhh”
Funky Monkey
Funky Monkey - 26 days ago
Ro is just way too innocent for the try guys lol
Fluently Sad
Fluently Sad - 26 days ago
Levian Addaquay
Levian Addaquay - 26 days ago
To really didn’t notice all of the dirty jokes-
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