Attending a Pyramid Scheme seminar

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StanceNation - Day ago
Remember a guy saying he would tell me more about the company (no clue what it is) as we continue. Lmfao
Cash Ninja, CPA - Personal Finance
Where do I sign up? I'll take 2.
MrGman2000watts - Day ago
This new Tai Lopez video is 🔥🔥🔥🤣
Builder Bob
Builder Bob - Day ago
How these things basically work...
Step 1: Pretend to be rich
Step 2: Sell your self-help book on how you got 'rich'
Step 3: Actually get rich from the desperate saps buying your book
Aryan Knight
Aryan Knight - Day ago
This one has become my favorite
mlark 85
mlark 85 - Day ago
"You get rich by getting rich"..🤣🤣..realist shit I've ever heard..
Christopher Coward
Christopher Coward - 2 days ago
I felt that. Been to different ones they all sound like church praising money and the billionaire is preaching his book 😅
crimson_noir - 2 days ago
Isn't that the government?
Darklinkmaster2000 - 3 days ago
Did my man just make an underwear gnome reference? Lol
on off
on off - 3 days ago
Apa khabar Jutawan LUXORRRRRR!!!!!
Left Right
Left Right - 3 days ago
"how are you supposed to get rich if you keep doing what you have been doing for last 26 years...??"
Mfckr I was growing up, studying, setting up base.
Murrderrr - 4 days ago
is this a pyramid scheme seminar or a motivational speech 💬 🤔
Kraig Austriaco
Kraig Austriaco - 5 days ago
I didnt here any clapping this whole time. Disrespectful
The AViator
The AViator - 5 days ago
Lmaoooo “that makes so much sense!”
Si las
Si las - 5 days ago
lmao we have the same HyperX headset
Cher Horowitz
Cher Horowitz - 5 days ago
The headphones are priceless 😂
Cher Horowitz
Cher Horowitz - 5 days ago
I only attend these seminars for the free meals 😂
Al mansur
Al mansur - 6 days ago
“Eat sleep trade” Jason bond
MrRcheulishvili - 6 days ago
this is 700% accurate. I've been on one just for the hell of it.
Keneisha Henry
Keneisha Henry - 6 days ago
Sounds like some of those forex academy recruiters 😂
Terp Hunter
Terp Hunter - 6 days ago
Godson Alpha
Godson Alpha - 7 days ago
Immediately ur friend tells u he/she has a business opportunities for u and want to meet u...that's definitely a pyramid scheme
r_ elentless01
r_ elentless01 - 7 days ago
I went to one of these one time and this is EXACTLY what happened.
M K - 7 days ago
Step three: "You can do it". OOOOF. How is that even possible
Orion Crawford
Orion Crawford - 7 days ago
🤧Step #3 Made me rich 😂
Hector Fernandez
Hector Fernandez - 8 days ago
The sad thing about this is that they also have pyramid schemes targeted at high school students. I would know because I fell for one. $3,999 for a program that is basically your high school counselor.
Hector Fernandez
Hector Fernandez - 8 days ago
No one:
YouTube ads: 1:28
Michael Philpott
Michael Philpott - 8 days ago
You get rich by getting rich
Michael Philpott
Michael Philpott - 8 days ago
Even if I am a millionaire.
Ramy Khalaf
Ramy Khalaf - 8 days ago
U get rich by getting rich 😂
Ahmad Aldi Wijanarko
Ahmad Aldi Wijanarko - 8 days ago
EllipticBreeze - 9 days ago
i'm getting it, i'm gonna get i- i have it
RAPMUSIC - Day ago
looked for this comment
LaCream - 10 days ago
Amway meeting
Adi Adi
Adi Adi - 10 days ago
How to actually get rich: tell people how to get rich
Roberto Acosta
Roberto Acosta - 11 days ago
What makes him funny is it’s all true.
Kabir Khan
Kabir Khan - 11 days ago
0:35 He was thinking how he drove his 8 cars to come here 😂😂
Lahcsap - 11 days ago
This everyone tryna sign other people up for forex
Alexis Carrillo
Alexis Carrillo - 12 days ago
Attending and participating in a pyramid scheme is part of life. You get to see how much people are willing to bullshit to make a living, and how many people want to take shortcuts.
JamieChewyGG61 - 12 days ago
tai lopez
Cire Ta-Seti
Cire Ta-Seti - 12 days ago
A House in every country 190+ large houses. Hmmmm... Some would be cheaper than others. I was going to say that sounds more like a billionaire. lol But I digress. Good stuff!
Manny Garcia
Manny Garcia - 13 days ago
Amway lol
Amin - 13 days ago
iam pasi
iam pasi - 13 days ago
Why am i getting jake pual financial advise vibes
yslyaseen - 13 days ago
Some people don’t know that this is a part 2
Empty Seat
Empty Seat - 14 days ago
- Do you want to work with the best team in the world? Let me be the mentor. I’ll not only teach you how to be successful but I’ll teach how to live.
- Uhm okay so what is this business?
- You’ll be successful. Double income
- But what kind of a business? What do you do? What do you sell?
- I’m selling success
the real jora
the real jora - 14 days ago
"you get rich by getting rich"
couldnt disagree with that
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson - 14 days ago
TJ - 16 days ago
That hyperx headset is very good quality wearing my favorite headset
Bananacheese123 - 17 days ago
Adds on YouTube be like:
Hector .T
Hector .T - 17 days ago
Update after following these steps and buying the book .. I too am "a millionaire"
FrancisOf TheFilth
FrancisOf TheFilth - 17 days ago
Damn so this man out here with a mansion in Somalia. Now thats gangsta
TheKNIGHTELFMOHAWK - 17 days ago
Sounds like tia Lopez living out in the Hollywood hills
3Hearts - 18 days ago
Step 3 though... 😂
astronomicalloser - 19 days ago
valve in a nutshell
Aly-Bocar Cisse
Aly-Bocar Cisse - 19 days ago
Brandon Fremer
Brandon Fremer - 19 days ago
The hype man is Caleb city
Dukens Nicolas
Dukens Nicolas - 20 days ago
« You get rich by getting rich »
No one :
Not a single soul:
*someone in the back* « THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE »
SomeOneUppingDude Technically copyrighted
Man it do be like that ngl
giselda - 22 days ago
when you notice that your parents were in a pyramid scheme years ago..
António Paixão
António Paixão - 22 days ago
Fun fact: if u work hard by the middle of your life u are a millionaire.
Just get a normal job and work 12 hours a day, plant your own food, do everything you need yourself and invest free time in working on side projects.
Side projects can speed up the process, but even if not even 1 works out, you will still be a millionaire unless you die before your retirement.
Freedom Dividend News
Freedom Dividend News - 23 days ago
so true :D
Jared Rogers
Jared Rogers - 23 days ago
Dropping out of college was solid advice.
Matias Pereyra
Matias Pereyra - 24 days ago
1:09 I mean, he's not wrong, you do get rich by getting rich
PuRe_Batmanboss - 24 days ago
Can I have an extra house of his?
Comma Man
Comma Man - 24 days ago
Really fucking tired of these toned, muscly millionaires that are enticing people with financial problems by providing an “easy” way to getting rich and then themselves becoming even more rich. Smh
Jake Hartmann
Jake Hartmann - 24 days ago
I mean he was right about the 1st step lol
Start The Story
Start The Story - 24 days ago
Lol!!! Lmbo
Christopher Dews
Christopher Dews - 25 days ago
That fact that this works shows something is deeply wrong with the country.
Junior Sal
Junior Sal - 25 days ago
Primerica in a nutshell 😂😂
Austin Martin
Austin Martin - 26 days ago
Sell me this pen
President Trump
President Trump - 26 days ago
Dan Lok in a nutshell
cool nathan gadgets
cool nathan gadgets - 26 days ago
I attended a meeting like this that what they said exactly 😁😄😄
Vergil Chiva
Vergil Chiva - 26 days ago
When you're invited to a dinner but there's no food but only presentation..
Shakaama - 26 days ago
Griff make a part 2
Sarah Saavedra
Sarah Saavedra - 27 days ago
Omg I'm dying!!!
Danger - 27 days ago
I got caught up in one they gave me a book to read and I was like wtf, thank god I don’t like to read.
Vegan Boi 69
Vegan Boi 69 - 27 days ago
“Investors hate him”
Christopher Dews
Christopher Dews - 25 days ago
Underrated Comment
Taleia Thompson
Taleia Thompson - 27 days ago
Look at them big ads head phones lol 😂 they do be wearing that though 💀
Teayer Hopper
Teayer Hopper - 27 days ago
1:48 omg his face lml
Nebbes - 28 days ago
you can always listen to a man wearing a gaming headset
frozenfalcon253 - 28 days ago
Brings me back to those Amway
juan thomas
juan thomas - 28 days ago
What song is that he always plays at the end?
Yeah Yee
Yeah Yee - 28 days ago
So you give me 50 dollars and get 3 of your friends to put 50 each and we invest it into stocks and we all get 5 million dollars 💵
J BAIN - 28 days ago
You forgot "Rolexes"
SummonerOwl - 29 days ago
So what he's saying is he got rich by scamming poor people into buying his program?
Kung Lao Law
Kung Lao Law - 29 days ago
Sounds like a bunch of mega churches i used to go to smh
A - 29 days ago
He forgot to mention the key to success “Steve Jobs , Jeff Bezos , Elon Musk”
Jman 5300
Jman 5300 - Month ago
The college one is the only one that has any bit of truth to it😂😂
Elpha Boi
Elpha Boi - Month ago
Bruh 🤣🤣🤣
DA'Sha Lincoln
DA'Sha Lincoln - Month ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭that makes so much SENSE!!!
cj green
cj green - Month ago
This is one of his best videos hands down
Arvin Singh
Arvin Singh - Month ago
Well now we know how he became a *M I L L I O N A I R E*
Devious Devil
Devious Devil - Month ago
Well did the first step, im on my way to richness😂
yoboystephano - Month ago
The funny thing is they never tell you how they got rich from one day to another even if you ask them
Richard Petit-Frere
Richard Petit-Frere - Month ago
Great rap video!!!
Tushar Thorat
Tushar Thorat - Month ago
My friend is into such business and he always keeps telling me how people are making $3 million every month and have villa on Dubai’s island.... I am like yeah good for them 😂
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed - Month ago
Basically iml lmaoo
Ardante11 - Month ago
I want him to make a new one where the fakes(friends and family members) come in and tell you how successful they are at selling the product.
The Testimony parts always kill me when people believe this stuff.
Ardante11 - Month ago
Follow any of these folks home and you’ll find them in an apartment.
Deep Chatterjee
Deep Chatterjee - Month ago
No I.. have a house in every single country INCLUDING.. North Korea ☝🏾🎤
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