GRAPEFRUIT PEEL STEAK Bistec de Toronja | HARD TIMES - recipes from times of food scarcity

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Ashmeed Mohammed
Ashmeed Mohammed - 2 hours ago
i would cut thsese into sticks and and then fry them
Episode Interactive
Episode Interactive - 7 hours ago
Please no more fruit steaks or fried fruit. I tried frying honey melon after I saw your fried water melon video and I think I almost died. It's the worst thing I've ever done, it tasted awful and the texture was awful and I almost died.
La Belle Vie
La Belle Vie - 10 hours ago
A Excellent Video.. Highly Recommended.. Thank You Very Much For Sharing.. I Should Think Vegetarians Should Like This Eh?
Namboss Awesome
Namboss Awesome - 12 hours ago
If i came home to my wife cooking fruit skins i would instantly send her to the asylum
MissRebekah1974 - Day ago
Try soaking the pyth in some seasoned water, like rosemary and thyme. Put a slightly sweet something like apple juice.
Edukon - Day ago
Emmy, you should let the toranja's skin seats on salty water for about 30 minutes before fry it. The bitterness would go away.
Bill23799 - Day ago
I would like to see you make a hat out of that.
You could call it a.......Pith Helmet. hehe
shenlun - 2 days ago
dinner and dessert
Chocolate Dinosaur
Chocolate Dinosaur - 2 days ago
Lmao she is hella hyper in this video😂😂😂❤
FreshPrince ofRP
FreshPrince ofRP - 2 days ago
Have you done breadfruit yet?
FreshPrince ofRP
FreshPrince ofRP - 2 days ago
I have a giant grapefruit tree...
I cringed and stared out the window at it as I watched this.
jade - 2 days ago
kinda looks like schnitzel
AnOldFashioned CountryLife
Can you share the name of the depression era book you mention in this video?
Thank you
pSmall360 - 2 days ago
I bet some msg would give it a great meaty and savoury flavour.
pSmall360 - 2 days ago
Those were some hard times indeed lol. Man we're so spoiled now, but our food is full of hormones and giving people cancer. So whats worse?
M. A.
M. A. - 3 days ago
Bistec is pronounced biss-teh-k
David Cipriano
David Cipriano - 3 days ago
Emmy I just found your channel and I am in love. 😍 you're definitely my match. I talk to myself a lot as well. Lol
Candace George
Candace George - 3 days ago
You should try it with an orange , probably will get rid of the bitter problem
Johnny Johnston
Johnny Johnston - 4 days ago
The flavor in tonic water comes from quinine!!
elblondie69 falconer
elblondie69 falconer - 4 days ago
Grapefruit and steak madness
yt n
yt n - 4 days ago
what if u marinate it
A You
A You - 5 days ago
How can you form an army to overthrow your corrupt government if all you eat is grapefruit pith steaks for nourishment? Some one send food to Cuba please.
Maybe if you cooked it with a little bit of sugar it would help with the bitterness??
Getonthepeacetrain - 5 days ago
You are a wonderful person, very nice
Bacon Brotato
Bacon Brotato - 6 days ago
I wonder if you could marinate the pith in something to counter the bitterness.
dandanthetaximan - 6 days ago
So, bitter, but better than a canned cheeseburger
Leila Mayfield
Leila Mayfield - 6 days ago
I love my people 🇨🇺 and I love this dish especially when my abuela makes it 💓💓
Alexx Wretched
Alexx Wretched - 7 days ago
Maybe try marinading it overnight? Maybe that would pull the bitterness out and give it some flavor?
Alexx Wretched
Alexx Wretched - 7 days ago
You can tell she gets sick of it when she cuts it up real small before trying the ketchup 😂
Kevin MacNutt
Kevin MacNutt - 8 days ago
I am just wondering if a maranade would resolve the bitterness. Also if you can figure out how to do it without eggs, you may have a vegan hit.
A BC - 8 days ago
I've seen this video and the fried watermelon and you almost cried when you tried these two. Maybe a bit more processing would make them tastier. Good ideas though.
Meashayshay2 - 9 days ago
That is a really interesting dish. I'm kind of curious enough to try making it myself one day. And lol it's funny you mention you got in trouble for talking a lot but I got told on for not talking enough. Being 'too quiet' (whatever that means) usually. I didn't get in trouble or anything because I made good grades, and there wasn't anything else teachers could complain about me with.
River J Brooks
River J Brooks - 9 days ago
I wonder if you add chicken seasons to it, it would help
River J Brooks
River J Brooks - 9 days ago
I like the vegetarians goods you make.. thank you
William Buck
William Buck - 9 days ago
Just needs a yummy sauce on it to cut that bitter
Mindy Paige
Mindy Paige - 9 days ago
I wonder if you did a salt and sugar brine if that would take some of the edge off. It might also be a good opportunity to get some flavor into the pith. I may have to try this...
Socheata Vong
Socheata Vong - 10 days ago
I think I am the only person in the history of time that does not care for grapefruit.
Lucia Fiero
Lucia Fiero - 10 days ago
Some salting and soaking are in order to remove some of the bitterness.
Nushgala - 10 days ago
I almost died laughing when the Winston shirt shows up on screen. That was TOO funny! I wish I could afford one!
Verity Arden
Verity Arden - 11 days ago
I'm gonna try making this, but marinating it for a day first!
First Last
First Last - 11 days ago
The look of it was convincingly chicken breast fillet looking. There has to be more to the preparation of the pith. One website suggests soaking them in vinegar before cooking. A PBS article (an interesting read in its own right 'Communism turned Cuba into an island of hackers and DIY engineers') states, "Among them was a recipe to turn grapefruit rind into a 'steak' *by marinating it with lemon juice, onion and garlic* and [then] frying it up on a pan."
I'd love to see a #Take2 of this recipe. Thanks for sharing with us, #EmmyMadeInJapan.
D wilds
D wilds - 11 days ago
You should make a t shirt that says “,That flavor tho!”
John Jennings
John Jennings - 11 days ago
Try mixing the ketchup with the sriracha.
Omar Salazar
Omar Salazar - 12 days ago
Y do u know Spanish!......ur awesome just saying I'm mexican
poonusmarrr - 12 days ago
I noticed that you left a little bit of zest on the pith. I bet if you peeled it more and took an extra layer off you would reduce that astringent taste.
Erin Carter
Erin Carter - 13 days ago
I would quick marinade it (fake steak DEMANDS Worcestershire!) and make a delicious gravy to pour over the top. Blanch it, quick marinade and make southern gravy! A nice porky gravy. If we're playing along like we don't have access to real meat to make gravy you can make it with Jamon cubes. Mmmmmm 😚
Jessie Slams
Jessie Slams - 13 days ago
Wharves you marinate the pith?
Marianne - 14 days ago
I love that you talk too much. Never change :)
Christy In The Carolina's
This is the first time I've experienced this, but when you were describing the flavor, I got an overwhelming bitter taste in my mouth! That was so weird!
DaniPlaysOnEasy -
DaniPlaysOnEasy - - 14 days ago
Everytime she said it looks like meat I said to myself 'that will not taste like meat'
DrugstoreCowgirl - 14 days ago
Food shortages in cuba are caused by the blockade from the u.s.
Jay Valentine
Jay Valentine - 15 days ago
What is this witchcraft
Gwen Patton
Gwen Patton - 15 days ago
I would have boiled it to get rid of the bitterness, then marinated it with something umami, like soy sauce, or worcestershire sauce, or even fish sauce if you have some. That'd give it more of a meaty, umami flavor from the glutamic acid in the marinade. It'd also help get rid of the bitterness.
That's how you make usable meal or flour out of acorns, after all, you grind them, then soak them in lots of water, and if possible let them sit in running water to get rid of the tannins in it. You could probably do the same thing here to make it more palatable. Heck, marinade it in soy sauce, a bit of sriracha, and if you can tolerate it well, a little MSG, and it'd taste a lot meatier.
Wendy Cynor
Wendy Cynor - 15 days ago
Maybe a marinade would take away the bitterness?
Ginny Staton
Ginny Staton - 15 days ago
I wonder if the pith could be marinated to give it more flavor and help neutralize the bitterness.
Eilish McCahill
Eilish McCahill - 15 days ago
That was really cool! I am going to try this too. I love grapefruits too!
Quann Johnson Sr
Quann Johnson Sr - 16 days ago
Sweet baby Ray is good on everything just like ranch
Quann Johnson Sr
Quann Johnson Sr - 16 days ago
That was sweet baby Ray barbecue sauce
Quann Johnson Sr
Quann Johnson Sr - 16 days ago
I can’t stop watching you too cute
Gavin Farkas
Gavin Farkas - 16 days ago
Soak it in brine overnight drain rinse boile in salted water. At least that's what I do to remove bitterness
GothicaBeauty. - 16 days ago
If you didn’t talk to yourself you’d not get good advice & that’s something i do when thinking of recipes or testing recipes etc.
Steven Edwards
Steven Edwards - 16 days ago
This might be interesting to revisit with a marinade. Pith would soak it up like a sponge
MyLady22 - 16 days ago
Make mud cookies lol
catlover12670 - 17 days ago
Seems a lot better than vegetarian fake meat, I might give this a try sometime. I think I'll boil the pith first though, to get rid of the bitterness.
Lboy926 - 17 days ago
Perhaps the bitterness could be an acquired taste? It still seems intriguing enough to try!
John-Clancy Power
John-Clancy Power - 17 days ago
Mara natha
Mara natha - 17 days ago
Doesn't the pith contain the toxic substance, citronella? At the very least, it is terribly bitter.
Noor Q
Noor Q - 17 days ago
so cool, you can also candy the skin by blanching twice combining with sugar and baking. so easy and totally amazing.
Noor Q
Noor Q - 17 days ago
oh maybe if you try blanching the piths before frying maybe... not sure but I know that for candying you get the bitterness out by blanching them.
Stephani Chandler
Stephani Chandler - 17 days ago
What about A1 or ranch??
King Mojo
King Mojo - 18 days ago
Try this again but try soaking it in like a ramen chicken or beef bouillon packet before breading them...
Miranda Hates new YouTube
Anyone else notice how she added part of a Tokio hotel song in there
Robert Greer
Robert Greer - 18 days ago
Maybe to help remedy bitterness you can beat peels a bit with a metal mallet and then let it soak/marinate in veggie broth and a bit of soy sauce w/added seasoning.
Che' Monae
Che' Monae - 18 days ago
I would have marinated for a while
Wendy Ward USN/ Combat RN
I may just have to make this receipe too! What an amazing idea? Steak from the white pitch of the peeling?! Folks are amazing during times of trouble! Thanks for making it, Friend. Blessings to you and your family! 🍖🍛🙏♥️🍴
Jennifer Aguirre
Jennifer Aguirre - 18 days ago
I have a cut on my finger and for some reason I can feel the stinging when she grabs the fruit and pulls it out :p
Monzai - 19 days ago
That's wild! Can't wait to see what's next with the series, awesome idea to try those. Thanks for the videos, cheers!
pinche cookie
pinche cookie - 19 days ago
Wow, it's very bitter. (keeps eating it)
MyTwoCents - 19 days ago
All the nutrients including the vitamin C are in the pith of citrus fruits; the juice is basically sugar water. The pith is also high in oxalates for people who need to be careful about kidney stones. If you could find a way to reduce the bitterness, I don't see why you couldn't do the same with lemons and oranges. And if you know how to recognize them, there are lemons, oranges and grapefruit that have extra thick skins which are much less bitter than the thinner skin variety. I used to blend the pith of thick pith oranges to make orange juice, and it comes out like a thick orange shake.
kayla falcon
kayla falcon - 19 days ago
Wow going through YouTube and I come across your video. I'm vegan I'll try it.
Carla Molenkamp
Carla Molenkamp - 20 days ago
I wonder if there is any nutritional value in the pith itself.
John Deveney
John Deveney - 21 day ago
If think you made a good point of sweating the pith like eggplant. You might try strips, frying and covered with mozzarella and pasta sauce. I'd be the acidity from both would cancel each other out
neci596 - 21 day ago
Schnitzel is so good. Ok continue
Julie Rocco
Julie Rocco - 22 days ago
When I was a child, 45 - 50 years ago, my Grandmother would make a dish called "begger man's stew". It was warmed milk with vanilla & sugar with a piece of white bread, pulled into pieces, added. That's it.
Sarah Pluta
Sarah Pluta - 22 days ago
I wonder what grapefruit steak parm would taste like...
Stevie Sosa
Stevie Sosa - 23 days ago
What if you brine it first, that's how schnitzel is prepared.
Cakeytoes - 24 days ago
wondering if this could be done with orange peel? maybe it might taste less bitter?
Lady Hawke
Lady Hawke - 24 days ago
I am totally trying this. If you leave out the egg it’s totally vegan too. 😃👍🏼
Celeste Harmony
Celeste Harmony - 24 days ago
I wonder if marinating the pith would take away some of the bitterness?
2448redbird - 25 days ago
maybe you could marinate them in soy, or sweet soy, or bacon grease or something to flavor them.
Lightlybow - 25 days ago
I love how you labeled the drill when you went to get condiments lol
danagrabbel - 25 days ago
not vegan..
Amanda Seigel
Amanda Seigel - 25 days ago
ElysiumDiary - 25 days ago
actually what I personally like about you the most is exactly that you talk alot. but you never talk crap. you focus on what you do and give your project life, with all your cheerfulness :) please ever stay this unique you, emmy. being just a copy of others would make this world a sad and boring place. it's good that you stayed you instead of changing into how others want you to be. you're no copy, you're unique
Spirit Angelfish
Spirit Angelfish - 25 days ago
what a cool idea! I really love your ideas. Just did look really good, I was wondering what the taste would be like, even though it's bitter I still want to try it!
WhatIThink - 25 days ago
I wonder if she finished all of it 🤔
Jennifer Minor
Jennifer Minor - 26 days ago
Maybe if you marinated it in veggie or beef stock first to pull out some of that bitter
Betchawonder22 - 26 days ago
Maybe if you marinated it in salt pepper and oil?
You Do
You Do - 26 days ago
Marinate it
TheReeShow - 26 days ago
Reminds me of fried green tomatoes
Beka W
Beka W - 27 days ago
You’re perfect
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