I Bought Amazon Prime's WEIRDEST Products (and this is what happened)

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Mae Luna
Mae Luna - 4 hours ago
dude nooo it's gonna remove ur chin and ur neck
Jacob and His Alter Ego Jake
BRO YOU MISSED OUT SO BAD THAT BOX WITH THE SWITCH. The thing gets angrier and angrier the more you flip the switch and it’s hilarious
Alison Kwok
Alison Kwok - 15 hours ago
I wasn’t scared of the knocking because I read the comments section😂
Dat D00D
Dat D00D - Day ago
im ok.
Veal B
Veal B - Day ago
Lol... duty
Naktron636 - Day ago
You forgot the most hardest thing in November NNN
Owen Carrington
Owen Carrington - 2 days ago
IT IS 3 am and i keep thinking that people are kocking in my window
Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney - 2 days ago
lol... duty
Khaled Mohamed
Khaled Mohamed - 2 days ago
1:11 that scared the shit out of me cuz I had headphones and I was home alone at night holy shit dude
brooke - 2 days ago
i'm telling my grandchildren that's billy from stranger things: 3:31
HyperSport - 2 days ago
Congrats you just got burrito all over the wall
Yoyo - 3 days ago
Amazon be wilding lol
Charles Collenette
Charles Collenette - 3 days ago
For the bananas slicer you’re supposed to peel it first (the banana)
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - 4 days ago
10:00 why would u hurt a burrito like that?!
Clxudyy - 4 days ago
That knock fooled me so much I’m wearing headphones and I’m right next to my window and I paused the vid and stared at it (it is 12:00 am)
Cool Ravenclaw
Cool Ravenclaw - 5 days ago
0D Cuber
0D Cuber - 5 days ago
Why did he keep the peel on the banana? That’s not what your supposed to do
Vivian Bown
Vivian Bown - 6 days ago
My sis got one of those head cushions
Alba Formiga
Alba Formiga - 9 days ago
I love how there's a boat over the toilet
abbazabba W
abbazabba W - 9 days ago
Minecraft Expert
Minecraft Expert - 9 days ago
That knock fooled me every time
Boaba Tee
Boaba Tee - 10 days ago
Omg the knock scared the crap out of me!
Peter May
Peter May - 11 days ago
Ryan has friends?!
Lily Atkins
Lily Atkins - 11 days ago
Ryan, you were just supposed to kinda ya know, PEEL the banana before putting it through the cutter........
Fragsy TTv
Fragsy TTv - 12 days ago
I looked around every time there was a knock
Aki - 12 days ago
TF i HATE the knocks dude! shit XDDD cause im wearing headphones and theres a wall right next to me! ArGhh XDD gosh i really shouldnt watch this at 11:30

edit: i just took off my right headphone ._. i coulndt stand another heartattack again..
Samuel Karr
Samuel Karr - 13 days ago
Actually it’s no nut November
TKOR fan
TKOR fan - 14 days ago
Omg I was in my room and when there was a knock on that door I thought it was mine and was like “what?”
Cheese - 15 days ago
when those knocks happened i thought it happened in real life
Sloth Girl
Sloth Girl - 16 days ago
Amazon be wildin lol
Lamborghini XX
Lamborghini XX - 16 days ago
You left the peel 😤😎
Enrique Burgos
Enrique Burgos - 17 days ago
Yooo the knock had me freaked out because I had headphones on and it sounded like it was coming from my window
• PINK R0SES • - 17 days ago
The pillow when Ryan was trying on, he looked like Marshmallow.
Sebastian Toldbod Amundsen
Lol duty
lily kearns
lily kearns - 17 days ago
when i heard the knocking i thought it was someone knocking on my window and i almost started crying ahhxhshdhdhd
Gunner Wag
Gunner Wag - 18 days ago
Anyone else see the hickey on his friend
I AM Baller
I AM Baller - 16 days ago
At 2:45
I AM Baller
I AM Baller - 16 days ago
I saw it to
the new subject
the new subject - 18 days ago
Anybody wathin in 2020
Just Jules
Just Jules - 18 days ago
i feel like it was pretty obvious that the banana slicer was meant to be used on a peeled banana? i couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not lol
Savannah Owens
Savannah Owens - 18 days ago
Amazon be wilden lol
Omg the knocks... didn't scare me
And man these don't look like a waste of money at all... to me
I’m Irrelevant
I’m Irrelevant - 20 days ago
Your meant to take the skin of the banana
Elijah Nakano
Elijah Nakano - 20 days ago
Zezuki The cat
Zezuki The cat - 21 day ago
He says it does no work but it because he cut the banana with the peel in
#Oof -
#Oof - - 21 day ago
when there was a knock u scared me to death, because im home alone i just hear a knock omg u scared me
Swamp - 19 days ago
Jingy - 19 days ago
Parker Manuel
Parker Manuel - 21 day ago
No its 2020
YEEZY 350 - 21 day ago
Happy new year
sub to willne
sub to willne - 22 days ago
The "Pip Pip Cheerio" got me
michelle martin
michelle martin - 22 days ago
I am watching this at about two am in front of a huge window while it is stroking with my little brother next to me and when the knocks happened I thought there was a creep outside and I had a panic attack throughout the entire video bec I forgot they weren’t real
Chrisplays 1093
Chrisplays 1093 - 23 days ago
500th dislike nah I’m not mean
James smith
James smith - 23 days ago
dude perfect rip off
Yeahh Boi
Yeahh Boi - 24 days ago
I was on my couch next to a closed window at 12:00 am
Multiple times throughout the video I heard a knocking in my right ear, leading me to believe there was someone, or something, outside the window.
When I pull back the curtain, I see a cardboard cutout of Danny Devito, that my roommate put on the balcony as a joke.
I fear
Mr Mister
Mr Mister - 24 days ago
the British accent is very Irish
Manual Nation
Manual Nation - 24 days ago
I was watching this with AirPods and I thought somebody was knocking on my door
Dara McIvor
Dara McIvor - 26 days ago
LemmeGet YoNumba
LemmeGet YoNumba - 26 days ago
I legit thought someone was at my window when he played the knock
SwegSwag - 27 days ago
I’m wearing beats and when the guy knocked I thought it was in real life 😂
An Old Friend
An Old Friend - 23 days ago
IK it’s so realistic, and I was wearing beats, so the first couple of times I fought someone was knocking the wall next to me from the other side and it spooked me
Vanessa Walker
Vanessa Walker - 29 days ago
You were supposed to peel the banana first
Micah Moore
Micah Moore - 29 days ago
7:45 locks door
Angel Mountain
Angel Mountain - Month ago
The knock fooled me!!!🤣😂
Avinaco - Month ago
The British accent one made me think he was going to spray poison in his mouth
Mathilda Rose
Mathilda Rose - Month ago
Not how we talk!😂😂
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