I'm Coming Out.

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NikkieTutorials - 7 months ago
*I love you all so much* 🥺🌈💖
Lelia Puggylover
Lelia Puggylover - 19 days ago
Nikki I love you so much You're a beautiful boss that deserves everything that you have. You deserve nothing but love and acceptance. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
 - Month ago
Aldijana Mesic
Aldijana Mesic - Month ago
I love you too 💚💚
thizzyy - Month ago
Eva Tahsin
Eva Tahsin - Month ago
We all loveee you soooo much!!❤❤
Batoul Ismail
Batoul Ismail - 2 hours ago
❤️🦋I will support you no matter what🦋❤️🥺🥺
Kenzie Ryann
Kenzie Ryann - 3 hours ago
She is an amazing and inspiring human being and it’s not fair that she didn’t get to tell us on her own terms
awkward_killjoy _
awkward_killjoy _ - 4 hours ago
why can’t everyone be as amazing as this beautiful human
Dale Flaherty
Dale Flaherty - 4 hours ago
You cant change basic biology no matter what you cut off on glue on!
chelsea mirin
chelsea mirin - 5 hours ago
i literally love you so much you are truly so inspirational
Derika Davis
Derika Davis - 5 hours ago
I would have never known.. cause just like you said you are Nikki and I’ve been subscribed to you since 2010.. I love you keep striving .. if I’ve never been inspired before I am now... you are beautiful🥰🥰🥰
Cara Benjamin
Cara Benjamin - 5 hours ago
Why did people dislike this?????????

Not even a couple people thousands did!?
Dreamy Flower
Dreamy Flower - 6 hours ago
I'm ftm and I once dated this guy. We'll call him J- So I dated J for a couple of months and he thought I was a cis guy. I came out to him and well- This happened when I was 14 and we weren't sexual in any way so he really had no reason besides his transphobia as to why he broke up to me. He had said that I lied to him about my gender but I never did. I am a guy and I was then too. He said that I lied to him and that my legal sex is not male so therefore I was a female in his eyes. He would keep comparing me being trans to me saying 'I'm a 20 year old who's in a 14 year olds body' which I never once said, he was just saying that even though I might say that I'm a male, it doesnt mean I'm a male and it just broke my heart because I'd crushed on him for over 2 years and those few months were amazing for me. He kept saying "Your legal sex is female, you'll always be a female, it doesnt matter what you do to your body". Idk why I shared this here, I just wanted to share this where I could feel safe and comfortable doing so.
punkuser - 6 hours ago
You are gorgeous, inside and out! Im proud of you and your journey!
Level Up EQ
Level Up EQ - 9 hours ago
You are our Shero! Thank you Nikki!!! You are inspiring!
London Fernandes-Tella
London Fernandes-Tella - 13 hours ago
Oh my God we all still love you no matter what
Tika R
Tika R - 13 hours ago
While I agree with nothing having to do with changing who/what you are, we're in 2020 and you have the freedom to do what your conscience dictates... after all, that's the beauty of living in America. God didn't put me on this earth to judge others. I love the makeup... I love the artisty. I don't care what happens in your personal life. Also, to blackmail another human is gross.
Nikole NB
Nikole NB - 14 hours ago
Such a strong human being. So happy she was born in an progressive accepting family and country and found another person who lovers her as much as she loves herself. Dylan is a real man...one who stands by his person’s side! Hugs to her mama, too!
SavagePup16 Adventures
SavagePup16 Adventures - 14 hours ago
We still love you nikki
SavagePup16 Adventures
SavagePup16 Adventures - 15 hours ago
Thank you so much now I know who I am😘
Simple ideas Radhika
Simple ideas Radhika - 15 hours ago
my respect for u has increased tdy....love ur honesty...👍👍👍
Julieta Dolores Pachamé
Julieta Dolores Pachamé - 17 hours ago
ur a very strong, beautiful, inspiring and talented woman i love u so much :)
Emma Sheppard
Emma Sheppard - 19 hours ago
I love the way you said what hair colour you have. All my life I’ve been treated like dirt because I’m blonde. People disgust me, but you can’t educate a fool hey. So lovely to see you being so open and out. Whilst I’m not part of the rainbow, I have had a girlfriend. I married a wonderful man that loves and supports me through everything. So glad you have your mum and the teachers support, that’s so wonderful! Tonnes of love honey 💕
breeznnn Yt
breeznnn Yt - 19 hours ago
Univerxse x
Univerxse x - 58 minutes ago
Just don’t.
Wolftamer 303
Wolftamer 303 - 8 hours ago
YourLocalHomosexual - 9 hours ago
*Nikkie, *woman
Useless Nintendo Account
Useless Nintendo Account - 12 hours ago
@Angela M yes, it's pretty simple
Angela M
Angela M - 14 hours ago
Fatimah Al-Jazairi
Fatimah Al-Jazairi - 20 hours ago
still love ya bb
Ffr Grg
Ffr Grg - 21 hour ago
I never knew this, but guess what, .....WHO GONE STOP U QUEEN 👑 👑😘
Hayden Mcke
Hayden Mcke - 23 hours ago
I love u I am so happy for u and I are u no matter what
Amalou Sara
Amalou Sara - 23 hours ago
مين العربي يلي مافهم شي متلي هههه
Last Samurai
Last Samurai - 8 hours ago
قاعدة تقول انو امها كانت مقتنعة انها حامل ببنت وطلع ولد وكانت تجبره انو يلعب بألعاب البنات ويكون بنوتي بعد فترة سوت عمية تحويل جنس
Amalou Sara
Amalou Sara - Day ago
F for all of the guys beating it to her thinking she’s a girl. No but in a real note congrats on coming out don’t let anybody bring you down 🤙🏼
YourLocalHomosexual - 9 hours ago
She is a girl.
Zainab Farooq
Zainab Farooq - Day ago
I think shes lieing. I think she was born a girl
YourLocalHomosexual - 9 hours ago
The grammatical errors in your comment really do show your intelligence level.
Madeline Wrigley
Madeline Wrigley - 19 hours ago
Well it would explain why she is so tall
Jess Z.
Jess Z. - Day ago
Wow! Awesome!
Damone Mitchell
Damone Mitchell - Day ago
I subscribed because of this video
J Anonymous
J Anonymous - Day ago
A few years ago, no joke, I wondered "Is Nikkie trans?" and typed in keywords "trans" into her channel search to see if any videos of her coming out came up. At the time, none did come up. I was like "Well, guess she's not trans after all." Then THIS video comes out
Overwatch_God - Day ago
Mhm sure
Rogelio 4
Rogelio 4 - Day ago
Anyone borns in the wrong body...
Wolftamer 303
Wolftamer 303 - 8 hours ago
Jayden N
Jayden N - Day ago
Wait who forced her out of the closet? I’m late I know.
YourLocalHomosexual - 9 hours ago
@Useless Nintendo Account stg, a cis person could come out as trans and you'd say the same thing. Also, she's a woman.
Useless Nintendo Account
Useless Nintendo Account - 12 hours ago
The fact that it's easy to tell he's a man
Everyone needs to get Graham Buckley 🧚‍♀️cancelled🧚‍♀️
YourLocalHomosexual - 9 hours ago
@Useless Nintendo Account A transphobe, like you.
Useless Nintendo Account
Useless Nintendo Account - 12 hours ago
Who is Graham Buckley
Ksenia Z-Brown
Ksenia Z-Brown - Day ago
❤️❤️❤️ nothing changes, you are who you are, we love you ❤️❤️❤️
LadyK1903 - Day ago
When you said you're trans, I started smiling, I feel how frightening and liberating at the same time that must have felt for you 😊😊😊 I'm so happy for you! ❤️ You're amazing! I can't believe someone would really blackmail and threat you for that, like WTF...
wildsuung - Day ago
i see a true and strong woman here
Ellen Björklund
Ellen Björklund - Day ago
I just watched this video now and I’m so proud of you
Sharose h
Sharose h - Day ago
I get her point but lets not put so much weight on stereotypes because a lot of boys actual boys may play with dolls or interested in make up but arent trans or gay same with girls just because theyre not into the stereotypical things a girl “supposed” to like doesnt mean anything
Sergeant At Arms
Sergeant At Arms - Day ago
hehehe I like your medal. Is that just a crown or it looks like the Statue of Liberty? And what is a glow bebe? Sorry for the ignorance.
Luisa Chater
Luisa Chater - Day ago
Hi, I have Italian oily skin and I don’t know where to start, I can’t put on make up, I literally moisture after a shower, I don’t wear make up at all and if I go out, it’s green eyeshadow, purple eyeliner, black mascara and that’s it, I also have watery eyes when make up is on, PLEASE HELP ME🙏🙏🙏🙏
Queen Hockney
Queen Hockney - Day ago
You are so beautiful! Your makeup rocks and just please....under nooo circumstances...stop being you!
Mishel Martinez
Mishel Martinez - 2 days ago
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ or ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ I like #1
MedusA A
MedusA A - 2 days ago
Well all celebs and famous people that are known for their drag like makeup are getting a side eye from me now
How do I say this... You're a transphobe Nikkie doesn't even do drag. She does dramatic makeup.
Luna Melendez
Luna Melendez - 2 days ago
I would never see you differently, love you
Ana Cristina Fonseca
Ana Cristina Fonseca - 2 days ago
That was so brave and empowering and validating, thank you so much, Nikkie
(Also it was sorta weird watching a woman explaining she is a woman... like, yeah? A person explaining she is who she is... what sort of mad society we live in that someone has to make a video like this?)
But you’re wrong, yes, you’ve changed. You’re a more inspiring, braver, stronger, more admirable artist than you were before this video
fnaf fangirl1
fnaf fangirl1 - 2 days ago
We are all here for you love u nikki
epic noob
epic noob - 2 days ago
I swear if i see a hate comment-
J. Levi C.
J. Levi C. - 13 hours ago
They’re all in the replies, they just wanna pick fights and troll
Joe King
Joe King - 2 days ago
Your a very special person and I wish you much happiness!
Kim Luarks
Kim Luarks - 2 days ago
Honey your momma didn't have any echos because that deals with the heart, I think you meant ultrasounds.
Janno Meeuwessen
Janno Meeuwessen - 2 days ago
Why did she put ads on a video like this
RazorTheGayRat im fine
RazorTheGayRat im fine - 2 days ago
@MedusA A she does already pass though :)
MedusA A
MedusA A - 2 days ago
Because she needs the coin to get more surgeries to pass as a woman
Elisabeth Ochoa
Elisabeth Ochoa - 2 days ago
Such a beautiful elegant soul 🤍
Diana G
Diana G - 2 days ago
It's really spot on that you're dressing in yellow in this video. You see yellow is kinda my therapy color. It makes me feel so happy and good. I've known another Dutch person who has been surrounded by yellow and by art himself and he inspired me, and now you do. You're a yellow person. You're a happy one, you're bright, you're beautiful, and powerful. You're bold. You're perfect the way you are. I love you! 💛
kevin Kiosia
kevin Kiosia - 2 days ago
Why do people dislike videos like this its hard to say something like this to millions of people. Like what?
Graham Buckley
Graham Buckley - 2 days ago
Dont worry. Nikki is strong...... most men are.
jen egan
jen egan - 2 days ago
I think you are an amazing woman
You made me cry
Lluma Nadii
Lluma Nadii - 2 days ago
We love you Nikkie💕
sylwia eroğlu
sylwia eroğlu - 2 days ago
im crying i love you so much
Jerome JELSCH - 2 days ago
This il powerfull, wonderfull, love you ❤
Sissy Simone
Sissy Simone - 2 days ago
Alana kroot
Alana kroot - 2 days ago
Hey niki I just wanted to say I except you for who you are and and you being trans is not going to say anything your still that awesome niki that I look up to!
KYLE CALDER - 2 days ago
Why would someone ever rob someone like this?
Evie Bailey
Evie Bailey - 2 days ago
*i love you*
Veronica Serrano-Jackson
Wow, I would never thought she is transexual even though is none of my business. You're a strong woman! I knew you were different about your work in make up because I have not met a woman that does your work in make up... I hope to learn have at least of what you do in makeup. Beautiful Queen 🧡
Pretty Little Liar
Pretty Little Liar - 3 hours ago
Graham Buckley Yeah you could really use some makeup yourself luv, you really need it. thoughts and prayers xoxo❤️💄
@Graham Buckley okay Trump supporter
Graham Buckley
Graham Buckley - 2 days ago
It takes a man to show the women how to do make-up right.
Eva Tahsin
Eva Tahsin - 3 days ago
No matter if you are He/She, we all love you so much and always will be with you💜💜
Deidre Stephens
Deidre Stephens - 3 days ago
Idc about anything else but slapping the blackmailer and a tutorial on this make up look!
Pretty Little Liar
Pretty Little Liar - 3 hours ago
Graham Buckley By the looks of you love, you can't even take care of yourself. I can smell you through your profile pic. Ever heard of a shower? 🤮🤡 I'm just concerned for your well being 💕❤️ Also i'm still waiting for you to get plastic surgery 💖
Graham Buckley
Graham Buckley - 2 days ago
Be cool. Nikki can look after himself.
Kensli Ballew
Kensli Ballew - 3 days ago
redbird57 - 3 days ago
Yes! Love you Nikkie!
Hᴏʟʟᴏᴡ Eyes
Hᴏʟʟᴏᴡ Eyes - 3 days ago
We will surport u babe 💋
PeachyPie Lps
PeachyPie Lps - 3 days ago
Hi Nikkie! I appreciate you sharing this with us! I have a quick question! Are you straight or lesbian (or bi or pan😉) I’m doing a project for school about are biggest influences! And your my biggest inspiration and influence! I love you so much😘
@Graham Buckley nope, she's a woman. And she sleeps with a man. Therefore, she will be considered straight, unless she comes out as bi or pan.
Graham Buckley
Graham Buckley - 2 days ago
Nikki is a man. And he sleeps with a man. Therefore he is gay.
Katrina Martin
Katrina Martin - 3 days ago
Gosh, everything about you is just so beautiful. Not just on the outside, but your energy is beautiful. Your light, your vibes, whatever you want to call it. It's just so incredibly beautiful.
Gar - 23 hours ago
Ash it don’t work this way lmao he’s biologically born as a male, legally he’s still a male
Graham Buckley
Graham Buckley - Day ago
@YourLocalHomosexual HE'S just a dude in drag.
@Graham Buckley *she's
Graham Buckley
Graham Buckley - 2 days ago
Yeah, hes an inspiration.
thijs - 3 days ago
Gay trans
Madeline Wrigley
Madeline Wrigley - 19 hours ago
YourLocalHomosexual - 2 days ago
yuri the rat
yuri the rat - 2 days ago
Nope, try again 💫
Sally Fearon
Sally Fearon - 2 days ago
Clarisse Mota
Clarisse Mota - 3 days ago
we love u. u beautiful 🦋
SniperOnly COD Etz
SniperOnly COD Etz - 3 days ago
So she lied to het boyfriend that she wasnt and had sexwith him damn dislike for you and also terrible for they guy cancruglytrans
Angelo Urriza
Angelo Urriza - 3 days ago
For those who dislike ur disliking transgenders.
Lynnette Ng
Lynnette Ng - 3 days ago
We still love you Nikki :)
Colly L
Colly L - 3 days ago
Nikkie - you are an amazing young woman! Your tutorials are easy to follow, inspirational and fun to watch! Keep up the brilliant videos! 😊
Itz GamingwithSarah
Itz GamingwithSarah - 3 days ago
So proud of Nikkie for finding her own identity
@Graham Buckley tell me, why are all Trump supporters so childish?
Graham Buckley
Graham Buckley - 2 days ago
Tell me, how does somebody else "finding their identity" (even that doesn't make sense) make YOU proud. 🤔
Vilija Valatkaitė
Vilija Valatkaitė - 3 days ago
And umm... this just a reminder that straights have a flag now
The straight pride flag was made by homophobes.
RazorTheGayRat im fine
RazorTheGayRat im fine - 2 days ago
YeA and its not a real flag. There is a straight ALLY flag but no, the straights dont have a flag.
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas - 3 days ago
This has nothing to do with her being straight?
Me Me
Me Me - 3 days ago
I am so proud of you
H - 4 days ago
You are such a strong and inspirational person, you are so amazing. Hearing the words you are saying is making me cry. Its tears of happiness and just the bundle of emotions that got buried. I feel so accepted listening to this right now. You are truly spectacular, and I love and accept you like you love and accept us, your friends/viewers. Thank you so much!
piyush joshi
piyush joshi - 4 days ago
i used to thought that she was a woman 😂😂
also, makeup can change the way you look 😂😂 i mean it can change you completely 😂 you are 2 different person (with and without makeup 😂😂)
@Cerulean Prince how do you mean 'biologically'? Neurology is biology. Genitalia is biology. In both senses, Nikkie is female.
Cerulean Prince
Cerulean Prince - 2 days ago
Christopher Thomas not biologically
YourLocalHomosexual - 3 days ago
She is a woman
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas - 3 days ago
She is a woman
Jade Stoppel
Jade Stoppel - 4 days ago
Are you south african
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas - 3 days ago
She's from Holland
MedusA A
MedusA A - 4 days ago
Nothing to see here, almost all top makeup gurus are trans. That's the reason they push heavy drag makeup to make real women look like clowns
Madeline Wrigley
Madeline Wrigley - 19 hours ago
MedusA A people do say that. And why are you so bothered? Nicki is a women and why does that upset you so much?
MedusA A
MedusA A - 3 days ago
@YourLocalHomosexual have you noticed how nobody talks about "trans men are men"? Wake up
MedusA A
MedusA A - 3 days ago
@YourLocalHomosexual real women don't have male genitalia, they also don't have a neovagina that is just an inverted b@llsack and don't need to use dilators to keep that wound open. When Nikkie die and only her bones remains her skeleton will be recognized as biological male by forensics so in the end all the surgeries were in vain
YourLocalHomosexual - 3 days ago
Trans women are real women. And as far as I know, the only trans women who are in successful the beauty industry are Nikkie and Nikita.
Maria S.
Maria S. - 4 days ago
I can't believe this ALSO happened in 2020, I had to check twice. This years has already lasted a decade...
PS Came back to this video because I needed something inspirational
Graham Buckley
Graham Buckley - Day ago
You mong
Jocilyn Harris
Jocilyn Harris - 4 days ago
I'm proud of you but I would've never guess! Glad you're happy! ❤❤
yuri the rat
yuri the rat - 3 days ago
@MedusA A luv maybe you should try out that "drag makeup" and figure out what to fix on your face
YourLocalHomosexual - 3 days ago
@MedusA A you're literally wrong though. You never knew she was trans, she doesn't even do drag that much, the only top beauty gurus who are trans are Nikkie and (debatably) Nikita.
MedusA A
MedusA A - 4 days ago
Anyone can clock she is trans, also only a transwoman would push heavy drag makeup. In fact most top makeup gurus are hidden trans
Didi Caceres
Didi Caceres - 4 days ago
I completely forgot Nikki was trans. That's how fucked up this year was
viktoria lakatos
viktoria lakatos - 4 days ago
I luv u so much and u are lucky for souch husband gby 2 of u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Robin Nguyen
Robin Nguyen - 4 days ago
You are Nikki and you are beautiful. ❤️💋
Riska Sabrina
Riska Sabrina - 4 days ago
It's sooooooooooo important reveal
It changed everyone's life
Suzie Campbell
Suzie Campbell - 4 days ago
I am so proud of you . Your beautiful and I love you so much ❤️❤️
Leah E
Leah E - 4 days ago
You are so beautiful!! I’m glad you’re feeling liberated! I still love you! I have more respect for you to be able to do this! Love you girl!!
?!¡¿•kim sonli!?¡¿•
مين جاي من فيد احمد ابو الرب 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Last Samurai
Last Samurai - 7 hours ago
شو الاشي الي بقتل ضحك؟
Maria للمونتاج
Maria للمونتاج - 4 days ago
انا 😂ههههههههه
dkfca - 4 days ago
I knew she was a trans and it doesn't matter. She is an awesome perso and it's sad that she has to do it because of others outing her .it's her life. Love the message though and I hope her vision of the world would be more common 🙏🙏
YourLocalHomosexual - 4 days ago
You didn't know she was trans though...
BobbyK - 4 days ago
You ddnt even share this with your partner? Wow.
Where exactly does she say that?
Hannah Linarez
Hannah Linarez - 4 days ago
You are beautiful
Ivonne Torres
Ivonne Torres - 4 days ago
You are so brave by opening up to world full of evil. Thank you for sharing. Honestly, never in my life I would had guess you were a “trans,” never, never. You’re beautiful. God gave you an amazing mother.
Edna Mendoza
Edna Mendoza - 5 days ago
I never really watched your videos, but NOW, guuuuuuuuuurl, I’m subscribing to your channel!! Much much love to you and your family!!!
Alivia - 5 days ago
omg i did not know that you are gorgess and brave to let every body know the internet is scary and hateful go to you youare amazing
Pride Crafts UK
Pride Crafts UK - 5 days ago
You are a beautiful woman inside and out! x
Chizzle Bizzle11
Chizzle Bizzle11 - 5 days ago
I never would off realised ngl
rallara ral
rallara ral - 5 days ago
I'm wondering if the person that wanted to blackmail her is another beauty influencer!! Omg I'm thinking Jeffrey Star?? Jeez lol
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas - 3 days ago
It wasn't Jeffree star, she said in another video she knows who it is and I think she said he lives in the Netherlands too
rallara ral
rallara ral - 3 days ago
@MedusA A yeah totally you're right 😉
MedusA A
MedusA A - 4 days ago
Nah probably some old acquaintance from school days or something, I mean other top makeup gurus wouldn't out anyone because most of them are hidden trans themselves.
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