6 Beyonce Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

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Jubilee - Year ago
Hey good humans! Hope you enjoyed this first episode of Odd Man Out - more coming soon! IMPORTANT REQUEST: please be respectful of the individuals in our videos regardless of whether you are upset with what they said or did. Please do not go personal or invade their privacy - we do not stand by that at all. We appreciate your passion; let’s all try to remember to be compassionate of others :)
Blake Guilfoyle
Blake Guilfoyle - Day ago
u should add like a traitor, Ex: i don't watch taylor swift a lot, i hate her, but if she gets voted out, the secret hater if they win split prize, they work together with more people
iSwifty - 3 days ago
How about no
Squishy18k - 22 days ago
I love how you call us humans
Sandrawble - 2 months ago
Can you guys please do a MELANIE MARTINEZ FAN. I want to see 6 crybabies VS a hater ( or Timothy Heller fan... ) 🍼🍼🍼 ANYONE ELSE HERE A CRYBABY, NO ONE? OK...
Adrian C
Adrian C - 2 months ago
I'm surprised you succeeded finding all those 6 beyonce fans in America
John Hide Strauss
John Hide Strauss - 5 hours ago
Just find the talkative..... And someone who asked to much...
Don't remove the shy one and the less talkative
Slytherin Tops
Slytherin Tops - 15 hours ago
I'm a huge fan of Lady Gaga for example, but I don't even know when her birthday is. You don't need to know everything about an artist to be a fan, just enjoying their music is enough.
Pedro alves
Pedro alves - 20 hours ago
It was obvious it was sebastian,he was attacking everyone
Jordan Jernagin
Jordan Jernagin - Day ago
spencer looks like dantdm
Dominic Brady
Dominic Brady - Day ago
It’s me. I’m the Beyoncé hater.
blurryface xx
blurryface xx - Day ago
I thought I was watching Mean Girls.
Victoria Liu
Victoria Liu - 2 days ago
We see Cody every time lolz
livia xx
livia xx - 2 days ago
“I don’t know her middle name. I barely know my middle name”

samantha - 3 days ago
i love sebastian LMAO
QU3N0'S WRLD - 3 days ago
Use me as the " I'm so glad Tamara didn't get the money" Button. ☺
Maggie Wade
Maggie Wade - 3 days ago
you guys should do Hunger Games fans VS on secret hater
ADRIANO REIS - 3 days ago
i love when the lights turn red. hehheheehehehehehehehheheheheheheheh
Bouchra Hanine
Bouchra Hanine - 3 days ago
Beyonce stans are really toxic and just get worse with time no offense
Choi Chanhees left ear
Choi Chanhees left ear - 4 days ago
Lol Kevin Moon belongs here
Holm_ Nielsen
Holm_ Nielsen - 4 days ago
Spencer is almost as annoying as Erin
i_m_ane Sm
i_m_ane Sm - 4 days ago
Next who is not Ariana grande's fan
Danmunite - 5 days ago
That's actually a pretty good reason to dislike an artist
Danmunite - 5 days ago
The way Spencer said "DESTINY'S CHILD MY ASS" made my night
Salman Alrasheed
Salman Alrasheed - 6 days ago
Tamara and Spencer are the kind who hates on other female artists especially Rihanna
Mohamad Soukar
Mohamad Soukar - 6 days ago
I hope Beyoncé fans aren’t all like this
Petri Rush
Petri Rush - 7 days ago
Bunch of gays here loul
Saheli S
Saheli S - 8 days ago
please do 6 one direction fans vs one secret non directioner!! that would be so interesting to watch
The big oof
The big oof - 8 days ago
oml cody lol
Amy Godinez
Amy Godinez - 8 days ago
Franz Taylor
Franz Taylor - 8 days ago
worldsthroughwords - 9 days ago
Andrew Baldwridge
Andrew Baldwridge - 9 days ago
BananaGIRL 01
BananaGIRL 01 - 9 days ago
I didn’t know I had that in me girl
Like I knew I was shady
But I didn’t know I was a liar
I lied real quick
That’s crazy
Favorite part 10:56 lol
Loki Lump
Loki Lump - 9 days ago
You should've put Kanye West🥴
Hobi - 10 days ago
that girl looks like woah vicky
Farlayy - 10 days ago
I feel like everyone forgot about Beyoncé. I legit forgot she existed.

Her songs suck ass btw
KennyXSenzu - 10 days ago
Yo it’s Brandon!
Steven Lerner
Steven Lerner - 10 days ago
i love how the gay guy was the hater... you are amazing... Please keep making these videos
Steven Lerner
Steven Lerner - 10 days ago
gay guy.... safe lolol love you
Steven Lerner
Steven Lerner - 10 days ago
i love how they knew it right at the end.... just cuz he is gay doesnt mean he loves beyoncee.... You go girl
Riyahaep - 10 days ago
If I was Beyoncé I’d be pissed to have fans like them🤭
way名誉 - 10 days ago
those kids are toxic :) what's wrong with them?
steven gegar
steven gegar - 11 days ago
Beyaonce is not my cup a tea -go TLC's Lisa" LEFT EYE " Lopezzzz
Asiatic Lion
Asiatic Lion - 11 days ago
Beehive made me hate beyonce
Asiatic Lion
Asiatic Lion - 11 days ago
If I was the mole and nobody would be figuring it out I would keep smiling( yay I'll win the money ) they'll figure out anyway
eliza marjoram
eliza marjoram - 12 days ago
Anyone else think they should do a one direction odd man out?like if u agree
Hassan Jawad
Hassan Jawad - 12 days ago
I alreasy hate beyonce
Angelos Vlahos
Angelos Vlahos - 13 days ago
also Spencer: not knowing her middle name doesn't mean i'm not a fan
Angelos Vlahos
Angelos Vlahos - 13 days ago
The toxicity level in that room was dangerously high
Gamer Fazle
Gamer Fazle - 14 days ago
I hate almost every person on the left, if i was rahul, i wouldve picked a fight.
joedem 111
joedem 111 - 14 days ago
Spencer’s a right twat
Maesa Ken Neobi
Maesa Ken Neobi - 14 days ago
"The reason i hate beyonce is because her fans are so aggresive and rude" Literally proved in this video. (I'm not talking about all of her fans, just those creepy and aggresive stans.)
Cos bal
Cos bal - 14 days ago
taht spencer guy is a prick glad he didnt win
Delvin Rodas
Delvin Rodas - 14 days ago
I'm so glad the white dude on the left didn't win that man is hella annoying
christopher rosse
christopher rosse - 14 days ago
Literally knew it was him after round 2 smh 🤦‍♂️
Benjy M
Benjy M - 14 days ago
Is it just me or does Sebastian look like James Cordans character from Trolls
Benjy M
Benjy M - 14 days ago
Is it just me or does Sebastian look like James Cordans character from Trolls
emily - 14 days ago
ok but spencer and tamara literally proved sebastian's point
Axel Albert
Axel Albert - 14 days ago
Brandon Rashad in the cut!
Amy A
Amy A - 15 days ago
How did they not know Beyoncé’s middle name smh lol
Amy A
Amy A - 15 days ago
None of them are real Beyoncé fans...Fancy from Destiny’s Child Fulfilled is NOT a song from that album smh. Destiny’s Child Fulfilled is ICONIC I’m surprised none of the fans caught that...
XxGamingFirexX - 15 days ago
Anyone remember Cody from the secret black person?
Gacha Games
Gacha Games - 15 days ago
Seb is my fav.
r2dcore - 16 days ago
XD I like this part 1:29
Imperfect Gods
Imperfect Gods - 16 days ago
I loved that little twirl that he did 🤭
Imperfect Gods
Imperfect Gods - 16 days ago
Stan = Stalker + Fan
That's not fan. Stans are scary.
Zom - 16 days ago
Spencer sounds like fix it Felix from wreck it Ralph
Childrxn - 16 days ago
4:33 Ik Y’all Not Gonna Let that mans Dancing Slide
minou Hnia
minou Hnia - 16 days ago
You can lie about being a hater and actually be a fan and that’d be sooo much easier because you be lying is anyways
Aileen Maravillas
Aileen Maravillas - 17 days ago
I didn’t like when the Tamara said “bye” is was just kinda annoying. Also she said she knew it was Sebastian but she literally said “You know their a Beyoncé fan when your a Beyoncé. THIS IS ALL MY OPINION BUT YOU CAN HAVE YOURS🙂
Bailey Lundberg
Bailey Lundberg - 17 days ago
Sebastians face when Spencer said try me bi**h
Lilly Plays ROBLOX
Lilly Plays ROBLOX - 17 days ago
Heyy can u do Melanie Martinez 🍼❤️
Ellie Wishart-core
Ellie Wishart-core - 17 days ago
Michael was 100% right why were they jumping on ppl
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez - 18 days ago
Beyoncé fans are really mean so I’m glad the hater won
Modary Cécilia Mtg
Modary Cécilia Mtg - 18 days ago
I came here after watching the bts one and that one is so messy, they didn't seem to really focus on spotted the hater they were just competing against each other on who know more about Beyoncé/ Who is the better fan...
starry night
starry night - 19 days ago
When I saw Cody I was like "hello again"
KTM B - 19 days ago
Jokes on them. I’m the Beyoncé hater
adriane - 19 days ago
i knew it was him since he started talk non stop about destinys child instead of beyonce only
Elis - 19 days ago
o beyonce hater descreveu as army todinha
Lollipop Lover
Lollipop Lover - 20 days ago

She has a Netflix special?-
javii navarrete
javii navarrete - 20 days ago
i have to need how this work, i mean seriusly, you guys select this people or they are actors? plis i need a answer!!!!!!
pd: am chilean so sorry if my inglish its not the best;)
Sam Leeper
Sam Leeper - 20 days ago
Screw you youtube, the top comment spoiled it
Julieta Lagrega
Julieta Lagrega - 21 day ago
but Cody has already appeared in other videos I think this is probably acted
Paige S
Paige S - 21 day ago
I really didn’t like that girl. She was gunning for Rahul and I’m glad she didn’t get the money.
Squishy18k - 22 days ago
I love the pusheen shirt
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