6 Beyonce Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

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Jubilee - Month ago
Hey good humans! Hope you enjoyed this first episode of Odd Man Out - more coming soon! IMPORTANT REQUEST: please be respectful of the individuals in our videos regardless of whether you are upset with what they said or did. Please do not go personal or invade their privacy - we do not stand by that at all. We appreciate your passion; let’s all try to remember to be compassionate of others :)
Alexus A
Alexus A - Day ago
plz do an Ariana one
Clarissa Edwards
Clarissa Edwards - Day ago
That’s not vegan 🤣
Mcpieface 311
Mcpieface 311 - 2 days ago
Neko - Senpai I was thinking that!!!
Watches from the closet
Bro this series is really fun! do 10 seasons!! I bet your sub will blow up, I just subbed.
Bella - 12 days ago
Afika xundu
Afika xundu - Hour ago
The intro to the game said here SHE wins the entire prize...
Someone lol
Someone lol - Hour ago
I knew it was that guy after the first half of the vid
Madelyn Riley
Madelyn Riley - 3 hours ago
You should do who is not 16
Matthew Elwell
Matthew Elwell - 4 hours ago
rahul is the only smart guy there
Ryan Tietje
Ryan Tietje - 7 hours ago
they should do bts fans and haters
Ava Life
Ava Life - 7 hours ago
DEsTINy CHiLD MAH ASs 😂😂😂😂 I’m dead
sadsaddsd dasdad
sadsaddsd dasdad - 9 hours ago
Sebastian's blackface thou..
SoccerMaster 13
SoccerMaster 13 - 10 hours ago
I freaking knewwwww it
Cooltreatsava - 10 hours ago
Anyone notice Rahuals shirt?! :OOOO
Daisy Munoz
Daisy Munoz - 10 hours ago
The girl is annoying
Edit: glad the girl didn’t win the money GO SEBAS
Jacqueline Brannon
Jacqueline Brannon - 10 hours ago
This is just a game of Mafia
Luis Arguelles
Luis Arguelles - 10 hours ago
I knew it was the gay guy
Alex Juarez
Alex Juarez - 10 hours ago
All Beyoncé fans are gay lol
Watching Listening
Watching Listening - 11 hours ago
The biggest shame to the hive is someone thinking you're a hater 😱
Edit: yea the fans are what we need to be aware of. I totally agree.
RBK 7 - 12 hours ago
Brandon??? 😂
GamesHacker1000 - 12 hours ago
It was obvious. Especially when he was urging everyone to end the game in the end
Angela Sena
Angela Sena - 13 hours ago
What a surprise... everyone kicked out except the bADdiE and the two that seemed/are gay
David Hernandez
David Hernandez - 13 hours ago
Taylor Swift is better than Beyonce. just facts. oh and she wasn't that great as Nala in lion king remake.
Queen Bronwyn
Queen Bronwyn - 13 hours ago
Y'all should do this with Queen
Queen Bronwyn
Queen Bronwyn - 13 hours ago
"When did you fall in love with Beyonce?"
"The womb."
aragan - 14 hours ago
Tamara and Spencer, talk about annoying, so glad Sebastian won
Juan Ottoniel Ottoniel Saquic
Barcelona fans vs real madrid fan
J J C - 14 hours ago
Imagine the pain in pretending to be a beyonce fan
Official Fallon
Official Fallon - 14 hours ago
How are you gone take it out on Beyoncé because her fans😭bye
Malak MYLEEE - 15 hours ago
And I oop...
muzna - 15 hours ago
i knew from the beginning it was sebastian.....
The late night show with shoo
I knew it.
Mariana Marcondes
Mariana Marcondes - 16 hours ago
Omggg I thought it was Spencer
Neelab Jawed
Neelab Jawed - 16 hours ago
it's always the least obvious one
Girl On Fire _
Girl On Fire _ - 16 hours ago
What he said about the beehive is 100000000% true
wlmhxsenpai - 17 hours ago
fan doesnt need to know everything im a fan of 5sos but i dont know their blood types like
Ertiza Kazi
Ertiza Kazi - 18 hours ago
Yoisy TV
Yoisy TV - 19 hours ago
Why is no one talking about Brandon rashad being in this?
Trisha T
Trisha T - 19 hours ago
From the moment he said “I’m sorry I just love...” I KNEW😭😭😭
Matt Zak
Matt Zak - 20 hours ago
ᴏᴋ ᴛʜɪs ɪs sᴏ ᴍᴏᴏᴅ
Glo Show
Glo Show - 20 hours ago
5 autisms and 1 normal in a room
Linday Lohan
Linday Lohan - 20 hours ago
I knew from the start it was sebastian 😤😤😤
TheyLoveMyAesthetic - 20 hours ago
I didnt even know beyonce haters existed
AUSSIEbattler96 - 21 hour ago
I honestly hate Beyonce... not enough musical tellant for me much better singers, Ahem Lizzy hale.. And the the movies nah thanks.
Shannon Hornibrook
Shannon Hornibrook - 22 hours ago
i think Beyonce got scared watching this
lumando boou
lumando boou - 23 hours ago
Aye Brandon is in this you guys gotta check his YouTube
Sora YT
Sora YT - Day ago
Didn't know faze blaziken liked beyonce
Slyker71 - Day ago
Calling at 5:27 The hater is Sebastian
Cayleigh Mcguiness
Cayleigh Mcguiness - Day ago
wow so basically they trusted him cause he’s gay ?!
kajjafeeluv__ - Day ago
I thought it was the girl, she just keep on blaming everyone
Royale Max
Royale Max - Day ago
Spencer doesn't have to be a Beyonce hater just because those haters who bashed him , little did he know now he is also one of them , the haters
Audrey Brooks
Audrey Brooks - Day ago
How did they not know it was him?
C Silver
C Silver - Day ago
How much money do y’all HAVE!
Dydy69_ Killos
Dydy69_ Killos - Day ago
Tamara’s a damn hoe she litterally annoyed me so hard
iVybin - Day ago
I hate Beyoncé
Canson Lam
Canson Lam - Day ago
Rob Smith21
Rob Smith21 - Day ago
Really surprised they didn’t vote on race...just saying
DearMary V
DearMary V - Day ago
GaMiNg WeEk
GaMiNg WeEk - Day ago
Me. I’m the hater
Mia Dowd
Mia Dowd - Day ago
Beyoncé is incredibly talented and her work ethic is admirable but I think she is overrated. People act like she’s a goddess who reigns over all. No. She’s a person. Just like everyone else
Husain Alabdullah
Husain Alabdullah - Day ago
Brandon rashad is the person I least expected to be on this
KayaSoccerYT - Day ago
10:28 “Destiny child my ass” had me dead 💀
Aaron E.
Aaron E. - Day ago
The fact that he lasted is hilarious
Shaw Cremeans
Shaw Cremeans - Day ago
is it bad if i have never heard a beyoncé song
Evan Horn
Evan Horn - Day ago
I knew it was the gay guy!
XRAY - 13 hours ago
Evan Horn there where 3
Emily Neumann
Emily Neumann - Day ago
That guy who said And I opp-
d1Liquidy Boi
d1Liquidy Boi - Day ago
Brandon has a YouTube channel
Brandon rashad
Alexus A
Alexus A - Day ago
Do Ariana grande
Alexus A
Alexus A - Day ago
Do an Ariana one
HaystersIsDaddy - Day ago
What does she look like and I don't like her
maryam - Day ago
I WAS RIGHT THE WHOLE TIME for once in my life
RatedRKOFan - Day ago
I just guessed it was Sebastian who was the liar and I got it right. besides doesn't this game remind you of a jackbox game called Fakin' It?
unidentified black male
i actually hate beyonce now becauce of her fans
unidentified black male
hello its rachul can you put your cqredit card information in to

dablju dablju dablju dot D as in david I as in imarket c as in clock and K as in kwik e market
edit: sorry that dud seemed like a cool guy
Komal Sandhu
Komal Sandhu - Day ago
i knew it was sebastian after the second time he mentioned destiny's child
gloria borger
gloria borger - Day ago
Yo brandons on the show let's go
NokNok Star
NokNok Star - Day ago
Spencer or the girl.
Jack Carr
Jack Carr - Day ago
they were all annoying
Karen Guzman
Karen Guzman - Day ago
Tamara was so offended when they said she was the hater lmfao girl it’s not that serious
The Queen
The Queen - Day ago
I mean it's okay for them to be competitive and trying to challenge who's the mole but it's annoying when they get onto someone's faces and trying to call them out. Was talking about Tamara and Erin. There's always that 1 person that tries to show they're not the mole so extra
alluringlyrics - Day ago
that tamara is annoying asf jumping on everyone who breathes a word. she should meet erin.
Edwin G.A.
Edwin G.A. - Day ago
I don’t hate Beyoncé but I don’t like her. What’s so special about her? She’s not that special. Plus I knew Sebastian was the Beyoncé hater, b/c almost every gay person hates Beyoncé especially if they’re sassy.
zoe syrja
zoe syrja - Day ago
i knew it was him from the start
MusicalAsian - Day ago
A Beyoncé fan could be anybody
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