Antonio Brown’s behavior is frustrating - Randy Moss | NFL Countdown

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Davin T
Davin T - 15 days ago
Randy Moss' accent is God.
Michael Pellegrim
Michael Pellegrim - 2 months ago
Sad that Antonio might get money for the 30 For 30 they make about him. They'll probably make one
JupiterLove87 X
JupiterLove87 X - 2 months ago
He sounds so country 😁
April Garcia
April Garcia - 4 months ago
People who sweat themselves find themselves by themselves
Rel0ad Capal0t
Rel0ad Capal0t - 4 months ago
Pull your 84 jerseys out in back home
Márcio Emilio
Márcio Emilio - 4 months ago
Sou fã do bronw 84 NFL 🏈 tenho fé ele vai dá volta por cima irmão precisa ser forte 🙏🇧🇷🌎
Transit 8
Transit 8 - 4 months ago
ALF Raydough
ALF Raydough - 4 months ago
Why do these Sports shows have to use that “Female” in it?
TIGER PAUSE - 4 months ago
This woman is preaching.Society is the problem!
Anthony Brockington
Anthony Brockington - 4 months ago
See how easy it’s okay to voice your opinion but none of them never been homeless or walk in his shoes .just my opinion Ab for self and I believe he has CTE he needs help bottom line .
Dan Blaize
Dan Blaize - 4 months ago
AB will reap all he sows. Unfortunate for those who may have benefited more from his incredible talent.
Jihad Da God
Jihad Da God - 4 months ago
At least AB didn't drag a meter reader with car Randy the sellout
Todd Bradshaw
Todd Bradshaw - 4 months ago
How the steelers keep him in line for as long as they did
Dre Blacc
Dre Blacc - 4 months ago
White people happy he gave them something to talk about. Black men disappointed they have to put up with surreptitious comments from white coworkers trying to get back at Antonio for the patriots card he pulled.
Al Bu
Al Bu - 4 months ago
He's just too hood...that's it....and that's all.... he's a person who probably should have ended up in prison.....but he ended up on the football field....but it's never too late for that prison deal....just wait and watch
Astroave - 4 months ago
I feel like everybody is going to look bad if AB actually has cte
Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia - 4 months ago
Thought,NFL,was,a family,quit,talking about,A.B., and, put ur, arms,out, com,on,man!!!!
Chad Florack
Chad Florack - 4 months ago
It pays more to be in social media then anything else. Period.
Denver_DinkleBerry _
Denver_DinkleBerry _ - 4 months ago
Rex Ryan said it best
Teemarshaa - 4 months ago
You know anything about narcissism you know that Ab is a true one
Ray Cordova
Ray Cordova - 4 months ago
Lmaoo, AB acts as if ANYBODY thought he had a chance again😂
James Black
James Black - 4 months ago
This has nothing to do withe business.
Randy Farley
Randy Farley - 4 months ago
AB, sits at home and watch every show and no one is talking about him, so he videos himself doing what ever so he can see and hear everyone talk about him.he craves the attention. But he needs to just retire from the NFL.
אלכסנדר - 4 months ago
All these ex NFL players are not trying to reach out to him personally? Fake friends and a bunch of bs.
Aa1 Bb2
Aa1 Bb2 - 4 months ago
Who cares white boys helping white boys we see it in the police force all the time/ thas who cares!!
Aa1 Bb2
Aa1 Bb2 - 4 months ago
Was defending champs/ they chumps now cudnt even get one win just pityful!! Haha
Shantel Fullerton
Shantel Fullerton - 4 months ago
You should go to ScreenVariety Tv If you want to watch live TV today
Gold Diamond & Jewels GDJ
Gold Diamond & Jewels GDJ - 5 months ago
From one fake to another fake.Randy Moss is a fake, he is not even married to a Black woman who cares about his insipidly stupid opinions? Blacks are looking past those who have looked past them, no more time for fakers.
For so long Blacks have stupidly entertained those idiots who hate Black women, that hate is being called out and it shall not be allowed to prosper. You're a fake if you are not married to a Black woman and vice versa. Time is up for the real enemies, the enemy within.
PANCHITO y CHUY - 5 months ago
Look at the untalented she beast get mad lol and clown that’s not rock bottom, rock bottom is dead foh
Rubin Turner
Rubin Turner - 5 months ago
Rex kept it most real!
Top Dawg
Top Dawg - 5 months ago
I miss Antonio period
Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith - 6 months ago
*if you say you're done in the NFL,
let's get it right..
what you really mean is the NFL
is done with you.. "cause it's 1, 2, 3 strikes you're out at old ball game.." oh, oh, wrong sport.. sorry
Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith - 6 months ago
:AB?,"Aw man, you again? we know you're missing the spotlight.. when you come to realize the opportunities you have blown and come to grips with all the folly you've created for yourself, it maybe too late..
(remember a mistake can be corrected, but, you can't fix f'k up..) the sound of your voice let's us know how badly you want to be back in NFL contention. you have committed yourself to dark place mentally so be very careful there..
ShmiGod - 7 months ago
Why is the women talking
First Namé Last Namê
First Namé Last Namê - 7 months ago
That beard is mean Randy
Edward Watson Jr
Edward Watson Jr - 7 months ago
No .God has the last word.when God opens doors it can't be close .Even when the NFL trys to blackball .
mellifluous T bone
mellifluous T bone - 7 months ago
When Randy Moss started talking I wanted to take out my banjo 😏
Benjamin Carson
Benjamin Carson - 7 months ago
That's not true. He did plan to go to NE. He wanted to be there. When NE tried to give Pittsburgh a 1st round draft pick for him and Pittsburgh said no, AB became furious. It was very clear he was trying to get to NE. Look at what he did in Oakland.... he complained and complained and complained. Then the second he got to NE he stopped and played in his first game. It just so happened that the nfl kept digging and reports came out about sexual abuse. Because of that obviously NE didnt want him. So dont say it wasn't planned. That's BS
The Fusion
The Fusion - 7 months ago
Dang... Randy Moss sounding like Blake Shelton or joel olsteen with that accent.
Codey Snow
Codey Snow - 7 months ago
I love Rex Ryan's no bullshit attitude and that he sees playing in the league as a privilege. Tells you a lot
Andrew Flores
Andrew Flores - 7 months ago
Jon Jones????
Robert Jones
Robert Jones - 7 months ago
So Randy Moss is out here talking about accountability when he said he plays when he wants to and admitted to taking plays off?
“As a teammate I wouldn’t want to come in on Sunday or during the week and not be able to focus on the game of football.”
Are you serious? There’s a reason why you went from the Vikings to the Raiders to the Patriots, then played for three teams in your final year. You were a headache and a distraction.
Look, AB doesn’t deserve to take another snap in the NFL. I hope he’s done...but Randy Moss is NOT the guy who should be expressing “frustration” at his behavior. Randy Moss was the most physically gifted WR I’ve ever seen. Even though he took plays off he’s STILL one of the greatest receivers in league history. Imagine how his career goes if he played hard every down?
It’s easy to call someone out for their behavior, but when Randy was in the league he didn’t practice what he’s currently preaching.
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith - 8 months ago
Randy sound like his name could be bubba 😂😂
K Platt Jr.
K Platt Jr. - 8 months ago
Ab XFL? Ab CFL? Smh!🏈💯
EM Gee
EM Gee - 8 months ago
Randy Raises hogs and chicken while chewing on straw. This boy country af
Keenan Boyd
Keenan Boyd - 8 months ago
Moss and TO influenced this type of behavior
Mario Cefalu
Mario Cefalu - 8 months ago
Xfl is calling ab
Manny Taco
Manny Taco - 8 months ago
The reason Antonio Brown is getting so much coverage is cause how skilled he is imagine if he was a scrub nobody would bat a eye I hope he make a comeback
Irfan Ilias
Irfan Ilias - 8 months ago
Everyone talks....then Louis talks
Brassfield Zendejas
Brassfield Zendejas - 8 months ago
ScreenVariety Tv
Katlin Finney
Katlin Finney - 8 months ago
The female said it at the end.
S.O. Janneh
S.O. Janneh - 8 months ago
Who else thinks Antonio Brown will not play in another NFL game ever again?
Travis Collins
Travis Collins - 8 months ago
Real talk... has AB been checked for any concussion related syndromes?
Gilbert Gonzales
Gilbert Gonzales - 8 months ago
I don't know who's more annoying NFL football players or NFL coaches.
Low Tech
Low Tech - 8 months ago
Hate to be brusque but Hey white people, this is the privilege you are extended every frekkin day in this country. AB is acting like YOU act. You've never had to hold yourselves accountable for anything in this system that you have committed against others. Hold yourselves accountable for the atrocities that you have committed then these words would mean something. AB feels like he can do whatever he wants just like white folks feels like they can do what they want.
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 - 8 months ago
Love having both Bruschi and Moss on the same panel
Ilkan Ali
Ilkan Ali - 8 months ago
Id think Randy would come at it a different way given his experience the way him and other brothers bombing on AB is wild, meanwhile OPIOD users are victims ..
It’s wild what we try to understand and what we love to judge ..
No love for black men, obviously something is going on in his brain
Brooks Cawhorn
Brooks Cawhorn - 8 months ago
No one player should be bigger than the game. AB believes that the game can’t go on without him. He’s so terribly wrong. He needs to be gone for good.
JG123 - 8 months ago
It’s all the hits he got on the head, he might have a brain infection
Mxrlyn Santana
Mxrlyn Santana - 8 months ago
It’s funny how all the so called NFL fans get swayed by these panel shows it’s sad honestly the man can have issues with his brain but we just gone say nahh first take said this and NFL countdown said this so it’s true wake up and think for yourselves
Daniel Gagnon
Daniel Gagnon - 8 months ago
Wow Randy has has some nerve...i dont like Randy nor Antonio,,,but Randy was way worst than Brown,,,again Randy u have some nerve....
Double39L - 8 months ago
He not ready to take personal responsibility and/or accountability for what he's doing. Stop mentioning him and move on to something or someone else... let him quit and be a wasted talent! The man is a diva and full of himself.
Double39L - 8 months ago
Bay-duh! He's a beta male, he's just one emotional azz dude!... smh
Tooktoomuchmolly - 8 months ago
But Antonio brown didn’t do anything wrong with patriots (prior yes ).. was just a bad time once the text messsages surface
35RDG - 8 months ago
You know Pepsi and Pizza Hut don't want nothing with AB ever again! Don't expect to see him on TV anytime soon. It'll be just JSS!
Roger Rodd
Roger Rodd - 8 months ago
Randy Moss weighs in? "Just shuttin' up and play football?" REALLY? What's next, Casey Anthony giving parental counseling?
#TheReal #FobbDeep
#TheReal #FobbDeep - 8 months ago
Moss really qualified to give this speech?!?! 😂😂😂
Rubin Turner
Rubin Turner - 4 months ago
@Ryan Brown 💯
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown - 4 months ago
It’s a thing called learning from your mistakes and maturing. Something AB could and should try. Also never question whether or not Moss is “qualified” to do something cause last time I checked, this man is a freakin Hall of Famer. Sit down
Rubin Turner
Rubin Turner - 5 months ago
He finished his career! HOF too
TheRavensDK - 5 months ago
Probably more than most
Spiritual Talk
Spiritual Talk - 5 months ago
@Dat Madapuka hold on now I love randy and ik randy would take plays off when he felt like it.
Sum Ego
Sum Ego - 8 months ago
Rich. Randy Moss lecturing proper behavior. Randy Moss.
Will Barton
Will Barton - 8 months ago
Difference between him a and most players is most players woulda just payed the lying
worrell30 - 8 months ago
You guys gotta remember Randy Moss is a COUNTRY boy from backwoods West Virginia lol.
Zechariah Cameron
Zechariah Cameron - 8 months ago
Nice to see Teddy Bruschi back! There definitely should be comments about his return.
JHope - 8 months ago
Move on ESPN! The media linger on African Americans mistakes way longer than Caucasian athletes. This is pure racism and you all know it! Kraft and Gronkowski had way less coverage when they did their dirt. I pray the players union boycott the media and investigate the difference btwn a Caucasian mistake and African american mistake in the league. Baker Mayfield and Eric Weddle hit first at Antonio, why we not talking about their lack of professionalism.
MJPyro - 8 months ago
Randy Moss .... not self aware. I’d still take a thousand of him over AB.
Artist of Truth
Artist of Truth - 8 months ago
I like how these clowns talk.... if it wasnt for the players ... it wouldnt be no NFL... coaches wouldmt have anything to coach. So if you're focused on ftball then do so... these are clowns on this show
John Murray
John Murray - 8 months ago
More frustrating is these videos with no fuckin audio, thanks ESPN
Martin S
Martin S - 8 months ago
I like Randy Moss's voice
timm B
timm B - 8 months ago
What happened to AB he use to be a good person?
Oswald Williams
Oswald Williams - 8 months ago
I'm fascinated how everyone's a medical doctor now .. linking this to mental health issues this early with no real facts is some B.S....
Echo Chambers
Echo Chambers - 8 months ago
Who really cares.The Pats screwed up...There is a Natural Selection in the NFL....5 or so Teams...Browns,Raiders Dolphins,Bengals,Jets,Lions etc,Where Divas Go when no one else wants them and they just die an NFL Death...Look At Odell,He was Jerry Rice Jr a Cpl Years Ago..Now Hes a clown known for A FG Kickers Net,His Hair an a Watch.AB was headed down the same Path.
Neldawg - 8 months ago
Two words.. Vontez Burfict.. 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
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