Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

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ARMY In da house
ARMY In da house - Hour ago
-Taurus part-
Me: yay!
Me after seeing they used acai puree: yeah no thank you
Omelettlie - Hour ago
BLACKPINK in ur areaa
BLACKPINK in ur areaa - 7 hours ago
Any scorpios here ??!! Only me ? 😐
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty - 8 hours ago
I'm a Gemini and I:
- Hate Coconut
- Dislike Watermelon
- Have never tasted Kiwi
...I'm not joking, it does look nice but not really my type😫😫
TBH, I perefer chocolatey types when it comes to dessert !! ( Like the dessert for Leo.. )
Filthy Grape
Filthy Grape - 13 hours ago
We’re my cancers at
Uni Playz
Uni Playz - 14 hours ago
Libra Is Mine ♎️
HI I'M MOLBO - 14 hours ago
I'm a Gemini and the one for us isn't something I would prefer .-.
kk - 16 hours ago
as an aquarius, i was happy till they put the strawberry on it. no chocolate? or mint?
Steven Vajj
Steven Vajj - 16 hours ago
I’m a Gemini ♊️.
I hate fruits in general, allergic to kiwi! Dislikes watermelon I hate coconut with a passion! Gross
The Unicorn Horn
The Unicorn Horn - 18 hours ago
im a virgo and my ideal dessert is cake filled with ice cream and French Maroons On top
Ytirox - 18 hours ago
Me; A leo:
I.. can't eat brownies...
RegalArte 14*
RegalArte 14* - 18 hours ago
I'm so disappointed in mine (scorpio)
Rainbow Rose
Rainbow Rose - 20 hours ago
I'm a Libra and i don't like cake or Cherry's... and i mildly dislike coconut and pineapple..... nice.
sleepy kitty
sleepy kitty - 20 hours ago
*Im pretty sure I was born in the wrong month..*
Broken Eve
Broken Eve - Day ago
Not a fan of the Taurus one
Ubong Ngerong
Ubong Ngerong - Day ago
Chilli flakes
At first I thought it was disgusting
But I was sooo wrong it's soo good
tango robotics
tango robotics - Day ago
* gets chocolate muffin*
* looks at the three points of Capricorn*
Hey uhh cap..
And your saying we are workaholic? Well fuck you too ill only make that chocolate muffin without those oats aswell!
devotee - Day ago
leo: *social*
me: AHAHAHAHHAHha......
Lisa A
Lisa A - Day ago
Cancer is the best dessert(full stop)
Chazee Cheese
Chazee Cheese - Day ago
I’m a Libra but I’m not really into fan of sweets.
Anika Williams
Anika Williams - Day ago
I’m a cancer that doesn’t like peanut butter 😒
너와 나Sachichuu
I am a Leo and that looks REALLY good!
Nevaeh Price
Nevaeh Price - Day ago
Can I change from an aries to a cancer please?
Edit: Or even better, a Leo
Heather Sparks
Heather Sparks - Day ago
Also Gemini (•~•)_/ actually I would eat that cut the blueberries
Heather Sparks
Heather Sparks - Day ago
I hate these kind of videos were the slap down something with a zodiac sign,I'm a Aries and i would never eat that.Scorpios looked bomb though love spicy foods and chocolate 😍
Emily R.
Emily R. - Day ago
1 - *hates white chocolate*
2 - oh look, I’m allergic to dairy
3 - I also *hate* cake pops
_Kit Kat Kaitlyn_
_Kit Kat Kaitlyn_ - Day ago
In cancer
I don't like peanut butter :3
Joseph Clancy
Joseph Clancy - Day ago
To those who are gemini, aries, scorpio, all others.....

I feel bad for you
To those who are cancer.....

can I steal your dessert
Joseph Clancy
Joseph Clancy - Day ago
i.... am aries.... but i can't have wine.....
Madara K
Madara K - 2 days ago
bambam hearteu
bambam hearteu - 2 days ago
giant peanut butter cup reminds me of Reese's dhksksjs
Amy Daydream
Amy Daydream - 2 days ago
Someone please tell me what is my zodiac sign! I DONT KNOW IT IM BORN ON FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER! Edit: nevermind I’m ♎️
ErinLovesKittens - 2 days ago
Yas Aries is so relatable :)
Natalynn Praseudsuk
Natalynn Praseudsuk - 2 days ago
I'm a Leo
And I would've loved the chocolate ball thingy
Sarah B
Sarah B - 2 days ago
I got Libra and my fave dessert is pina colada cupcakes
So I’m apparently Aries. But my personality is the exact opposite of an Aries’. *What?*
CloudytheLeopard - 2 days ago
I'm a Leo and my life revolves around chocolate so my dessert better
involve CHOCOLATE!
Edit: You guys I'm shook that was spot on
Şeref Mert Arıkan
Şeref Mert Arıkan - 2 days ago
I feel like they nailed Taurus.
I like sour-lemony vibes but most importantly it is easy to make and no Taurean has energy to make a complicated dessert.
Unicorn Potato
Unicorn Potato - 2 days ago
I'm a Virgo ♍. My thoughts on Gemini: DAT IS A FLIPPIN FRUIT SALAD! DAS NOT A DESSERT! my mom is Leo, she would prefer the Cancer dessert over all of them.
Katie Hubble!
Katie Hubble! - 2 days ago
If it doesn’t have chocolate in it it’s not ideal...
Icey the Burrito
Icey the Burrito - 2 days ago
I'm Leo and I'm not a trendsetter or am I social 😂
Tess Kelly
Tess Kelly - 2 days ago
im a cancer nd that looks delicous but i HATE peanut butter :(
Sophs lehane
Sophs lehane - 2 days ago
Anyone from ♈ Aries here?
annette pope
annette pope - 2 days ago
I think this is the most incorrect of zodiacs ive ever seen lol
Sarah Shamsi
Sarah Shamsi - 3 days ago
3:48 I am cancer and i hate peanut butter 🤮
Ruby3Y3 - 3 days ago
A giant peanutbutter cup -_- two things I dislike at once. Peanuts and milk chocolate. This is up there with the milk punch🙀
Eternal Bloom the Allwing
egg -
egg - - 3 days ago
Claire Ludwig
Claire Ludwig - 3 days ago
The Leo had so much time and effort and then multiple others were just fruit with like 2 other things. Also how is a character trait supposed to lead to your "perfect dessert"
Chloe Hendrix
Chloe Hendrix - 3 days ago
Every time the do a video based on your sign Scorpio gets the worst recipe...really a spicy hot chocolate 🤦🏾‍♀️
Jas J
Jas J - 3 days ago
Me Aquarius this is not real
My fav food is spaghetti I love ice cream really vanilla loves brownies 🤤
Woozie blud
Woozie blud - 3 days ago
Cancer yes!!
- Hates peanut butter
-dislikes milk chocolate
Well that was interesting...
Kittycatastrify 123
Kittycatastrify 123 - 3 days ago
I have a problem I’m Aries but I don’t drink wine so mine isn’t accurate at all XD
Maya Bistan
Maya Bistan - 3 days ago
My ideal dessert is...

All of them.
Shah Haleem
Shah Haleem - 3 days ago
I just realized what the zodiac sign meant..... 🤦‍♂️
Shah Haleem
Shah Haleem - 3 days ago
Who just skipped to their Zodiac sign?
Shah Haleem
Shah Haleem - 3 days ago
Let’s be real The Cancer ♋️ Dessert was the best
Kyleigh Kreates
Kyleigh Kreates - 3 days ago
I am lea and I feel good about it! I AM A CHOCOLATE LOVERRRR
ducklamp - 3 days ago
no but cancer gets giant peanut butter cups and I'm officially jealous
Valentina Vazquez
Valentina Vazquez - 3 days ago
Libra ♎ gang we're you at! And the facts we're TRUE 😂 and I LOVED the recipe! 😍💗
Michelle Tan
Michelle Tan - 3 days ago
Ohhhh Gemini!! (My sign)
-Hates coconut
-Hates pizza
-Doesn’t like apricot
My friends: Taurus or Leo
*cries on inside*
Midnight Monster
Midnight Monster - 3 days ago
i love how cancer was just a giant peanut buttercup. lmao
too bad i'm allergic to peanut butter and hate chocolate T.T
Nathan Coyle
Nathan Coyle - 3 days ago
I am a Scorpio but chilli on hot chocolate I would rather not mix sweet with spicy
Nathan Coyle
Nathan Coyle - 3 days ago
Isn't Gemini more like a breakfast ?
Mojo 8 Sweets
Mojo 8 Sweets - 3 days ago
I would hate mine because I don't like pineapple or coconut
Crystal poop
Crystal poop - 4 days ago
I wanna eat everything
nickole ming
nickole ming - 4 days ago
I'm Aries and I only liked the strawberries but everything in Gemini I love, so good job.
Aanlee Devine
Aanlee Devine - 4 days ago
*is a scorpio*
Video: Hot chocolate
*hates chocolate*
blue rose
blue rose - 4 days ago
I personally think Leo is the best 😏🥀
Carmen Dawn Allan
Carmen Dawn Allan - 4 days ago
Great Tasty. I'm Libra 😊.👍
Kenisha Lindo
Kenisha Lindo - 4 days ago
Omg!! Am loving that Leo desert!! They know me so well!!
Savannah Phillips
Savannah Phillips - 4 days ago
Gemini ...& nah
TildaWoof - 4 days ago
Im a leo, that looks awesome. But the ball melted 😓
Helena Deviniak
Helena Deviniak - 4 days ago
Me: a cancer
Also me: hates peanut butter
KristallEis - 4 days ago
As a Scorpio,just give me a bag of Maltesers and I’ll be satisfied.
lyssamelon - 4 days ago
Am i the only gemini who doesn't hate the dessert 😂 probably not my fav tho
Emily Malak
Emily Malak - 4 days ago
Owo I got a Chocolate Muffin, I love that. ( It is the Capricorn one )
Random Girl
Random Girl - 4 days ago
Aries- 0:10
Taurus- 0:57
Gemini- 1:55
Cancer- 3:11
Leo- 4:16
Virgo- 5:41
Libra- 6:51
Scorpio- 7:51
Sagittarius- 8:15
Capricorn- 9:47
Aquarius- 10:10
Pisces- 10:51

I didn’t copy anyone I tried my best...pls don’t hurt me ;-;
Skyhill362 - 4 days ago
(I'm Aries) You lost me at wine.... is there a substitute? Because other than that you hit it spot on! I love fruit and cold desserts!
Shy Boom808
Shy Boom808 - 4 days ago
skips to capircorn *
tasty : put random thinks in and make a muffin
exuse why cant i have something like leos.
Theresa P
Theresa P - 4 days ago
Me when I got to the Gemini portion of the video: Ah, no wonder none of this is frfr makin sense. Dis summat wypipo shit.
Miss Scarlett
Miss Scarlett - 4 days ago
Desserts based on a person's zodiac sign...
So what if a person is diabetic and can't have anything on the list???
Creshawn Phillips
Creshawn Phillips - 4 days ago
I hate my dessert
Yellow diamond Will kill YOU!!!
Girl I freakin don’t want no spaghetti
PuddingGirl06 - 4 days ago
Everything but the Gemini looks good...
I'm a Gemini
Why cruel world?
Caleb Hauptmann
Caleb Hauptmann - 4 days ago
You got mine spot on
Bellalise Frenzy
Bellalise Frenzy - 4 days ago
Me: okay I’m a scorpius Hmm let’s see what it is.
-puts milk
Me: okay that’s good
-puts chocolate
Me: yummmmmmm!
-puts chilli pepper flakes
Me: nooooo! X_X
Why chilli Pepper whyyyyyyy!
xXlilsilverfoxXx - 4 days ago
Cap here well that so not right for me -~-
Cherryleaf 3
Cherryleaf 3 - 4 days ago
I *hate* my zodiac sign 😒
Red Panda Productions
Red Panda Productions - 4 days ago
You got me I'm Leo 😍😍😍
Bella Bunny
Bella Bunny - 4 days ago
Why didn't you do capricorn?? I watched the whole video for nothing! Why did you leave it out??
Lunaplayz _YT
Lunaplayz _YT - 4 days ago
Bro me, my uncle, and my mom all are caps. And we LOVE that type of food
Megan Mendoza
Megan Mendoza - 4 days ago
Hi I am a cancer
Is allergic to peanut
Nad Natze Supernatural
Nad Natze Supernatural - 4 days ago
Libra ♎ I agree!👍👍👍😉
Sweet Vanilla
Sweet Vanilla - 4 days ago
Capricorn* not impressed
Fanfiction Studio
Fanfiction Studio - 4 days ago
im a scorpio
anyone else
Kute Kupcake
Kute Kupcake - 4 days ago
*Does this mean I am every zodiac sign? Because I’m a foodie no matter what?*
Kobato Hanato
Kobato Hanato - 5 days ago
Me be like: oke oke some good o'le choco, mhm ya got me-- wait no why are you adding chilli-- okay, just ignore it, maybe some people can't have their spice in only drama. Wait no. Don't add more chilliiiiIII-- NO, GOD, STOP IT-- I HATE CHILLI-- KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM THE CHILLI--
Sees result: DISGUSTANG
People be like: it's just a video
Also wtf why was this uploaded on my birthday, good lord--
kriti gacha studio
kriti gacha studio - 5 days ago
i am cancerian yes mouthwatering 😮
A V I J player
A V I J player - 5 days ago
Cancer, yup that's my taste
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