Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

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kawaiiwolfprincess 1234
kawaiiwolfprincess 1234 - 8 minutes ago
yea spaghetti and meatballs!
babygrowl 10
babygrowl 10 - Hour ago
I don't have a zodiac sign? My birthday is 23 October 😂😂 XD
Ayisha Saeed
Ayisha Saeed - 2 hours ago
I'm an aries, and not at all impressed with the desert
Raevus 89
Raevus 89 - 2 hours ago
I’m a Cancer & I do like peanut butter but in small amounts. There is no way I am eating that much peanut butter.
Alice SAN
Alice SAN - 2 hours ago
I’m Aries but i’m more a fan of Leo
marg x
marg x - 2 hours ago
I'm a gemini and i'd rather die then
Daughter_of _Elysium
Daughter_of _Elysium - 2 hours ago
From now on, I am eating with people who are born Cancer, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn 😊🍓🍫☕🍹
Tomiyo Lyon
Tomiyo Lyon - 2 hours ago
Can I change my zodiac sign
Daughter_of _Elysium
Daughter_of _Elysium - 3 hours ago
1:44 I would never, _ever_ eat *that* in my God-damn life. I know other Taurus May (get it?) like lemon, don't I don't.
Marija Poučki
Marija Poučki - 3 hours ago
When you are a nail biter and even the thought of squeezing lemons gives you nightmares
Code of darkness
Code of darkness - 3 hours ago
I'm ♒and I hate strawberies.
Shelina Begum
Shelina Begum - 3 hours ago
I'm leo and I would eat that
baking pancakes
baking pancakes - 3 hours ago
I'm a libra, and I liked everything else except the libra one. I hate pina colada!!!!
Jane Ashworth
Jane Ashworth - 3 hours ago
3:08 That is the last thing I want
lulu love
lulu love - 3 hours ago
I got 80% of the people I was just commenting about how everyone is getting angry about their zodiac signs
Kiana - 4 hours ago
Because I’m a cancer
Do we really need the peanut butter
I’m not allergic, I just don’t like it
Izzy Aduana
Izzy Aduana - 4 hours ago
my sister is a virgo but too bad for her she have allergies on sugar 😂
RobloxGacha Gabi
RobloxGacha Gabi - 4 hours ago
I'm a Virgo
di oz
di oz - 4 hours ago
did they just fried an oreo o-O ummmm no thanks
No Face Jeong
No Face Jeong - 4 hours ago
im a leo, you know me so well...

but i aint social and never will be XD
Kawai Duru Panda
Kawai Duru Panda - 4 hours ago
Im a Leo but peanut butter cups are better
Exoron ment
Exoron ment - 5 hours ago
who is exo l here
jamellah - 5 hours ago
i’m a sagittarius and there is no way i’d be eating deep fried fruits
the rest is relevant
Heavelon - 5 hours ago
I'm a Gemini and i can't believe the complaining from other Geminis about the dessert, fruit is so good for you plus delicious. Personally, I LOVE fruit. But i can understand if u peeps are allergic, thats just something you cant help.
Nazwa gaming:v
Nazwa gaming:v - 6 hours ago
May 😤
Anissa Lingley
Anissa Lingley - 6 hours ago
As a Taurus, if my dessert does not have anything to do with chocolate, It is not my dessert! ×)
Herobrine Gamer01o
Herobrine Gamer01o - 6 hours ago
How can i know my zodiac sign
Edit: if it depends on my birth then im an aquarius
Anisa Miftahul Janah
Anisa Miftahul Janah - 6 hours ago
As a Geminian, I'm so dissapointed T.T
Christine GACHA
Christine GACHA - 6 hours ago
Urja and bts
Urja and bts - 6 hours ago
I am a cancer and when I hear my friends talking about their crushes it feels like I want to vomit😷
Kuma - chan
Kuma - chan - 6 hours ago
Well.. I'm a bit disappointed. Cake pops are disgusting. For this Virgo. That's a no go. Maybe some other Virgo likes that though. We should really ask Jenna Marbles.
Nia - 6 hours ago
Inner Capricorn- Oh Hell No. We're more of a peanuts and chocolate candy, banana bread anything, pumpkin baked goods type, Caps, am I wrong??
Cali B
Cali B - 7 hours ago
Husband is a Pisces and his favorite dessert is crunchy merengue with sweet cream and raspberry sauce. I'm a Leo and my favorite dessert is butter pecan ice cream with whipped cream. This is according to what?
찬 메에 Martine
찬 메에 Martine - 7 hours ago
Like every zodiac gets some unhealthy thing that is sweet and something you’ll have on a cheat day, and then there are Gemini who got fruit pizza! I am a Gemini, I would NEVER pick that. But I would most of the others either
Faye's Craft Show
Faye's Craft Show - 7 hours ago
They got me wrong but my favourite was the Leo but just the chocolate ball.
david jessop
david jessop - 7 hours ago
Stick with metric measures or us standards but don't mix them
Do u really need to know my name?
:/ I was sorta hoping something grand .................. but apparently I’m to simple 😂
Cam - 7 hours ago
Gemini and this is sad bordering on hilarious. I don't even like watermelons or coconuts.... And I'm allergic to strawberries and kiwis. 😂
Gucci Mochi
Gucci Mochi - 8 hours ago
As a Libra all I wanted was chocolate but didn’t get chocolate instead I got piña colada???
Kyra Universe
Kyra Universe - 8 hours ago
Imagine all the people who will now only eat deserts like this bc they're sign told them to
Our Little Corner:33
Our Little Corner:33 - 8 hours ago
I am Aries, lol I was kinda hoping for like pie or something, but thanx!
AshleyTheGoldenHeart // RBLX & MORE
I’m a Libra and *i hate vanilla cupcakes so fucking much*
Angelofshadows - 9 hours ago
Cancer here. I legit hate reese's so... WRONG! FAKE NEWS! //shot XD
I mean, it's not really even a dessert. It's just a supersized version of a snack. It's cheap and kind of lazy to me tbh. And like every other sign got something so much more interesting. what the hell? Just stick to your normal videos, tasty. Also, how are you supposed to eat the one for pisces? That shit would break your teeth if you bit into it.
Michelle Howard
Michelle Howard - 9 hours ago
I waited and waited.. and found that my so called ‘intense’ sign had chili flakes cocoa.
Fuck that.
I made devils chocolate food cake drizzled with bittersweet ganache. It was heavenly. I vote this should be the proper dessert for us proud scorpios
RACHAEL VALVERDE - 9 hours ago
RACHAEL VALVERDE - 9 hours ago
Ok first of all I'm a pisces and that SHIT LOOK NASTY ASF
Juliana Galgo
Juliana Galgo - 10 hours ago
I thought these were a joke until I said my ideal dessert out loud and skipped to my zodiac sign only to find out it had everything I said. “Chocolate, ice cream, brownies, and fruit.”💀💀
찬 메에 Martine
찬 메에 Martine - 7 hours ago
Juliana Galgo YOUR KIDDING WITH ME RIGHT KNOW!? Your lucky, I’m a Gemini, I hate coconut and kiwi.
Lily Likes games
Lily Likes games - 10 hours ago
I don't like spicy stuff and I'm scorpio so like if you have the same issue here!
Indiegirl007 - 10 hours ago
So, really glad they used chocolate for Leo. The chocolate melting ball was interesting. They went lazy for Gemini. Looks like something kids would make.
Lucy Vargas
Lucy Vargas - 10 hours ago
As a Scorpio, I’m offended.
frrst seaweeb
frrst seaweeb - 10 hours ago
I have cereal for dessert.
Claudia Arevalo
Claudia Arevalo - 11 hours ago
Omfg ! Meringue is my absolute favorite! Taurus
Fiona Ferguson
Fiona Ferguson - 11 hours ago
Wait... they all look delicious...
Templar _Of _Light
Templar _Of _Light - 11 hours ago
Just saying as a Gemini that dish is FUCKING DISGUSTING I personally hate strawberries at least the fruit also hate kiwi and fucking despise coconut overall I don’t know how anyone would like it
Caitlin Wilson
Caitlin Wilson - 12 hours ago
I the first one, could you substitute sprite for white wine? One something grape-flavored?
Kouurii - 12 hours ago
too bad i dont like peanut butter cups lol
Zoe Kay
Zoe Kay - 12 hours ago
mine is gemini. That dessert looked disgusting.
Kookie Oppa
Kookie Oppa - 12 hours ago
Me: **Is a Gemini**
**Skips to the Gemini part**
Also me: **doesn't like watermelons**
Lauryn Weitzman
Lauryn Weitzman - 12 hours ago
Mine is totally wrong. I’m a Pisces, and I love dark chocolate so much and those cookies looked gross
Emely Fernandez
Emely Fernandez - 12 hours ago
November 22 is Sagittarius not Scorpio I know this because Nov 22nd is my birthday. And Nov 21 is Scorpio.
Shehna G
Shehna G - 12 hours ago
Im a libra. Im allergic to pinaple and hate coconuts. I guess not the ideal for me.
Cathyreal_ LaiQue
Cathyreal_ LaiQue - 12 hours ago
Taurus and Aries?
lovely pandaland
lovely pandaland - 12 hours ago
Can I turn into a leo please?
littlelezeil - 12 hours ago
For aries can I substitute the wine with anything else
Laila Arey
Laila Arey - 13 hours ago
Cloe Brown
Cloe Brown - 13 hours ago
Who else skipped to their zodiac sign??
Princess Marii
Princess Marii - 13 hours ago
I’m a cancer and this is soooo right 😂♋️
awesomenesspetz8 - 13 hours ago
*when you get a chocolate but you are allergic to chocolate*
Oiyuki - 13 hours ago
How many other Gemini are really underwhelmed?
찬 메에 Martine
찬 메에 Martine - 7 hours ago
Oiyuki a lot
•Vxnilla__ _Bxan•
•Vxnilla__ _Bxan• - 14 hours ago
Bruhhh I’m a Scorpio and my dessert looks so good...I love cocoa soooo much
Michaila’s Life
Michaila’s Life - 14 hours ago
Mine was at the very end
{UNKNOWN ??} - 15 hours ago
Dessert pakoras? Ill I’ll take the peanut butter cup instead, thanks
partiveriyoruz - 15 hours ago
aw heeeeelll naaaw I’m a Scorpio and never will I ever drink one of those chili hot chocolates my ideal desert is cheesecake
Galatic Potato
Galatic Potato - 16 hours ago
My zodiac sign dessert (Virgo) is beautiful... And perfect... I see why they chose this desert.
GoneGirlJess - 16 hours ago
Deljaye Pita
Deljaye Pita - 16 hours ago
Magic chocolate ball
Taylor Briggs
Taylor Briggs - 16 hours ago
If there wasn’t coconut and pineapple I’d actually like mine
nouny Unicorn
nouny Unicorn - 16 hours ago
As a Taurus I feel like we should’ve gotten a chocolate dish.. like seriously 😑
nouny Unicorn
nouny Unicorn - 16 hours ago
Does anyone here hate corn?
Joanna Ramos
Joanna Ramos - 17 hours ago
I’m a Leo. I know how satisfying it is to watch chocolate melting to reveal more chocolate.
The Girl Who Works At McDonald’s
To be honest. All of the desserts are my ideal dessert.
BriNguyen - 20 hours ago
When I saw Leo's I thought about alvins behind tasty video :)
WolfyƘɑԵíҽ 123
WolfyƘɑԵíҽ 123 - 20 hours ago
Pisces is my ideal dessert. uwu
RACHAEL VALVERDE - 9 hours ago
Really?? I'm a Pisces and I HATE my desert ;-;
Lycoris Blooming
Lycoris Blooming - 20 hours ago
Sagittarius dip it and fried it
I see..
That's why I felt fried.
Taralain Charlot
Taralain Charlot - 21 hour ago
My moms a cancer and she and I both hate Reese's peanut butter cups spool yeahhh
Libitina - 21 hour ago
The LEO one is cool! And I'm LEO too!
Yeshiii Tokuyū
Yeshiii Tokuyū - 21 hour ago
I'm a Pisces and I 100% don't want that shit
No way, I'm an aquarius and that looks good and all but give me a warm baked good(chocolate cake, cookies, pie, brownie) with ice cream over that any day.
Brownie the Cat
Brownie the Cat - 22 hours ago
My personality is Aquarius but i was born on the 23rd lol.
Tilly Wolfendale
Tilly Wolfendale - 22 hours ago
Ew no
ugly human
ugly human - 23 hours ago
This is actually me (gemini):)
ugly human
ugly human - 3 hours ago
+찬 메에 Martine gotta stay +
찬 메에 Martine
찬 메에 Martine - 7 hours ago
ugly human the first Gemini comment I see that is positive
destiny charms
destiny charms - 23 hours ago
I’m a Gemini and I don’t like apricot or coconut flakes or the cream
찬 메에 Martine
찬 메에 Martine - 7 hours ago
destiny charms me too
Geeta Mahant
Geeta Mahant - 23 hours ago
First only came
I'm Aries who else
Olivia Beatham
Olivia Beatham - Day ago
I’m a Virgo and I hate cake I like chocolate!!!
Olivia Beatham
Olivia Beatham - Day ago
Helena Hall Bleackley
I'm a cancer and I got the dessert i like the least🙈
no as nobody
no as nobody - Day ago
As a Scorpio I feel personally insulted by the meal you'd given us. like do you something against Scorpios?
Cherry Playz
Cherry Playz - Day ago
Im leo! How about you?
Sweet Sensitive
Sweet Sensitive - Day ago
Leo was pure food porn
Momo L.
Momo L. - Day ago
Lol I watched the whole vid to see what the Capricorn dessert was and it was the shortest one.....but I've always been more fond of simple desserts so I guess it's pretty accurate.
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