Airplane Medical Emergency | WE COULDN'T LAND! | Wednesday Checkup

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Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee - 3 minutes ago
Wait so you gave 1 mg instead of .5 or .3?!
Hannah Benenati
Hannah Benenati - 29 minutes ago
I can’t believe that airlines don’t carry epipens. No one in my family has allergies but we have epipens in our vehicles and my dad carries them in his backpacks. It may be the fact that he’s a paramedic but you really know what could happen
sarah Mulligan
sarah Mulligan - 52 minutes ago
I’m very glad you were on board!!!
Gricelda Tovar
Gricelda Tovar - Hour ago
You're amazing!
Rene Baquero
Rene Baquero - Hour ago
Greys Anatomy episode, Dr. Grey and Dr. Riggs plane save vibes anyone???
Ainsley Taylor
Ainsley Taylor - Hour ago
I remember on the news a 15 year old girl was on a flight from London to Nice and was in anaphylactic shock after eating a baguette . After administrating 2 EpiPens (which the dad provided) she didn't get any better. She unfortunately died :( it was such a sad story as her dad was there the whole time watching her die.
Christina Hosek
Christina Hosek - 2 hours ago
Please do a video about airplay emergency maintenance!! So important for professionals know!
Marina Swanson
Marina Swanson - 2 hours ago
Please tell us about your Israel trip!!!
Crusoe FN
Crusoe FN - 2 hours ago
This sounds like a movie
Heyitsmichie_d - 2 hours ago
Way to go Dr. Mike!
Clareeex1649 - 2 hours ago
“found in animals but not people” ok so..are you saying if we become allergic we should start eating people instead of red meat...
Jakob BW
Jakob BW - 3 hours ago
Doctor mike wit the save!!!!
M JR - 4 hours ago
MATE This is some Movie shit
R Steven
R Steven - 4 hours ago
oh fuck youre a zionist.
Thunderus Night
Thunderus Night - 4 hours ago
I just saw on the news the U.S. Gov. is making a law to add eppi pens on airplanes after another incident your story was briefly mentioned as a doctor used a similar thing to an epi pen on an airplane and it showed the picture of the guy love your vids keep it up and keep helping to create new better laws
JordiePi - 4 hours ago
Absolutely amazing! I'm so glad that he was okay. I was really surprised to learn that the airlines don't have EpiPens! Even though I don't have severe allergies to food, I've grown up with some of my friends having food allergies. I would have thought that having an EpiPen would have been standard in planes for years. You're right that they need to get on that!
Jules Mauldin
Jules Mauldin - 4 hours ago
I love you. Not in a personal way but you’re the best
Michael Halliwell
Michael Halliwell - 5 hours ago
You're such a fucking narcissist that it isn't funny. Naturally you'd be a zionist fuckboy.🤷‍♂️
Sgt Boots
Sgt Boots - 5 hours ago
Good job doc!
Alie - 6 hours ago
Wow butterfly effect
Olivia Swalm
Olivia Swalm - 6 hours ago
For everyone saying that airplanes need EpiPens on board, I think it has to do more with the cost of them than anything else. An EpiPen now can cost as much as $600. That’s a lot of money for anyone to be spending on it. A vial of generic brand Epi 1:1 (anaphylactic epi) and a needle cost about $25 give or take. The fault is on both the airplane but also the big pharmaceutical company that makes EpiPen. The pen should not cost anywhere near $600 dollars and nobody should have to spend that much on it. The makers of EpiPen need to make it more accessible, especially for emergencies like this. I work on an ambulance, and even we don’t carry EpiPens anymore. We carry vials and needles simply because of cost. I do find it ironic though that they had Epi 1:10 (cardiac arrest Epi) on board though as this could’ve caused a cardiac arrest without Dr. Mike’s knowledge and sharp thinking.
Alie - 6 hours ago
I love u more
Jasmine Kellam
Jasmine Kellam - 8 hours ago
Dr. Mike👍👍👍❤❤❤, 🤔 dislikes? this was great.
Jamison Sheppard
Jamison Sheppard - 8 hours ago
Cвятой трах
Tova - 8 hours ago
Yooo Dr. Mike was a birthrighter???
JezzeBoy - 9 hours ago
So what happens if the flight attendant ask “is there a medical professional on board” and there isn’t? I think planes should have a medical professional as part of the flight attendants team.
teammcdonnell - 9 hours ago
Does this allergy to red meat from the tic go away? Or is it a permanent change?
Michael Lai
Michael Lai - 9 hours ago
This is some Dr House level zebra mike. COME ON HOUSE! YO CRAZY
Lola Westham
Lola Westham - 10 hours ago
talk about annual checks for healthy people - if you feel ok, what do you have to check anyway (up to 30)
K123 30
K123 30 - 10 hours ago
The amount of knowledge doctors have is amazing. Who would have thought that a bite would cause a person to be allergic to red meat. Bravo!
Solar Panel
Solar Panel - 10 hours ago
This made me feel like I was in a D&D campaign. This anxiety isn't good, but I still watched it.
Amalia Kamon
Amalia Kamon - 10 hours ago
I already knew about the alpha gal tick thing and as soon as he said red meat I was like OHH THE TICK THING. and that was right, i felt so smart
R W - 10 hours ago
I wanna hear about the stuff you did in Israel, Mike. You do great stuff
R W - 10 hours ago
You have the most interesting flights, Dr! (That shirt looks really good on you, BTW)
MaiCohWolf - 10 hours ago
I have worked at several remote national parks and wildlife refuges that are popular tourist destinations. Whenever I have asked why we don't have epi-pens for people allergic wasp/bee stings, I have always been told "we can't have them in first aid kits because they require a prescription and the formulas are different for each pen." Instead whenever I have a terrified person come up to me saying they've been stung and they're allergic, I'm supposed to give them a sting wipe and tell them the nearest medical facility is over an hour's drive away. It just doesn't make sense to me...
Snickerz - 11 hours ago
Nora Zimmy
Nora Zimmy - 11 hours ago
This is why I’m afraid of planes
Yohann Jardiniano
Yohann Jardiniano - 11 hours ago
Doctor mike should guest star on Grey’s anatomy
Gage C49
Gage C49 - 12 hours ago
Who els forgot how to breathe during watching this
Leslie Espinoza
Leslie Espinoza - 12 hours ago
I can't wait until this story becomes a grey's anatomy story/episode
Caroline Heartsong
Caroline Heartsong - 13 hours ago
Epi pens and Narcan too....
Alex Foster
Alex Foster - 13 hours ago
Relying on the fact that everyone should be able to afford epi pens to save their life is not very smart
Asha Marion
Asha Marion - 13 hours ago
My grandma is a doctor and she is constantly outraged by the lack of medication on airplanes
Asha Marion
Asha Marion - 13 hours ago
Greys anatomy has left the chat
Irineo Olmos
Irineo Olmos - 13 hours ago
This is amazing. You a hero.
chaq nisa
chaq nisa - 13 hours ago
doctor mike, i hope you can collab with Soony Sun!
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl - 13 hours ago
Anaphylactic shock before any meds in itself is an incredibly stressful experience. I’ve had it many times. For me it’s red, blotchy, itchy arms, face and neck, itchy throat, swelling throat and tongue, red, itchy watery eyes, and itchy lungs with trouble breathing and diarrhea. It’s all extreme but not being able to get enough oxygen makes me panic. Then adding the awful side effects of Benadryl and epinephrine makes me feel like I’m going crazy BUT it’s life saving
pete pine
pete pine - 14 hours ago
Great job Dr Mike. I have been a nurse for over 28 yrs with ER experience. Although Epipen makes it convenient for laypersons to self-administer a life saving medication, as a professional we need to maintain our skills to work with what we have. Epinephrine has been used to treat anaphylactic reactions long before Epipen was on the market. Now with Epipens on backorder it’s even more imperative that we go back to basics and maintain that knowledge. Look up how much mark-up pharma companies charge for Epipen vs the cost of an ampules of epi and a 1ml syringe with a needle. It will make you angry.
fluffybuttons12 - 14 hours ago
I appreciate you for continuously advocating throughout this video for the need for epi-pens on board. I appreciate it. I have a severe peanut allergy and I have been in a few scary situations and I know if places were more equip I would feel better
Alex Green
Alex Green - 14 hours ago
If i were the dude I would freak out
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