Airplane Medical Emergency | WE COULDN'T LAND! | Wednesday Checkup

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three stars - 12 minutes ago
Dr.mike: glasses,business tie thingy, a watch * medical mode on *
Me: oh shoot this is serious
Sara Hmad
Sara Hmad - 2 hours ago
Can we just address the fact that Palestinians are suffering from israelian forces ... 🇵🇸♥️
Kuya Pops
Kuya Pops - 5 hours ago
Yo why Matt look like Jose Zuniga from TMF
Angela Smoljan
Angela Smoljan - 9 hours ago
Hey Dr. Mike, this is such a crazy Story! I‘m training to become a paramedic (in Germany, I already am a „smaller kind of paramedic“ and waiting for the extended school) and two days ago I was on a train back home from work and I see a young woman being all sweaty and breathing very heavily, she showed her boyfriend how her hands were shaking, she closed her eyes,...
I watched for ~3-4min just to see if it gets better, I thought maybe she was just running to get on the train, but it seemed to be getting worse so I stood up and identified myself as a paramedic and asked what was wrong and she said she actually had to run to get on her train and she has trouble breathing but she told me it‘s going to be fine and she does not need help... I asked her a few times if she was sure and she said yes, so I told her I was sitting just a few feet away, in case she decided she needs help after all. So I sat down and watched her nonstop because I was really concerned, she kept grabbing her shirt and chest and gasped for air and she seemed a bit somnolent at times, as if she could faint any minute. She waved me to come back to her and I checked her pulse and this was when I almost shat my pants, 130 tachykardia and her heart really was WHAMMERING😅 I started to ask a bunge of questions and this is where I‘m really sad about not knowing more, I am so eager to learn and I learn almost every day for myself, They told me the running was about 20min ago, she‘s not smoking and never was, she‘s not taking birth control, she sitting a lot in her office and this was the first time after a while that she had to run, she has no pain at all, only trouble breathing, on diabetes diagnosed (I thought if she had diabetes maybe she couldn’t feel the pain of a heart attack)she‘s 35, she has no allergies, nothing diagnosed, therefore no daily medication, she wasn‘t sick/had the flu the last couple of weeks
And so I asked even more questions as I was figuring out what the next stop would be and I called 911 and explained everything I could find out but they stuck on the fact that she was hyperventilating and I told them she was not! I tried to calm her down, laid her down, but nothing changed at all...She had the taste of blood in her mouth, she was breathing at a normal rate but very heavily because she felt like she had mucus all over her lungs, making it very hard to breathe... somehow we managed to get her out of the train and I laid her flat on a bench... as the ambulance arrived I explained again and they said„oh she actually isn‘t hyperventilating!“ they did a quick 4-pole ekg and confirmed 130 sinustachykardia, they gave her metoprolol and quickly headed to the next clinic
I thought it could be a pulmonary embolism, but I will never actually know... dr. Mike, what do you think?
Shelby Henderson
Shelby Henderson - 14 hours ago
You oughta react to the episode of Greys Anatomy when Meredith and Nathan are on the plane and save that patient who has a brain bleed
Abe Steinberg
Abe Steinberg - 22 hours ago
Reminds me of a case where a woman had a motorcycle accident on her way to the airport. She thought she was fine and carried on to her flight. Some time into the flight she began having difficulty breathing and a doctor was found on board. It turns out she had punctured a lung and was slowly suffocating. He did a make shift procedure using regular things on board to relieve the pressure.
TonicARTistry - Day ago
In conclusion.... Delta airlines, you messed up! iPhone, you saved yet another life.
Linda Thibodeaux
Linda Thibodeaux - Day ago
Dr Mike could u have possibly asked over the intercom if n e one on the plane had an epi pen and use that on him?
Eve Yap
Eve Yap - Day ago
Why the heck does what your wearing look like my school uniform •-•. I'm legit in primary school
The Floating Samosa
Wholesome AF :)
DRY - Day ago
How can they not have EpiPens on a plane, WITH THOSE FREE PEANUTS THROWN INTO YOUR FACE?!
SoulGaming - Day ago
I was imagining this story in an anime scene
Equine & steel
Equine & steel - Day ago
I wouldn’t say this if it was an older video but I live in Minnesota and we’ve got multiple reports (enough that me and other Minnesotans say they are here with an established population)
mboO - Day ago
I just imagine him in a hoodie looking tired. messy hair🥺🥺
mboO - Day ago
His glass🔥🔥
Dana suqa
Dana suqa - 2 days ago
its called palestine not isreal factss
Sɴɪᴘᴘᴇʀ Wᴏʟᴠᴇʀɪɴᴇ
For a while I thought that he,s reacting on mi6
Gabi Thaumüller
Gabi Thaumüller - 2 days ago
I've actually had doctors Google in the consultation while I'm here, trying to figure out something. I see nothing wrong with it.
rupali yadav
rupali yadav - 2 days ago
Kudos Dr Mike ,u are a life saviour.God blesses u with all his love 🥰🥰🥰
Hazel Bagtas
Hazel Bagtas - 2 days ago
**sees the title**
Me: "Instagrams most hottest doctor saves passenger's life on flight"? **bursts into laughter**
Me: Now isnt that just a little weird?
Nereide Nene
Nereide Nene - 2 days ago
Ok.... now everyone is going to follow you on planes trying killing themselves 🤣
Imagine the flight attendants.... best day of their lives
CHANG THENG YUE - - 2 days ago
-Is there a medical professional on the plane ?
Someone stands up and says THE GUY NEEDS SOME MILK
Denisse Torres
Denisse Torres - 2 days ago
Wow pero que chido!
DivineGamerYT - 2 days ago
that must have been scary af. u r a god, Mike, enjoy ur well-deserved fame
JeiAnne Baculo
JeiAnne Baculo - 3 days ago
I like how I am learning some medical terms and procedures on your channel doc 😮😅 I 've been wanting to get into med school since I was a kid 😭
M F - 3 days ago
Okkkkkk real life Dr HOUSE!
Jna Corre
Jna Corre - 3 days ago
not going to lie, these comments are on point LMAO
Paula Medeiros
Paula Medeiros - 15 hours ago
Melissa ,
Melissa , - 3 days ago
Jna Corre
Jna Corre - 3 days ago
Saving lives and while making friends ❤️ that’s awesome
Aleix Kuri
Aleix Kuri - 3 days ago
“Now you might be thinking if there’s epidephreom what’s the big deal it can be used as an epipet, well yes no.” lmao
Ian Murphy
Ian Murphy - 3 days ago
Ok good if I get this allergy I can still eat people. Thanks
Adia Wang
Adia Wang - 3 days ago you're saying if we've been bitten by that tick we can still eat human?
Hell yeah
Eliot MMM
Eliot MMM - 3 days ago
The one time that mike comes to visit me in israel Im away in another country, I shall commit toaster bath now, And do not chest compression me.
DonnaLyn Thayer
DonnaLyn Thayer - 3 days ago
Did Matt give you permission to tell his story? Isn’t this a HIPPA violation?
kevin - 3 days ago
The Simpson did it
Shraddha Patel
Shraddha Patel - 3 days ago
Dr.mike, can you watch Royal Pains on Netflix and do a reaction video to that, pleaseee? 😊
Random Post With Mony
Random Post With Mony - 3 days ago
I love him
Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis - 3 days ago
Of course *DELTA AIRLINES* doesn't even have a proper emergency medical kit. God I hate that company.
cherry blossom
cherry blossom - 4 days ago
i have severe anxiety and some times when i am triggered it feels like my throat is closing up and one of the things that triggers me is eating new foods so i have a hard time telling if im allergic or just anxious lol
Hamza Al Ali
Hamza Al Ali - 4 days ago
it is not Israel it is Palestine
Jenie Horner
Jenie Horner - 4 days ago
Not only a good doctor but great personality
Ruth Frey
Ruth Frey - 4 days ago
Every plane should have a €/£550 kit WITH AN EPIPEN
Brooke Gardner
Brooke Gardner - 4 days ago
Dr mike:👁👄👁
Matt as the gamer
Matt as the gamer - 4 days ago
If you're plane is small you can risk emergency landing at Nuuk,Greenland or Reykjavik,Iceland
Mary Rose Amaral
Mary Rose Amaral - 4 days ago
rt! there's not enough being done about allergy research when it is becoming more prevalent. And airlines need epipens, nuts!
Brianna Genek
Brianna Genek - 4 days ago
No one on the plane had an epi pen ?
I’m Noob
I’m Noob - 5 days ago
-is there a medical professional onboard??
Dr mike:okay lemme help you..
(30mins later)*falls asleep(cause of tiredness)
Soccer mom:here lemme take over I’m trained
*pulls out essential oils
(5mins later)
Soccer mom:ummm.....I think we have a situation......
Passangers:does this means we have to land?
Rora Besong
Rora Besong - 5 days ago
oH gOd ThIs Is A wEiRd ViDeO
Rajveer Jassal
Rajveer Jassal - 5 days ago
I would have first thought
Trank his throat
Ula Ryznar
Ula Ryznar - 5 days ago
OMG 2 weeks ago this example was used in Polish medical TV show now i know that they was inspired by Dr Mike 🤣
Alfgeo Films
Alfgeo Films - 5 days ago
I find the people on the plane a bit selfish, “thank you for not diverting the plane to save a man that could die, because OUR trips would have been ruined”
Unknown GD
Unknown GD - 5 days ago
Who is a Doctor?
Doc Mike: * raises hand *
Also Doc Mike : * looks like a drug dealer *
Lonaberry - 5 days ago
can we have more stories about docs saving life. I need more heros
Laney Allan
Laney Allan - 5 days ago
Great story 😊
Ari_ Playzz
Ari_ Playzz - 5 days ago
Me: i wanna be a doctor
*few years later*
My mom: ok should we start looking for a medical schoo-
Me: *takes out ipad and searches Dr. Mike*
《Andrea potato》
《Andrea potato》 - 5 days ago
Do I really have to Google everything he saying?
《Andrea potato》
《Andrea potato》 - 5 days ago
This is too much big brain talk my brain can't process it all
《Andrea potato》
《Andrea potato》 - 5 days ago
Big brain time
Tiffany - 5 days ago
The “medical kit” on airplanes is pathetic. You should look up some of the horror stories.
Natalie Simpkins
Natalie Simpkins - 5 days ago
Hopefully there is more awareness now and they’ll provide the right medication on board for emergencies like this.
kylee shaddock
kylee shaddock - 5 days ago
so could you inject an energy drink
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