Types of Campers

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Spinderella 360
Spinderella 360 - 14 hours ago
I'm the camper who has the invader... who threatens to Molotov cocktail the bitches.
William Myers
William Myers - 2 days ago
The boy scout messed up he needed to use the double half hitch multi gear workman knot
Justin Corley
Justin Corley - 3 days ago
An Iowan Farmer
An Iowan Farmer - 4 days ago
I think that I would be the early riser...
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 4 days ago
What is this weird, awful buzzfeed trash doing in my recommended?
Bland Stan
Bland Stan - 4 days ago
I am definitely the indoors enthusiast last time I went camping I somehow got frostbite and I live in Australia.
Will Garske
Will Garske - 4 days ago
A camper in Roblox piggy is piggy camping the exit
Timothy Ball
Timothy Ball - 4 days ago
Been there with the knife. 😞
H. H.
H. H. - 5 days ago
Jesus this video made me violently ill
mplwy - 6 days ago
That looks way better than regular s'mores!
Tyler Weiss
Tyler Weiss - 6 days ago
Dude prefect does it better
Bacon Platinum:TW
Bacon Platinum:TW - 7 days ago
theres one type of camper that sits in the corner of the wall waiting for you to come in and blast you with a assault weapon as soon as the doors opened then they try to dodge bullets over your body by spamming crouch on top of your grave
Mary Pendell
Mary Pendell - 7 days ago
I’m the bug hater
Beth Tidwell
Beth Tidwell - 7 days ago
WHO DA *;;*"!! DOES THT TO A SMORE!!!!????!!!
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 8 days ago
I Like to be a little prepared, but not _too_ prepared all the time, not pack, get there late at night, crash on my bench seat, and then make coffee and tacos on my tailgate at 5 in the morning. I actually took the plastic panels off the inside of my doors so I can stretch out all the way.
Ron M
Ron M - 9 days ago
As a true southerner I am offended by these videos!
Angela Buyck
Angela Buyck - 9 days ago
I got one for you jungle Jane's who think they ste experts who read a few books then either try to do five mile hikes they never walk down the block normally when you get back they are crying moaning they over did it or they end getting lost you call ranger.
MrKook - 9 days ago
Y'all forgot the ticks.
Hunter - 9 days ago
Wheres the hersheys chocolate on the smore?
Weird Weirdo
Weird Weirdo - 10 days ago
Y’all need to go to the campsites that have bug infested buildings with bathrooms and showers
bjd1980 - 10 days ago
Why does no one have a southern accent on this channel?
Chadrach William
Chadrach William - 10 days ago
Interesting, all of these apply to me. Weather depending
your daddy
your daddy - 11 days ago
You forgot the ones in video games
AJ Hubbell
AJ Hubbell - 11 days ago
Thank you.
Derek Farley
Derek Farley - 11 days ago
You're literally ripping off every Dude Perfect Stereotypes video.
Randy Owens
Randy Owens - 12 days ago
Love it!
Titus Cate
Titus Cate - 12 days ago
who in the right mind would put that in there smores
Anthony Batuello
Anthony Batuello - 12 days ago
Haha real funny making fun of the boyscout. Now I'm gonna need that fire pit to be three inches to the left
Tina - 12 days ago
I head out alone to an “unimproved” spot. No one around for many miles. Peace out there with the mountain lions, with one eye and both ears open, gripping my hatchet all night, lol.
Baskerville Bee
Baskerville Bee - 12 days ago
We went camping and were putting up tent only to discover we'd left the rain fly at home and were facing a thunderstorm. My husband raced to the next town with a Walmart. He brought back a tarp big enough to cover a bus. Then he proceeded to tie to the surrounding trees ....... about 4 feet off the ground so that you had to approach the tent bent in half for about 5 or 6 feet.😐 But we didn't get wet.
Entillion - 13 days ago
How about the piggy and vent campers
Joyce Gerdzos
Joyce Gerdzos - 13 days ago
2:40 is so true
Krishna Tulsii
Krishna Tulsii - 14 days ago
The "survivalist" is going to get chiggers. ×D
Rudolph Louw
Rudolph Louw - 14 days ago
From Oregon I presume
Tony5000 - 16 days ago
As Gaffigan said "Camping is insulting to the homeless!"!! LOL😅😂🤣
Galamander _
Galamander _ - 16 days ago
The Anxious. Afraid of Everything. Afraid of frogs, bugs, tree branches, the stars, rain. Screams at every leaf rustle, and is convinced they're gonna die from a wild animal attack. (I've seen as many guys like this as women, BTW.)
C.M.H. 5
C.M.H. 5 - 16 days ago
That s'more is an abomination!
Geo CrusherGaming
Geo CrusherGaming - 17 days ago
Definitely the last one
Yan Y
Yan Y - 18 days ago
I'm in this video multiple times and I don't like it
R H - 18 days ago
"The S'mores Expert" has TV Chef down. Perfect wording, timing, intonation. "It gives that extra crunchy need, for a satisfying bite." .. "Doesn't that look great?" Also, impressive peanut butter spreading skills
Galamander _
Galamander _ - 16 days ago
Agree! And his 'fro is looking good. I hope he keeps it a while longer.
R H - 18 days ago
A friend once told me he was going "car camping." I never heard of it and asked if it means you sleep in your car instead of a tent. He said no, it means driving to where you camp. Is there any other kind? He said yes, hiking to the camp spot. Uhh no thanks
Julie Nielsen
Julie Nielsen - 18 days ago
No Bigfoot hunters?
Travis Battles
Travis Battles - 19 days ago
What about the public bathroom and shower. Always wear some flip flops even in the showers
Virginia Varble
Virginia Varble - 20 days ago
I've never been camping. If I had an RV I'd probably be the Glamper. These old bones don't sleep on the ground so well! And I'm definitely not using the woods as my bathroom!
Sunshine Brozog
Sunshine Brozog - 20 days ago
Emma Rose
Emma Rose - 21 day ago
Peanut butter on the s’more, no
Denise Lilly
Denise Lilly - 21 day ago
Lmao I’ve seen all these people on one camp site
klein zieg
klein zieg - 21 day ago
What about the guy with the head-glitch looking down mid?
Farmer Ted
Farmer Ted - 22 days ago
Murder you in the woods! Hilarious! 😀😀😀
Shelbie Kidd
Shelbie Kidd - 22 days ago
Moxie McKeldrey
Moxie McKeldrey - 23 days ago
Im the early riser.
Moxie McKeldrey
Moxie McKeldrey - 23 days ago
Jerry Traveler
Jerry Traveler - 23 days ago
I love Camping at The Omni In Atlanta.
DangerfleaWasTaken - 23 days ago
You forgot the spawn camper: ruins every game well known for just spamming a machine gun or sniper as soon as you respawn deadly annoying and absolutely garbage otherwise
ElricGurl - 23 days ago
The realist: I live in the south and it's summertime. why would I go out, when I get eaten by the state-bird in seconds?
Brandon Kostman
Brandon Kostman - 23 days ago
Absolutely no inspiration from dude perfect what so ever 🤫.

O wate it’s 73 percent completely copyed
Charlie J.
Charlie J. - 23 days ago
I'm sorry, but do Southerners really make their s'mores like that?
jwwebb79 - 24 days ago
0:31 he sounds like shaggy
EmeraldEye9 - 24 days ago
You should’ve put one that says the rich camper and show an RV
MyCup Overflows
MyCup Overflows - 24 days ago
Why did Kevin get all the annoying roles? 🤣
Resting Bitchface
Resting Bitchface - 24 days ago
I hate the partiers and the early risers with a red hot passion. HATE them. Not gonna lie...I’ve dropped sugar in a stereo-attached generator or two....
ShemaB - 24 days ago
There's another type you guys missed.
Type of camper: those who have never been because the already live in the woods
Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie - 25 days ago
Theres me with an RV.......
Missy Farber
Missy Farber - 25 days ago
So you didn't bring any Hershey's is the best line ever!
John Christianson
John Christianson - 25 days ago
I come from a long line of glam campers, my grandfather converted a bus into a RV in the 50s, my grandmother was notorious for taking everything including the kitchen sink with her and making gourmet meals, and my mother is the same. As for myself, I am a former boy scout who hates camping because she ruined it with glam camping.
ETthe Lost1
ETthe Lost1 - 25 days ago
Partiers... The bane of campers for me! Don't mind a little music and beer but no!
Thomas Daily
Thomas Daily - 25 days ago
"I will murder you in these woods" 🤣
Peter Montalbano
Peter Montalbano - 26 days ago
Florida Campers with AC in the tent.
zuzu's petals
zuzu's petals - 26 days ago
IE - that’s me!
Kevin Bailey
Kevin Bailey - 26 days ago
Let's do the different types of people at the water park next y'all.
Casey Hulme
Casey Hulme - 26 days ago
This looks like a budget smosh but I still love it
Mega edge
Mega edge - 26 days ago
That dumb sniper in cod
Merle's Hand
Merle's Hand - 26 days ago
Wow I went straight from the partier to the indoor enthusiast
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - 26 days ago
my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay
pianoslayer2 - 26 days ago
I've thoroughly enjoyed showing yall's videos on my facebook page and my kiddos. Why did y'all have to put beer in there 😔
Suzanne Cooke
Suzanne Cooke - 27 days ago
there's no peanut anything in smores
Shilo Thompson
Shilo Thompson - 27 days ago
I’ll join in with the indoors enthusiast.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - 27 days ago
You forgot the child of the car escape and the indoor enthusiast. The RVer.
Ellie's Reviews
Ellie's Reviews - 27 days ago
I am defintly the indoor perosn
Tynesha Claiborne
Tynesha Claiborne - 27 days ago
I refuse to sleep outside, I just can't do it
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - 27 days ago
This is why you buy an RV, people.
monikag1323 - 27 days ago
I am the indoors enthusiast!!! Never been camping and never will! I don't understand why it's fun to pretend you don't have a house!
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