73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

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PrincesssCaramelo - Hour ago
The more I stare at Kim the more she looks like a robot
Cavin Lance
Cavin Lance - Hour ago
Grt kids
Cavin Lance
Cavin Lance - Hour ago
Kim n kanye
Cavin Lance
Cavin Lance - Hour ago
Cavin Lance
Cavin Lance - Hour ago
7 for man, 74.9 for wm
Alex Gaffney
Alex Gaffney - Hour ago
Why have a big kitchen if you never cook
Alex Gaffney
Alex Gaffney - Hour ago
The house is so empty
K It
K It - Hour ago
andrea stera
andrea stera - Hour ago
Ika Strawberi
Ika Strawberi - Hour ago
Why everyone comments the 73 questions? 😂
joan waters
joan waters - 2 hours ago
I love Kanye
Racquel Sutherland
Racquel Sutherland - 2 hours ago
This is so staged
Itay Shahar
Itay Shahar - 2 hours ago
Interviewer: what's the best part of being Kanye?
Kanye: the West
Gacha Zafirah
Gacha Zafirah - 2 hours ago
When my wifi wasn't working properly the vid paused at the thumbnail
Pxstella Gacha
Pxstella Gacha - 2 hours ago
Oh you like squishies do you kid? Squishies can give you cancer! 😁
cayayofm - 2 hours ago
Anna has really lost her edge. Pity.
Amanda - 2 hours ago
Their island counter is the size of my bedroom
Amanda - 2 hours ago
No one says “it’s lit” anymore omg
Billy Big Bollocks
Billy Big Bollocks - 2 hours ago
Wow this is sad but pathetic is just behind. Imagine wanting to be this fake.
TOP TEN - 3 hours ago
"koon"-ye west
Chloe Nieto 2
Chloe Nieto 2 - 3 hours ago
This seemed like the only one that wasn't scripted
Alexis Morgan Pestorious
Alexis Morgan Pestorious - 3 hours ago
Kim really is so bland and boring and her house really reflects that
Nausheen Ch
Nausheen Ch - 3 hours ago
idk the house looks really sad
Aalysa Norris
Aalysa Norris - 3 hours ago
Interviewer: what’s your favorite part of having a church
Kanye: The grass
T - 3 hours ago
That house wow
Summer Goddess
Summer Goddess - 3 hours ago
Seen alot of comment about how bland the house is. For me its so relaxing tho. All white with touch of grey and soft brown. Everyone have difderent taste so.. 🤔
a azo
a azo - 3 hours ago
Kanye is so weird
Anna Sharanevych
Anna Sharanevych - 3 hours ago
highkey i thought this was kinda rude. Kim was trying to handle her kids and like... theyre kids obviously theyre gonna be not willing to sit still... the guy just kept interrupting her kids while she was trying to talk to them. idk it kinda bothered me
toctocpaz - 3 hours ago
Omg, sooo awkward.
j92000n1 - 4 hours ago
Law school 🤣🤣🤣🤣
rainbow feather
rainbow feather - 4 hours ago
Go get saint some sprite, just this one time OK.
😂 sis we know those kids get sprite every day.
VictorCrimes - 4 hours ago
how hypocritical of Anna Wintour.
Maria Hodgson
Maria Hodgson - 4 hours ago
so much money and no furniture? sorry but this house is not normal. is scary
William Cho
William Cho - 4 hours ago
I feel like I know Kim less after this
Joachim Rosenkvist
Joachim Rosenkvist - 4 hours ago
It's more white than my girlfriends family, they're are as Norwegian as anyone could be.

It's a joke, but feel free to /triggermehappy.
Zerox Y
Zerox Y - 5 hours ago
I cried when North said "And Fortnite" 😂😂😂
Nice - 4 hours ago
dija net
dija net - 5 hours ago
Acadia Mercer
Acadia Mercer - 5 hours ago
What 3 words do people use to describe you?
sweet and SMART
......is there a third??
birdie - 5 hours ago
Kanye sounds exactly like a child.
nabaa jamal
nabaa jamal - 5 hours ago
The kids really got on my nerves
Swiftie Zone
Swiftie Zone - 5 hours ago
interviewer: what’s the best part about having babies?
kim: the surrogates
ZarBee Tv
ZarBee Tv - 5 hours ago
That fan was me
T. P.
T. P. - 6 hours ago
No color what so ever in this house
Cutie Juliet
Cutie Juliet - 6 hours ago
I'd like to add some colors to that house to make it much warmer. It's too plain
KT Ghee
KT Ghee - 6 hours ago
Bailey Hanson
Bailey Hanson - 6 hours ago
interviewer: kanye, what’s your favorite thing about marriage?
kanye: being married.
Daniel Vas
Daniel Vas - 6 hours ago
I like this family, because there is true love here!
The house is spacious, too much like a museum. I believe they should make it more homely by putting up family photos and more future, add a mirror and a big clock on the wall.
Kim is off Armenian origin, which is a good heritage to past down to your children. It is good Kim visited her fathers ancestral land of Armenia to learn about the culture. It is also good she saw Armenia in real life, not just stories you heard over the years by grandparents. Thanks! 🙂
Anna Fisher
Anna Fisher - 6 hours ago
God, this was weird asf.
tee ell
tee ell - 6 hours ago
Wait. So you hired someone to interview you with a scripted interview, because no, a word to describe you is not smart
Brisa Ruby
Brisa Ruby - 6 hours ago
Rich people be stuck up 😴😴sad af
Vir Will
Vir Will - 6 hours ago
Will their show ever go off the air? Just asking
TaviCaptures - 6 hours ago
I couldn’t get over how massive their kitchen island is
Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez - 6 hours ago
visit my blog of fashion illustrations.
Sammie Paige
Sammie Paige - 7 hours ago
3:41 lol the baby’s just sticking his hands in Kanyes mouth
jammadamma - 7 hours ago
Adult diaper
Tender Turd
Tender Turd - 7 hours ago
The set is mindblowing
Yuliia Stepanenko
Yuliia Stepanenko - 7 hours ago
73 questions with Adriana Lima please
Emmanuella dorsaint
Emmanuella dorsaint - 7 hours ago
Substance left the chat
London Gal
London Gal - 7 hours ago
This comment section has med 💀😂😂😂
Gina Maries
Gina Maries - 7 hours ago
Kanye is so cute.
Frusner Raphael
Frusner Raphael - 7 hours ago
Interviewer:Kanye,what’s your favorite part of the house. Kanye:the house
Studio H
Studio H - 7 hours ago
0:08 to 0:10
HEYroossy - 7 hours ago
Adrien Agrest
Adrien Agrest - 8 hours ago
Please do 73 questions with BTS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
JacobCaruk - 8 hours ago
Kim doesn't even look real anymore...I think she was prettier before she decided to take after her mom with all of the artificial deaging crap. She seems sweet though.
Noah Grimes
Noah Grimes - 8 hours ago
Does anyone else just see how fake this is?
Aman Khurshid
Aman Khurshid - 8 hours ago
There is just too many Interviewer and Kanye joke in the comments lol.
blackhammer45677 - 8 hours ago
2 things kim is just bad and kanyes kanye
sol a
sol a - 8 hours ago
Died at 1:45
yasmine miller
yasmine miller - 8 hours ago
Kim u rock ;) :p XD
sol a
sol a - 8 hours ago
Lol that intro was the fakest I’ve ever seen
feel_the_beat - 9 hours ago
Sean Sweetman
Sean Sweetman - 9 hours ago
Where are all Papa's kids at?
West Coast fr
West Coast fr - 9 hours ago
imma have to say it but their house is ugly af
Arelis Gutierrez
Arelis Gutierrez - 9 hours ago
the kardashians should do a prank not there mom agin because I know they did that a lot of times
jwilliaful - 9 hours ago
There was no furniture, pictures/art. 🤔
boss lady
boss lady - 9 hours ago
My house is all cream..my mom said it look like someone died and went to heaven.. She Made me put some purple roses on the center peace table...🤣🤣🤣🤣 And dinning table to add a hint of color..
Mikel arnaudo
Mikel arnaudo - 9 hours ago
Most uncomfortable watch ever think she has 4 kids already omg patience Kim haha hahaha she can't even cope with her kids she's runs away backwards
Zolveik Castillo
Zolveik Castillo - 10 hours ago
kanye has issues .
Reggie Auls
Reggie Auls - 10 hours ago
Kayne wants to give parenting advice... hm
Lotté Freeman
Lotté Freeman - 10 hours ago
someone tell me what the song is at the start
Mickey King
Mickey King - 10 hours ago
North is such a beautiful young lady 😍
Nathan McCall
Nathan McCall - 10 hours ago
This is as artificial as it gets.
1000 subscribers without any videos
Kanye : I am ready

Kim : Trying to steal my show ?
Joshua Avila
Joshua Avila - 10 hours ago
Dar Be Dar
Dar Be Dar - 10 hours ago
ASAP watched I start cleaning my kitchen and put away many things that I really don't need them on the counter, and also throw away things, empty boxes and...
Tmm Moonlady
Tmm Moonlady - 10 hours ago
Sam Samson
Sam Samson - 10 hours ago
*Kim, please react to the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon. Season 2 comes out on April 26.*
Davis Pagan
Davis Pagan - 10 hours ago
BEASTBLOGGER HD - 10 hours ago
Camera guy **Kanye what's your favourite thing to do**
CrmandmsYT - 11 hours ago
Kanye is a mooooooooooood
Rachel Fu
Rachel Fu - 11 hours ago
10:30 Why was there no caller window on the phone screen?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 11 hours ago
I wish Michael was alive and still with Lisa. A video with both of them would be absolutely adorable.
Ishrat Raim
Ishrat Raim - 11 hours ago
5:45 seriously?
Vivid Hill
Vivid Hill - 11 hours ago
*Kanye a kid lmao*
antony lotter
antony lotter - 11 hours ago
Juana Guerra
Juana Guerra - 11 hours ago
This video is sad. Kim is not the bigger star. Poor Kanye.
Karina Li
Karina Li - 11 hours ago
This video made me have insane anxiety, her walking and talking and cameraman following was just too painful too watch. Too fake acting also, like they wanted to show what a perfect family they are. That FaceTime call lol :D :D :D :D
B2 Beezy
B2 Beezy - 12 hours ago
I Love Kim K now.. she trying to get black men out of prison.. I see now why ppl always liked her
Zainab Mandlawala
Zainab Mandlawala - 12 hours ago
This is the most fakest, dumbest interview I have ever seen. And that house looks so empty it's annoying.
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