73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

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Brandon’s World
Brandon’s World - Hour ago
Couldn’t tell if everything was scripted or not
ANDREW Tucci - Hour ago
But beyonce had the best video of all time !!
Madison Wadsworth
Madison Wadsworth - 4 hours ago
How are you still so fat?
Dzian Kolack
Dzian Kolack - 4 hours ago
This interviewer is annoying
Wilson Grant
Wilson Grant - 5 hours ago
this is so cringey and fake
I'mNoTsCaRy Kim
I'mNoTsCaRy Kim - 6 hours ago
The song playing in the background is Flashing Lights by Kanye. 😍
Amanda P
Amanda P - 7 hours ago
i got a reply on a comment that i posted and i wanted to reply to it.However there is a LOT of comments.Does anyone know how i can get to that comment?Please!!!
Oscar BR
Oscar BR - 8 hours ago
Notice at 0:09 how the interviewer almost starts laughing as he sees Kanye's absolutely high as a goat face opening the door
Nicolás Calvimontes V.
Nicolás Calvimontes V. - 8 hours ago
Khalid Hebshi
Khalid Hebshi - 8 hours ago
5:43 KIM TURN AROUND. I still waiting for her to fall and eat sh*t
Jack Powell
Jack Powell - 8 hours ago
Kanye West is bloody miserable and Kim Kardashian does not deserve her fame at all!!! I’m entitled to my opinion!!!
Khalid Hebshi
Khalid Hebshi - 8 hours ago
2:17 Where does the water go? Two faucets without drains?
Khalid Hebshi
Khalid Hebshi - 9 hours ago
This is the most painfully scripted thing ever
SAD JAN - 9 hours ago
I heard kim can‘t put it in first gear just backwards
kimberlee sierra cuello Sierra cuello .
Love People and kim kardashian
Bakuradze Lika
Bakuradze Lika - 11 hours ago
Does anyone knows the background music ?
Chercorie Wells
Chercorie Wells - 12 hours ago
The Bahamas
Max Holmqvist 75
Max Holmqvist 75 - 13 hours ago
Kanye West is lost in life
Lady Spencer
Lady Spencer - 14 hours ago
She’s look like Beyonce
Francesca Romano
Francesca Romano - 14 hours ago
Terrible actors
Bopatsy Harris
Bopatsy Harris - 14 hours ago
The intro song I love ❤️
Heidi Schoeneck
Heidi Schoeneck - 15 hours ago
This is so scripted it is painful 😣
Joachim Ismail
Joachim Ismail - 16 hours ago
Why did she say no thou to the yeezys like wtf
samira orchard
samira orchard - 17 hours ago
Love Houria
Love Houria - 17 hours ago
Julianna Kazaryan
Julianna Kazaryan - 19 hours ago
He asked her if she speaks armenian, she replied with “Inchpes es?” Meaning: how are you? 😂
Diana Reyes
Diana Reyes - 20 hours ago
That call with Kris was the most staged thing I’ve ever seen
Tristan Lopez
Tristan Lopez - 21 hour ago
They seem like such nice people. :) Hey! Subscribe to my horrible channel if you like it.
out side the box out side the box
nice video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTHCBXFFS0skVyvOZF_M26g?sub
heather Davisson
heather Davisson - Day ago
Man "What are your kids into" kim "um what's the question"
AverageHorseGuy - Day ago
This is Why Kanye is a god.
Balvin . JS
Balvin . JS - Day ago
Diogo parodia . kkkkkkkkk OMG ❤
r Vxng
r Vxng - Day ago
Interviewer- what’s your favorite color?
Kanye- the color.
Austen Hernandez
Austen Hernandez - Day ago
She wishes they wouldn’t focus on her outlandishly fake rump 😂😂😂😂 isn’t that something
Aye Silver Beats
Aye Silver Beats - Day ago
The way he said "The Kids"
Ciaran Ward
Ciaran Ward - Day ago
Literally nobody:
Not a single soul:
North: “I like squishes.”
Kim: “oHhH!”
Andrew Ingram
Andrew Ingram - Day ago
What name will your baby definitely not have?: Ray J
_ MIC _
_ MIC _ - Day ago
Petition to have Kanye do a 73 questions
Apex/Fortnite Complimations
Kim Kardashian needs to stop speaking so snobby
Brianna jade Dunlop
Interviewer: what's the most rewarding thing about being a mom?
Kim: the kids telling you they love you.
North: I already did that 😂
Audio Stories
Audio Stories - Day ago
And all he wanted was a new pair of yeezies.
I ask random questions
“And Chi is into anything food”
Lol same 😂
A B - Day ago
So scripted. Your average reader of Vogue must be seriously dumb.
Angela Demps
Angela Demps - Day ago
Kim you are such an inspiration to me. Love your family ❤️
gangster wizard
gangster wizard - Day ago
I don't usually like the 73 questions videos but this made me like her. She seems genuine and like she cares a lot about her family.
lil Monkey
lil Monkey - Day ago
Catalina Sweet Music
What a great family!!!
deborah affia
deborah affia - Day ago
Kim's hair 💜
Michelle N
Michelle N - Day ago
i love how patient kim is with her kids interrupting the interview
Band Queen15
Band Queen15 - Day ago
Did anyone else think the thumbnail was Queen, and her son CJ??😂😂😭 Saint is so handsome 😍
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