The Rise and Fall of Ryan Howard - The Office

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randy touchet
randy touchet - 10 minutes ago
David Wallace made a horrible decision for hiring him. He should have been fired also
randy touchet
randy touchet - 12 minutes ago
Ryan should have never been hired for the corporate job. He sucked
Yan Fagundes
Yan Fagundes - 5 hours ago
"Can we speak privately about our relationship?" LOL
Gabriel Kefalas
Gabriel Kefalas - 5 hours ago
Jim: I just did the fax
Ryan: congratulations - don’t interrupt - congratulations on doing your job
Jim: 😀
Novel Chaser
Novel Chaser - 9 hours ago
Never understood why he was always in the main credits, yet was a side character.
Andrew Crockett
Andrew Crockett - 11 hours ago
"Knowing people don't like you is an instinct, handling it, is a skill... many people, smart people, do not know this, so you better keep going up because they want you to fail." - Donald J Trump, 45th President of the United States
J. M. H.
J. M. H. - 13 hours ago
The word is "Hubris"
Vince M.
Vince M. - 15 hours ago
I just realized how Ryan gets less and less professional and cared less and less about his job. You can tell by the way he dresses and his hair.
Drunk Weeb Marine
Drunk Weeb Marine - 16 hours ago
Not one person realized or cares that Ryan was having them do very illegal accounting fraud? I was in business school and that was one is the first things they teach
Austin Triebe
Austin Triebe - 16 hours ago
8:37 “The real crime I think was the beard.”
I honestly think Ryan looks better with a beard. As opposed to 9:12, Michael looks creepy with a goatee.
Foul_Mouth 2000
Foul_Mouth 2000 - Day ago
I still can’t believe Ryan might have been murdered by Kelly after the finale.
Dillion Lamb
Dillion Lamb - Day ago
Ryan deserved better. He was right because he committed fraud to make more money. Money makes the world go around. In that sense specifically, Ryan is contributing to society and economy through the purchases of fancy cars and hardcore drugs using his hard-earned cash.
Francisco Barnes
Francisco Barnes - Day ago
7:27 biggest lie in history
Спас Гергински
I just realized that his suit gets worse and worse with every scene
mmodnao - 2 days ago
4:40 The dumbest/less professional look from Jenna.
wow bro
wow bro - 2 days ago
“it is what is”
Three-Dimensional Glitch
They should do one for Angela.
skrvmz - 2 days ago
6:31 andy lmao
Average Titan
Average Titan - 2 days ago
This dude helped write the show and still managed to do all that to his character. 😂
Custos Venetus
Custos Venetus - 3 days ago
The fall and rise of 💰.
stephieirene1 - 3 days ago
These first 50 seconds are the reason I hated him.
Mister Éire
Mister Éire - 3 days ago
They should of arrested him for the beard 😂😂
The Prize
The Prize - 3 days ago
No. He's trying too hard to be David Brent
irish_texan - 3 days ago
lmaooo Meredith at 10:30 so savage
nomine *
nomine * - 3 days ago
Michael with a goatee looks like the guy who delivers the pizza, and then pleasures himself looking though the window in a terrible porno movie.
Joshua Pope
Joshua Pope - 3 days ago
Loved when Ryan got arrested I was laughing hysterically
Blue uni
Blue uni - 4 days ago
I’m guessing it was the fall when Jim agreed with Dwight🤣😂
Ira Sherlock
Ira Sherlock - 4 days ago
SirBessy - 4 days ago
Buddy looks like the kinda guy to start fires
Butterfly’s R cool
Butterfly’s R cool - 5 days ago
I miss old Ryan. Back when he started fires and such :(. Now he’s kinda a jerk
Jason Gafar
Jason Gafar - 5 days ago
10:40 - Kelly KAPOUR staying true to her Hindu roots. hahahaa.
Drifting Spear
Drifting Spear - 5 days ago
8:48 I love how you can see the happiness in Kevin’s eyes when he realises he gets to call Ryan fire(d) guy again
edDIE_NOW Right
edDIE_NOW Right - 5 days ago
Did Michael just reference pressure by billy Joel
Magic Creations
Magic Creations - 5 days ago
And when creed said:'I dont understand the big fuss here.I like that site.'
I died.
j - 6 days ago
One of the most underappreciated characters
Greg Dillabough
Greg Dillabough - 6 days ago
" TO BE DATED " Real work = NO PUNK AZZ abbreviation OR PUNK AZZ acronym.
2nd of all you trying 2 hard if you can't keep up with 2 Job's .
gavinsneck suck
gavinsneck suck - 6 days ago
He looks like a guy who's going to win multiple Dundies for the hottest in the office.
caridehome - 6 days ago
He just really reminds me of people I know from work, they come in acting all hot shot, get more power, let the power get to their head and screw with people. Then everyone is happy when he gets fired.
Frankie Mendoza
Frankie Mendoza - 6 days ago
Username - 6 days ago
I hate Ryan sm
John Powers
John Powers - 6 days ago
I have to have been to Miami university it’s not the silicon Prairie.
Health and Fitness for all ages
Well he did start a fire soooo
Somethin Random
Somethin Random - 6 days ago
“My favorite branch!”

He probably says that to every branch🤦‍♂️
Phil Draper
Phil Draper - 6 days ago
“Money and status don’t change you. They make you more of who you are”
100K subscriber without a video
Pam is so pretty here
Distantcity OfficialBand
Nice you have skills keep going dickhead!
Cab - 7 days ago
I feel like Ryan’s website was called
Timothy Stratton
Timothy Stratton - 7 days ago
when he says "Hi Pam, it's great to see you." after finishing a text... the epitome of business fakery. Manipulate emotions to get ahead. Taken to the extreme here to show the ridiculousness of it. But this is exactly what happens. So friendly to be so manipulative
Blaise Dahl
Blaise Dahl - 7 days ago
6:49 wow what a jerk, completely ambushed jim.
Takoda Hager
Takoda Hager - 7 days ago
Let's be real here: did anyone actually like Ryan once he got promoted?
Omni Entertainment
Omni Entertainment - 7 days ago
Ryan couldn't been a great character.
I find it interesting that "Kelly" put her hand up to cover kissing "Daryle" but nobody else.
Otaku Chan
Otaku Chan - 7 days ago
Who is Ryan?
I only know mr understood
Dimitri Cannibile
Dimitri Cannibile - 7 days ago
Now if i could id have everyone wear a tophat.... but people like that.... getting caught by the law? no way
Kyle W.
Kyle W. - 7 days ago
Looks like that 2008 world.series win was the height of Ryan's career.
Greg Morris
Greg Morris - 8 days ago
“Scranton suits you”. Holy cats that’s a great line. I’ve seen that about a hundred times and never caught that.
WhiteGuy OnTheBlock
WhiteGuy OnTheBlock - 8 days ago
It’s so nice to watch Ryan go down
The One True Ayy Lmao
The One True Ayy Lmao - 8 days ago
Kinda reminds me of David Brent honestly lol
Chinmayee Prabhu Dessai
6:27 - Looks like Greta copied her speech from Kelly 😂😂😂
jiel - 8 days ago
what does the fraud mean?
Miles H
Miles H - 8 days ago
Typical corporate hierarchy is employees < managers < associates [prestige can depend on year etc.] < Vice President [this is where most careers plateau. There are typically more than 4 - finance, production, operations, marketing (Ryan's position). ] < treasurer/Chief financial officer < President/ Chief executive officer < Board of directors (major stockholders) < The shareholders. If it's a private company replace board of directors with owner.
Michael Philpott
Michael Philpott - 9 days ago
Oh how the mighty has falling
Fazlur Rahman
Fazlur Rahman - 9 days ago
shea - 9 days ago
This show isn't funny, just awkward
Moose - 9 days ago
0:34 if you do this, i hate you.
Bleach And Lean
Bleach And Lean - 9 days ago
I live like 15 mins from Miami university its one of the hardest schools to get into in the country, majority pf the students come from rich familes overseas
Gael Gonzalez Robles
Gael Gonzalez Robles - 9 days ago
What does that have to do with anything
Tier Sigh
Tier Sigh - 9 days ago
Daniel Gustin
Daniel Gustin - 9 days ago
How did they not include him being coked out with his dwarf friend when Michael and Dwight went to NY city as part of this video? That’s prime spiraling right there.
irish_texan - 3 days ago
yeah seriously though i was waiting for that part the whole video
Jesse's Theories
Jesse's Theories - 9 days ago
i here
emma :l
emma :l - 10 days ago
Sofia Worley
Sofia Worley - 10 days ago
Tbh I hate Ryan, he’s a good character but like he’s extremely annoying to me and he treaded Jim like crap because Jim got Pam and didn’t like his idea.
Mason Rawls
Mason Rawls - 10 days ago
I love the beard, keep it forever. DAMN
CoolDrify - 10 days ago
6:17 I just realized the joke that creed is a sexual predator lmao
Joe Mama2
Joe Mama2 - 10 days ago
Where's blond ryan
Daniel Opeoluwa
Daniel Opeoluwa - 11 days ago
I guess it's true. Power does change people
Retro Ace
Retro Ace - 11 days ago
The embodiment of Smarmy
Kris10 - 11 days ago
As a web developer, I don’t know 1) how wonder-kin it was for he to actually come up with the site idea. 2) how he had so many problems, like it just sounded like customers didn’t know the site existed/navigate complicated did he make the concept of “add to cart”.
LeoKasper426 - 11 days ago
He picked up a coke habit
Prarthana Nirmal Kumar
Prarthana Nirmal Kumar - 11 days ago
"The real crime I think...

was the beard."
Trash Collector
Trash Collector - 12 days ago
Even though I don’t really like him in the later seasons cuz I really like seeing him as the straight man of the group who’s the main witness of all the weird characters In the show. I reaallly love the character development because it’s so fun to watch his own little character arc happen in the background.
Mikoyo15 - 12 days ago
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