Harry Styles - Fine Line Live at the Forum BTS (Presented by American Express)

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Amelie Sophia
Amelie Sophia - 3 minutes ago
can we just appreciate how stunning his fans are like HOLY YALL LOOK AMAZING
ching chang
ching chang - 14 hours ago
this is so aesthetic harold
Beren Durmaz
Beren Durmaz - 18 hours ago
Leonie Daf.
Leonie Daf. - 19 hours ago
Harry is the most wonderful and best person you can imagine
Catalina Fuentes
Catalina Fuentes - 21 hour ago
His outfitttttt I love him so much
Catalina Fuentes
Catalina Fuentes - 21 hour ago
Robert Whitton
Robert Whitton - 23 hours ago
Are you the star of One Direction
Elijah Delgadillo
Elijah Delgadillo - Day ago
Lyann Takavada
Lyann Takavada - Day ago
I am going to meet Harry Styles one day. I am going to be in his concert screaming with joy and I am going to wear my funkiest outfit too. It will be fine because I won't be labeled weird and Harry will be like feel free to be who you want to be❤️
luv harold
luv harold - Day ago
Obsessed with this video, watch it every day
Gabriela Fernanda
Gabriela Fernanda - Day ago
Te amo demais 💕💙
Madison Tsapoitis
Madison Tsapoitis - Day ago
Mani Gupta
Mani Gupta - Day ago
When you look 10 years back, this man, with curly locks giving audition, having a strong presence, is selling stadiums. And more than that, he is making people HAPPY!!!! His "treat people with kindness" has brought a new wave amongst us people and always motivating us to be better. He is truly a GENTLEMAN! i have never attended his concert, but hope someday to.
Harry, if you read this, just know that we love you, we truly do. I have never seen an artist like you and maybe never see. I am 23, and am glad to see you while you're young.
I am not saying it's good that 1D is on break, but I'll be honest, we could have never seen and heard our boys the way they make music today. They are happy, free.. and I am happy for them!
Eashita Sashi
Eashita Sashi - Day ago
harry you are just amazing . i know you are not gonna read this but don't make me cry please and you are amazing .
Tan - 2 days ago
Ok do Andrew got a twitter or insta??
gabbyl._diaz - 2 days ago
I dont think harry knows how many people hes has pulled out of the darkness Harty has made me see better in life Harry is one of kind he cares about his fans he cares for the world he spreads so much love and he is all good vibes what a angel I thank god everyday for creating such a lovely human being 🤧❤️
doaa gamal
doaa gamal - 3 days ago
What a beautiful soul^^
Tiffany Villegas
Tiffany Villegas - 3 days ago
I know im gonna be there in like in 10 years 🥺🥺
Abby S
Abby S - 3 days ago
his note changes are heavenly ugh
Birva Dholakiya
Birva Dholakiya - 4 days ago
The fact that I would never be able to see Harry in real life breaks me!! :(
朱利娅 - 4 days ago
1:51 what’s he sayinnnn
Sneha Srinivasan
Sneha Srinivasan - 2 days ago
"Soup, sex and sun salutations!"
Jasmin Batista
Jasmin Batista - 5 days ago
Andrew is literally so iconic
Havisha Ail
Havisha Ail - 5 days ago
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Sofia Ariceto
Sofia Ariceto - 5 days ago
This video gives me serotonin
Shona's positive world
Shona's positive world - 5 days ago
Literally an angel 💞
Pratham Khurana
Pratham Khurana - 5 days ago
goosebumps ♥️
Marta Franzelli
Marta Franzelli - 6 days ago
This video Makes me cry a lot😭
The Directioner World
The Directioner World - 6 days ago
After listening to Fineline all that comes to my mind is him winning the Grammy awards!!! It's freaking awesome
devyani basudkar
devyani basudkar - 7 days ago
Okayy now can we all talkk about how aesthetically pleasing his voice is throughout the video like damnn!!😍😍how could be a person have suchh an angelic voice!!🥺
Hot pie
Hot pie - 10 days ago
Did you guys notice the fish eye camera aimed at the audience?
He's trying to tell us that we are the fish
Starting from the album cover, It's also in the fish eye camera
Adore you mv, the fish
And now this
He's telling us that we are the fish.
He saved us, and we gave him the strength to become bigger and bigger
The relationship we have with him is something no other fandom will understand, not even one direction
He really means a lot to us and not just a celebrity. We will always love you harry❤
Ps: sorry for any mistakes English isn't my first language
Lyrics Content
Lyrics Content - 11 days ago
Será que algum dia teremos o DVD desse show? 😍😍😍
Precious Chinwuba
Precious Chinwuba - 11 days ago
2:06 He is so precious
Ximena Armijo
Ximena Armijo - 11 days ago
12:26 is that person still alive?
Kevin_4_Infinity - 11 days ago
I always get sad listening to the song (and the album) Fine Line, it shows just how far he has come as an artist and I’m so proud of him. Love ya H xx ❤️
Leticia Thomaz
Leticia Thomaz - 11 days ago
Eu não to chorando, vc q ta
Amanda R
Amanda R - 12 days ago
watching him fidle with the mic cord is honestly my favorite thing
Paige Deering
Paige Deering - 12 days ago
jennie limbu
jennie limbu - 13 days ago
Who else thought bangtan boys (bts)!!!
Fatma Sayed
Fatma Sayed - 13 days ago
7:17 OMFG SAME Brro
Lilah G
Lilah G - 13 days ago
he’s so unapologeticly himself and i saw that and it helped me become who i am today and i will be forvever grateful
xXGirly GamerXx
xXGirly GamerXx - 15 days ago
liam was there i cant im gonna go cry
¿¿Laryssa? ?
¿¿Laryssa? ? - 15 days ago
i can’t wait to go to one of his concerts 🥺
indy verwey
indy verwey - 15 days ago
i always come back to this video it’s so adorable pls🥺🥺
indy verwey
indy verwey - 15 days ago
1:50 forever iconic😝😝
Palak Damani
Palak Damani - 15 days ago
i could literally never get enough of him
Tahveya Matt
Tahveya Matt - 16 days ago
i bawled watching this 😭 he saved my life
Francisco Almonacid
Francisco Almonacid - 16 days ago
Mariana Barcelos
Mariana Barcelos - 16 days ago
o único defeito desse vídeo é que ele acaba.
Jessica Hedrick
Jessica Hedrick - 16 days ago
Anna Mcginnis
Anna Mcginnis - 17 days ago
Sometimes I forget he isn’t some underground indie artist and it makes me so proud
ridio 51
ridio 51 - 17 days ago
only man who can look better with a bad posture
Josie Velarde
Josie Velarde - 17 days ago
I love him ❤️ so much!!!
Trinity Winner
Trinity Winner - 18 days ago
time for my daily night cry over this video 😌
Justa Girl
Justa Girl - 18 days ago
Harryハリー - 18 days ago
I know I'll probably never meet Harry. But, he will always be amazinngg!
Margarita Cercola
Margarita Cercola - 19 days ago
can we talk about the outfits of these people??? AMAZING
Lucia Sharma
Lucia Sharma - 19 days ago
the talented, the narcissistic, one and only who can wear anything and make it look hot, MR. HARRY STYLES everybody♥
Mateo 00
Mateo 00 - 20 days ago
One direction
aroly caamal basulto
aroly caamal basulto - 20 days ago
Me enchina la piel en tan solo escuchar como gritan todos "Harry, Harry, Harry" 🥺❤ es tan bonito
nyela strickland
nyela strickland - 20 days ago
😭 all those people are so lucky, and they look AMAZING!
Winne Oktaviani
Winne Oktaviani - 21 day ago
Harry, today is 30/8/2020 00:17am in Indonesia and I need to stop watching your videos all the time
Flor De Buckley
Flor De Buckley - 21 day ago
This guy will be a legend.
kaveri 2993
kaveri 2993 - 22 days ago
I love you
Neele Anne
Neele Anne - 22 days ago
ava a
ava a - 22 days ago
hi this makes me so happy.
Génesis .G.T.
Génesis .G.T. - 22 days ago
I'm crying? Yes I am
Havisha Ail
Havisha Ail - 23 days ago
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cails s
cails s - 24 days ago
im sobbing..........ok
Reina Arana
Reina Arana - 24 days ago
aaahhh the good old days before the world went to shit
ramona m.
ramona m. - 24 days ago
8:54 WHAT A FREAKING MOOD. me every day.
o1ivia - 25 days ago
harry helps people when they're hurt because he's a reminder of the good in the world.
Avika Singh
Avika Singh - 25 days ago
𝗰𝗮𝗻 𝘄𝗲 𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗰𝗿𝗼𝘄𝗱 𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲!
𝘆𝗲𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝘀 𝘄𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗛𝗮𝗿𝗿𝘆 𝗦𝘁𝘆𝗹𝗲𝘀 𝗱𝗲𝘀𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗲!
Noelia styles
Noelia styles - 25 days ago
I love you so much 😢💗
Paula Herrera
Paula Herrera - 25 days ago
the fact that I never going to be in a concert of him, it made me cry
Shayla Vanegas Martínez.
just i love.
Kaylah Matano
Kaylah Matano - 26 days ago
*"juSt Be Ya-SeLf AnDrEw" haha I love that guy*
Archie - 26 days ago
what makes harry a great singer : that my brother also likes his music.
(N.B: he is very choosy about music, he finds out the best.)
SA Ayeefa BP
SA Ayeefa BP - 27 days ago
Lucilla Lusy
Lucilla Lusy - 27 days ago
Hello herry !!! I love you!! you are my favorite singer you are super good !! I wanted to ask you 2 questions: 1 will you come to Grosseto (in Italy) for your concert? I love you but I can't travel that much. and last if you could say hello to me. Hello thank you so much for everything I love you
Amrei P.
Amrei P. - 22 days ago
@Lucilla Lusy Mine too😢💚
Lucilla Lusy
Lucilla Lusy - 23 days ago
@Amrei P. i know know.......but.....it s just my dream
Amrei P.
Amrei P. - 26 days ago
Do you know that his management posts this videos? Also they posted it like 6 months ago. And if you want to know where he is on tour, just look for Love on Tour on google.✌
Ashley C
Ashley C - 28 days ago
You know as much as I love Harry
And people, ya know...

The whole point of seeing a concert is to listen to HIM singing.
How can you hear that beautiful voice when y'all screamin?
Sing when he says "SING IT!"
But don't ruin the show cause y'all hollering the lyrics over him
Batool Kash
Batool Kash - 28 days ago
They feel what we all feel when we listen to him
Girl with curls!!
Girl with curls!! - 28 days ago
Emotionally i'm bruised.

A RV - 28 days ago
I can't stop to admire this man!
amran307 - 28 days ago
Anna Rondina
Anna Rondina - 28 days ago
Where can I find the entire version of this live? I feel I kinda need it 😭❤️❤️❤️
antonijaaa - 29 days ago
am i the only one balling my eyes out watching this video???
Harry truly deserves pure happiness and love and his personality just attracts us more and more into LOVING him without ever even talking to him in real life.
mutual respect
mutual respect - 29 days ago
I am Andrew. Andrew is me.
sofia Gutierrez
sofia Gutierrez - 29 days ago
decir que llore, es decir poco
Rawat Aakriti
Rawat Aakriti - 29 days ago
Rita Sharma
Rita Sharma - Month ago
Harry is like air
So essential for me
Beautifully said
Rohan Thomas
Rohan Thomas - Month ago
2:59 did he just show the middle finger
Nicole Estrada
Nicole Estrada - Month ago
Can we all admit that we are Andrew and we love andrew
CamiLucia123 - Month ago
even the way he WALKS is so powerful omg
EDHER ARROYO - Month ago
Paulina Habel
Paulina Habel - Month ago
It's fans singing the Olivia part for me ✨🥺🤧
Giuli Maximo
Giuli Maximo - Month ago
Abi L
Abi L - Month ago
Bless the person who made this
Rihanna Kerr
Rihanna Kerr - Month ago
***I'm crying in a cool way***
i was supposed to his concert but it was canceled bcs of corona and it made me rlly sad it was moved to september 2021 but i told my mom she can get her money back bcs i thought maybe i wouldnt be able to go now i regret it so ima buy the tickets myself :)))
Andrea Valle
Andrea Valle - Month ago
Andrew was just so amazing
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