Spider-Man Cast on Spoilers & Avengers: Endgame

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Z Reads
Z Reads - Day ago
Dear Tom Holland,
You are still in high school because you all blipped
Fauzaan Sharieff
Fauzaan Sharieff - 2 days ago
I'm a huge fan of Tom
Fauzaan Sharieff
Fauzaan Sharieff - 2 days ago
Yesterday was Tom's birthday
Sylvia Mitchell
Sylvia Mitchell - 6 days ago
0:29 we have an RDJ in the making folks! The peace sign! Dramatically unbuttoning the blazer dramatically!
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden - 7 days ago
Because they were snapped out of existence
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden - 7 days ago
Did he say 5 actors with 9 names?
Thorxal - 8 days ago
Why was jake Gylenhall invited? xd
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith - 10 days ago
That kid in the back is sooo annoying
Orange Juice Licker
Orange Juice Licker - 10 days ago
Jacob looks like Humpty Dumpty but with an actual body to go with his big egg head
Naman Kumar
Naman Kumar - 12 days ago
Still love robin
Muckduck Jonez
Muckduck Jonez - 14 days ago
Ok but Tom Holland’s gestures toward the audience are peak RDJ
Dylan Leader
Dylan Leader - 15 days ago
jimmy ya a piece of ass
Carola Cazares
Carola Cazares - 16 days ago
stop spoilers movies tom holland
Jana Nadeau
Jana Nadeau - 17 days ago
I feel like if they would've told Tom that it was a funeral that he would've made it a much more moving scene
Faith Rivers
Faith Rivers - 19 days ago
5:17 😂🤣
Rebecca Mason
Rebecca Mason - 19 days ago
Naman Kumar
Naman Kumar - 19 days ago
You see them i see schbartsky
Raida Rupkatha
Raida Rupkatha - 20 days ago
Everyone in MCU deserves a great salute from the people of the world. They taught us to dream. And if they can help me forget my pain for even a second, they are real to me.
Emy Pinto
Emy Pinto - 21 day ago
Emy Pinto
Emy Pinto - 21 day ago
Kids w/ parents interview. Kinda cute.
rover845 fan
rover845 fan - 21 day ago
I think i theme is spider/web/hero
rover845 fan
rover845 fan - 21 day ago
Spider man is the main character in Spider man
TGG Skrewzy
TGG Skrewzy - 22 days ago
Just me or is zendaya EXTREMELY tall in this video
Efe SARIDİKMEN - 25 days ago
Future Ted: “Kids this is how your aunt robin got into jimmy kimmel show”
arimoonlight - 29 days ago
it was so cute when jacob and zendaya were standing next to each other because he is so short and he looked like her overly excited kid going to the zoo.
Bea Breiteneder
Bea Breiteneder - Month ago
Tom was told it was a wedding😂
Johnny Walker Jr
Johnny Walker Jr - Month ago
I have to admit, the first time I saw him as spiderman I didn't know what to think. I didn't know if he could live up to the legacy of my hero who I loved as a kid. So I was super nervous and then I slowly started to like him. So when I kept on watching him as spiderman, I saw the growth of spiderman. However, the really funny part is that when it came to Tom Holland I was staring at a mirror, the guy is like me. I can't keep a secret either and I have been called an old man by others. So I found it to be rare for me to find someone who is like me.
Eliza Kuyk
Eliza Kuyk - Month ago
Because when I was watching Infinity War, I didn't know who Black Widow was, who Captain America was... I only knew, like the Guardians and Doctor Strange, and Black Panther and Thor. so I kind of watched this from back and then started at the beginning. don't judge me
Eliza Kuyk
Eliza Kuyk - Month ago
My friends keep on being incredulous that I haven't seen Endgame, and I'm just like: I need fricken background. so I start watching every single freaking Marvel movie. and I'm watching spoilers for Endgame.
Sonia Ramos
Sonia Ramos - Month ago
I was laughing so hard during this, btw cast y’all still in high school cause y’all got thanosed and didn’t age
vineet joshi
vineet joshi - Month ago
Everybody :

Tom : (signalling) *cut it Jacob , stop*
Matthias Uzoaru
Matthias Uzoaru - Month ago
Tom Holland a cool dude. Real guinuine guy
Emily Elliott
Emily Elliott - Month ago
Ok I don’t want to start anything but someone in that interview annoys me SO much. Just wanted to put that out there.
Raj Selvaraj
Raj Selvaraj - Month ago
Cobie and Jake are their parents lol
alli.bestie_ - Month ago
Wedding was great 😂😂😂😂
 - Month ago
Jake's laugh is so perfect
JoeClark04 - Month ago
It’s funny how the title is endgame but it’s far from home
Rr C
Rr C - Month ago
jake's laugh tho hahaha.
karis hinton xx
karis hinton xx - Month ago
and that kids is how ur aunt robin started working with spider-man
haddad imen
haddad imen - Month ago
I still call her Robin scherbatsky
LIVESH - Month ago
5:47 Zendaya hahaahhaha
LIVESH - Month ago
Cobie should have been wonder woman
On your left
On your left - Month ago
How do you laugh at the ending of Endgame?🤔🤨
cindy _dynasty
cindy _dynasty - Month ago
Where’s the audience😂💀
Sienna River
Sienna River - Month ago
They are still in high school because they blipped.
It's All About Comedy
It's All About Comedy - Month ago
Why does Zendaya look like that Yeti from Smallfoot?
Aeonian Harshul
Aeonian Harshul - Month ago
But he ws sd in the scene. I saw it again.
Hüsna - Month ago
Tom stares so much at them when they speak.
Like is it respectful or just annoying...?
Sorry for my english😅
George Burton
George Burton - Month ago
Someone couldn't get samuel Jackson
Lag 2 Much
Lag 2 Much - Month ago
Wait tom said 135 million is half of zendayas followers. But doesn't she have like 63 million? I got so confused by this
Bastien Poncelet
Bastien Poncelet - Month ago
Everyone : most part of the script was blacked out
Tom: you guys got a script?
Hannah Barton
Hannah Barton - Month ago
i was asking the high school question to myself as well 😂
Kylo Laney
Kylo Laney - Month ago
Enjoy your cookie
Lina-Sophie Seldenreich
Any HIMYM fans?
Jhie Valentine
Jhie Valentine - Month ago
Enjoyed the interview but gotta say I love Zendaya’s shoes 😍
Ian Jeon
Ian Jeon - Month ago
Jimmy kept on baiting them to do spoilers! He's never been a good host
Alex Lakra
Alex Lakra - Month ago
Wait....is that BIG SMOKE behind Jake?
Sam Stewart
Sam Stewart - Month ago
Some say he still be waiting to eat the cookie 8:50
Gwen Webstar
Gwen Webstar - Month ago
Tom : " I wad told it was a wedding. ..
Zena " pwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh 😅😅😅😅
Lillyauna Bartley
Lillyauna Bartley - Month ago
"I was told it was a wedding" "Where's Robert"😂
stausskane - Month ago
135 million hits... more like only 78 mil
Ozmie Original
Ozmie Original - Month ago
Zendeya has a cute laugh ♥️😘
andy pla
andy pla - Month ago
5 actors and 9 names lmao
kate becker
kate becker - Month ago
Ok literally Jacob is so right. I laughed all through out that movie. It was funny til the end ya know?
Max Isola
Max Isola - Month ago
Jake at 3:59 lmao
hola hola
hola hola - Month ago
Cobie is so underrated 🥺 I love her sm
abhishek ranjan
abhishek ranjan - Month ago
Tom Holland next iron man👨👱
Abood - Month ago
I’m a teenager and I can download stuff from gmail LOL
Karoltooĺ - Month ago
2:36 need some toilet there tom
Zendaya Coleman
Zendaya Coleman - Month ago
Zendaya is the funniest person in the world
Grâce-divine Moweni
Grâce-divine Moweni - 2 months ago
Quelqu’un parle english and french??
Do you speak french
Dinesh Singh Rawat
Dinesh Singh Rawat - 2 months ago
Sorry, did I heard anything from Prince of Persia??
Yumna Naweed
Yumna Naweed - 2 months ago
Zendaya is literally carrying webs
Petar Banovic
Petar Banovic - 2 months ago
Peter Darmanian
Peter Darmanian - 2 months ago
I think the reason of why Jacob was laughing the most was because he saw himself crying in the most awesome movie every created
Peter Darmanian
Peter Darmanian - 2 months ago
Jacob trying to play it cool for the audience
Sharck Attack
Sharck Attack - 2 months ago
How the hell would he be there its his own funeral his is in the coffen
IM ChickeNugget
IM ChickeNugget - 2 months ago
why did Kim Jong un go bald😢
muhammed - 2 months ago
0:40 how is that char not snapped
Aydin Eyikan
Aydin Eyikan - 2 months ago
I love them!!!!
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