Black Friday Haul 2019! Niki and Gabi

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Elif Yiğit
Elif Yiğit - 6 hours ago
Please add subtitles in Turkish? Thanksin advance💙
Sierra Barnes
Sierra Barnes - 6 hours ago
How do I get in the give away
Chanel Clothier
Chanel Clothier - 6 hours ago
Don’t have instagram but would love the rose gold iPad and ear pods
Olivia Rocher32
Olivia Rocher32 - 6 hours ago
omgg this is soo cool
Angelica Glez
Angelica Glez - 9 hours ago
Wow Niki's items are awesome!
Sally hubins
Sally hubins - 10 hours ago
Boyfriends have to pick horrible outfits from, your wardrobes and then they do it from each other's and their own and then they swop wardrobes, then you do the same to each other and boyfriends wardrobes, and do it to your own wardrobes
Maya Fulmer
Maya Fulmer - 11 hours ago
can you please do a give away that's not on instagram like this one because i can't have social media
Ruthie Camp
Ruthie Camp - 12 hours ago
when are yall announcing the winners?
Samantha Bailey
Samantha Bailey - 12 hours ago
can I get an iPad does not matter
Samantha Bailey
Samantha Bailey - 12 hours ago
oh and i subscribed
Samantha Bailey
Samantha Bailey - 12 hours ago
i'm a big fan
watermelon watermelon
watermelon watermelon - 12 hours ago
gabi looks high
Elisha Lennie
Elisha Lennie - 12 hours ago
Gabi is so bougie 🤣
sophia lippert
sophia lippert - 16 hours ago
wow would you look at that..... they got even uglier
للكبار فقط
للكبار فقط - 17 hours ago
اشترك ف هذه القناه لكي يصلك كل مهو جديد
Roksana Kurzeja
Roksana Kurzeja - 17 hours ago
I'm from Poland and I love you
Lauren Graham
Lauren Graham - 17 hours ago
YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Can’t wait for you to hit 10million
Sarah Weldon
Sarah Weldon - 17 hours ago
"Get that all over my bed it smells phenomenal"
Soraya Carranza
Soraya Carranza - 17 hours ago
So many hate comments on this video omg
Danny Flores
Danny Flores - 18 hours ago
Hey Niki and Gabi I love your vids PS Gabi do u know macros dobre he likes u
Aaliyah Gonzales
Aaliyah Gonzales - 18 hours ago
I really want to enter the giveaway but I’m not allowed to have Instagram🥺😢
Jallissa Robertson
Jallissa Robertson - 19 hours ago
Guys I love y'all so much and I want to win but my instagram is working right now
Victoria Rose
Victoria Rose - 19 hours ago
Gabi looks so pretty with curls !!!!!
Xxwolfy PlayzxX
Xxwolfy PlayzxX - 19 hours ago
I need the iPad please I need it so I can give it to my cousin she was about to die I swear and iam supscribe and liked this vid please
Alexa Palafox
Alexa Palafox - 19 hours ago
Hi I am new and will love to win 😀 it will be my first time !!! 💖💖
Heidi Gutierrez
Heidi Gutierrez - 20 hours ago
Always Aleya Marie's YouTube
Sunday’s With EJ
Sunday’s With EJ - 22 hours ago
Wow me and niki love warm Victoria secret Nordic print panties in the same colour
Casey Welbourn
Casey Welbourn - 22 hours ago
I’m really more iPad mini or Nikki’s things I don’t know ?
Casey Welbourn
Casey Welbourn - 22 hours ago
Can I please win the giveaway
Leslie Flores
Leslie Flores - 23 hours ago
I want to win plz
Rawan Swaggy
Rawan Swaggy - 23 hours ago
i like how opposite you guys are😂😂
Crystal Plays
Crystal Plays - Day ago
Si Joking I’m like huh
Dimple Doll
Dimple Doll - Day ago
I bought a Ky lighter from Ulta in the shade “Cheers Darling” it was $10‼️🤪
hamsa khalil
hamsa khalil - Day ago
Gabi looks sick and soo not in the mood to film a video 💔
Kirsty Kentfield
Kirsty Kentfield - Day ago
Twitter giveaway 2019 xx
Kirsty Kentfield
Kirsty Kentfield - Day ago
Wow I love lush I'd love to win a give away never win a thing this would make my Xmas love you guys so much ❤️ xx happy Xmas xx
Nikka Mercado
Nikka Mercado - Day ago
Can you pls shout out me . I always watch your vids.
Alyze Martin
Alyze Martin - Day ago
Hi ilysm you guys remind me of Ariana grande (gabi) billie ellish (niki)
Comet Skies19
Comet Skies19 - Day ago
Great giveaway packages! I wish I could enter but sadly I don’t have insta! Oh well- good luck to everyone else! 😁
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