Traveling to the Happiest Country in the World!!

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory - 5 days ago
Thanks for watching! Despite what you might see in the video, Bhutan was actually quite challenging for me to travel to. The trip was planned very last minute so I didn't have time to do much research, I was still jet-lagged from the 14-hr time difference and the elevation was having weird effects on my headspace. But I pushed through even though filming alone in these conditions makes it so much harder to bring positive energy into it. Sitting down with the ex-Prime Minister and hiking to Tiger's Nest completely changed everything in the end however.

I'm on a bit of a personal journey of understanding what the fundamental parameters of joy truly are, so going on a trip like this had quite of a profound effect on me in the end. Hope you got something out of it and looking forward to capturing more of the world's beauty. - Thomas
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo - 9 hours ago
don´t go encouraging gringos to think they can come backpacking to this dangerous country where they are attacked, kidnapped, assaulted, discriminated, targeted, ripped off, stabbed, robbed of everything, dissappear, or organs taken, etc. ,,, Brrrraazzzzzzzzzzzzzilllllllllllll
Jeff Dur
Jeff Dur - 15 hours ago
Must be cool to go do all this stuff on other peoples money.
Geekettes Chat
Geekettes Chat - 15 hours ago
Yes Theory Bhutan is Incredible thank you so much for this video.
Jeff Dur
Jeff Dur - 22 hours ago
Poor little whiney hipster. Stfu.
Mathieu Harvey
Mathieu Harvey - Day ago
Brother. You're a huge inspiration to so so sooo many people, I really hope you find that joy in your heart, and in the depths of your soul. - Loads of love from Québec!
Billy B
Billy B - 8 hours ago
you need to make a shirt that sas ……I seek discomfort every time i board a plane lmao
Nana Murasaki
Nana Murasaki - 9 hours ago
Wow. Going to a country and meeting a former prime minister asap. What a journey.
Andrew Gilliland
Andrew Gilliland - 9 hours ago
The happiest country in the world but they don't allow religious freedom and they persecute people for converting from buddhism or hinduism to islam or christianty. It was worse it seems in the early 2000s and hopefully they continue to change their views around conversion and also closing worship spaces but common how great would it be to see a Church with a giant penis on the wall HAHA!
Maddox Florence
Maddox Florence - 9 hours ago
You guys are the best YouTubers ever!!!!!!!!😎😀🤩
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo - 9 hours ago
don´t go encouraging gringos to think they can come backpacking to this dangerous country where they are attacked, kidnapped, assaulted, discriminated, targeted, ripped off, stabbed, robbed of everything, dissappear, or organs taken, etc. ,,, Brrrraazzzzzzzzzzzzzilllllllllllll
Man Why?
Man Why? - 9 hours ago
Far cry 4
Andi Bee
Andi Bee - 9 hours ago
2025 #goals
JJ King
JJ King - 9 hours ago
This man says "You'd know every swipe" 😂
mathias rømer
mathias rømer - 9 hours ago
Wrong country...
Film Productions
Film Productions - 9 hours ago
I dare you to go to Antarctica
meyelie dewan
meyelie dewan - 10 hours ago
This video is soo beautiful and precious...thank you for showing us this beautiful country❤️
Selma Järvinen
Selma Järvinen - 10 hours ago
I thought finland was the happiest country in the world
Good Fact
Good Fact - 10 hours ago
Explore Antarctica travel vlog click now 👈⛴️🛩️🌍⛴️
Sydney Maciolek
Sydney Maciolek - 10 hours ago
why is thomas such a cutieeeee omg huge crush
Getty Swooch
Getty Swooch - 10 hours ago
Smart leaders, I need not say anymore!
Sagar Gomden
Sagar Gomden - 10 hours ago
My dad and mom is from their and I was born in Nepali
Kris Parkvil
Kris Parkvil - 11 hours ago
Im a traveller myself, and grew up with backpacking. I’ve always looked forward to my next trip, thats whats keeps me going... having dreams. My biggest Dream now is to travel around in Myanmar! The problem is I’ve suffered with depression and anxiety for half a year now and havent been able to save money for my trip because of that.. so if you want to help me get me up on my feet and fullfill one of my biggest dreams, I’m Right here and ready to pack any day!
Much love from Denmark
it's chester ortega
it's chester ortega - 11 hours ago
Come to the Philippines we will wait for you✌❤
Danel Donaeva
Danel Donaeva - 11 hours ago
Take me to India!
Emil Drtikul
Emil Drtikul - 11 hours ago
Im depressed and have anxiety but i would smile more if every building had penis on it.. They not happy, they are rofling everyday when roaming around the streets,
TC vlog
TC vlog - 11 hours ago
I invite you to come to Sri Lanka it is a beautiful country
Ishaan Tripathi
Ishaan Tripathi - 11 hours ago
As Indians we can travel to Bhutan visa free and tbh this place is indeed the happiest territory I’ve ever been to. Love to 🇧🇹 from 🇮🇳
Joakim Ludvigsen
Joakim Ludvigsen - 11 hours ago
Try and go to Denmark
Marta Jakubowska
Marta Jakubowska - 11 hours ago
Do you ever think you fly too much? Not so environment friendly... I travel maybe once or twice a year, for short distances and already feel bad about it.
jaan Lama
jaan Lama - 11 hours ago
I will Challange Yes Theory to do Everest Base Camp Tracking in Nepal. Love and respect you all from Nepal. You should check out Nepal which is more happier country than anyone us.
brenda meza
brenda meza - 11 hours ago
sitting in my boring cubicle while I watch this.. too awesome !!
Ida Gade
Ida Gade - 11 hours ago
have you guys ever heard of Denmark?
shanu7430 - 11 hours ago
penis protect from evils!
So i have to lower my pants if i see a witch! 😂😂😂
Datboy 719
Datboy 719 - 12 hours ago
This is latterly far cry 4
Rebeka Drahos
Rebeka Drahos - 12 hours ago
I swear you guys make the world a better place! Thank you for these amazing videos!
C S - 12 hours ago
Please come to Scotland , it’s very cold but very beautiful, there is so many nice wildlife like stags and rabbits and views like hills, mountains and lakes
Inside Info
Inside Info - 13 hours ago
Pls come to Sri Lanka and enjoy the spirit of nature
Peder Rønningen
Peder Rønningen - 13 hours ago
I just wanted to say that I really love what you’re doing, and that you have to keep up the great work! 💻
Bill Bryan
Bill Bryan - 13 hours ago
What a legendary country
Djenell Pattij
Djenell Pattij - 13 hours ago
Gotta respect kevin that guy is so well-connected its unreal
Charles Danao
Charles Danao - 14 hours ago
Bhutan: Carbon negative
China and India: sorry
Petri Pekkanen
Petri Pekkanen - 14 hours ago
Finland enters the chat
DRaquel14 - 14 hours ago
Tinder haha I’m dead
TSHERING'S VLOG-AWAY - 14 hours ago
thanks for visiting Bhutan
Loved your vlog
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