Everything Wrong With Furious 7 In So Many Minutes

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Wazeer Golamaully
Wazeer Golamaully - 2 hours ago
1:49 ..when hector touched dom, is that Leonardo DiCaprio behind them, with the hat and white vest?
Jordana Woroniuk
Jordana Woroniuk - 5 hours ago
Watched this before the movie. Still confused with the whole Paul walker thing. Did they kill him off? Did he just disappear? Wtf!
Negan & Lucille
Negan & Lucille - 6 hours ago
Jose Segundo
Jose Segundo - 8 hours ago
Re-upload? I remember almost all.
jazzfarer - 11 hours ago
The movie is...yeah. But I did kind of choke up during that scene where Dom and Brian take one last drive together and their paths split.
OG PLUG - 13 hours ago
Everything wrong with your channel.
Korey Morgan
Korey Morgan - 13 hours ago
Can’t wait till your video on Hobbs & Shaw comes out 😂🤣
Nova Lunatyc
Nova Lunatyc - 14 hours ago
I'd take at least 10-50 sins off for the fact that they did put tribute for Paul Walker
I mean... 1337 sins!? That seems like too much
Nathan Ricci
Nathan Ricci - 17 hours ago
Solid Garfield reference
SRT8Driver - 20 hours ago
'they say' ---1000 sins for that bullshit right there off the bat!!!
james hawkins
james hawkins - Day ago
Corona me silly!!!
zdruva Nosworthy
zdruva Nosworthy - Day ago
Yaz Khan
Yaz Khan - Day ago
15:37 +1 extra sin! The bloody wheel fell off!
sir pulls alot
sir pulls alot - Day ago
Great movie
Guest DJ666
Guest DJ666 - Day ago
When movies are so tedious you get bored halfway into the condensed cinemasins version
Jimmy Brassard
Jimmy Brassard - Day ago
9 minutes 100 sins.
Henry Park
Henry Park - Day ago
1337 sins for one movie!!!!!
OkiStash - Day ago
Ummmm Brian's Scion? You mean the scion with the flat-4 and awd? XD
Sheryl Wilkins
Sheryl Wilkins - Day ago
It has been a long time since I have laughed out loud on Cinema Sins. This one got me. The best was the building to building scene. I could just imagine them hitting between floors or a support beam. Kills me.
Iamdevin - Day ago
Cinema Sins: Everyone knows this is london!

Me: I didn't know this london.....
lidia gonzalez
lidia gonzalez - Day ago
I swear this guy hates everything
Butter milch
Butter milch - Day ago
I hated this movie so bad& u really like the First 3 F&F Movies. It's just a Bad story, Bad Jokes, exxagerated & stupid Action, sexualised Women & a very cringy "Dom Has to be remembered on his own Wedding & suddenly wakes up"- scene. Seriously, which human being older than 12 likes this? Only good aspects were djimon hounsou, Tony Jaa & maybe Nathalie Emmanuel. & these 3 were extremely undertaxed in this one.
Unicornz Exist
Unicornz Exist - Day ago
Why is no one talking about him saying *"lOrD oF tHe HoBbIt"*
Allen Lavine
Allen Lavine - Day ago
Can you do phone booth please
Damian Palma
Damian Palma - Day ago
“Brian’s scion” lol definitely a subaru
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter - 2 days ago
Needs more sins.
EdLeX_Player2 - 2 days ago
Sean: when you find the guy that killed Han, what are you gonna do?
Dom: I... I'm gona give that bastard his own spin off movie franchise, that'll teach him.
The Void Looks Pretty
The Void Looks Pretty - 2 days ago
These movies are anime.
GeekReacts - 2 days ago
You have to do different standards for sins like gold, silver, bronze. This movie has a fair number of silver and gold sins.
Jesse Budelman
Jesse Budelman - 2 days ago
Tony....who? Lmao
Jesse Budelman
Jesse Budelman - 2 days ago
Brian’s Subaru ;)
FREE Will Dummies!
FREE Will Dummies! - 2 days ago
This movie has seven fast sins lmao 🤣😂😅
MediaCastleX - 2 days ago
That this movies sins are 1337 makes my millennium, especially since this is a movie about cars and the only thing having to do with tech is the gods eye... 101 😅
Mitch Finney
Mitch Finney - 2 days ago
8:42 “Brian’s Scion” boy that’s a Subaru 😂
BC P - 2 days ago
This movie as a full is a sin. It's a fast and furious movie... they all suck ass.
Scar vL
Scar vL - 2 days ago
Anyone else realise he just said Brian was driving a Scion? Even though a Subaru is a very easy car to notice?
Joonas Vuomajoki
Joonas Vuomajoki - 2 days ago
Also... We're still supposed to believe Lucas Black is 15 years old in that scene... He was already ten years too old for the role in Tokyo Drift...
Birdineye - 2 days ago

what a meme
Tyler Weil
Tyler Weil - 2 days ago
1337 sins? I see what you did there...
Fabian Ramos
Fabian Ramos - 2 days ago
Am I trippin’ or did he already sin this movie? 🤔
Tora Cabey
Tora Cabey - 12 hours ago
It is. Took me a while to realize cause honestly I can't tell one furious movie from another. But it''s up in the description.
Alpha Cat77
Alpha Cat77 - 2 days ago
After seeing Hobbs and Shaw I’m pretty sure that movie might end up with one of the highest sin counts excluding bonus rounds
SootCoot - 2 days ago
I remember going to a cinema with a couple of friends to see furious 3. All around me people laughed at the most stupid and obvious jokes and it was full of non realistic stuff. It is my worst cinema experience yet. I've never wanted to leave a movie early more than i did that time. And I stayed clear from the series ever since.
DJ Naldo
DJ Naldo - 2 days ago
“Even GTA V won’t let you drive down mount Chilliad without dying” 😭
Matte Music
Matte Music - 21 hour ago
DJ Naldo Lmaooooooo
CMDRZero01 - 2 days ago
Aaron Wolfenbarger
Aaron Wolfenbarger - 2 days ago
that you would think the rock should kick ass because of his size and/or because he is the rock makes me laugh, i can kick the rocks ass and my back hurts lol!
Pyroflamer - 2 days ago
Why does he keep on sinning Comcast?
Amy Jane Marshall
Amy Jane Marshall - 2 days ago
Never has a CinemaSins video convinced me so that I'm doing the right thing in never watching these movies.
GamerFromJump - 2 days ago
12:20 - Garfield tries to ship Nermal to Abu Dhabi, not Odie. Sin on you, Jeremy. _ding_
20:13 - also, “calvary”. _ding_
I think the protagonists might actually be Saiyans. The more dead they _ought_ to be, the more powerful they become.
Ahivalaostia88 - 2 days ago
We need a 2 part video for a very bad movie... but which one...
Q. Lysa
Q. Lysa - 2 days ago
Ok love CinemaSins, and F&F got REALLY stupid. But no reason to drag down my man Hawkeye and compare him to ROMAN.
James Callahan
James Callahan - 2 days ago
I didn't know dialogue could be so bad to the point of making me physically violent
Miranda Nascimento
Miranda Nascimento - 2 days ago
2:49 this line is so fucking long, long enough to still going when you mute it to make the commentary over it, then you skip this shit and the line is still going. It's hilarious.
Gonzalo Giha
Gonzalo Giha - 2 days ago
abudabi is nermal's destination, not odie's.
Oweh Oreva
Oweh Oreva - 2 days ago
“Barely” 😂
Musili Musee
Musili Musee - 2 days ago
You seriously gonna not remove a sin for one of the best actor tributes of all time!?
Oweh Oreva
Oweh Oreva - 2 days ago
Jackson Gondo
Jackson Gondo - 2 days ago
“How else you gonna get that paycheck Tyrese?” Brutal. I love you CinemaSins 😂😂❤️
Phoenix 24
Phoenix 24 - 2 days ago
Any re-upload of Shrek 2 coming? It's not available in all countries
08mlascelles - 2 days ago
get a VPN then
BiG Smoke
BiG Smoke - 2 days ago
6:29 Damn that had to be the worst line at the worst timing
InaZeaAnaZazi - 3 days ago
1317: What IS a calvary anyway? Oh, it's everyone and their mother not knowing how to pronounce CAVALRY, not a reference to (checks wikipedia disambiguation) "the hill in Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified." or one of the three cities in the US called calvary?
Sorry, I've been reading too much self-published work where people use "here, here" and don't know where to put commas and don't know with what times they're supposed to work when writing a novel lately, so such shit really makes me angry.
Aaron Dickson
Aaron Dickson - 3 days ago
You missed one Jeremy. 3:56 rewatch from there and see that they didn't bother to apply CGI to one of Paul Walkers Brothers that stood in for his character this movie. Tisk Tisk. The way I see it? Carrie Fisher, Joan Rivers, Paul Walker... are either siping ice teas on a island in Malibu... or are actually sadly passed away... BUT, WHY does HollyWeird CONTINUE to sacrilege their memories … oh wait, Greed disguised as "honouring" their memory. Bullshit. They aren't around according to the news. Get original abit more HollyWeird, or just keep pissing out more Disney Remakes of properties NOT originally created by Freemasonic Disney (Looking as you Simba the White Lion). I could be wrong though. Atleast Disney is being original by pumping out comic book stories that have already been covered in the comics. I enjoy those honestly.
Jakk Frost
Jakk Frost - 3 days ago
1:01 Think I said this last time you posted this video, but this is not just giving out "unnecessary credits". Actors get producer credits when they start sinking their own money into the project, like Tom Welling did with 'Smallville' (as one example that comes to mind), to help keep it running longer.
YoungDerrick Llml34
YoungDerrick Llml34 - 3 days ago
So we still not gon talk about alot of teens in Japan still still have flip phones and motorola shit when Japan has the best technology in 2017....
Joe Rob
Joe Rob - 3 days ago
Is this a reupload?
Kaitlin Friday
Kaitlin Friday - 3 days ago
Could you plz do Hobbs and Shaw on one of your channels
MrThystleblum1 - 3 days ago
No bonus round?
Flynn Kellenbach
Flynn Kellenbach - 3 days ago
Do everything wrong with stretch
Flynn Kellenbach
Flynn Kellenbach - 3 days ago
Everything wrong with stretch
Game Boys
Game Boys - 3 days ago
15:01 either thats burst fire or idk whats going on rn
Stephen Grambsch
Stephen Grambsch - 3 days ago
Did you ask if he was driving around when Han was killed? Obviously yes. The whole reason Han was driving around at all at that time was because of him.
Arely perez
Arely perez - 3 days ago
Listen man I only watch these cause their entertaining at times and I loved the first and third one. At this point it's my life since it's been around since my childhood.
Marth - 3 days ago
this should be the whole movie
최한을 - 3 days ago
MrParanoia - 3 days ago
1:36 I ain't complaining tho
William Fisher
William Fisher - 3 days ago
That GTA V reference had me in stitches 😆
Blah Anger
Blah Anger - 3 days ago
People still watch this?
Triggered Thomas
Triggered Thomas - 3 days ago
SantiagoHS - 3 days ago
im getting de ja vu.I swear ive seen this lol
Nerdly Reviews
Nerdly Reviews - 3 days ago
Wanna watch a movie that’s supposed to be action and not mostly fucking talking, but you wanna watch these movies? The fast forward button on ur remote will be really helpful. I started this film when they dumped the cars outta the plane. Yes I didn’t know what was going on. Did I care? No not at all. When a plot like this is big and bloated and the trailers made this film seem more like an action movie than what we got which is talking. So. Much. Stupid. Exposition. I. FUCKING. HATE IT!!! God this movie coulda honestly been 1 and a half hours long and we still woulda gotten the dumbass story also I have no hate against Paul Walker what happened to him was really sad, and like they shoulda left this film at 7 the end. Stop it!
Krotle - 3 days ago
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