TMG - Walk Man (Official Video)

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NarwhalU - 32 minutes ago
2:18 me running from the monsters in my sleep
ThisIsSra - 50 minutes ago
ThatOneDamnGuy - Hour ago
Noel and Cody: haha this is a joke
Also, B A R S
Alyssa Agueros
Alyssa Agueros - Hour ago
HelloXryan is a whole ass mood
i’m mad at how much this slaps
eli Ashouri
eli Ashouri - Hour ago
to the 1.7 k people that disliked 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾
Mayra Araujo
Mayra Araujo - Hour ago
Noel is really nice looking
Pineapple Suicide
Pineapple Suicide - 2 hours ago
A-T - 3 hours ago
The man who's learning English
0:48 That wink tho.
raw squid
raw squid - 3 hours ago
definitely not sugar gay
Emily Liberatore
Emily Liberatore - 3 hours ago
Tmg: rhymes Walk man with Walk man
Jenna Mejia
Jenna Mejia - 3 hours ago
What factory do men like Cody & Noel come from. Asking for a friend.
tula mei
tula mei - 3 hours ago
noel sounding 6'5 ngl
Danielle Hooks
Danielle Hooks - 3 hours ago
Noel is the Dre drexler of rapping
Probably Not
Probably Not - 4 hours ago
spicy with a 1
spicy with a 1 - 4 hours ago
Why does this songs actually go
Parker - 4 hours ago
i get that you guys are doing this ironically but if you don’t stop being good at it i’m going to have to start telling you how much better eminem is
Kara Louise
Kara Louise - 4 hours ago
how y’all feeling about all these girls thirsting over y’all LMFAO
just syd
just syd - 4 hours ago
2:26 ur welcome
Zee - 4 hours ago
i just came here to say Noel has THE sexiest voice
Shawn Laws
Shawn Laws - 4 hours ago
bruh when cody tried to hit the walk like noel i fuckin died laughing
Faith Flahn
Faith Flahn - 5 hours ago
I fr this songs
Caden Goldman
Caden Goldman - 5 hours ago
My friend: I listen to rap music
Me: You know what I listen to?
My friend: What?
Jr93rd !
Jr93rd ! - 5 hours ago
When’s the album drop!!
Alyssa Ewing
Alyssa Ewing - 5 hours ago
why does Noel look like Cool Guy
emmanuel_aye - 5 hours ago
littttttttttt y'all are dope asf ngl
Sadie Rose the Shih Tzu
Sadie Rose the Shih Tzu - 5 hours ago
One word

Kurami - 6 hours ago
Kama - 6 hours ago
0:54 suddenly I'm pregnant and expecting child support ofc
RedWood _Tree
RedWood _Tree - 6 hours ago
0:42 *Xbox Achievment: u bi*
Nickymano8 _
Nickymano8 _ - 6 hours ago
Before this song i was jogging now im walking
Zoey Potato
Zoey Potato - 7 hours ago
*B A R S*
Boom Get Roasted
Boom Get Roasted - 7 hours ago
noel is kinda hot tbh
paula ann
paula ann - 7 hours ago
why is noel like... so much hotter like voice and just funny...
John Blanke
John Blanke - 8 hours ago
my grandma listens to prayers on a walkman and didn’t think i knew what it was, but i showed her how i learned
true - 8 hours ago
Bibo - 8 hours ago
“Take a walk”
Cody and Noell: *starts fuckin bolting it*
Will B
Will B - 8 hours ago
God damn.
Sarah Roessner
Sarah Roessner - 8 hours ago
they hyper as hell in this one
Patiii1120 - 8 hours ago
Miggy Bars
Miggy Bars - 9 hours ago
This beat is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 love this 😂🙌
Morgan Rose
Morgan Rose - 9 hours ago
They really didn’t have to snap this hard 😍
lotta_turcotta XD
lotta_turcotta XD - 9 hours ago
“fingers all over my quarter pounder and she lovin that”

CeCe Laz3r
CeCe Laz3r - 9 hours ago
I have listened to this song in repeat for the past hour
Zara - 10 hours ago
this... was surprisingly good. like billboard top 100 good. like grammy submission good. who'd of thought a white valley boy and asian passing bloke could sound so urban
DestinyLSP - 10 hours ago
This is actually good though
RANDOMKIDzZ - 10 hours ago
Is no one gonna talk about how Cody's "girlfriend" thought he was going to propose?
Jai Tirado
Jai Tirado - 10 hours ago
what a banger
julia sherk !!!
julia sherk !!! - 10 hours ago
katie Beth
katie Beth - 11 hours ago
0:53 ;)
Giannis equals MVP
Giannis equals MVP - 11 hours ago
No rappers:
Not even YouTube rappers:
Cody and Noel: let’s make the official video with 20 dollars and 25 cents
Fatmatta M’Bai
Fatmatta M’Bai - 11 hours ago
For a song that was only supposed to be a joke it’s really good
Marie Yokers
Marie Yokers - 11 hours ago
Respect to Spock for making SICK beats. So talented.
Odell Beckham
Odell Beckham - 11 hours ago
Why can’t we run
i'm a bendy toe
i'm a bendy toe - 11 hours ago
this highkey slaps i've still got it stuck in my head
NathanShantz - 11 hours ago
cordae ヅ
cordae ヅ - 12 hours ago
that Chinese/Mongolian/Japanese/Caucasian man really spit bars
Murasame鬼神 - 12 hours ago
I hope you won’t become rapers

Rapers die young
Ezra Benninger
Ezra Benninger - 6 hours ago
Camille Flores
Camille Flores - 12 hours ago
can i marry noel
ReLy - 12 hours ago
miranda viv
miranda viv - 12 hours ago
why is noel so fine
Elly Rushes
Elly Rushes - 12 hours ago
Noel stop with the f i r e
Anna Is not kool
Anna Is not kool - 12 hours ago
cheap as chips
cheap as chips - 13 hours ago
noel: 😉
girls: 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧
Sara Sarvari
Sara Sarvari - 13 hours ago
whys this shit so cringey and yet straight fucking fire ?????? lol
Terrick Crosby
Terrick Crosby - 13 hours ago
I fuck with my comedians being better rappers than my favorite rappers.
Drop a banger with Chris Delia?
Fatin Afiqah
Fatin Afiqah - 13 hours ago
Noel's hottest moment
0:54 and 1:47
booger boi
booger boi - 13 hours ago
i had an epiphany while listening to this for the 6th time
Ezra Benninger
Ezra Benninger - 6 hours ago
I had an orgasm
euphoric tae
euphoric tae - 13 hours ago
noel’s deep voice
Madison Birtwistle
Madison Birtwistle - 13 hours ago
Jon Ferrell
Jon Ferrell - 14 hours ago
Why is Noel a low key fire rapper
cecilia - 14 hours ago
noel has the perfect rapper voice man this shit goes HARRRRRD
Bryan Uden
Bryan Uden - 14 hours ago
2:28 How I try to approach girls. 1:32 How I actually approach them.
Ardrift. - 14 hours ago
Noel is too good for YouTube rap
Peol Borjeu
Peol Borjeu - 14 hours ago
Diamond Pistole done a good Job and Tagen they Booth smashed sum good bars on there
Melrin Sequeira
Melrin Sequeira - 14 hours ago
Noel gotta stop driving me crazy with his hotass 😍
shrek x
shrek x - 15 hours ago
shits fire
Devin Palmberg
Devin Palmberg - 15 hours ago
That Spock cameo got me tweaking tho. Almost lost my shit
Somebody once Told me
Somebody once Told me - 15 hours ago
From laughing at kombucha to spitting fire. Damn.
Erik Perron
Erik Perron - 15 hours ago
That Saved by the Bell reference tho
Emalee - 15 hours ago
Cody and Noel be lookin like ants when they run at the end
dfazen89 - 16 hours ago
These 2 are the ultimate besties and I love it lol
William Jordan
William Jordan - 16 hours ago
“I put her face on my wood like a totem pole”...BARS
Miguel Ramírez
Miguel Ramírez - 16 hours ago
Why are YouTuber songs so good😂
admirechoni💓 - 16 hours ago
the fact that this song is all over tiktok now makes me hella sad
Maruaz - 16 hours ago
every fat man went on a walk after hearing this song
siko_ghost - 16 hours ago
Noel voice is on point 💓🙌🔥💯 and cody is sick 💓💯
Bill O’Reilly
Bill O’Reilly - 17 hours ago
They need to get features from famous rappers in joke ways
Scarlett Oaks
Scarlett Oaks - 17 hours ago
I think I might be in love with Noel
JonesOutdoors - 17 hours ago
This is actually fire🔥🔥
MaidieMae - 18 hours ago
Noel deadass can dance tho 💀💀💀
MaidieMae - 18 hours ago
No one:
Noel in every song: BITCH!
TonyFlamingoIsADouchebag - 18 hours ago
If you guys cut out the joke parts of this song it’d actually do really well in my opinion
Lina Morales
Lina Morales - 19 hours ago
this shit slaps
Akash J Kottoor
Akash J Kottoor - 19 hours ago
TMG stand for Tiny Meat Gang, if any of you guys were wondering.
Dora the explorer
Dora the explorer - 19 hours ago
Noel is fucking god
Dora the explorer
Dora the explorer - 19 hours ago
breakingmichigan - 19 hours ago
anyone notice the beat? sounds like your copy of FL is 'going bad' hehe
Ashleigh Ross
Ashleigh Ross - 20 hours ago
I can’t get enough of this beat
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