Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan

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Pierre Assouad
Pierre Assouad - Hour ago
How did you eat all that?
krloz - Hour ago
I wanna be high af in japan!
The Nerdmaster
The Nerdmaster - 2 hours ago
That lady who walked by was giving you the stink eye
pragmatic mind
pragmatic mind - 2 hours ago
They on another level compared to the U.S.A. 7-Elevens.
James D.
James D. - 2 hours ago
Why in the hell are there 7-11's in south eastern Virginia (where I grew up) but not in western North Carolina (were I am now)? They made it all the way to Japan and Australia, but the other end of the state next door is too far apparently...
John Kolls
John Kolls - 3 hours ago
he makes food look tasty
Ruttu Boje
Ruttu Boje - 3 hours ago
How did u say "this is ridiculous" when ur mouth was so full??
Hinerangi Smith
Hinerangi Smith - 3 hours ago
Why do I love watching these sm!!!! There's something satisfying about watching him eat ramen😂
Gaurab Rai
Gaurab Rai - 4 hours ago
"hehe sure"
Penny Hanlon
Penny Hanlon - 4 hours ago
I would love to go and try different cultures of food from around the world especially in Japan
Austin Police Department
Austin Police Department - 6 hours ago
What are those noodles? 8:18
ツCrypted - 7 hours ago
“Oh what in the world is... *Sure* ”
Yeo Kenjjo
Yeo Kenjjo - 7 hours ago
that was like a 5000 calories brunch god damn
Eian Alicea
Eian Alicea - 8 hours ago
last night at 11 a clock i was watching ur vids and u got me hungry for ramen and we got this nasty us ramen
YETI JUST ATE A DOG with shit and piss
There’s too much Asian in this store
nazabest isabest
nazabest isabest - 16 hours ago
That food lasts a day for me
Mr G
Mr G - 16 hours ago
lol. way to ignore the instruction on instant ramen
Jake Willow
Jake Willow - 17 hours ago
How do you eat that much. Love your videos man you put so much effort and time into your video. Your a legend! Keep it up !!
Diego Corona
Diego Corona - 20 hours ago
I would eat everything In that video
hannahcracker - 21 hour ago
Alright I finally gave in because this video kept showing up in my recommended. I'm pleased.
WayBackIn 2003
WayBackIn 2003 - 22 hours ago
Here we have a store with 200 types of instant noodle, and is the super, top quality happy noodle!:
Tyler Mead
Tyler Mead - 23 hours ago
I’m moving the Japan with that 7/11
Rudy Brooks
Rudy Brooks - 23 hours ago
How can you eat so much?!??! I would be dying
Kahleah Bãbÿ
Kahleah Bãbÿ - Day ago
This makes me want to go to Japan even more than I already want to
Dustin Atkinson
Dustin Atkinson - Day ago
Kinda like a twinkie but not full of preserves
Anakin Skyobiliviator
The amount of food Mike consumes...I want to see him go against one of Japan's food fighters.
MrDerpy17Y T
MrDerpy17Y T - Day ago
i wonder why mikey doesnt just bring around a bottle of hot oil
Rayy Rayy
Rayy Rayy - Day ago
Does Singapore have a 7-Eleven???
Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell - Day ago
Doing water fast for 8 days and watching this helps lots
Joseph Ro
Joseph Ro - Day ago
I looked up Micro Machines Chen on youtube and you came up as a video... Scary how it seems a bit accurate
Gillian Baxter
Gillian Baxter - Day ago
I have eaten nothing today and I have been watching your videos for a couple of hours and now I am just full from watching.
OvrZealous - Day ago
U. F. . . that looks good 😅
Yoshi !
Yoshi ! - Day ago
Nasim Wehbe
Nasim Wehbe - Day ago
Why can't 7-11 here in the U.S. be this nice and serve great food?
Antonia Stoynova
Antonia Stoynova - Day ago
If I get to go to that trip to Japan next year, I will go and try these stuff
Armando Roseno
Armando Roseno - Day ago
Jacky chan?
gusy629 - Day ago
I’m watching the zombie devouring Seven Eleven shop in Japan.
J F - Day ago
I am always astonished by the amounts of food and drink you can put away. Also, I am astonished how hungry I always get wen watching your videos. I need to go on a video-diet!
novgaladh - Day ago
how can u eat that many?
Yoshi Kawai
Yoshi Kawai - Day ago
1:02 From my experience, that's the best food one man can get in a 7/11.
Misashi Tao
Misashi Tao - Day ago
Im in another food corner here in yt,while hungry! 👅salivating .
Vanessa Chang
Vanessa Chang - 2 days ago
he spent 30+ usd at a convenience store i wish i had the confidence and money
NELSON WIBOWO - 2 days ago
Meanwhile my local 7-11 store has stale donuts, expired sodas, nacho cheese that is fused to the top, and a half-asleep cashier that talks to himself
loket popiksye
loket popiksye - 2 days ago
Now I'm hungry ;-;
isaac harnack
isaac harnack - 2 days ago
I’ve never gotten anything better than expired hotdog on a crusty bun and a really sugary and syrupy slushees
Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson - 2 days ago
Thank heavens for 7 11 😉😁
Ashley Webster
Ashley Webster - 2 days ago
All I want to eat is ramen now 😒
Large Vessel
Large Vessel - 2 days ago
i dont like green tea
Large Vessel
Large Vessel - 2 days ago
man that bbq looks good.
G4eva420 - 2 days ago
711 is the US sucks!
Samiksha Bagai
Samiksha Bagai - 2 days ago
I'm trying to lose weight while watching this
Rena Urbina
Rena Urbina - 2 days ago
Anyone noticed he got more items than Taiwan 711
Sea Mee
Sea Mee - 2 days ago
I’m concentrating on you eating.👀
TheSunnyMaloni - 2 days ago
I’ve come to the conclusion that food in the USA 🇺🇸 sucks unless you pony up some cash
Gerald Bondoc
Gerald Bondoc - 2 days ago
Laki siguro ng ebak neto
Bunny pig
Bunny pig - 2 days ago
Thos guy looks like jackie chan
My Xbox
My Xbox - 2 days ago
Americans have left the chat
Jeshua Da patato
Jeshua Da patato - 3 days ago
Watching u eat so much in one course make me full
Jay Chen
Jay Chen - 3 days ago
The tied noodle thing looks like konjac noodle.
drink the tea sis
drink the tea sis - 3 days ago
What is the name of the frozen grapes he put in the ice?
Nil A
Nil A - 3 days ago
Mike, when I'm stoned your videos sound dirty to me
big_nibba_god - 3 days ago
You would never eat a dog right?
Lenny Faces
Lenny Faces - 3 days ago
CountlessPWNZ - 3 days ago
thats the homie jackie chan, from jackie chan adventures.
IzEddieBruh - 3 days ago
He gets paid to eat. Wtf
Silence - 3 days ago
everywhere around the world,7-eleven look so good but in the US...
it's just a disapointment
Yuri Hazarika
Yuri Hazarika - 3 days ago
I wouldn’t eat that noodle hotdog tho😶
Millennial Travel Confessions
Not everything from there is you can get much nicer food from local Japanese restaurants for not much more money!
It looks like he don’t like the food wen he first try’s it
小川聡 - 3 days ago
I think Yakisoba Bread(Yakisoba-Pan) is one of a symbol of school life in anime.
Mrs. Purrfection
Mrs. Purrfection - 3 days ago
Why is watching you eat so satisfying to me? 🤤🤤
Heavenly Athena
Heavenly Athena - 3 days ago
Omgg this video is making me so hungry😋 This is an amazing video,!! Love you 💕💕✨
aj tutonu
aj tutonu - 3 days ago
In astrailia 7 eleven is like a gasstaition
SoccerFreak890 - 3 days ago
I’m sure he would dip his own children in broth
rebecca brandt
rebecca brandt - 3 days ago
Beef bowl awesome, strawberry sandwich . What exactly is the bread. Not American I hope.
ᴀʟᴘʜᴀ - 3 days ago
I would love to come to Japan and eat these cheap food or open a cheap healthy food store here in Surinam country because food is expensive here if they are store bought
ᴀʟᴘʜᴀ - 3 days ago
Your self control is low
Kristine Robins
Kristine Robins - 4 days ago
I'm in love with you and your show. I found you on Facebook and realized you must be on YouTube. You are the most amazing host. So fun to watch. Great watching you try new digs. Exactly what I be like to do!!!!
Millennial Travel Confessions
His USa-video channel is great, it gives us satisfaction watching it and makes us want to go back to Japan sooner!
Retz - 4 days ago
How do you eat so much? Do you just starve yourself off-video or do you have an infinite stomach? I mean I can eat a lot in one sitting, but not nearly as much as you...
Jan Bex
Jan Bex - 4 days ago
siti aiza
siti aiza - 4 days ago
U look like jackie chan younger version
siti aiza
siti aiza - 4 days ago
Omgudness im gone crazy of craving the food that u god my god.....y im so far away from tokyo 7e
Jonna Aludo
Jonna Aludo - 4 days ago
The 7 Eleven in Japan looks supermarket already.. there's a lot of good stuff...
Sammuel Cruz
Sammuel Cruz - 4 days ago
Zorgo diffuse 10:34
Alex Loo Wei Jie
Alex Loo Wei Jie - 4 days ago
I'm in Japan now and I'm going to eat the hell out of these places!!
trioa tipoka
trioa tipoka - 4 days ago
711 dude go to an actual street market for us.
Avi LeQueen
Avi LeQueen - 4 days ago
Why can’t I go to Japan right now?
Why am I so broke?
Why am I so hungry?
Eric Lee - Homestead PS (1511)
I didn’t see you eat the strawberry flavoured puff
Shawn Needsalife
Shawn Needsalife - 5 days ago
25:33 he doesn’t move his mouth but speaks
Rich Rusznak
Rich Rusznak - 5 days ago
LMAO ... "What is this ??? Ehhh whatever let me eat it !!!"
Oof Gang
Oof Gang - 5 days ago
Zedward - 5 days ago
this man really loves food
WINGS of BAEPSAE - 5 days ago
yamadago - 4 days ago
that is "ICE NO MI".(アイスの実) it is a kind a soft popsicle balls.(it contained around 80% fruit juice). soda is just carbonated drink.(product name is "TANSAN" by canada dry).it is nothing special. :D
Jonathan De La Riva
Jonathan De La Riva - 5 days ago
Me pregunto si ahi realmente la comida es saludable y no como en México que todo eso que que esta comiendo es una basura, espero que si y como puede comer tanto o_O
Space Space
Space Space - 5 days ago
That thing looked like a twinky 18:29
Space Space
Space Space - 5 days ago
Don’t give any restaurants ideas 4:32
Garret Miller
Garret Miller - 5 days ago
Everything about this is love at first bite!
steven romero
steven romero - 5 days ago
dude you made me so hungry!!!
Best Games
Best Games - 5 days ago
Hey there
Garret Miller
Garret Miller - 5 days ago
In the middle of this I went to 7-eleven and bought a fruit parfait. That visual distortion on the bread looks crazy. 9:23 does anyone else see it?
Calvin K
Calvin K - 5 days ago
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