Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan

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L - 27 minutes ago
Did you even check out the meat in the sweet 7-11 Bento box? Looked like the best bit.
Teresia Leonardi
Teresia Leonardi - 51 minute ago
When they open the gift coupons... 😂
RoastyToasty Gamezz
RoastyToasty Gamezz - 59 minutes ago
So my cat had to leave jesteday cuz we are going to maroco and im on hell of a wreck and i like to see pepol happy and enjoing somthing cuz it cheers me up and this made my day
Firjh Kalaz
Firjh Kalaz - Hour ago
Firjh Kalaz
Firjh Kalaz - Hour ago
For a second i thought u were gonna dip the egg sandwhich in the ramen too lol
roes wolf
roes wolf - Hour ago
That looks amazing😍
BlurrKzNation - Hour ago
japan has every kind of food i want
F.B.i Agent
F.B.i Agent - Hour ago
How does he not gain weight
S & J Eats
S & J Eats - Hour ago
It’s a 7-eleven Matcha green cookie! I love how he said that.
Kelly Fulgencio
Kelly Fulgencio - 2 hours ago
oh those matcha's.
Kelly Fulgencio
Kelly Fulgencio - 2 hours ago
where are you putting all those stuff in one go? 🤣
Kaoru - 3 hours ago
I cannot believe you ate all of that! Wow! It all looks great! US convenience stores are slacking! I bet you got a lot of weird looks filming yourself eating. lol
nvmbethn - 3 hours ago
and yet here’s american 7elevens
Miyako Makino
Miyako Makino - 3 hours ago
you eat a lot! but how can you still look like a homeless man
Sheerin Khan
Sheerin Khan - 4 hours ago
In America thassa whole gourmet restaurant
SchoolofSoul - 5 hours ago
We need this food at American 7-Elevens. Giant microwave burritos, hot dogs, and nachos just ain't cutting it anymore.
Erica Fishcake
Erica Fishcake - 5 hours ago
Your reactions are hilarious 😂😂😂
XxMoon_FallxX - 5 hours ago
- -
\_(0_o)_/ idk what is that talking
Chi YUEN lam
Chi YUEN lam - 5 hours ago
Plz make more of these vids
Slutty Oz
Slutty Oz - 6 hours ago
I’m 10 mins in and can’t believe ur not full yet
Alex Kuhn
Alex Kuhn - 6 hours ago
no-calorie noodles? NO CALORIE NOODLES??
J Bang
J Bang - 7 hours ago
Anyone notice that Mike’s “S”s are pronounced like “sh”s? No hate, just wondering
Marc Francois
Marc Francois - 7 hours ago
This guy eats alot
Diane Kamien
Diane Kamien - 7 hours ago
Hey Mike, you didn't order the right chicken at Lawson! The chicken that they are most famous for is actually the chicken filet called the "chiki chik". That is hands down the most juicy, delicious chicken that I've had in Japan. They serve it to you in a little, hand-held paper bag. If you're still in Japan or the next time you go, you need to go back to try it!
Don Gertan
Don Gertan - 8 hours ago
Damn Mikey. I wanna go to Japan now.
BlueHeaded Michael
BlueHeaded Michael - 8 hours ago
for a 7-eleven video he says border line so much
Miss Jewells
Miss Jewells - 9 hours ago
This is my second video of you, and I had to subscribe 😊, you’re funny. That food looked delicious! I’m making those strawberry & cream sandwiches!
Alexandre St-Denis
Alexandre St-Denis - 9 hours ago
Jackie Chan?
stiras1 - 10 hours ago
It was fascinating as I am planning on moving to Japan, but I have to tell you man... after a while felt sick FOR you. That is A LOT of food. My tummy hurt just watching... well could also be because I just ate too much pizza and my tummy feels full. Maybe I shouldn't watch food videos while my own tummy is bursting. :P
Andrea R
Andrea R - 10 hours ago
The pizza buns dubbed the inari sushi were might favorites while living in Japan. Should have gotten the seasonal Lipton fruit teas.
L N - 10 hours ago
I am hungry and stuffed all at the same time! That desert that looks like what I wish the American twinkie was made me want jump on an airplane ASAP!!!
Melita k
Melita k - 10 hours ago
Kanna Gang
Kanna Gang - 10 hours ago
How the hell does he eat this much. I understand he works out, but my stomach has never been large enough to eat all this.
Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas - 11 hours ago
I’ve lived all over Europe and visited some Amazing countries... but I have never had the pleasure of going anywhere in Asia :(. Japan is definitely my next country I want to visit!! Can’t wait!! This video was such a tease....*sigh*.
Noah Kaplan
Noah Kaplan - 11 hours ago
How the hell do you finish all this food??
Golden makenae
Golden makenae - 11 hours ago
I love these long 7-Eleven videos ❤️
Adrian - 11 hours ago
Super jealous!!! I wish we had all that in our Canadian 7-11
M T - 11 hours ago
I missed the 711 and Lawson in Japan. We have such terrible store here in America. This video make me so hungry, got to go grab some Japanese food.
Annie Woo
Annie Woo - 11 hours ago
What are those noodles called?!?! That are zero calories!!!
KJ Ritua
KJ Ritua - 12 hours ago
looks a lot healthier than what we have
Emily Sioban
Emily Sioban - 12 hours ago
If I could eat that much and stay fit my life would be complete
Sora Irons
Sora Irons - 13 hours ago
you did noy pick up ramen you pickd up yakisoba lol
Curves - 13 hours ago
he can eat a whale and still be hungry.
ZZZ Xander
ZZZ Xander - 14 hours ago
Someone just watching you like a creep
I love GDRGN
I love GDRGN - 15 hours ago
How I wish we have that green tea cookies here in Philippines. I love green tea flavored foods. 😭
Googly Bear
Googly Bear - 15 hours ago
can we like get that ramen in amazon? cuz like im too poor to fly all the way to Japan...
OverWhelming - 15 hours ago
I clicked on this video of the sole purpose that my name was in the title
joebeezy115 - 15 hours ago
being greedy creatively.💚
Hello Stranger
Hello Stranger - 17 hours ago
In Asia you’ll find 7 elevens with no actual gas station...
Prajwal Ramesh
Prajwal Ramesh - 18 hours ago
Give me the money to go to Japan I will go
SlasherAE - 19 hours ago
I Have tried U.F.O ramen before, and holy hell it was good.
Kaleb Girma
Kaleb Girma - 20 hours ago
Dammit this is why I wanna visit Japan
Asperanik - 22 hours ago
You look a bit like Jackie Chan
Alice Sheeran
Alice Sheeran - 22 hours ago
Lawson is my favorite convenience store in Japan!
Francis Cachuela
Francis Cachuela - 22 hours ago
Can you answer my question? Where did you put all that awesome foods? Man you are beast!! Mikey Chen youtube channel are also yours or not?
iMrNice Guy
iMrNice Guy - 22 hours ago
jackie chan look alike lol
Victoria Killjoy
Victoria Killjoy - 22 hours ago
YOU MADE ME HUNGRY AF... and I only have pasta with cut tomatoes.....
Nick's Life.
Nick's Life. - 22 hours ago
Does he know Bourdain is deada.
daysofrust - Day ago
I never knew it would be so great to watch a cute guy eat haha.
royroy428198 - Day ago
Your not in Tokyo but Fukuoka for Lawson! I live there haha
Matt Miller
Matt Miller - Day ago
i like your general delight about things
Dee Ann H
Dee Ann H - Day ago
7-11 looks like a good place to go if you go to Japan. The food looks so good. This is 100 times better than the restaurant reviews.
Martin Santos
Martin Santos - Day ago
What is the name of those ice balss he mixed with sparkling water? Anyone?
Screaming Realz
Screaming Realz - Day ago
U look like ur related to Jackie chan haha. Honestly tho
enoerauqs - Day ago
I wish I could eat like this, I'd need like 4 or 5 sittings to make it through all that. xD
Selena Medrano
Selena Medrano - Day ago
I wish we had a 7 11 like that because watching this makes me want to live off that food
Flameshroob - Day ago
Your channel is awesome!
Liz Loz
Liz Loz - Day ago
hi .... my chain
AccioTV - Day ago
GDI MIKE!! I just ate!! now im hungry again!!!! hahaha
Von Abac
Von Abac - Day ago
You mean the chicken that goes on top of your bacon
VeryFast Butler
VeryFast Butler - Day ago
I need to go to Japan and try that strawberry cream sandwich
Shelly Lee
Shelly Lee - Day ago
New sub!
Minh Cao
Minh Cao - Day ago
E/x/ODUS - Day ago
imma go to japan🤤
Tian Gan
Tian Gan - Day ago
How much can you eat everyday? Really wanna share the egg sandwich or the strawberry one or the mochi tofu pocket....
Josue Ravena
Josue Ravena - Day ago
Whoa. Its interesting how they sell so different food and products comparing to my local 7-11 and Lawson. Philippines and Japan have different
Culture stuff i guess?
Also, the last splatoon 7-11 had a splatfest comparing onigiris
Joy Yang
Joy Yang - Day ago
I'm so impressed
rarefeline - Day ago
You look like a young Jackie Chan and no I'm not trying to seem racist, you really do!
Messi10Soccer Roblox
Why Iam I watching this
Kovacs Kovacs
Kovacs Kovacs - Day ago
Ho much food do you eat in one sitting??
Ardent King
Ardent King - Day ago
U can put down some food 😮
Otto Parker
Otto Parker - Day ago
processed junk
Justin Maranon
Justin Maranon - Day ago
How long do you starve yourself before the video to be able to enjoy so much food😂😂
Jamie Ambrose
Jamie Ambrose - Day ago
You can eat in the store?!
Jay Jeeg
Jay Jeeg - Day ago
I wish I can eat as much as Mike Chen! I eat like a bird and give the rest to my husband lol
Barbecuetie - Day ago
such a sweet lil man thank you for bringing this positivity to the world
XXXoXXoXXXX - Day ago
eating 10 meals at once... how?
Kharmitas - Day ago
Imagine what this looks like to the other people in the Seven Eleven or Lawson.
Ker Miwu
Ker Miwu - Day ago
I rly want to try that pudding!
Chef Cheferson
Chef Cheferson - Day ago
whats the name of the first istant ramen?
Kenny Kam
Kenny Kam - Day ago
GOTO NEPAL try their food now ! MUST DO
Robert Bustamante
Robert Bustamante - Day ago
I wanna eat at 711 now lol but I’m Japan haha
6ft8incyclist - Day ago
I was stationed in Japan for a total of 12 years, 7 elevens in Japan are a cyclist dream. Hitting a convenience stores back here in the states, only thing edible is a F'ing frozen burrito .. And that will kill you..
Siwoo Kim
Siwoo Kim - Day ago
Damn. This guy can eat a lot!!
alexander collaco
alexander collaco - Day ago
Food looks tasty and the prices are not bad at all
Gabby McIntire
Gabby McIntire - Day ago
Now I’m hungry 😩😂
NhanooPhonix - Day ago
Btw, "bon appétit" is pronounced without the last "T".
You're welcome !
Tova H
Tova H - Day ago
How did you eat all that food? Also egg sandwiches are so gross...
Alexandré Stenbérg
God I love Mikey so much, what a legitimate genius. Best food dude on the whole of YouTube❤️❤️❤️
Viness Acosto
Viness Acosto - Day ago
"oh,what in the world is... sure" HAHAHAHAHA this is really funny :D
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