Magic Star ⭐ Concealer & Setting Powder Reveal | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

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Lee DeDomenico / Jackson
Lee DeDomenico / Jackson - 18 hours ago
Loving your hair Jeffree Star! Beautiful role model to me!
Mary Williams
Mary Williams - Day ago
Well I just walked into the Morphe store here in Houston and they where told to pull all of the Magic Concelar off of the shelves and return to where ever it came from.. What is up??????
Guiliana Orozco
Guiliana Orozco - 3 days ago
Yung Ibby
Yung Ibby - 3 days ago
Don’t see my channel. Reverse psychology
Taw Seef
Taw Seef - 4 days ago
Is this dude gay?
Samara Morgan
Samara Morgan - 2 days ago
Taw Seef girl bye u homophobic bitch
Emmahlea - 4 days ago
Just purchased my first ever Jeffree Star products, and they are the concealer and the setting powder! I’m beyond excited to try it out.
LiamMcfarlane13 - 4 days ago
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch, this hair is _everything_
It’s like a Cher Mermaid... a Chermaid if you will 😂
tthe nobody
tthe nobody - 4 days ago
No one:
Jeffree:,, tHe pRodUcT iS jUsT iN tHeRe!"
Ellie Holman
Ellie Holman - 8 days ago
Anyone know how much product you get in the powder?
Tara Mama
Tara Mama - 8 days ago
C5 is what time be needed!! Can’t wait to get it
Laine Fairchild
Laine Fairchild - 10 days ago
hey jeffree can you pleazzzzzzzze make ahouse tour vid.
Kawia_chan cakeee Horrutinet
I love her hairstyle
Elenapo Fgghh
Elenapo Fgghh - 10 days ago
Я одна русская ,😂🤦
Catherine Benedict
Catherine Benedict - 10 days ago
ugh jeffree’s mind 😩
taseen47 - 10 days ago
Ha gayyy
Ed Dragojlovic
Ed Dragojlovic - 10 days ago
No shit retard, the sky blueeee
MayCity - 11 days ago
MayCity - 11 days ago
Yeesss Saylor Moon vibes
Rylee Abramson
Rylee Abramson - 11 days ago
Omg I love Jeffree sooooooo much. He is so funny and amazing. I am so happy he came out with concealer. I have been waiting for him to come out with it for a while and am sooooo excited!!!
Casting Cauldron
Casting Cauldron - 12 days ago
I wish I could find a discount code I'm ordering my first Jeffree Star product ever . 💄🖌️😍
Lydia G
Lydia G - 13 days ago
MayCity - 11 days ago
Right I can't see shit 😂😂
Lydia G
Lydia G - 13 days ago
Ohhhh sound nice 👍🏽 I LOVE YOU JEFFERY STAR! 🌚
Lynda Hollins
Lynda Hollins - 13 days ago
Jeffree is this product available Internationally? please and thank you :)
lkcoles93 - 14 days ago
I can't find your morphe brushes at ulta online or in store is there a reason why? Something i missed? :(
Kawai's Amazing
Kawai's Amazing - 14 days ago
Where is your eyebrows Jeffrey 😯😟😮😞😦😧😵
Persia Calderbank
Persia Calderbank - 14 days ago
Save me some plz
Cayla - 14 days ago
Dude the launch for this was on my birthday :) that’s too cool
Sydnie Seibert
Sydnie Seibert - 15 days ago
His hair is just.....G-O-A-L-S
Angelo Perry
Angelo Perry - 15 days ago
your the best
Lissie Lamb
Lissie Lamb - 16 days ago
Ew I hate that kid
Sophia Poindextet
Sophia Poindextet - 14 days ago
Why are you talking to yourself
Karen Tun Aung
Karen Tun Aung - 16 days ago
I can't wait to try this. In fact, I want to buy the whole collection of this brand, but being in England, only Beauty Bay stocks Jeffrey Star, and whereas this concealer costs £17.39 in the USA, it costs £22 in the UK. Why?
Guess I'll have to order my haul from Jeffrey direct.
Adrienne Fontaine
Adrienne Fontaine - 16 days ago
I have been watching you for a month. I stumbled on you and now I'm here to stay. You're like a valium to me. Please, keep doing what you're doing and I luv you and the boy.. ♡♡
Jackie Inman
Jackie Inman - 16 days ago
What happened to the setting powder? It hasn’t been on your website the last few times I’ve tried to buy.
Lame Lingo
Lame Lingo - 17 days ago
say what ever you want about JS but his products are iconic
Gina McLaughlin
Gina McLaughlin - 17 days ago
Can't wait to start investing in Jeffree's products. All of my fave's Milani, IL Makiage, and IT Bye Bye underye were all J S approved! I can't wait to start collecting Jeffrey's!
Kendall Lawson
Kendall Lawson - 17 days ago
Totally off topic(kinda) BUUUUTTT, I have HUGE MASSIVE DEEP DEEP pores and I can’t find anything that helps. All my foundation either sinks in or separates and I have yet to find a primer that helps/fills in my pores. Please help Jeffree):
Btw, can’t wait for my new job breaker collection to come in literally ordered as soon as I was able to and I’m so so excited to give them all a try especially seeing as it’s summer!! Fingers crossed they come in before I go on vacation on July 19th!!!!
Rosè Pasta
Rosè Pasta - 17 days ago
Ooh this was posted on my birthday!❤️
powerpsi /
powerpsi / - 17 days ago
This is so creepy. Jesus needs to return and quick. His creation is veering further and further from God's light.
Kiki Jozz
Kiki Jozz - 18 days ago
Este chico tiene mas plata para maquillaje tintes de cabello y uñas que yoooo v": misma que soy chica no mames dios le das pan al que no tiene dientes
The Craft Sisters
The Craft Sisters - 18 days ago
You got a new sub!
Kizza Yvanne Barrera
Kizza Yvanne Barrera - 18 days ago
who waiting for jefree to launch foundation line
Erika Joy Pangangaan
Erika Joy Pangangaan - 19 days ago
Waiting for your foundation launch 😊
Rei Joon Y
Rei Joon Y - 19 days ago
I’m pretty fair with an olive undertone, and I appreciate that you’re paying attention to those of us with weird undertones 😂
Lisa Bannister
Lisa Bannister - 19 days ago
Lhi big fan I have recently bought your make up brush set and was wondering if you could give me some advice on how best to use them and what for as new to the whole brush seen also any advice on contouring as never done xx
Acia Menafee
Acia Menafee - 19 days ago
I want you to do a skin care line
Acia Menafee
Acia Menafee - 19 days ago
Your hair is pretty
Acia Menafee
Acia Menafee - 11 days ago
@MayCity THANKS!
MayCity - 11 days ago
I like your eyebrows
Kai Fox
Kai Fox - 19 days ago
Omg this looks amazing 😆
Hudson the yellow Labrador retriever
Love that wig probably one of my favorite
Darklunatar - 20 days ago
Silly question. Do you think C0 would be good for Harley Quinn cosplay
Snєιlєє - 20 days ago
Imagine being so fucking toxic and instead of caring about the video's content all you come here for is "GaBrIeL iS cAnCeLeD xDxD"
#Unicorn OMG
#Unicorn OMG - 20 days ago
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