iPhone 11 Pro vs Google Pixel 4 Camera Test Comparison!

MacRumors - 7 months ago
For wide-angle selfies on iPhone 11 Pro, you don't HAVE to turn the phone to landscape but instead can click on the button to switch angles. I forgot about that button. My bad!
Josh Posey
Josh Posey - 7 months ago
MacRumors it’s also higher resolution 12mp vs 8mp when cropped
MacRumors - 7 months ago
I don’t really take a whole lot of selfies either so I kinda forgot about the button
Gregory Albert
Gregory Albert - 7 months ago
Glad you mentioned this.. I was really confused watching this why you thought the only way was to rotate (but to be fair that is how Apple showed it off)
Md Shamsoodin
Md Shamsoodin - 2 months ago
My also does iPhone
Tharindu Liyanaarachchi
Tharindu Liyanaarachchi - 2 months ago
Iphone 11 pro max
Brian McCollum
Brian McCollum - 3 months ago
It’s not a room cam it’s a selfie cam
karim williams
karim williams - 4 months ago
*It’s amazing worth every penny.•ᴥ•>**allmy.tips/i-MaxPro?ι48** It’s sleek and gorgeous. Not only that the speaker is amazing the camera is beyond amazing. And the battery life paired with the new super charger it comes with is life changing! This phone is a must!!*
Nathan Thompson
Nathan Thompson - 6 months ago
Majority of Google Pixel photos have better white balance. My monitor is calibrated with i1 display pro and I can definitely see Iphone white balance is not great at all, its very inaccurate. Thats why I am keeping my Sony A7 full frame mirrorless camera with excellent quality lens for better depth of field and I can play with RAW editing in photoshop with white balance menu drop down to choose right one for depends on lighting scene.
Brandon Grzadzinski
Brandon Grzadzinski - 6 months ago
You forgot mention the star/Galaxy picture ability on the pixel 4. You are able to choose a setting in which makes you set up your phone for 4 minutes and takes a night sight photo, buy adds in the stars/Galaxy in the sky in the background.
Brandon Grzadzinski
Brandon Grzadzinski - 6 months ago
It's called the Astro mode
The Ritual Channel
The Ritual Channel - 6 months ago
Too bright = lack of dynamic range
User1010 - 6 months ago
Is it me or Pixel 4 seems like bit more sharp when you look into?! Like iPhone photos looks to be out of focus... Idk, pixel seems sharper... That's weird
Magdiel Crisan
Magdiel Crisan - 6 months ago
are you color blind? be honest. The pixel is visibly cooler (colorwise) than the iphone i have no clue if you have a clue as to what you're talking about. I do photography for a living but anyone with a good set of eyes and cones can tell that you're dead wrong.
ΜΑΡΙΑ ΠΕΤΡΟΥ - 6 months ago
The big selling point Pixel phones had over iphone was their camera ( better photos quality ) in a far cheaper price. This year since Iphone 11 takes similar and many times better photos on a similar price point ( or even cheaper ) PLUS far better videos the choice this year is pretty easy. Iphone, not even pro, is a better deal than Pixel 4 since can take similar or better quality photos and far better videos. Maybe i will wait for Pixel 4a or buy iphone 11.
DevLoo animation
DevLoo animation - 6 months ago
can you shot me out pls also witch phone is better like test the wireless touch thing can you do that pls also sub to me thx
MÆRIO - 7 months ago
For me the iPhone is the clear winner (in terms of main camera pictures; i don’t care about video and selfies):
Aside from Edge detection and Zoom it wins each category for me.
Normal pictures are pretty much the same, but I find the iPhone’s pictures a bit more appealing, also Portrait shots look more appealing on the iPhone, same as night shots. And of course it has a wide-angle camera, which is a must-have in 2019.
Mzwandile Harmans
Mzwandile Harmans - 7 months ago
iPhone is best overall
Rush Lee
Rush Lee - 7 months ago
Pixel 4 only good on edge detection but photos quality equal,and no doubt for iphone video recording.oh btw the iphone color is warmer not cooler.
Kees de Jong
Kees de Jong - 7 months ago
Comparing the iPhone 11 Pro and the Pixel 4 makes sense how? In terms of price it would make more sense to compare the P4 with the normal iPhone 11.
Mitchell Rabushka
Mitchell Rabushka - 7 months ago
He didn't mention iPhone Deep Fusion release was imminent which could change some of the results more in iPhone favor.
Just so happens Deep Fusion was released to the public today (six days after his review) in ios13.2.
Fast Networks
Fast Networks - 7 months ago
Is deep fusion officially released for users or yet to be released? Because some tech youtubers have been saying it has been released but others are saying it hasn't been.
karlzell wang
karlzell wang - 7 months ago
Prefer iphone 11
Andrew Tran
Andrew Tran - 7 months ago
Appreciate you reviewing other things besides Apple products. Unbiased and fair as always.
mikldude - 7 months ago
The one constant in smart phone cameras is none are perfect , and what one does well in one area and crap in another ,
There will be another smart phone camera that is good and bad in different areas.
The Huawei phones , take some amazing images , in some instances far better than both iphone and pixel imo(also some not perfect) , , even my old galaxy has given me some really amazing cool pics , but like all cameras it is not great everywhere either .
sometimes they are pretty so so , just like all smartphone cameras.
it does seem a bit disingenuous to call a smartphone with a weeny lens pro , insinuating its camera is proffesional 😄.
seriously apple .
Good for happy snaps though .
mikldude - 7 months ago
The selfie video test , the iphone is definitely better , a bit surprising the pixel is so bad , however seeing a good footage taken out doors does not mean you will get a good footage in artificial lights.
but in all honesty , even the iphone selfie can while much better , compared to a professional dedicated camera or even some other smart phones , id give it a 7.5 out of 10 .
The pixel id give 5 out of 10 for that result , it is pretty bad.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee - 7 months ago
Why do you look orange on the iPhone 11 front can?
mone Alex
mone Alex - 7 months ago
Iphone rock🐏s
Raksharth Chaudhary
Raksharth Chaudhary - 7 months ago
Blind Test: This guy sounds like the guy from PhoneBuff.
Dwayne Nurse
Dwayne Nurse - 5 months ago
Raksharth Chaudhary sane thing I said😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
MTC - 7 months ago
Totally agree with the review here. My main concern is that no one seems to speak on the motion blur issues of the iPhone 11 line at all however. Anything moving faster than a simple walk the iPhone can't take a fast enough photo to eliminate motion blur in any photo mode. The pixel 3 and 4 can. Intake photos of animals and kids all the time and every iPhone I've used including the 11 motion blur and it's terrible. The pixel 3 and 4 no issues.
largon 03
largon 03 - 7 months ago
iPhone 11 pro max wins. My phone never has that issue where it does not focus on the rim of the glass. And if you're comparing 2 phones then you have to take a good pic with both phones and not take a pic where one of the phones came out blurred and then compare it. Those things happen with any phone..
Ángel - 7 months ago
Very good comparison. Keep in mind that the Iphone 11 Pro does not yet have deep fusion. When you have it with IOS 13.2, it will be much better in detail, surpassing the pixel in environments with intermediate light.
Mr Orange
Mr Orange - 7 months ago
When I want a wide iPhone selfie I just push the button. I don’t turn it sideways.
Rothanak Vanny
Rothanak Vanny - 7 months ago
The same level, but I do love photo on Pixel4, iPhone is great but I don't love warm colour on Iphone
Mohammad Aslam
Mohammad Aslam - 7 months ago
Of course the iPhone 11 pro camera is best in the mobile phone world🌏
Rothanak Vanny
Rothanak Vanny - 7 months ago
Just iPhone11
Hosni Guiling
Hosni Guiling - 7 months ago
Video - iPhone hands down
Daytime - Pixel but barely
Portrait - Pixel for sure
Lowlight (without night mode) - Pixel
Lowlight (with night mode) - iPhone barely
monkeyflow - 7 months ago
Apple fan boy 🤷🏻‍♂️
Lihao Yeong
Lihao Yeong - 7 months ago
You can also adjust the exposure in real time before you take a picture on the iPhone it’s been around for many years.
Lihao Yeong
Lihao Yeong - 7 months ago
And I was hoping for a CleanMyMac X promo code but nope
Philip Stopher
Philip Stopher - 7 months ago
How about Night Sight on the front facing camera on the Pixel? iPhone 11 cannot
Satvik Chopda
Satvik Chopda - 7 months ago
Pixel 4 does a better job
Kodah - 7 months ago
Mate the pixel photos look alot cooler than the iPhone ones. I don't know what images your looking at in comparison. The iPhone has the warmer images. It's opposite to what you have said.
Mzwandile Harmans
Mzwandile Harmans - 7 months ago
cober155. We used to getting warmer images from iPhone but in this test pixel looked warmer
Lynn Dennis
Lynn Dennis - 7 months ago
I pick up my new orange 4XL tomorrow 👍🏻
Lynn Dennis
Lynn Dennis - 6 months ago
@mikldude that I've found is a problem, apps not updated still! Also, the night sight camera indoors if no light, compared to my former Huawei P30 Pro, is rubbish, Howe we, day time photos great.
Lynn Dennis
Lynn Dennis - 7 months ago
@mikldude the apps will be updated for that in time, I don't think there will be fingerprint sensors on any phones in the future, it's going that way gradually.
mikldude - 7 months ago
@Lynn Dennis i suppose now that you have face recognition , you won't be able to sign in to a lot of apps that use finger print sensor ? i think this was a major blunder by Google , the old saying , if it ain't broke , don't fix it .
Lynn Dennis
Lynn Dennis - 7 months ago
@Dragonfly 1972 got mine just doing all the apps and trying to remember passwords 🙈🙃😉loving it so far camera - wow!
Dragonfly 1972
Dragonfly 1972 - 7 months ago
Mine is on the FedEx truck for delivery NOW!
Phirrup - 7 months ago
I'm confused because you mentioned the warmer color profile on the pixel 4 but then proceeded to show image samples where the iphone was definitely warmer. I've watched a ton of reviews and it seems like in some instances the iphone produces warmer shots, in others the pixel produces warmer shots. This is a toss up.
badeboom - 7 months ago
Guys, you really should fix that annoying encoding problem in your videos. It flickers every few seconds, in every video you upload.
Nicolas Senchak
Nicolas Senchak - 7 months ago
wow pixel has more detail and astrology mode look at the stars apple can't do that. I much prefer the realness of the pixel to the saturated apple pics. Of course, being mac they are going to choose apple. Well let me put it to rest, many prefer google. i called 3 stores and stopped in and some were iphone users who said pixel is more amazing. The ultrawide is not God. If you actually zoom in on the ultrawide on bigger screen, it looks dim and pixelated. By the way, Samsung had it first, Apple should change its name to Ketchup and use a pic of Huntz as its not worthy of Heinz. Hell, the apple Snow White bit has more power than they ever will. I will admit the video is amazing but still off on color. You can't use night mode on ultra wide or selfies and they bought it off Google. I also am tired of Apple users thinking their richer and can pay more. If that's the case, make a better phone and do something Android hasn't done before. I won't hold my breathe though.
PADDY GPR - 7 months ago
My choice is pixel #team pixel
John Constable
John Constable - 7 months ago
this year's pixeL(G) is doomed
John Constable
John Constable - 7 months ago
iphone make way better pictures, real to life photos
Station 2Station
Station 2Station - 7 months ago
I noticed that the front facing camera on the 11 Pro washes the subject out. Your (and MY) face looks totally washed out and soft filtered. It's AWFUL.
Station 2Station
Station 2Station - 7 months ago
@Peter Armstrong They can fix this in software - is there anyone else complaining about this besides us? Dan? It literally makes the subject look peachy-gray and 2d. ( I will say that the selfie camera on the pro is SLIGHTLY better if you turn off HDR which is at the top of the screen when using the front facing cam.)
Peter Armstrong
Peter Armstrong - 7 months ago
agreed. it's ridiculous (i have a Pro, and it does do that)
Wil H
Wil H - 7 months ago
Hey Dan, Good Video let do one going over iPhone 11Pro Max camera in detail......
tihkal - 5 months ago
11pro max camera is the same exact camera as the 11 pro camera. only difference is the phone is bigger
tabaks - 7 months ago
Google Pixel -> LOL^3! There is NOTHING about P4 image quality that is even remotely "better". Also, I'm not sure you actually know what "warmer picture" means. Honestly!
gabriel alien
gabriel alien - 7 months ago
of course you are not sure why...
CmdrX3 - 7 months ago
I don't get why you are running the Pixel 4 against the iPhone 11 Pro, a phone that costs almost double the price instead of the iPhone 11. Don't get me wrong, I'm an iPhone user and prefer IOS but at least compare like for like especially when the major differences between the 11 and 11 pro is the camera and display
wrighty338 - 7 months ago
comparing a £700 phone to a £1100 one am i missing something?
Carlos Zinato
Carlos Zinato - 7 months ago
Dude at 5:14 (subway station) the photo taken on Pixel is a lot COOLER than the one on the left (from iPhone). Same for the next photo where you talk about highlights: lamps, walls and ceiling are BLUE on the right. I've watched this video on a non-Apple screen and on an iPhone to be sure that this was not caused by my displays
Kelvin Wu
Kelvin Wu - 6 months ago
agree with you, this guy in the video have no idea what he is talking about or maybe he is just drunk
Phillip Tsirigotis
Phillip Tsirigotis - 7 months ago
I noticed the exact same thing. You can clearly see iPhone produces warmer images and when not they're both on the cooler side. Pixel 4's sample photos shown in the video are not warm other than like 1. Would love an explanation or more sample photos to prove the claims.
Jo5ue1 - 7 months ago
No matter how much better the Pixel gets, I bet MacRumors won't admit in their videos that the Pixels are better. What a waste of a comparison video.
MacRumors - 7 months ago
Did you watch this video? Because the comment leads me to believe you didn’t
Stego Saurus
Stego Saurus - 7 months ago
Uh....I think everyone on planet Earth knows that the Pixel does not and will not have a better video camera....I really don't think that's a comparison worth talking about. If you want the worlds best video camera on a phone....get the iPhone hands down. Of you want the worlds best still picture camera? Get the Pixel...hell get any pixel, Google has that locked down. Great video and comparison. I love when people compare iPhone and Pixel phones since the iPhone is really Google's competition. Folks who continue to compare Android phones to Android phones are really just wasting time. Google only looses money when you buy an iPhone. They make money on every other smartphone using Android.
MacXpert74 - 7 months ago
For video it's clear that the iPhone is the best. The Google being the best or still photo's on the other hand is much more debatable. It sure has it's strong moments as demonstrated in this and other videos. But there are still plenty of moments where the iPhone actually pulls of the better shot. The lack of a wide-angle on the Pixel 4 is already a significant limitation. So unless you don't care for video at all and don't like wide-angle shots, I would definitely say that the iPhone 11 Pro is the overall better camera phone.
JSindirect - 7 months ago
I taste bias. No astro mode mentioned?
Lukas Luca
Lukas Luca - 7 months ago
JSindirect who the fuck make pictures to the stars?google lover detected
wayne - 7 months ago
Am I blind, or do the Pixel photos look way more cool/blue than iphone. Literally opposite of what you said
དོིེུEivan - 7 months ago
Maybe on the phone screen? Idk
kramshiron - 7 months ago
Yeah...pixel cool...iPhone warmer.
Stup ID
Stup ID - 7 months ago
Yeah literally every other Reviewer I've heard so far said the exact opposite to what he did and looking at the pictures, the iPhone really does look way warmer.
covabrownn - 7 months ago
I like both of them iPhone 11 and Google pixel 4xl
Barry Lawson
Barry Lawson - 7 months ago
Same here. I love them both, no android Vs iOS war with me.
JOATEON - 7 months ago
They are both very close with photos, but when it comes to video recording, the iphone is way ahead. The pixel doesn’t even offer a 4K 60fps option on the front camera. Even the One Plus series takes better videos than the pixel.
James Edwards
James Edwards - 7 months ago
Uh yeah it does. That's been offered since the pixel 2
Ernest Liu
Ernest Liu - 7 months ago
Next time, please place your side-by-side videos closer together so we can do magic-eye. kthnx
Tim Grate
Tim Grate - 7 months ago
I pick Apple I mean come on apple is always going to win when it comes with the ideas for the iPhones like iOS 13 more games hell the new arcade app is on the iPhones like that was a cool and a dark idea for that cause all the games that we had last year and today are boring af and the new arcade just took all the boardness away so ya iOS 👍🏾
vzdragon - 7 months ago
A lot of their ideas for the iPhone comes from competitors (Android) dark mode was on Android for the past two OS versions (granted still being in beta), the entire notification center, quick access, arcade mode sound like Samsung's game mode etc. Competition is a great thing. Last year they didn't have nightmode. In one year they developed a nightmode that's on par with Google's.
Pac man
Pac man - 7 months ago
🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎 📱📱📱📱📲📲📲
Manami Fuki
Manami Fuki - 7 months ago
iphone 11 pro + Pixel 4= a very good PIXOPHONE
foreverbbooyy - 7 months ago
the video on Pixel 4 is just trash
PissedOffHoneyBadger - 7 months ago
PissedOffHoneyBadger - 7 months ago
John Trussell
John Trussell - 7 months ago
The Pixel 4 pics look worse....iPhone 11 Pro wins hands down.
Kiefer Nguyen
Kiefer Nguyen - 7 months ago
The iPhone 11 pics look worse...Pixel 4 wins hands down.
Andre Ayton
Andre Ayton - 7 months ago
Calvin Green 😂
Calvin Green
Calvin Green - 7 months ago
John Trussell Don’t say it too loudly, liable to start a riot in here! 🤔😆
Dejan Nikolic
Dejan Nikolic - 7 months ago
you spent 2 min talking about how apple's front camera is better and mention that google's rear camera is better for 20 seconds, How exactly are you not bias?
vzdragon - 7 months ago
Did you even watch the video? He brought up solid points on both. Google slacked with camera quality this year, don't deny it. Regardless I'm still getting the 4xl
Keifer Street
Keifer Street - 7 months ago
You forgot to mention the new astrophotography mode on the Pixel 4 ;-D
It seems only fair to mention that as a gap on the iPhone since you mentioned the ultra wide camera that the Pixel didn’t have.
Kiefer Nguyen
Kiefer Nguyen - 7 months ago
This Macrumors...there has to be a slight biased.
Gregory Albert
Gregory Albert - 7 months ago
Watching and reading many many reviews....
This year the iPhone:
Is still the fastest phone
Now has the best battery life
Has the best camera now (dethroned the pixel)
Revival - 7 months ago
This is why I'm considering switching to iPhone for the very first time! I'm very impressed this time. But my wallet... Yikes.
Intel HD Graphics Gaming
Intel HD Graphics Gaming - 7 months ago
U don’t need more than 4gb ram. Are you planning to run 15 apps at the same time? Or 2-4 games at the same time? 12 gb ram makes no difference to performance
PissedOffHoneyBadger - 7 months ago
Big Smoke oh 😂😂 I was like damn wtf you downloading
Gregory Albert
Gregory Albert - 7 months ago
Big Smoke a 4gb ram iphone > 12gb Samsung that’s pretty sad
PissedOffHoneyBadger - 7 months ago
Big Smoke Damn dude, the phone just released lol. I haven’t even used all 64gb on my 8+ in 2 years.
Darryl Bass
Darryl Bass - 7 months ago
These so called camera comparisons are very misleading.
Everyone takes pictures done l differently. Some people just point and shoot. Some people take their time focusing and tilting the phone for the right lighting (me) others use the tools that come with the phone and make manual adjustments.
Even when a user takes a photo that user often take several photos and looking through them they select which one is best (me again)
You'd have to be a seriously foolish person to believe some random person's "comparisons" are truthful and accurate.
MacXpert74 - 7 months ago
@Darryl Bass But you don't have to be led by someone's bias. If you watch a bunch of these comparisons, you'll get a pretty good idea what each phone can do. Everybody finds different things important when it comes to image quality and different modes / circumstances that they take pictures or video in. What's important to you, can only be decided by you yourself. But having many tests available can only be a good thing. You could even watch them with the sound turned off if you don't like to hear the bias of the reviewer.
Ashwani K Jha
Ashwani K Jha - 7 months ago
@Darryl Bass Exactly my thought. I can take 10 pictures where iPhone takes better pictures and declare its better camera. And vice versa. Almost all the tech blogs i have seen do the same.
Darryl Bass
Darryl Bass - 7 months ago
@MacRumors there are indeed tons of videos and I find that people who like iPhones will always find ways to make the iPhone win. People who like Android phones will do the same. Either way it's still foolish to be led by someone's biased opinions. I'm not accusing you by the way, just sayin'.
Calvin Green
Calvin Green - 7 months ago
MacRumors Apple is flexing its muscle, it may/may not be the “best”, but it certainly isn’t running scared anymore, huh?!! 😎 Great vid...
MacRumors - 7 months ago
I think If this was the only camera comparison out in the world then maybe you have a point but there are tons of videos and different people taking different photos but a lot of their views and opinions line up with ours so maybe we are all seeing the same things? It’s all subjective but people who watch comparisons are not foolish
quinn - 7 months ago
Google: DXO mark has given the pixel the #1 rating
Everyone: see this random website says it is the best so it must be
DXO mark rages the pixel 4 lower than the one plus 7t
Everyone: well it’s not reliable anyway.
Maurice Dicke
Maurice Dicke - 7 months ago
No it’s not. It’s ranked on number 8.
Caleb Kan
Caleb Kan - 7 months ago
People have been complaining about that website for years, I remember the Xperia Z5 fiasco where they awarded it the best camera but a lot of people thought otherwise
Mr White
Mr White - 7 months ago
Mr White
Mr White - 7 months ago
Quoutub - 7 months ago
When I am honest, I would prefer a periscope tele in addition to the 50mm camera for the Pixel 5. One can stitch multiple photos with free software, if one wants a 4:3 ultra wide field of view. You can also use the 21.5mm selfie camera as an ultra wide camera, though it might be not so sharp.
Quoutub - 7 months ago
I just looked at some selfie sample images. When you use it for landscapes or far objects, then I think the sharpness is comparable with a 2 or 3 megapixel camera
John Mooring
John Mooring - 7 months ago
I agree with your review. I own both devices, I believe the only area the Pixel wins is with portait mode and selfies. I believe the iPhone wins every other category.
Mihir Pujara
Mihir Pujara - 7 months ago
Notification squad 💪
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