Ok, let's talk about this NEW Nintendo Switch Lite.

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BeatEmUps - 11 days ago
edit* NEW VIDEO! 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfQvgRxg2tU
ARE YOU EXCITED?! Or do you not care in the slightest? LEMME KNOW BELOW BRO! (Or Sister, but Bro had better Flow)... ANYWAY, Subscribe and stuff! 😘
Emrys Evans
Emrys Evans - 5 days ago
If you have two switch minis, why don't you do a giveaway for the other one? 🤔🤔🤔
Tomasz Durlej
Tomasz Durlej - 6 days ago
#JustNotForMe Maybe someone find switch lite usefull, but not me. Lack of TV mode is.. big no.
Wiktor Mindowicz
Wiktor Mindowicz - 7 days ago
BeatEmUps In excited
Oliwia Laskowska
Oliwia Laskowska - 7 days ago
Yeah finally! I thinki switch lite is something for me
GamingGeek - 7 days ago
BeatEmUps Are you getting 1? Im getting the Pokemon Sword and Shield Edition. Also saving for the double pack of Pokemon Sword and Shield. #Pokemon🗡🛡
Young grasshopper :D
Young grasshopper :D - 7 minutes ago
some_random_user - 35 minutes ago
So I'm late to this but I think I would prefer this over the original I hardly play my switch on the TV my first switch is pretty banged up so I well definitely get This
Michael Mueller
Michael Mueller - 2 hours ago
ty ty ty! finally someone has confirmed this has a headphone jack! XD😎 i refuse to buy anything portable thats without a headphone jack. yes, I am old school but I don't like the hassle of charging blue tooth headphones. if I want to listen to music or a video or game or whatever I want to do do it then and now. plus blue tooth headphones cost a lot. at least the better ones do
Pansage - 2 hours ago
We have a PSP
Nintendo : we will remake it
Wow , thanks the phewtrah.
Aaron A
Aaron A - 2 hours ago
I'm only getting this because I don't have a switch and it's cheaper
August OM
August OM - 4 hours ago
Will the switch lite be capable with wireless headphones?
dudeimgeorge - 5 hours ago
Cringiest video... You are farrrr better than this behavior/talk you decided to go with
Mauricio Letort
Mauricio Letort - 5 hours ago
You got quite the big library of games
gabe the dog #546523
gabe the dog #546523 - 6 hours ago
New switch 9/20 what else is going to be on 9/20
Richard Edwards
Richard Edwards - 7 hours ago
This whole video could be 3 mins. Just need to know the differences between the 2 and not all waffle inbetween. And btw hubbub is a real word
Shannon Pierson
Shannon Pierson - 10 hours ago
Nintendo: *releases new system announcement*
Almost everybody on the face of planet earth: I hate this with all of my soul and being even though it isn't out yet
Camden Pohl
Camden Pohl - 11 hours ago
Nintendo needs to practice safer *_switching_*
*Like if you get the joke*
Kalebpierremusic - 15 hours ago
When is the switch going to add Netflix? And the ability to go on the internet?
Stegglez - 19 hours ago
should have had a HDMI port and NO compromise on screen size - same as original and it would have become the new best seller basically switch 2. They had to differentiate between the two products. Pretty Sad really.
Sean Galindo
Sean Galindo - 21 hour ago
That switch library was crazy
Alan Milenbaugh
Alan Milenbaugh - 22 hours ago
I'm happy that Nintendo is releasing a new switch body.. but as a person with larger hands I would love and will still wait for a Switch XL.... (patiently breathes deeply)
Niko Bucio
Niko Bucio - 23 hours ago
You called it I don’t have a switch and I’ve been wanting this one because i want manly a portable console because I already have a one x I heavy game on
DrawTimeInc - 23 hours ago
I’m buying one. I don’t like the current switch is a little too big and clunky. Plus the price of the the current one is a little too much.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln - Day ago
You have cloud if you have switch online they said that in the trailer of online
Miguel Ângelo
Miguel Ângelo - Day ago
Lol, i have a switch, and i want this . Perfect to travel, perfect to kids. People are just dumb af. They love to hate
The Last Dragon
The Last Dragon - 17 hours ago
Miguel Ângelo People are silly. They want the Switch at a smaller scale, twice the battery meter, 1080p handheld, 4K when docked at a $200 price point. 😂
Zigo - Day ago
Drifting will haunt u in the switch light
The Last Dragon
The Last Dragon - Day ago
Not if it’s fixed in a different stick design.
Haniif Islami
Haniif Islami - Day ago
Ninten don't switch
BananaCat - Day ago
This is perfect for me and my fiancee. Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming out and I wasn't really looking forward to coordinating our time schedules 😂. We thought about buying another Switch, but as you've said in the video, we never really saw it for its portability? So having two "consoles" just felt so unnecessary. I am glad this is coming out! 😊😊
Julian Shively
Julian Shively - Day ago
You skipped about a billion people lol
Christopher Harvell
this is great news for people who were not early adopters and were looking for a discounted model that was simple and more like the gba or game boy line....im so happy theres only one screen.
Vincent Myers
Vincent Myers - Day ago
It is not more of hate for me, it is more of the fact that I can't switch to TV mode which is what made the switch a switch, I like it alot and really want to grab one but I wish you can, ya know switch to the TV once and awhile
The Last Dragon
The Last Dragon - Day ago
Vincent Myers Definitely
Vincent Myers
Vincent Myers - Day ago
@The Last Dragon I'm glad to see they are doing that, it's just the fact I would like to save a hundred and slap that hundred onto new games. But them finally updating the battery is a huge pro for me so I guess I can think about what to grab and what is more convenient
The Last Dragon
The Last Dragon - Day ago
Vincent Myers I mean they’re still keeping the original Switch around. Well a better batter model in Aug.
dart gamer
dart gamer - Day ago
It’s a Wii U but it has a switch logo on it
Ammon Hansen
Ammon Hansen - Day ago
I'm so excited! I'll be buying a normal Switch this week for myself and my wife, but I'm SO looking forward to the Lite. Exactly as you said, I'm getting one to use for myself, on the go. Full price Switch will probably be permanently docked to the TV haha!
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf - Day ago
Nintendo is releasing a new switch in middle of august can you please make a comparrison between that model and maybe a upcoming pro
LEGOOGEL - Day ago
$200 AUD bro’s ???
LEGOOGEL - Day ago
It’s great, going to buy one for the misses as she takes 1hr train rides to work 🔥
Krawberry •
Krawberry • - Day ago
THANK YOU for this video. Every other video is so biased because they already have a switch lol.
Javier Vargas
Javier Vargas - 2 days ago
Sorry but i don't have a switch and even if i decide to buy one i wouldn't get the lite version.
sadly (switch ) the name say it it switches from portable to console the lite is more like a Twitch
that's a better name.
The Last Dragon
The Last Dragon - Day ago
Javier Vargas Twitch, sure trademark infringement
Davin Axenson
Davin Axenson - 2 days ago
I already have a switch and I still want the lite
rpdking2100 - 2 days ago
Hey love your channel love your videos but.... I have a question how do I get that shirt you got on
rpdking2100 - 10 hours ago
@Caleb B thx
Caleb B
Caleb B - 23 hours ago
Phillip Zak
Phillip Zak - 2 days ago
The Nintendo switch lite is useless because they took out the best features of the switch
The Last Dragon
The Last Dragon - Day ago
Phillip Zak Well is a called the Lite at $100 less for a reason
Rajanio Maker
Rajanio Maker - 2 days ago
So i had a limited edition new 3ds xl wich is the Zelda’s weird triangles and just bought a switch 2 days before the switch lite got announced
Golden Gappeler
Golden Gappeler - 2 days ago
“People that don’t have a Switch probably has a 3DS and is hoping to upgrade it to a new and affordable Switch!”
He literally read my mind
KOPTrompPlayz - 2 days ago
Personally, I have a switch, but I have nothing against it, it’s an upgraded 3DS and it’s honestly amazing in the way people are explaining it. When I was little I slept with a photo of a Nintendo 3DS and really wanted one. I prayed and prayed with my family and got it. One day some lady came by and gave us exactly enough for a 3DS. I play it to this day. So, I have nothing against this. It wraps me up in nostalgia. It’s, awesome.
NOOB_PLAY_GAMES - 2 days ago
In serbia nintendo switch is 500$
Llamafort - 2 days ago
Myamoto: reveals Nintendo switch lite.

Skratch Rapture
Skratch Rapture - 2 days ago
I can’t choose which to buy...
I was a hardcore SSB melee fan and I really want to get back into smash but I don’t know which switch to get.
I’ve gotta be able to use the classic GC controller and if I can’t with the lite, it’s a deal breaker.
Jeremya Experience-Jalbert
They want to play when we’ll be raiding Area 51
TheQuietWelshman - 2 days ago
You put the milk in first?!?!? You disgust me....
Steve Synan
Steve Synan - 2 days ago
I have a regular Switch and love it, but for some reason I want a Switch Light too. I don't know why.
The Last Dragon
The Last Dragon - 2 days ago
Steve Synan The colors man. The colors!
Jason Perales
Jason Perales - 2 days ago
Jason Perales
Jason Perales - 2 days ago
Stop saying mini
Jason Perales
Jason Perales - 2 days ago
Switch lite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jason Perales
Jason Perales - 2 days ago
No you didn't
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