Chicharito to LA Galaxy? MLS stars and coaches react to the rumors | ESPN FC

Hugo Quintero
Hugo Quintero - 28 days ago
That's wen you know mls is lame wen you need a player so Mexican fans can pay attention to mls
Creado para Amar.
Creado para Amar. - Month ago
Carlos vela is the best, chicharito is ok, but vela is another level.
Al Yi
Al Yi - 29 days ago
You're being too kind bro Chicharito sucks
wmaass88 - Month ago
Vela is a Boss.
Remy Boy
Remy Boy - Month ago
Vamos Vela defend the Banc
Bart Allen
Bart Allen - Month ago
What does that's football man mean? Mark Anthony's viewpoini is wierd and illogical. Does he really believe that the MLS is a top league?
bralex970 - Month ago
that hair man lol
Axxess Mundi
Axxess Mundi - Month ago
LA can pick up a better player instead of a player who just likes running on grass.
Marjum Bage
Marjum Bage - Month ago
Zlatan put to xerox machine , you get Daniel Royer ~ 😂
Einar Vargas
Einar Vargas - Month ago
“We have a lot of good players on this league”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome - Month ago
Einar Vargas Was he supposed to bite the hand that feeds him?
Sierra Airsoft
Sierra Airsoft - Month ago
Chicharito has been trash for while now lol
Al Yi
Al Yi - 29 days ago
Yeah hes recyclable trash I guess right homie
Red Devil
Red Devil - Month ago
@James Styles guess we'll see.
Red Devil
Red Devil - Month ago
@James Styles every United player to come over has blown it up. What do you think success would look like? 20 goals in the league?
Red Devil
Red Devil - Month ago
He's going to the MLS.
MikeLFC - Month ago
"like carlos vela and.... other players" LOLLLL proof everyone sucks in MLS and i'm american
RLubin - 28 days ago
Alphonso davies
Joshua Simmons
Joshua Simmons - Month ago
Miguel Almiron
Luis Murillo
Luis Murillo - Month ago
@Mr. J Yet Zlatan's still playing?🤨
Einar Vargas
Einar Vargas - Month ago
You sir are absolutely right lol
MikeLFC - Month ago
@Mr. J hahahahah yup
Eduardo Contreras
Eduardo Contreras - Month ago
Chicharo is trash. It’s all about JJ Macias now
Diogenes o Sinopeus
Diogenes o Sinopeus - Month ago
Chicharito is a legend. Macías is not there yet
BadHombre94 - Month ago
@ricardo gonzales a poco,tenemos que besarle los huevos porque es mexicano? el chicharito no ha rendido desde el Bayer Leverkussen.
Einar Vargas
Einar Vargas - Month ago
Eduardo Contreras who?????? Lol
ricardo gonzales
ricardo gonzales - Month ago
SUENAS A ARDIDO..... y es peor si eres Mexicano...., verguenza deberia darte hablar de otro Mexicano , de pena ajena
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