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LOL Network
LOL Network - 6 months ago
Who do you think was Floyd's best opponent?
Big boss Man
Big boss Man - 15 days ago
Manny Pacquiao
Hobo 01
Hobo 01 - 26 days ago
Pretty boy mayweather vs money mayweather
Dead Pool
Dead Pool - 27 days ago
ronda rousey would embarress the niger
Rachel R
Rachel R - Month ago
ALL Out54
ALL Out54 - Month ago
It's that even a question, honestly Manny is the champ, Manny pacquiao really won the championship just to throw that out there I'll give u 3 reasons why the judges said Floyd. 1.) Judges are American 2.) Floyd is American 3.) The fight was in Vegas if Floyd loses income decreases. You can ask anybody who won and they'll say pacquiao
Marik 444
Marik 444 - Day ago
"There has to be a level of respect"
Bullshit. Connor boxed like he trained in a youth PAL league. It was nothing more than a money grab, Conner stood no chance and the fight was an insult to boxing fans.
Can't blame them though, it was the morons within our society that made the payday possible.
Daniel Petersen
Daniel Petersen - 2 days ago
Does his name actually have money in it
Chief Malkallam
Chief Malkallam - 2 days ago
Man robbed Kevin Hart on camera 😂😂
SirLiftsAlot - 2 days ago
The bills in the pool got me like 😅
Chi Collins
Chi Collins - 2 days ago
9:06 😂😂😂😂
Peter September
Peter September - 2 days ago
floyds nuts are dying😂😂and Kevin laying on his sides to avoid the cold😂
Peter September
Peter September - 2 days ago
i knew he would go to Rock😂😂😂Kevin stop bull shitting
Peter September
Peter September - 2 days ago
Connor a knock off version 😂😁
King L
King L - 3 days ago
Church boxing league 🤣
John Sebastian Gordon
John Sebastian Gordon - 3 days ago
This is do funny, gotta love Floyd's humor
Kuya will
Kuya will - 3 days ago
why are most baldy head are successful person than it the (one punch man) saitama references theory that if you want to be powerful(successful) you need to workhard but you will loss your hair as a compensation?..🤔🤔🤔🤔
Matt Gorski
Matt Gorski - 3 days ago
Love Kevin can't stand mouthy no class (mayweather)
unkomicah 808
unkomicah 808 - 4 days ago
Cool to see this
kanama k
kanama k - 4 days ago
Both are cool
selamün aleyküm Tosunlar
Nobody is muhmmed ali elhamdurillah
Bolt Glaze
Bolt Glaze - 4 days ago
Kevin-“You don’t wanna be 50-1”
Tony Rivera
Tony Rivera - 5 days ago
So when is The Rock getting in?!
Stani Juma
Stani Juma - 5 days ago
When to black short people meet up😂
10,000 suscribers without any videos
6:14 who else saw what Kevin?
unkomicah 808
unkomicah 808 - 4 days ago
10,000 suscribers without any videos peck pops of love !
Braiden OGuin
Braiden OGuin - 6 days ago
Floyd Mayweather will never step into an octagon unless the rules work within his favor. which means no kicks no grappling and nothing else that separates the UFC from Boxing
J Scar
J Scar - 6 days ago
Talk about being humble🤣🤣🤣
Maurice Gordon
Maurice Gordon - 6 days ago
LOL @ KEVIN HART WITH THE SALT IN THE EYES REFERENCE. That's actually from a movie called bloodsport with jean claude van dam
yourmom6833 - 6 days ago
Church boxing league 😂
Pancakes 4 Life
Pancakes 4 Life - 6 days ago
7:00 if kev can reach him
Jesse Demerson
Jesse Demerson - 7 days ago
He did the happy feet😂
Umer Mudassir
Umer Mudassir - 7 days ago
What the helll fighting rock or cooking bar b q hahhahhaha funny coool
William Vilche
William Vilche - 7 days ago
12:29 KILLED ME😂😂😂😂
Buddy Buckets21
Buddy Buckets21 - 9 days ago
I admire Floyd’s work ethic but he comes off as a bit of a butthole
Jarno Otter
Jarno Otter - 9 days ago
“One celebrity fight” i knew that the rock was coming lmaoo 😂😂
Bobby Bell
Bobby Bell - 10 days ago
Church boxing league😂😂😂😂
Jonathan Beets
Jonathan Beets - 10 days ago
Once he said 50 -1line... I laughed for the rest of the video... Had to rewatch to see the interview.
invisaman75 - 10 days ago
6:55 The Rock!? You really mean Chris Rock! LOL
Joever Grantoza
Joever Grantoza - 10 days ago
Ur not the champ gayweather.. a chicken inside the ring Lol.
Jerico Yu
Jerico Yu - 11 days ago
Floyd paying respect to pac
Daaavid laraaa
Daaavid laraaa - 11 days ago
The rock 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Mike Clenaghen
Mike Clenaghen - 12 days ago
Seconds after you say you love the Lord can you use his name in vain Kevin come on now think about what you're saying
Daren glonse
Daren glonse - 12 days ago
Manny was the best
John - 13 days ago
Fake WAtches... Better than NOthingz.
Salvador Madrid
Salvador Madrid - 13 days ago
Have cristano Ronaldo
Samuel Winnfield jr
Samuel Winnfield jr - 13 days ago
Floyd life with the money
Krishna Surakanti
Krishna Surakanti - 14 days ago
*Jab *Jab SALT!........
albert villa
albert villa - 14 days ago
18 million dollars😬😬😬 that would change my life
Makyaa Simonée
Makyaa Simonée - 14 days ago
7:52 Floyd smile so attractive like ughhhh😍😍😍😍
Leo Bib
Leo Bib - 15 days ago
Floyd.... floyd.... u duck down? Where u at? Lmaoooo
Ricardo LaCue
Ricardo LaCue - 15 days ago
EdyGk2K'sOnlyTM 2k
EdyGk2K'sOnlyTM 2k - 15 days ago
Somehow Floyd's head doesn't match with his body... Gives me the impression of those funny bad CGI's when they take someone else's head and put it to someone else's body.😆
aka_ceejay - 15 days ago
I dont think that water is really cold 🤷🏿‍♂️
Amiere Thomkins
Amiere Thomkins - 15 days ago
12:33 got me crying still
matt69savage - 15 days ago
Now 10 million people know that this is a failed format. Just give it up, you will never be hot ones.
Kat Lee St. Julian
Kat Lee St. Julian - 16 days ago
Alright, now THIS one made me laugh...
S'mores - 17 days ago
Rich Nice
Rich Nice - 17 days ago
Luis Castillo beat him in their 1st match
grim reefer0420
grim reefer0420 - 17 days ago
Us boxers lol
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma - 17 days ago
Is there money in that brief case?
Keren Dominiuq
Keren Dominiuq - 17 days ago
Hahaha He need some extention
Brian Kelley
Brian Kelley - 18 days ago
Craigslist !!!😂😂😂😂
Duran - 18 days ago
Floyd still not better than Julio Cesar Chavez by a LOOOOONG shot! 107 of 115 86 KO's!
francoo_ garciaa
francoo_ garciaa - 18 days ago
You lose against Maidana
Nick Urbaszewski
Nick Urbaszewski - 18 days ago
Why does it seem that Kevin has a church league for a lot of things?
Luke Duron
Luke Duron - 18 days ago
Floyd best opponent was zab judah
Anya Rowel
Anya Rowel - 18 days ago
Lol they the same height how cute😂😂😂
Freddy Pedraza
Freddy Pedraza - 18 days ago
Flood was just probably using that chance to recover
Med ELK - 19 days ago
Final Boss cRaigy bOi
Final Boss cRaigy bOi - 19 days ago
Jayden Maeweathers
Jayden Maeweathers - 19 days ago
Floyd ma cuz
VC Creative
VC Creative - 19 days ago
I bet the tubs are with fake ice. The water surface won't smoke in camera close-ups. And Kevin and Floyd they don't even feel any reaction or emotion when dipped themselves into the tubs
money muncher
money muncher - 19 days ago
a cold fart 😂
Die Schwarze Sonne
Die Schwarze Sonne - 19 days ago
Floyd has Beautiful teeth. My goodness.
Konstandinos Volyrakis
Konstandinos Volyrakis - 20 days ago
Get conor on the show
He is caucasian floyd mayweather 😂 alcohol version
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff - 20 days ago
Hard work dedication
Thee Accuser
Thee Accuser - 20 days ago
Get cardis cheeks in that tub
virgin bunghole
virgin bunghole - 20 days ago
Emanuel Augustus was Floyd's best opponent 🥊
Guitar - 20 days ago
Is it me or does Kevin Hart look like he's blind?
Mr. Pan D. man
Mr. Pan D. man - 20 days ago
Floyd ran with the money like he always does 😂
jonh ugay
jonh ugay - 20 days ago
Im a filipino, this video made me respect floyd, so natural when it comes to expressing his feeling that he doesnt look like he is bragging.
way of the intercepting fist
Jab jab salt 😂
Bill Ponderosa
Bill Ponderosa - 21 day ago
so many fake boxing experts in youtube comments probably don't even know about floyd travarious mayweather
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