Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000

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MrBeast - Month ago
Subscribe or I’ll kick chandler
Dragon Overlord
Dragon Overlord - 7 days ago
Kick chandler!
So bite your tounge And choke yourself to sleep
I’ll kick you. In the dick. Hehehe😐😐 I’m joking
Turkey Chan
Turkey Chan - 15 days ago
do it
Blocker 2d
Blocker 2d - 17 days ago
Hahahah I already sub
annaliza escartin
annaliza escartin - 45 minutes ago
Did chandler really leave?
baseman games
baseman games - 2 hours ago
Chris needs to stop winning
Chona Morales
Chona Morales - 2 hours ago
Mrbeast:last one to leave the pool wins
SameerSlash - 6 hours ago
Alright SAO survivors, our time has come
Chrisg21563 ._.
Chrisg21563 ._. - 6 hours ago
Jimmy dohnaldson
Danniel Mata
Danniel Mata - 9 hours ago
Husky Time
Husky Time - 9 hours ago
I suped mrbeast
clbrewdad - 9 hours ago
You guys should do this again, but in fnaf VR help wanted.
Jimmy Badiola
Jimmy Badiola - 11 hours ago
Get rid of those haters and study for challenges to win money
And stuffs so study
For the win
Desere and Jaylin Fun
Desere and Jaylin Fun - 13 hours ago
Poor Chris I hope he feels better
Janett Barron
Janett Barron - 14 hours ago
Chandler you lost on my birthday
Glitchy 101
Glitchy 101 - 15 hours ago
Pls kick chandler
unnorm_wyexx :p
unnorm_wyexx :p - 18 hours ago
When the epic gamers stomp Area 51 this is what they’re gonna see
ultra gaming pop
ultra gaming pop - 22 hours ago
I wish I can buy vr😥😥😥
naughty venom
naughty venom - 23 hours ago
stacy main
stacy main - Day ago
I feel so bad for chandler
Joseph Hirsch
Joseph Hirsch - Day ago
Yes hummys vr comedy is the best lol
Ice gamer
Ice gamer - Day ago
You can win Chandler
Gabriel Estabridis
Gabriel Estabridis - Day ago
R.I.P. Chandler
yourmum ;-;
yourmum ;-; - Day ago
I feel you chandler, i’m also claustrophobic and it really gets hard to breath most of the times
We love you chandler!
Danette Frame
Danette Frame - Day ago
R.I.P chandler for dying because no money 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
AlmostFortnite ,
AlmostFortnite , - Day ago
Challenge me and ill win
Andrei Comendador
Andrei Comendador - Day ago
Hey let chandlar win mr .Best you
And the team
so shooketh
so shooketh - Day ago
did anyone else completely forgot that they were watching the vr challenge when they put it to the last to leave sand box challenge
Jayden Yeagle
Jayden Yeagle - Day ago
Poor chandler
parwana safari
parwana safari - Day ago
Mr beast : ok so if you spend 24 hours he will get 24,000
Eyes : am I a joke to you
Vincent Rodriguez
Vincent Rodriguez - Day ago
12:56 Chris is a Joestar confirmed
Itzplay Jul
Itzplay Jul - Day ago
Could you stream one challenge?
Dor Yahav
Dor Yahav - Day ago
My heart was literally broke when chandler cried for real after he was faking it.
Edward - Day ago
Guys I’ve got it chandler just hates money. You should do a homeless challenge
Coral Oviedo
Coral Oviedo - Day ago
I hope Chandler can win a Challenge
My Life As A Potato
Chandler is MOOD
Bella Rafie
Bella Rafie - Day ago
Where is ty??
Bella Rafie
Bella Rafie - Day ago
Where is ty??????
Bence Horvath
Bence Horvath - Day ago
just kick chandler
emir mutlu
emir mutlu - Day ago
Chandler your a shame to humanity
Hajah Sharmila
Hajah Sharmila - Day ago
Chadler want dark go back to vr
bat man
bat man - Day ago
I really wanted to be in the vr vid
Fulckan Unturned
Fulckan Unturned - Day ago
Can I just come play the games
XdylanX _01
XdylanX _01 - 2 days ago
What vr are they using?
Jahreem Williams Jr.
Jahreem Williams Jr. - 2 days ago
Tito Shafy
Tito Shafy - 2 days ago
2:55 what is name of music
J Achee
J Achee - 2 days ago
Sub the dickle lick on you tube
Emily McAdam
Emily McAdam - 2 days ago
Ready Player One vibes, anyone?
Sarah Kokopuffs
Sarah Kokopuffs - 2 days ago
Pop a molly. Lol
Luke Dagger
Luke Dagger - 2 days ago
they should of carried on with the vr challenge imo
BinFalko - 2 days ago
Does anyone know which sabers Chandler used?
Dima 44
Dima 44 - 2 days ago
So basically they got a job... play games and it pays $1,000/h damn..
My job I stand around all day and only get paid $11/h 😂🙃
Ramiro Ramiro
Ramiro Ramiro - 2 days ago
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