Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000

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MrBeast - Year ago
Subscribe or I’ll kick chandler
Twippy - 2 days ago
S a i l e r
S a i l e r - 15 days ago
Uh oh Stinky
Uh oh Stinky - 23 days ago
MrBeast 😛🤬🤯😱🥵😡🤤👎🏽
Mclaren Craze
Mclaren Craze - 24 days ago
You should kick him
Callia Sillas
Callia Sillas - Month ago
I WANNA SEE THIS CHANDLER NEEDS THIS TO GET ON MY LEVEL (my challel has seven subs)(different account)
Cassandra Anderson
Cassandra Anderson - Hour ago
Nnnoooo chandler
Callum JERINIC - Hour ago
Good job chandler
Markus M
Markus M - Hour ago
So sad for chanler
faze red Leon
faze red Leon - 3 hours ago
Do last to stop eating wins 10.000
AdoptAjosh - 3 hours ago
why am i crying
Judi Partin
Judi Partin - 3 hours ago
Bro please I wanna see full 2 vids
AleefSmech098 in Roblox a k a Tzuyu Fan
I’m jealous cuz I want the vr headset but I don’t have enough
Tiffany Sayles
Tiffany Sayles - 3 hours ago
I would do anything to be in one of these challenges. I could help my whole family with the money Mr.beast gives away...
Alexi - 3 hours ago
No one:
Chris being a loli:
pixiljuice itme
pixiljuice itme - 4 hours ago
If I did this, I'd win. Honestly
Cool Kat
Cool Kat - 4 hours ago
Keep making chandler do challenges until he wins
ARRamsFan72 on YT
ARRamsFan72 on YT - 4 hours ago
Dan Brown
Dan Brown - 4 hours ago
ARRamsFan72 on YT Hello
Dan Brown
Dan Brown - 4 hours ago
Jurnee Gallegos
Jurnee Gallegos - 4 hours ago
Leave Chandler alone
Sammi_ Cookie
Sammi_ Cookie - 4 hours ago
Chandler can win this challenge:last to stop eating or last to stop going toilet 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tacoa -Mcbain-Payne
Tacoa -Mcbain-Payne - 4 hours ago
I could have beat them all in beat saber and I am much younger then them
Alesha Flynn
Alesha Flynn - 5 hours ago
Chandler I’m sorry your a great winner
Silas Jong
Silas Jong - 5 hours ago
8:26 *SNIPE...*
Rose Koma
Rose Koma - 5 hours ago
Man...chandler u made me cry when u said "I tried t cry for the cam but then I started to actually cry "
And please for chandler do a last to stop eating challenge
harry styles
harry styles - 5 hours ago
If I was Mrbeast I would have gave him the money anyways
jake parker
jake parker - 5 hours ago
i thought this was last to leave VR
Raquel Tabora
Raquel Tabora - 5 hours ago
i’m sad about chandler
mooncat _catzyLPS
mooncat _catzyLPS - 5 hours ago
aww poor Chandler do a eating challenge! JUST FOOOR CHANDLEEERRR!!!!
*insert bad Name here*
*insert bad Name here* - 6 hours ago
Wendy Laimant
Wendy Laimant - 6 hours ago
I feel so bad
Alex Naab
Alex Naab - 6 hours ago
Should we help chandler cause he bit mr beast
RT Ghost
RT Ghost - 6 hours ago
Close to 1M likes
Marlie _Thatonesansfangirl_
Colt Taylor
Colt Taylor - 7 hours ago
Aurum Aurumfe
Aurum Aurumfe - 7 hours ago
7:40 that joke got me lol
Magical cat
Magical cat - 7 hours ago
you should do the 1st one to win gets 5000 dolars
SealyPlayZ xxX
SealyPlayZ xxX - 7 hours ago
I thought I was watching a VR videos
Dragon Mastere
Dragon Mastere - 7 hours ago
Chandler is a prophet about the vaccine and the darkness
Emily Clarke
Emily Clarke - 8 hours ago
I had tears in my eyes im emotional and especially for people I watch and look up two
Emily Clarke
Emily Clarke - 8 hours ago
?? - 8 hours ago
It is sad for chadler
Rubberduckbb !
Rubberduckbb ! - 9 hours ago
Frank Linares
Frank Linares - 9 hours ago
chandler noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Frank Linares
Frank Linares - 9 hours ago
poor chandler he was the first one to quit
Landon Shaw
Landon Shaw - 10 hours ago
Poor channler
BLOOP Gaming
BLOOP Gaming - 10 hours ago
But I will sub
BLOOP Gaming
BLOOP Gaming - 10 hours ago
Kick chandler he deserves it
Dina Is Stupid
Dina Is Stupid - 10 hours ago
Daniel chye Boy
Daniel chye Boy - 11 hours ago
I wish I can be in a VR challenge I love gaming
Aidenz Gachaz
Aidenz Gachaz - 11 hours ago
Chandler doesn't win sometimes cuz injuries and I feel bad :(
Lija Islam
Lija Islam - 11 hours ago
ethab - 11 hours ago
i win
Durland Rochette
Durland Rochette - 11 hours ago
I swear I thought chandler was gonna break out the fortnite dance.
Jesus GamePlays
Jesus GamePlays - 11 hours ago
Kick chandler now
Crystallized Wolf RR
Crystallized Wolf RR - 11 hours ago
this might be the easiest challenge ever. this is literally what i do everyday lol.
Jennifer Skoyen
Jennifer Skoyen - 13 hours ago
Chrisa bitch
Aaron Mathurin
Aaron Mathurin - 13 hours ago
Please let me do that it’s so easy I could do that for days
AbsoluteCringe - 13 hours ago
MrBeast: whoever has eyes wins 5000$
Chandler: *blind*
Romanee Conti
Romanee Conti - 14 hours ago
R.I.P Chandler
Fortnite Player
Fortnite Player - 14 hours ago
Bro chandler made me cry dude
Sea shell tied Maya
Sea shell tied Maya - 14 hours ago
Go Dan per
Jill Hussey
Jill Hussey - 15 hours ago
Hi Mr. Beast
Jill Hussey
Jill Hussey - 15 hours ago
Mr. NickKennedy
Mr. NickKennedy - 15 hours ago
God dang it Chandler why do you have to leave you put 150 grand and then you could’ve gave it to me
Jill Hussey
Jill Hussey - 15 hours ago
I want chandler to !WIN!
Dan Mason
Dan Mason - 15 hours ago
Worlds highest paying job being mrbeast friend
Michael Burgess
Michael Burgess - 15 hours ago
I feel bad
Darknoodle35 Playz
Darknoodle35 Playz - 15 hours ago
The super smash bros meme love it
Snowmansloth S
Snowmansloth S - 16 hours ago
Gabriela Whaley
Gabriela Whaley - 16 hours ago
I am sad now.
Mfon William
Mfon William - 16 hours ago
Jimmy is actually a very good friend 😢
autu4450 autu4450
autu4450 autu4450 - 17 hours ago
Rowena Peel
Rowena Peel - 17 hours ago
Maybe last to leave the ocean or pool?
•Gacha Green Blob•
•Gacha Green Blob• - 17 hours ago
I litterly cried when chandler was crying...
Banana! :3
Banana! :3 - 17 hours ago
It's so sweet how Jimmy hugged Chandler when eh accidentally hit him with the ball
Dwaine - 18 hours ago
4:11 Chandler, close your eyes for full screen.
Teague Buchanan
Teague Buchanan - 18 hours ago
Was this last to leave sandpit or last to leave vr
Hei Cua
Hei Cua - 18 hours ago
When the sand goes into your hole and you get diarrhea... And everybody leaves which is a good thing for a while
SHSfusion - 19 hours ago
I wish I can play beatsaber
Marysia_Klara DIY
Marysia_Klara DIY - 19 hours ago
That was unfair coz chandler couldn’t play and everyone else was entertained 😕
YT Bam1en
YT Bam1en - 19 hours ago
older vids:1080p
newer vids:720p

me:great improvement!
Joseph Santi
Joseph Santi - 19 hours ago
Noooooooooooo chandler
Matthew Ho WONG
Matthew Ho WONG - 20 hours ago
Valerie Cheung
Valerie Cheung - 20 hours ago
You should just give Chandler the prize on his birthday
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