Cuomo says Covid-19 symptoms are 'depressing,' wearing him down

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Eleven Eleven
Eleven Eleven - 19 days ago
This will help
Yahweybinyahwey - Month ago
Please motherfucker was outside he was never sick since when u see anchors home lives streamed on tv he's full of shit a fucking liar
no hassle
no hassle - Month ago
I think this awful illness is making Chris a more truth seeking reporter. Humanity is more important than division and money.
Fred Callahan
Fred Callahan - Month ago
Poll from April 20th, 76% of US population doesn't know anyone who has or had coronavirus, Covid-19, Wuhan Flu, whatever you want to call it. While I am hoping and praying for those in the highly effected areas of the country, and special call-out for the brave men and women fighting this virus daily "in the trenches", the rest of the country is wondering what everyone is talking about and steadily going broke hoping they'll get their jobs back. Notice the event these two are discussing, WI voters in-line voting and what a tragedy its going to be...nothing happened, no great influx of new cases, not more deaths, not anything. The models haven't been right all along - there's a way to re-open responsibly, Austria has been doing it, small businesses first, larger companies on staggered and shortened work weeks...any increases in a certain area (which there have been none so far), quarantine that area (was the plan). We need to re-open the country while the country still exists.
AsintheDaysofNoah - Month ago
For someone so concern why did he break his quarantine....... he does not have shortness of breath or dry coughing? He should feel lousy.... we had the flu, we were miserable... sorry this looks like fake news! Sorry Chris
AsintheDaysofNoah - Month ago
He sure does not look like he had the flu that we did..... the fever was miserable and we were really bad. And he broke his quarantine! Yeah he is really concerned for others, fake news!
Big Ern Dog
Big Ern Dog - Month ago
I know of a way you can end the depression really quick lol lol lol lol lol
Darth Grumpy
Darth Grumpy - Month ago
Fredo here never had the virus. He lied about it to get views and for CNN to get sympathy.

Stop lying CNN.
Vindicated Rascal
Vindicated Rascal - Month ago
Fabricated illness. Cuomo is a liar
Brenda Dale
Brenda Dale - Month ago
You're like you brother... Nothing but a sheep! Baa baa!
Jason Edmondson
Jason Edmondson - Month ago
He's a liar always has been .You dont take your family to a lot in public away from your house with your family. Then get in a fight with a bicyclist that got so bad a police report was filed all in less than 2 weeks of being Diagnose if you have covid-19. Sorry liar dont buy it!
CrazyMonkey702 - Month ago
This is bullshit. It’s an over exaggerated flu they renamed to COVID-19.
MsJ Johns
MsJ Johns - Month ago
So happy for him!! but he still here😡
sandino420 - Month ago
I hope you have severe diarrhea Chris.
DreamLifeLucid - Month ago
They want to suppress this information! The cure is already here!!
Hodhod 82
Hodhod 82 - Month ago
How do they check his lungs with x rays if he is home.
Pat X
Pat X - Month ago
Spartan bioscience in Canada is now capable of making quick test that dont need lab involve , simply use the test and in minutes you got results , so you can keep your masks we will keep our tests .
josh james
josh james - Month ago
Lee Harvey Oswald talks TRUMP, COVID-19, ETC.
Anonymous 2020
Anonymous 2020 - Month ago
So are you asking people to starve to death
PaintFlicker - Month ago
When we really disintegrate as a nation, I mean these last vestiges of civility, honor, and hope, it will NOT be like the Great Depression. Instead of knocking on the door and asking for food offering to work for it, it will be take, take, take.
PaintFlicker - Month ago
Mr. Cuomo,
I hope you can beat the virus. Best to you and your family.
Steve Rundle
Steve Rundle - Month ago
Think for a long minute....trump gets coronavirus. Play it out in your imagination.
Zion Izlegend
Zion Izlegend - Month ago
I'm scared too
Zion Izlegend
Zion Izlegend - Month ago
I want you to beat this
Zion Izlegend
Zion Izlegend - Month ago
Your my hero of the news people
Zion Izlegend
Zion Izlegend - Month ago
I love u chris
Karolyn - Month ago
Singing songs of faith helps. Works for me. Just close your eyes and sing a faith song or about God and victory. I really like "With a voice of singing". Singing it makes the dark less fearsome. It goes like this:
Karolyn - Month ago
Karolyn - Month ago
Texting and singing that song made me forget the world. The whole world. Lift that voice. Mi mi mi mi. Miiii. Aleluia.
Karolyn - Month ago
With a voice of singing, Declare ye this and let it be heard, Aleluia. Declare ye this, declare ye this and let it be heard Aleluia. Utter it even unto the ends of the earth. The Lord hath delivered His people. Aleluia. The Lord hath delivered His people. Aleluia. Oh be joyful to God all ye lands. Oh sing praises to the honor of His name. Make His praise to be glorious. With a voice of singing, Declare ye this and let it be heard, Aleluia. Declare ye this, declare ye this and let it be heard: Aleluia. Aleluia. Declare ye this And let it be heard. Aleluia!
Scott Foxter
Scott Foxter - Month ago
is Cuomo dead ?
Scott Foxter
Scott Foxter - Month ago
Is he still alive ?
CW Kooper
CW Kooper - Month ago
Funny how this attack the lungs but this man never runs out of calling him a fake...
CW Kooper
CW Kooper - Month ago
@Anne Liesveld shut up...your obviously ignorant... It's a respiratory disease!!! Get back in your hole!!!
Anne Liesveld
Anne Liesveld - Month ago
He said he slept ten hours a day. He said he had a bit of congestion but not much. Don’t assume it all hits lungs. Maybe it’s much fevers and chills and aches
Topher C
Topher C - Month ago
Wow I work at Walmart and they’re spacing in that voting line was like 10x better spacing than I have on a daily basis at work. Do something about the supermarkets!!
Lisa mont
Lisa mont - Month ago
I wish I could push the thumb up button 100 thousand more times for what you said
Thank you
Benjamin Lovelace
Benjamin Lovelace - Month ago
Get well soon Chris. Your in my prayers.
Bill V
Bill V - Month ago
I had a tiny headache after my positive tested 73 yr old dad gave it to me. He was in the hospital twice and i just had a little discomfort. (He was released after a few hrs each time btw)
LQ Zaandam
LQ Zaandam - Month ago
Cuomo is lying...
Michael Robins
Michael Robins - Month ago he’s still at it. Godspeed to the Cuomo family.
on the rocks with salt
Yeah well, maybe instead of being a showboat you ought to lay your ass in bed and rest! Is this asshat for real? We dont NEED you to broadcast from your basement. Go to bed and be a good example jerkoff.
Jerry Mcguire
Jerry Mcguire - Month ago
Corona Max could take that little cockroach down at fake news 😠 Hunter crack heads Hunter China Joe Biden crack heads family and friends kids smoking crack Corona Max for all fake news like you scumbags trailer trash hahahaha you Dick WITH EARS !!!!
t d
t d - Month ago
Cuomo is a complete and utterfake and this is disrespect to actual people dying
Kwenz Landah
Kwenz Landah - Month ago
Eric Bass
Eric Bass - Month ago
Please Learn from a TRULY Experience Doctor on COVID - Kim Woo JU Experience Doctor in South Korea LED Proactive Program to FLATTEN CURVE!
Daniel Blain
Daniel Blain - Month ago
The only words I can think of is I love you Chris Cuomo... I have turned off the news for the past week and a half and mentally and doing fine I'm not sick but the anxiety made me feel's like if you're wading in the water and you're told there's a shark circling underneath you that panic will kill you even though that shark may have swim far away... And that's doing the show from your basement is a devine distraction I would like to see you just rest and not watch the numbers and news and just know that you'll be okay.. tight tight hugs from Greg and Danny in Dana point 🌺
Isaac33Noles - Month ago
If Fredo Cuomo would have died I would believe this SCAMDEMIC is real.
Joan Sullivan
Joan Sullivan - Month ago
It wasn't just the Wisconsin Republicans who put people in that position, Joe Biden told people it WOULD be safe if they stayed 6 feet apart and the poll workers scrubbed down everything. I mean this is all too despicable coming from both Republicans AND Democrats who care more about getting their votes than the lives and well-being of the American people. In fact, it's criminal.
IAM Me - Month ago
Dude !! I have been inside for 90 days. Also I am still afraid of getting the Disease outside.
Because I see hundreds people, not protecting Me with wearing a Mask.
While the authorities look the other way. Not realizing the dangers presented to Me, by others.
Chip Gaasche
Chip Gaasche - Month ago
Cuomo's "reporting" is depressing and wearing the country down.
Ms L
Ms L - Month ago
Keep fighting Chris we know you'll beat it.
HollieIrish - Month ago
Chris, please keep working through this and I wish you and your family are safe!!!!!!! Reach out to people...I'm an ABA therapist and while I am not a doctor, I am trained deeply in Psychology.....talking best wishes for you!
Stacey Anderson
Stacey Anderson - Month ago
Chris Cuomo is the world's biggest jerk! Horrible how he can publicly put down his own brother...he needs to be fired...arrogant bulldog! He's obviously jealous of his brother...and a disgrace to CNN!
Robert Robrahn
Robert Robrahn - Month ago
They don't know a goddamned thing.
Lupe Chacon-Florez
Lupe Chacon-Florez - Month ago
Dear Chris I admire you and your brother. May you begin to feel much better now. Our doctor has told us to take vitamin D 1000 units.
Trish Love
Trish Love - Month ago
I totally relate with your feelings...Because I've been home suffering with it for weeks and it's exactly why I've been frustrated when I see and hear things that just doesn't make sense! It's been a month and I'm just feeling like myself even after being cleared by my doctor! It's been a battle for my life!
John Barney
John Barney - Month ago
Your depressing us all stfu. Cuomo. Stfu. Cnn asswipes !
CM M - Month ago
Hi Fredo xx
Irritating Indiana
Irritating Indiana - Month ago
Are you getting any better Chris? My prayers are with you. I am doing everything possible to protect myself and others. Just letting you know, you have inspired many !
Irritating Indiana
Irritating Indiana - Month ago
Where can you see a model for your state?
Maria Mendez
Maria Mendez - Month ago
God bless you Chris thank you for sharing your information and your experience.
marisa drake
marisa drake - Month ago
Chris you dont look sick to me! Liar!
Paul Appleton
Paul Appleton - Month ago
Chris focus on protein ingestion....your immune system needs..hydrate ( measure to be sure)....
marcum exe
marcum exe - Month ago
Cry about the poor bastards in the box not fictional characters pretending to be like everyone else, you don't fool me..
Johnny Canuck
Johnny Canuck - Month ago
M. M.
M. M. - Month ago
👏Standing Ovation for Chris. Prayers for Chris🙏. You are a fighter🤺
two4lizzylu and Leo
two4lizzylu and Leo - Month ago
Take care of yourself, Chris! Love what you do but taking care of you is most important right now!🥰
Gmail Hondaspaul
Gmail Hondaspaul - Month ago
Hes spent so much time being part if the Attack Trump 24/7 team. I hope he gets better from the virus and I hope he comes to understand the mental sickness hes suffering from also.
mike oren
mike oren - Month ago
Don’t bother. Eight minutes. Fredo Quo Moe? One of the Super Mario bro Cuomoe brothers? Fredo SMART! Fredo wants RESPECT! Fredo no feel good.
Jesus. Ok. Here🍼🍪🍪🍪🍭Now shut up.
TrollingAndBowling - Month ago
This idiot is still pretending to be sick?
Bruce T. Wayne
Bruce T. Wayne - Month ago
Chris is a faker he is not sick. Just looking for attention like the little baby he is
Maria Araiza
Maria Araiza - Month ago
God bless you Chris and your family! Cuomo family is awesome!!
Heather Rebro
Heather Rebro - Month ago
Love watching Chris and sending prayers and love to all ❤️🙏
Verdi - Month ago
Randy Lester
Randy Lester - Month ago
your a fake caught again
Randy Lester
Randy Lester - Month ago
Battlecam0 - Month ago
Gatira Family
Gatira Family - Month ago
PetrisFitness - Month ago
Chris Cuomo would be giving bjs in some corner for money if it were not for mommy and daddy.. you scumbuckets of society the world has woken up to your bullshit.. you are the bozo the clown of reporting
PetrisFitness - Month ago
Chris Cuomo would be giving bjs in some corner for money if it were not for mommy and daddy.. you scumbuckets of society the world has woken up to your bullshit.. you are the bozo the clown of reporting..
Mike Reagan
Mike Reagan - Month ago
Scumbag lowlife weak fredo :(
Redd NewMillennium
Redd NewMillennium - Month ago
Why everytime they post a video the thumbnail gotta be a serious look. I think CNN be full of it period.
Redd NewMillennium
Redd NewMillennium - Month ago
MaryAnn Ford if you see every video cnn put up it’s always something bad nothing ever good and it’s always a serious look on every person face. So fear can continue to be implemented. That’s what I see idk about anyone else
MaryAnn Ford
MaryAnn Ford - Month ago
Redd NewMillennium Can’t understand what you mean?
Joe Gardner
Joe Gardner - Month ago
Just heard this crap is going to be until march 2022. ..
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