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Lena Ibrahim
Lena Ibrahim - Hour ago
I LOVE TWIZZLERS♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson - Hour ago
Jordyn DeHoop
Jordyn DeHoop - Hour ago
What kind of breed is your dog
Lani Richard
Lani Richard - 2 hours ago
And sour Punch straw
Lebrady 09
Lebrady 09 - 2 hours ago
Lani Richard
Lani Richard - 2 hours ago
And gummies
Lani Richard
Lani Richard - 2 hours ago
I love skittles and sour skittles and sour patch and starburst Hershey with peanuts in their and air heads and lifesavers
Emonnie Shaw
Emonnie Shaw - 2 hours ago
my favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids
ariquonicaa hogg
ariquonicaa hogg - 2 hours ago
g g
g g - 2 hours ago
Airhead warheads
Olivia Buckland
Olivia Buckland - 2 hours ago
l am a both person
Massimo Faria
Massimo Faria - 2 hours ago
Sour patch kids
And other sour things
Courtney Burton
Courtney Burton - 2 hours ago
Courtney Burton
Courtney Burton - 2 hours ago
That is the same voice as the game master
naomi wakefield
naomi wakefield - 2 hours ago
My favourite candy is sour skittles 😍
Kristen Beard
Kristen Beard - 2 hours ago
Air heds .
Derald fehrenbacher
Derald fehrenbacher - 2 hours ago
Air heads extreme are my favorite when I I look at it my mouth waters 🤤
Derek Crihfield
Derek Crihfield - 2 hours ago
Chocolate for sure like is you agree and comment if you are candy
Karaplays Games
Karaplays Games - 2 hours ago
The water makes the chocolate gross
slushy party
slushy party - 3 hours ago
Omg why didn't u put milk in the chocolate :0
K G - 3 hours ago
My second favorite candy is all of them including chocolate and friute
Merina Limbu
Merina Limbu - 3 hours ago
Me too😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😍
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon - 3 hours ago
Nooo!!!! No mints
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon - 3 hours ago
I can’t pick I love all the candies ❤️💕
Kelly Huang
Kelly Huang - 3 hours ago
I have the caramall candy
Amy Sgh
Amy Sgh - 3 hours ago
Where was the Kinderegg?
Nailea Gonzalez vlogs
Nailea Gonzalez vlogs - 4 hours ago
Lizzy: kit Kats are my favorite
Me: omg me to
Me: oh wait she can’t hear me 😐
Awesome Amy
Awesome Amy - 4 hours ago
I like skittles
Dominick Lundrigan
Dominick Lundrigan - 4 hours ago
Chocolate and my favorited is kitkat
Get Recked
Get Recked - 4 hours ago
I think that the girl that is holding the camera and I forgot her name is a hacker from project zorgo it makes sense to me like #1 she doesn’t want to show her face cause it is a rule in project zorgo am I right? #2 her voice sounds like the girl hacker that is in chad wild clays videos only that the voice changer but it sound so equally well like if u agree!?!?
Horse girl Forever
Horse girl Forever - 4 hours ago
K G - 5 hours ago
Gum is my favorite candy
Daddy Babys
Daddy Babys - 5 hours ago
Magdalena Klacz
Magdalena Klacz - 5 hours ago
Sour smog balls
Yamanja Trim
Yamanja Trim - 6 hours ago
no its gonna taste minty
Killer wolf Gamer
Killer wolf Gamer - 8 hours ago
Nerds and cookies and cream Hershey's chocolate bar
Ken Brumett
Ken Brumett - 8 hours ago
My favorite jolly ranchers
Sreenivas Seella
Sreenivas Seella - 8 hours ago
You p
You pr
You pro
You probably thought I was going to waste my time in this
Kevin Kung
Kevin Kung - 8 hours ago
The amazing gpig
The amazing gpig - 8 hours ago
Does Lizzy not have a pair of scissors in her kitchen 🙄
Jonah Meertens
Jonah Meertens - 10 hours ago
I hate chocolate but i love candie
Campbell Brown
Campbell Brown - 10 hours ago
Coffee Twister
Coffee Twister - 10 hours ago
Candys:smarties, nerds, and airheads! Chocolate bars:Twix, Hershys, and KitKat
Ava Jordan
Ava Jordan - 11 hours ago
I think u should have crushed the m&ms
John Simmons
John Simmons - 11 hours ago
Air heads because we need air
Gacha_ PastelAngel12
Gacha_ PastelAngel12 - 11 hours ago
Katie Cooper
Katie Cooper - 12 hours ago
I'm a gummy and chocolate girl 🙉🙉🙉🙉
Summer Madden
Summer Madden - 12 hours ago
Selia Lopes
Selia Lopes - 12 hours ago
Jacob Gardner
Jacob Gardner - 12 hours ago
I think I’m a candy and chocolate person
Milk chocolate
Sour candies
Elizabeth Heavey
Elizabeth Heavey - 12 hours ago
how much did it all cost???
Tyrnee Forbeck
Tyrnee Forbeck - 12 hours ago
The melted chocolate looks sooooo gross
jack the gamer 99
jack the gamer 99 - 12 hours ago
Star bush
Laura Crump
Laura Crump - 13 hours ago
Abbie Gowing
Abbie Gowing - 13 hours ago
All candy
Coco Churton
Coco Churton - 14 hours ago
Omg this is torture the chocolate goes all chunky when water is added. Ugh it’s painful
a Cat
a Cat - 14 hours ago
Nah twizzlers nastyyy
Umberon of shadows
Umberon of shadows - 15 hours ago
I love mars
Minor Mins
Minor Mins - 16 hours ago
Chocolate person
Felicity Ray Self
Felicity Ray Self - 16 hours ago
TOTALLY wasted all that candy. TOTALLY wasted 😫
Sierra Rose
Sierra Rose - 17 hours ago
I love airhead Extreme
DIY With Lucy
DIY With Lucy - 18 hours ago
The only reason I wouldn’t eat the chocolate one is because I’m allergic to peanuts and Peanut butter
GmgDaSpazzo - 18 hours ago
Why did you put water in the chocolate instead of the furity candy
Kali k Toys
Kali k Toys - 18 hours ago
Craig Johnisee
Craig Johnisee - 18 hours ago
Sage Fry
Sage Fry - 18 hours ago
You are you purity
Ariana Anguiano
Ariana Anguiano - 18 hours ago
Jolly racher
Josh Francis
Josh Francis - 18 hours ago
Evelyn Dickson
Evelyn Dickson - 18 hours ago
i like twizlers.
sheni destiny
sheni destiny - 18 hours ago
Hey Lizzy my favourite candy is skittels and I am a gummy person
Lorna Corcoran
Lorna Corcoran - 19 hours ago
I don't know what half of these are
Vlogs mas
Vlogs mas - 19 hours ago
I'm chocolate all the way!!
Sidney Clark
Sidney Clark - 19 hours ago
But I'm on a diet wich i can't have any added sugar
Sidney Clark
Sidney Clark - 19 hours ago
IM 50%CHOCOLATE PERSON SND 10% gummy person
Vlogs mas
Vlogs mas - 19 hours ago
The carrels were my favorite
Sidney Clark
Sidney Clark - 19 hours ago
top fav is kit kat second is m n m's and third is Hershey chocolate
Denisdaily 75828
Denisdaily 75828 - 19 hours ago
My favorite candy is snicker
Samantha Romero Lopez
Samantha Romero Lopez - 19 hours ago
U should had added milk instead of water for the chocolate
Nadia Clement
Nadia Clement - 19 hours ago
the choclit locks good
Nadia Clement
Nadia Clement - 19 hours ago
kit cat
Suga’s Aesthetics
Suga’s Aesthetics - 20 hours ago
That’s so cool!!!
Amanda Sandoval
Amanda Sandoval - 20 hours ago
sour stuff kitkat
Kristine Ann Malolos
Kristine Ann Malolos - 20 hours ago
3:18 life is so hard
Girly Grace
Girly Grace - 20 hours ago
Kimber Boucher
Kimber Boucher - 20 hours ago
Who else was triggered when she didint add smartys!!!!!
Adrian Reyes
Adrian Reyes - 20 hours ago
I love twistlers
Nikolao Brosestevens
Nikolao Brosestevens - 20 hours ago
War heads
Mila Garry
Mila Garry - 20 hours ago
My favorite one is kit kat
Dyvontai Bigstone
Dyvontai Bigstone - 20 hours ago
I like Skittles oh Henry and sour patch kids
morgan Marley
morgan Marley - 21 hour ago
In a 🍫
Luis Dejesus
Luis Dejesus - 21 hour ago
Both candy
Praskovia Abbasova
Praskovia Abbasova - 21 hour ago
Jolly Ranchers
Katalynn Galvan
Katalynn Galvan - 21 hour ago
Is it just me that Lizzy put the Reese's pecis raper in the pot?
Monica Mejia
Monica Mejia - 21 hour ago
I donot likeit
Monica Mejia
Monica Mejia - 21 hour ago
Our Blended Family
Our Blended Family - 21 hour ago
Riley Lee
Riley Lee - 21 hour ago
Every time she says Reese’s pieces it drives me insane ITS A CUP
Hannah Harris
Hannah Harris - 21 hour ago
I am a chocolate type your person and I like Reese's more
Hannah Harris
Hannah Harris - 21 hour ago
I love Twizzlers
Hannah Harris
Hannah Harris - 22 hours ago
No do not Adam to make him mentally
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