Galaxy S20 vs S20 ULTRA Hands On! - What's the Difference?

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Bryce Oslie
Bryce Oslie - 21 day ago
MrMikemontei - 28 days ago
Where did you got that t-shirt
Crazy_killer 1112
Crazy_killer 1112 - Month ago
I really want the ultra features but the size is just massive so I still have to decide if its worth it
Sharan Jaisingh
Sharan Jaisingh - Month ago
Just saw this now. Shot on my birthday in Feb....neat!!
Tarik Durak
Tarik Durak - 2 months ago
coughs in Exynos versions
Kurogale - 2 months ago
Where can I get that shirt?
Abztheaussiechic - 2 months ago
Honestly waiting for the BTS galaxy s20+ army phone that will be fun
Ayad Dosky
Ayad Dosky - 3 months ago
I just got a EE samsung galaxy 20 ad 🤣
Yan08ear - 3 months ago
Well I'm not a big fan of jumping in with a new phone. I already received one of still fairly new Samsung Galaxy S10+ came out last year in 2019. Still the best 👌 phone of 2019!!!
Jonathan Connor
Jonathan Connor - 3 months ago
There's also the exynos processor version from Samsung too
touchthefrog 351
touchthefrog 351 - 16 days ago
I have an Exynos990 version of the s20. Its not terrible, but just worse
Alan Freshwater
Alan Freshwater - 3 months ago
Great review, I think I'm going to go for the s20, but more importantly where can I get your t-shirt from????
Johan Elfström
Johan Elfström - 4 months ago
Great video! It really helped! 😀
2GuysAutoDetail - 4 months ago
Time to throw away my note 9
Mohammed Haq
Mohammed Haq - 4 months ago
Keep on 4G guys. Stay away from 5G / do your research, dont fry brain cells too.
TheSking585 - 4 months ago
That gundam shirt is tough. Where can I grab one
Noah Williams
Noah Williams - 4 months ago
he says what that means to the avg consumer because he isn't uravgconsumer , he's urunavgconsumer
Gustavo Saito
Gustavo Saito - 4 months ago
Anyone knows if the regularly sized S20 will be made available in 512GB at some point. The S10 had a 512GB option. I don't want the larger versions but need the native storage. Can't upgrade from S10 without that.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez - 4 months ago
The phone looks so cool
Mike en Mike
Mike en Mike - 4 months ago
I want 2 sell my iPhone 11 Pro Max for this phone but my parents say Apple is saver🙁
If I get 200 likes I am going to sell my 11 pro max and buy a s20 s20+ or s20 ultra.
Ezequiel Ramirez
Ezequiel Ramirez - 5 months ago
Liking your reviews man subscribed.
Love Mystery
Love Mystery - 5 months ago
Amazing ph indeed. Now with the freaking Virus... Not working. I pass. Hopefully they bring the prices down. Be safe guys! And thanks for the review.
thesamuraiman - 5 months ago
You where did you get that shirt?
Elvis Valentin
Elvis Valentin - 5 months ago
Liking the video before watching just cause of that shirt.
Shane Rafferty
Shane Rafferty - 5 months ago
That shirt🔥
The king L2
The king L2 - 5 months ago
it has exynos tho so.........
Samantha Matias
Samantha Matias - 5 months ago
Can’t wait to get this for my birthday! Hahahah
Peter Pan
Peter Pan - 5 months ago
You only mentioned 2 out of 3 phones in the title. That will affect view count
Cr.s D
Cr.s D - 5 months ago
Jonathan Connor
Jonathan Connor - 5 months ago
Coronavirus closed all stores
U180slimshady - 5 months ago
Me (thinking out loud): Should I pose separately for each of the 5 cameras to see who gets the best photo?
Mahir - 5 months ago
Ordered the S20+ recently. Starting to think it might have been to big of a phone.
Lucy Knight
Lucy Knight - 6 months ago
Can you review the galaxy buds please?
Rerum Trading
Rerum Trading - 6 months ago
4:30 - 4:40
He said that all three devices have 5G support which might be a problem for some people. I went to Sprint to upgrade my phone from S9 to S10 5G last year but couldn't because you had to change and upgrade your plan to get the 5G phone so instead I got the Samsung Galaxy S10+. So, I might not get the Samsung S20s phone because it might need a plan change like last year. So, does anybody know if you need to change your current plan to get the Samsung Galaxy S20 phones?
TheBadArtist16 - 6 months ago
6.9 giggity giggity
Dominic Meadows
Dominic Meadows - 6 months ago
I have the Samsung s20 plus
Angie Salz
Angie Salz - 6 months ago
😭😭to expensive
Tyler Naukatsik
Tyler Naukatsik - 6 months ago
Love your videos
Darks D
Darks D - 6 months ago
Got the ultra. Its freaking huge and beautiful. But I sure hope the fix the camera problems... it's enough I'm tempted to go for the plus instead.
Cant wait for a proper hands on review.
M R - 6 months ago
My mom is getting s20, my dad is getting s20 plus and I’m gettin s20 ultra
fly Brylle
fly Brylle - 6 months ago
Is that a Gundam in the background? ;D
Z3N Bluster
Z3N Bluster - 6 months ago
Took me a hike to recognize our boy rocking the RX-78-2 Gundam shirt with the Last Shooting EX Skill.
dsswooshy - 6 months ago
Not upgrading until there's a notchless option. Don't care how good the phone is, notch = no.
Marco Maceo
Marco Maceo - 6 months ago
Horry sheet, that camera!
damellman damellman
damellman damellman - 6 months ago
Srry im not impressed. Music share?????? No! No head phone jack. Big deal breaker 4 me. Sometimes u need it .bluetooth dies .
exploring life
exploring life - 6 months ago
I will wait till November for the new bezel less ifones
micdoses1 - 6 months ago
Where the fook is the flamingo pink like s10+
musicISlyf1 - 6 months ago
After 6 months of release, 50% off with BOGO deals. These prices are insane, once demand drops hopefully the price will too. I bet Apple is salivating with these Samsung price increases.
marikie marie
marikie marie - 6 months ago
FYI: the 20, the 20 plus and the 20 ultra has different color options. You can only get grey and black in the ultra
Daniel W
Daniel W - 6 months ago
What camera do you use? Your videos are always significantly brighter than other YouTube videos. I can always tell the difference.
Drake Preston
Drake Preston - 6 months ago
1:52 ❤
Alex - 6 months ago
Just got the S20, loving it
Vamshi Krishana
Vamshi Krishana - 6 months ago
Great voice bro...just subscribed from india
Shashwat Jha
Shashwat Jha - 6 months ago
Can you tell me the name of the background music you used ?
gantswood - 6 months ago
Does this phone have a notification light?
solarwind - 6 months ago
Computer level I call bull shit computer 8 GB ram still have better memory the a phone 50 GB of ram because small money not as functional
Mr radioactive eagle
Mr radioactive eagle - 6 months ago
2:22 the average consumer? So you? Ok.
Chris R
Chris R - 6 months ago
S20 sub-6 5G....S20 ultra sub-6 5G and mm wave 5G..... however mm wave may not be available for 2 years in many places... 120 Hertz on a mobile is pointless battery drain. 90 Hertz looks the same, hopefully they'll modify the operating system for this choice.
Amal Latif
Amal Latif - 6 months ago
I rarely use my camera on my phone. I definitely won’t be using the 100x zoom.
I just need phone with good display and performance.
Mustafa Ihsan
Mustafa Ihsan - 6 months ago
I remember when web was going insane after Apple launched the iPhone X with the $1000 price tag. We now live in a world where a $1000-1200 is cheap. So much for 'the average consumer'
Hustlas Story
Hustlas Story - 6 months ago
Single tape? 😂
Skylar Elander
Skylar Elander - 6 months ago
Boyyy yall better go on samsung and get the pre order trade in deal they not playin rn
MISS1DERFUL Garrett - 6 months ago
I pre-ordered the S20+ 💙
Raul Torres
Raul Torres - 6 months ago
Plus Ultra!!!
D&J Gaming
D&J Gaming - 6 months ago
Day in the life video???? You've had the phone for 2 weeks now...-.- was looking forward to that video before March 6th but doesnt look like we are getting it.
Marco Polo
Marco Polo - 6 months ago
Is that a gundam shirt and figure? Looks ace!
Penelope S
Penelope S - 6 months ago
I would to see more reviews on the S20 version. I just pre ordered buy one get one from Tmobile.
Kerry Mayers
Kerry Mayers - 6 months ago
You should do a camera comparison. I’ll like to see how the camera photographs people with dark skin, not many dark skin vloggers out there
Joel Casas
Joel Casas - 6 months ago
That’s expensive Kid!
이광기 - 6 months ago
I like your watch sir apple user here 😅 but now thinking s20 ultra🤔🤔
Kristijan Vragović
Kristijan Vragović - 7 months ago
Gonna stay with my Mate 20 Pro until battery will not be able support one full day of use
Clifton Littlepage
Clifton Littlepage - 7 months ago
Where did you get that shirt!?
ali alemadi
ali alemadi - 7 months ago
Phone so good, you compare it to itself.
Rickie RunningSolo
Rickie RunningSolo - 7 months ago
this Ultra phone should be way more than $1400 .. I think is a great deal and super smart of Samsung for keeping the cost down.
Muba Softdrink
Muba Softdrink - 7 months ago
Ikky_k - 7 months ago
IM GETTING Ultra on a 24 months contract with a plan and it costs 1450 pounds uk. plus it comes with free airbuds which I'm gonna sell for 100 pounds uk. I will be using my phone for 4 years or so soo it's the best deal for me. upgrading from s6 which i used for 3 years and no scratch on the screen.
Kris Bell
Kris Bell - 7 months ago
A 4g version is. 200 cheaper
biggs949597 s
biggs949597 s - 7 months ago
You should go into radio brother you got a voice for radio you seriously sound like a DJ on the radio if this doesn’t work out for your reviewing phones great review
Ni Cole
Ni Cole - 7 months ago
If the galaxy 20 lineup is $1000+ imagine the note 20 price tag! I like the specs of the ultra, the size of the screen, and the battery but I have smaller hands so it might be too big for me to hold. I’m wondering how the s20+ battery life would be 🤔
Vxsios YT
Vxsios YT - 7 months ago
Preorder my S20 Ultra (I'm upgrading form a OnePlus 3T so please don't judge me splashing out, I'm treating myself!)
Darkwear GT
Darkwear GT - 7 months ago
Wrong info
S20 and plus 8 gb 12 gb ram max
Esten Foss
Esten Foss - 7 months ago
Awesome camera that he is using, (not on the phone)
Nathan s
Nathan s - 7 months ago
Am I the only person that doesn't really care about the camera in my phone?
G K M - 6 months ago
Me too that's why I ordered s20 base model no fancy camera
Joel G
Joel G - 7 months ago
so what happened to S11 - S19?
avicohen2k - 7 months ago
Does the s20 base have an larger sensor for the camera or is it just the ultra? Is the camera basicly the same as the s10 on the base model or is there something worth noting about it?
P.s. ultra is science fiction in terms of price.
MzLilly baby
MzLilly baby - 7 months ago
I'm stuck between ultra and plus I don't really like big chunky phones but I'm big on camera performance. Also trading in my s10plus for it..
Oscat A.
Oscat A. - 7 months ago
When the S20 has more RAM than your laptop...
Google User
Google User - 6 months ago
Then you must have a really bad laptop... Haven't had a laptop with less than 16GB of ram in at least 10years.
Yoha Asakura
Yoha Asakura - 7 months ago
FawkesMuldarr - 7 months ago
Why not offer a 90 Hz refresh option as well?
FawkesMuldarr - 7 months ago
Could there be any fewer colors to choose from? Especially for males, where for most, pink isn't an option.
FawkesMuldarr - 7 months ago
@Nathan s nah, just those that want a higher resale value
Nathan s
Nathan s - 7 months ago
Only weak men don't choose pink.
BaNTER ReLOADED - 7 months ago
Ur voice and choice of BG music is indeed very soothing on my airpods...respect from India.
HAMZA dahy
HAMZA dahy - 7 months ago
I already preordered the ultra. I just can't resist. RIP my wallet
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar - 7 months ago
Waiting for your a real day in life video.
andre torres
andre torres - 7 months ago
Yo I need that shirt in my life
VIPER56 - 7 months ago
Still using the s7 edge. Not gonna upgrade yet
Kelo Kaufusi
Kelo Kaufusi - 7 months ago
If the phones did 120hz at qhd then I'd consider getting one. They most likely just locked it and could easily unlock it with an update
Levi - 7 months ago
I hope you do a giveaway, with my wedding coming up my wife to be will only let me get this phone if I win it 😂
Manish Deotale
Manish Deotale - 7 months ago
Please share your review on Battery and Camera comparison.
TreDaSpartan - 7 months ago
Probably just gonna go for the S20 plus. No need for that camera
Dondrecqus Roller
Dondrecqus Roller - 7 months ago
Only 800 dollars with my s10 trade in, plus a free pair of new upgraded Samsung earbuds! Free ! Already preordered my Ultra!
GoudenDynamietHD - 7 months ago
Please do a review on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2
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