When the music video doesn't match the song 2

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loveliveserve - 6 months ago
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Part 3? 🤔👇🏼
PrincessNiyah Grace
Savinkov Ashley
Savinkov Ashley - 4 days ago
Fuck yeh
Lachassity Jackson
Lachassity Jackson - 11 days ago
Courtney Smiley
Courtney Smiley - 28 days ago
loveliveserve oooooookkkkkkkk
MegamindVEVO -
MegamindVEVO - - Month ago
Why you want me to dislike
Pau Martinez
Pau Martinez - Hour ago
Hard as home depot concrete..
Hendrianjayyy - 6 hours ago
The 3rd guy lowkey look alike jaden, i cant stop saying that
9485881 - 12 hours ago
Out of all the ones they made so far I still think this one is the funniest imo
Sayeta Zonen
Sayeta Zonen - 16 hours ago
They sipping on henny and smoking weed 😂😂😂😂😂😂
MFG BurntIce
MFG BurntIce - 17 hours ago
Is that...wu...wu...wEeDd?ツ
IDK IJS - Day ago
Please make a gospel song lol
Devontai Montrell
Devontai Montrell - Day ago
What was the intro song?
ILogicc - 2 days ago
Whats the beat at the start?
sang p
sang p - 2 days ago
You're gonna accidentally make this the trend IRL
Kevin White
Kevin White - 3 days ago
*I just need somebody to loooveee!*
Then get the fuck out the streets then!
America641776 - 3 days ago
What’s the name of the first beat?
Living Meme
Living Meme - 4 days ago
Atleast the intro was 02 shit
Nyota Grantt
Nyota Grantt - 4 days ago
It’s their an original or...is this serious cover?😂😂😂
Chloe Guevara
Chloe Guevara - 4 days ago
Ge K
Ge K - 4 days ago
Bobby smurda and minecraft parody
jenny alcheetos
jenny alcheetos - 4 days ago
Maxim Tuber
Maxim Tuber - 4 days ago
When ariana grande and solja boi have a child
Elite ECG998
Elite ECG998 - 4 days ago
This one is my favorite
Zoe Santee
Zoe Santee - 4 days ago
The damn “L” for love 🤪🤣🤣🤣
Black Honey
Black Honey - 4 days ago
😂😂yall playing too much 🤣🤣second dude face!!!
Abra Kadabra
Abra Kadabra - 5 days ago
Ajax - 5 days ago
Ayyyy teddy fresh!
xStackzz - 5 days ago
My favourite one
Gabby P
Gabby P - 5 days ago
Every time somebody drank out that bottle I lost it 😂😂
Jaha Walgern
Jaha Walgern - 5 days ago
All of them are fine tbh 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️😻😻😻
J F - 5 days ago
When u lie on ur CV
Malina Her
Malina Her - 5 days ago
Who noticed that they didn’t use Noah in the first one? (Edit: unless I’m blind lol)
Atiya Spragion
Atiya Spragion - 5 days ago
What’s this song called?
Brooklynrosee - 6 days ago
Idgaf y’all all so cute
A guy named something
A guy named something - 6 days ago
If the hood ever met love.
Peterson Hang
Peterson Hang - 6 days ago
The type of song really does determines the mood of the video
GorillaGuerilla - 6 days ago
OMFG, to be honest, it took me two videos, (this being the second), before I got that it's intentional!
This is f#cking fantastic - thank you SO MUCH for this, I laughed so hard when it dawned on me that you're taking the piss on us!
Jonathan Kulesa
Jonathan Kulesa - 6 days ago
🎶Smile for me🎶
*points gun fingers at you* 😂
B WanE
B WanE - 6 days ago
Emily Sada
Emily Sada - 6 days ago
Ofc rhino 🦏 likes Justin Bieber 😍😍😍 ofc he puts this song 😂😂😂😍 thank you 🙏🏾 rhino I love jb too 😂😂💜 #BelieberForever !!
Emily Sada
Emily Sada - 6 days ago
Justin Bieber 😍😍😍😍😂😂😂 yesssssss
YaBoi Rob
YaBoi Rob - 6 days ago
Homie in pink looks just like Tobias Harris in the face 😂
be free, die trying
be free, die trying - 6 days ago
Sad things is .. all these dude probably do need "somebody to love", and maybe love them back.. and be real with them "get your ass off them streets and open them damn books" now that's real love..
be free, die trying
be free, die trying - 5 days ago
@xStackzzCringe? why because it's TRUE? How many people would have better lives today,if someone actually loved them? Is it cringe to understand that the break down of the family in our communities is more hurtful than we want to admit?? The break brown of tradition values, family, ethics, emotional and spiritual growth that clearly all of the communities in America are lacking today?? You saw that video and probably laughed. I saw that video and saw an underline of truth.. Cringe all you want, but until every American is off them streets and in schools, the workforce, and/or in military with someone to love and support them (family/spouse/child); then what I saw in the silly video will remain true. And that's the sad cringy part of it. Man look.. look at your friends, you mean to tell me you go not one friend that would be 100% a better person if someone loved them? Stop cringing and open them eyes dude. That's what's wrong with everyone, "oh that's soo cringy" but is it the truth? Is there something to be learned? Then it's not cringe, it is life.. I'm hop off my soap box now..
xStackzz - 5 days ago
be free, die trying ... Cringe
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln - 6 days ago
*Justin Blacker*
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln - 7 days ago
I pulled up to the wrong hood my bad
Diamond Sky179
Diamond Sky179 - 7 days ago
Alex 10,000
Alex 10,000 - 7 days ago
I showed this to the Dallas Police Department. Now we dont shoot anyone. Just sit around talking about the weather.
El Rafa Tegnoui
El Rafa Tegnoui - 7 days ago
A white people perspective..
Gabbi Dawson
Gabbi Dawson - 7 days ago
vic jaanu
vic jaanu - 7 days ago
Jaylen Arnold
Jaylen Arnold - 7 days ago
Littiest gang ever
NJASZN - 7 days ago
Why is this the greatest thing I’ve seen on YouTube lately?
Peter Piper
Peter Piper - 7 days ago
Nigga Beliber
Explixit_ - 7 days ago
What’s the Beat in the beginning?
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