Brad Makes Focaccia Bread with Samin Nosrat | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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Ahdab Esk
Ahdab Esk - Hour ago
I love this
eggboi - 8 hours ago
She reminds me of my good friend yessmeen i love her! The eagle moment was everything
Amy K
Amy K - 13 hours ago
i just wheezed at that intro
Sina Kalt
Sina Kalt - 21 hour ago
Is it still possible to make this without letting it rise for 14hours?? Let’s say only 2 or 3 hours??
Margidda - 23 hours ago
Samin: “Don’t be depressed :(“ SHES SO WHOLESOME
Margidda - 23 hours ago
whoever edits these videos deserves a little bit off of brads paycheck cause he has no influence in the economic department
Luar Biasa
Cory Gignac
Cory Gignac - Day ago
The amount of consideration he put into “should we let her taste the sauerkraut ?”
comradealexie - 2 days ago
Brad is murdering this poor woman with all the laughing.
squiggy18 - 2 days ago
20:54 Always cracks me up. 🤣🤣
Maeve C
Maeve C - 3 days ago
i wanna know why everybody in the test kitchen drinks water out of like plastic food containers (lookin at you chris and molly)
Nate Medeiros
Nate Medeiros - 4 days ago
The eagle killed me 😂😂😂
Savannah Kosiba
Savannah Kosiba - 4 days ago
I need a brad in my life
Elite BViper
Elite BViper - 4 days ago
Samin Nosrat: "Is there Such thing as too much oil?"

Me: **puts dough in a lake of olive oil** "This is fine"
Blueberry Jones
Blueberry Jones - 5 days ago
One of the best guests on the show so far
Zetch_ - 5 days ago
8:12 sure hope that's a reference to Stranger Than Fiction.
Michael Alvarado
Michael Alvarado - 6 days ago
soooo did we just hear vinny speak?
Heather Harris Brady
Heather Harris Brady - 6 days ago
Great episode guys - am hoping you will reprise this and do a middle eastern breads issue with Samin. Pretty please with flour on top? :)
Limo Omar
Limo Omar - 6 days ago
Woah... I just love your video... You guys are hilarious... 😂😂😂
Hannah McPherson
Hannah McPherson - 7 days ago
I would like to petition for Brad and Julien Solomita to do an episode on some sort of vegan delight. I can’t even imagine what their chaotic energy would come up with
Marília - 5 days ago
Hell yeaaaaaah
Jamaiya Penn
Jamaiya Penn - 7 days ago
This was such a good episode 😭 chaotic good
BereniceAllanPoe - 7 days ago
YES HE HAS NEAPOLITAN BLOOD IN HIM I KNEW IT * very proud neapolitan here *
Denny Kim
Denny Kim - 8 days ago
I just realized Carla is famous to famous people.
Katie K
Katie K - 8 days ago
Could this be made into a garlic focaccia if, for example, you used garlic infused olive oil? I've only ever had my mom's focaccia bread and she NEVER changes her ~secret~ recipe with probably a pound of dill :')
LillytheValiant - 8 days ago
What I want to know is if Brad gave Samin some of his Garlic honey for her voice.....
Roxixane456 - 8 days ago
I thought the Samin’s big energy and personality would start to bother me after a while but instead I’ve develop a new crush ans I’m watching this again XD
punkrockviking - 9 days ago
Omg this is my favorite episode yet!
chaton20 - 9 days ago
Amber Harrison
Amber Harrison - 10 days ago
No this isn’t right
Claire, I need you in this video!
Amber Harrison
Amber Harrison - 10 days ago
When she was saying “Wourder” after Brad........
I was cracking up inside😂😂😂💧💧
Kaamilah Salie
Kaamilah Salie - 10 days ago
Best collab ever
Madi Mercer
Madi Mercer - 11 days ago
Please do more videos with these two omfg
rockethips - 11 days ago
That Schitt's Creek shout out!! I'm dead and crying from beyond the grave this ep was too funny.
Mary Bouton
Mary Bouton - 11 days ago
this is the epitome of chaotic good energy and im HERE FOR IT
Hunter Crosby
Hunter Crosby - 12 days ago
“Two Retrievers Meet at the Dog Park and Go Home for a Play Date”
Matthew Hefner
Matthew Hefner - 12 days ago
Salt, Flaccid Acid
Jared Thornock
Jared Thornock - 12 days ago
we need more brad samin🥳🥳🥳
Frances Vachon
Frances Vachon - 14 days ago
:41 Chris in the background. Almost as funny as the whole episode. This is my FAVORITE episode. So much joy. These two are long lost best friends, for sure. Thank you for showing the mistake. Making this tomorrow with my son for a summer day project. Can't wait.
Gg Gg
Gg Gg - 14 days ago
'Are you going to fact check that?' Savage.
W B - 14 days ago
one day ill make $20000 in a single day
michael dixon
michael dixon - 15 days ago
The goofball millennial version of BA.
Andres Camacho
Andres Camacho - 15 days ago
Omg the editing on point!! All the crew deserves a good raise!
Cameron Repas
Cameron Repas - 15 days ago
Brad is just so adorable.
Fariah Criss
Fariah Criss - 18 days ago
Salty Pearl
Salty Pearl - 18 days ago
We don't deserve Samin! She's so damn happy and cute
Colin Stone
Colin Stone - 18 days ago
Can’t watch. Her squeaky voice is murder to my ears :(
Raven Star
Raven Star - 18 days ago
I love them together! Too funny!! ♡☆♡☆♡
Shiny - 18 days ago
*Samin panicking off-camera* STOP, JUST TAKE A CHILL PILL
Pompidou - 19 days ago
I love how Chris just hounded at Brad for not bringing out the mustard, exactly like how moms do it when a friend comes by and you didn't get them the good stuff
stickydeath and the silver spoons
hey brad, i just saw jenna marbles latest vid "corn on the cob but the corn bone is a hot dog" and i think you guys should try to make it please
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