The Universal S

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Andrea Rosario
Andrea Rosario - 10 hours ago
Bird Gaming
Bird Gaming - 10 hours ago
Could you do a vid on D.B cooper
GetPaidWithKyle - 15 hours ago
I’m 30 and I remember drawing this everywhere in middle school and High school..
Pierluigi Zappala'
Pierluigi Zappala' - 19 hours ago
You should make a video about The Diary of William Robert Loosely, its a story to witch I really can’t find a explanation to
WaveyBoy - 19 hours ago
Do a video about the area 51 raid
Meropenem - 20 hours ago
Keyboard: Cooler master SK Series
Pedro Braguês
Pedro Braguês - 21 hour ago
Please do the old Top 10 Facts
TheJunkalos - 23 hours ago
Mexican gangs invented to say SUR 13 in the 50s
I will eat You’re plums
Nice keyboard
Fahri Karami Rafianto
Does anybody have the knowledge to know what's his mechanical keyboard type is? i'm genuinely interested..
Aram Kim
Aram Kim - Day ago
I never drew the S before and now i've done it for the first time and it looks shit
austin chen
austin chen - Day ago
Top 10 Facts - Malware
Ruben Ringelmann
Ruben Ringelmann - Day ago
zeero cool
zeero cool - Day ago
What a jurney man! :D Great story.
stuffiskool2 - Day ago
I saw this on a dumpster in a city but I’ve already knew it from somewhere
The Stig
The Stig - Day ago
LEMMiNO can you please do a video on the Denver Airport?
Liczt - Day ago
Can you make a Spotify playlist for the music you used in your videos?
Tristan Cooper
Tristan Cooper - 2 days ago
My favorite the about it is that you can simply refer to it as "The S" and people automatically know what you're referring to
Pure_Joke - 2 days ago

Azreal20 - 2 days ago
Had a discussion about "the S" with a friend years back, he shrugged his shoulders and said :
Maybe humans were once a space faring hightech species and we lost a intergalactic war, the few survivors were put on earth with their minds wiped/altered and in the last second a hero could make it to a console to do only one tiny manipulation to the programm...the S
Subconsciously humans would remember it, draw it, generation by generation but not know why, or were it came from.
And many years, centurys or millenia in the future a group of humans is send into space, the last hope to save humanity, with one survivor making it into the alien like, ancient construct and there in a room with nothing but a console with a kind of touchscreen-smooth stone plate... subconsciously he draws THE S...and the ancient construct springs to life..

I then asked him what shit he is smoking ...
Legendary Aura
Legendary Aura - 2 days ago
bro he must have a hard time sleeping with all these creepy things he know in his head
Kyueen - 11 hours ago
He must have such epic dreams tho
Eisen Hueter
Eisen Hueter - 2 days ago
make a video about why indians say bitch lasagna
horriblehime - 2 days ago
wait u already drew this s? i also did in primary school and that was mere 7 years ago
Claymeister - 2 days ago
I really want to hear about the Black Knight sattelite conspiracy from you.
AnxiousHeart 2342
AnxiousHeart 2342 - 2 days ago
Scalectrix. Race track toy, remote controlled cars. The pointy S represents the racetrack.
Stef Peeters
Stef Peeters - 2 days ago
Hey Lemino. You still do TOP10s?
I'd like to see one about World of Warcraft :P
Caroline Vs
Caroline Vs - 2 days ago
Why are your uploads so far apart?
Raskolnikov32 - 2 days ago
I'm from Wales, all of my old school books are covered in the 'S' (as well as many failed attempts at it)
Simon Helledie
Simon Helledie - 2 days ago
Must be really satisfying for you LEMMiNO to find somewhat of an answer after all this time and numerous hours. Really great job its channels like this which stand out! the only video with the amount of research is CPG Greys newest one, also a really good video. Props from Denmark
Jesse Steijn
Jesse Steijn - 2 days ago
4;53 song name
Michal Kedzierski
Michal Kedzierski - 2 days ago
Yep we drew it in southern Ontario elementary schools!
JustWowNick - 2 days ago
You know it’s universal when a guy in Iceland learned to draw it.
rei 111
rei 111 - 2 days ago
S or 8 ?
Yellow - 2 days ago
5:15 I got goosebumbs
justin chan
justin chan - 3 days ago
Top 10 facts of the year please?
Killkor - 3 days ago
This symbol is starting to look like one of those SCPs

Nobody knows what it is. Nobody knows it's true origins. Everyone has drawn it before, or seen it before.
Laxify The Asian
Laxify The Asian - 3 days ago
*Sketchers Logo?*
Ahmad Falah
Ahmad Falah - 3 days ago
do a video about witness protection
Hanmei Chen
Hanmei Chen - 3 days ago
this was stoocy’s logo right?
Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib
Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib - 3 days ago
Make a video about 'UAP' findings.
Adi - 3 days ago
well the word BRUH was also used A LOT in 15th century i know because i was there
jhamilton07 - 3 days ago
As a child of the 80s, this "S" was automatic pop culture. In our case, it was the letter that started the phrase "Skate or die!" that littered every school desk, text book, bathroom stall and locker door. I was always curious why only the S was stylized like that and spent some time trying to write a similar font alphabet to go with it and I failed miserably. I assumed it was uniquely from the Skateboard scene until I showed it to one of my kids and they said; Everyone draws that, Dad. What? They do?
Random Videos
Random Videos - 3 days ago
Lemmino please make a video about north sentinel island, about sentinelis.
Omarr Dimzz
Omarr Dimzz - 3 days ago
Amaan Yasser
Amaan Yasser - 3 days ago
*clickity clangs*
Keno Fischer
Keno Fischer - 3 days ago
11:05 lol
Julian B
Julian B - 4 days ago
Once again great research!
Dustin Stott-Lander
Dustin Stott-Lander - 4 days ago
Man, I just watched a ted talk about psychopaths so when he said “in my delusions of grandeur” I thought to myself “that’s one of the check boxes”
ZenoDovahkiin - 4 days ago
>pronounces ch correctly in "Reich"
>turns it into a K in "Streich(-holz)"
....How? At this point, there has to be some conspiracy of internet users all over doing this with German in a planned attempt to piss me off.
Good video, though.
Joseph Shenouda
Joseph Shenouda - 4 days ago
Video on flat earth!
QQ lun
QQ lun - 4 days ago
If I could have your half passion, I might be Einstein by the age 60.
Becky Mills
Becky Mills - 4 days ago
In my elementary school, we all used to think that it was a "Spartan S" because of Michigan State but ig that's wrong.
tarek ahmed
tarek ahmed - 4 days ago
Bitcoin (satoshi nakamoto)
Bigteejedi - 4 days ago
Celtic knots.
Dancingtaco 21
Dancingtaco 21 - 4 days ago
I called it the epic s
your mom with 100k subscribers
Can you make more music your very talented
Korben Sanders
Korben Sanders - 4 days ago
You should find out when the bible originated.
Yong Ayub
Yong Ayub - 4 days ago
do John Titor
B Boggz
B Boggz - 4 days ago
We love this but don’t forget about top 10’s!! more top 10’s!!
Abraman12345 - 5 days ago
I call it the super s
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