The Universal S

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GabeW-S 2004
GabeW-S 2004 - 3 hours ago
Man is dedicated
Zio Matrix
Zio Matrix - 6 hours ago
I think you have.
Κωνσταντίνος Κοκολογιαννάκης
Pavell N
Pavell N - 12 hours ago
What if we start asking who taught you to draw it?We might get as close as we could
post melon
post melon - 16 hours ago
I started getting goosebumps at 5:08
Ollie Cole
Ollie Cole - 20 hours ago
Hey, what is your keyboard make?
Deathrip - 22 hours ago
Im from Greece and every kid drew that S with Smile with the palmtree when i was like 10... we didnt even know who drew it first it just looked cool
Mac’n’ Cheesy
Mac’n’ Cheesy - Day ago
When we die and go to heaven first question I ask will be about the s lol.
Shawn Nelson
Shawn Nelson - Day ago
Ive always thought as a pre-teen that the "Universal S" dates back to the Gothic German letter 'S' due to its basic geometric attributes.
Maybe I'm wrong but I always felt like the symbol evolved from the old German fonts
nik Z
nik Z - Day ago
Kosovo is not a country!
Arcrombie - Day ago
What did the Zodiak killer mean by this?
softly snowing
softly snowing - Day ago
/ \
| | |
\ \
| | |
\ /
good enough la
Justin Kim
Justin Kim - 2 days ago
this guy's editing is the greatest thing i have ever seen
Jonathan T
Jonathan T - 2 days ago
Outro song please?
Prathamesh Parab
Prathamesh Parab - 2 days ago
Its a logo of company called "Slate Digital". Its a audio plugin company
(simple google search can confirm this)
MrNoosphere - 2 days ago
I think the reason for its spread in schools is the ease in drawing it in lined writing paper. Draw the 2 pairs of 3 vertical lines between the horizontal lines in your book and then connect with diagonals.
A2 Productions
A2 Productions - 2 days ago
how much research you want to do??
lemmino : S
Greg Smith
Greg Smith - 3 days ago
The effort put in to this makes me sweat.
hiroshi Tokunaga
hiroshi Tokunaga - 3 days ago
raise your hand if you have never heard or seen this symbol...
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna - 3 days ago
I never drew anything like this
Well I guess that I'm just wierd
Gareth Mc l
Gareth Mc l - 3 days ago
Is it not just a font?
Gpaderna - 3 days ago
I like how LEMMiNO is fun. He's like a fun A.I. like Vision
Stephen Siu
Stephen Siu - 3 days ago
Damn when he said "let's dial it back with the theatrics " I was thinking "damn I really enjoy these theatrics 😂😂
Ale12 - 4 days ago
Harshit Bhardwaj
Harshit Bhardwaj - 4 days ago
/ \
| | |
| | |
\ /
AndreZB - 4 days ago
It was in the 5th grade that EVERYONE in my class suddenly knew how to do this. I was so confused and nobody could tell me where it came from.
Gr47P - 4 days ago
Maybe it doesn't have just one origin .
Maybe different people in different places came up with this pattern at different times.
Brayden Dufraimont
Brayden Dufraimont - 4 days ago
Sabaton uses a symbol like is in its logo
Julian Gorn
Julian Gorn - 4 days ago
In my school we called it the savage sign.
Jako Huncho
Jako Huncho - 4 days ago
you say not withstanding a lot
ZeeeBoss - 4 days ago
It is a symbol of 666 S for Satan following
Will It Snap?
Will It Snap? - 5 days ago
Custos Venetus
Custos Venetus - 5 days ago
It came from us meaning "ese" like saying "that" ... Its ancient ... It has more to do with ego
David Chen
David Chen - 5 days ago
When I first saw this in grade 7 I thought it was the superman symbol
Peachy Cake
Peachy Cake - 5 days ago
In Greece we used to draw "S", the "S" line and "S" mile everywhere. No one ever told us it was a gangster sigh, just a drawing.
A14418525 12
A14418525 12 - 5 days ago
/ \
| | |
| | |
\ /
Hansamita Majee
Hansamita Majee - 5 days ago
*Anyone From Kurzegurt?*
Orin Sorinson
Orin Sorinson - 5 days ago
To me it looks like a twisted circle.
karim chaffai
karim chaffai - 5 days ago
I feel like this video is digging just too deep.
The symbole it self is simple, it looks nice and it's very possible that it was invented multiple times in many diffrent places
axel roz
axel roz - 5 days ago
It's everywhere in the world just because the Lined Notebook. When you get bored you just fill those lines and that's it.
sergio luna
sergio luna - 5 days ago
Porn hub
Knight of Svea
Knight of Svea - 6 days ago
I was first tought this in 1990's In My hometown of Sundvall, Sweden, becuase My Brothers was part of the Skating Community and they tagd it everywhere
hurricanegames 2005
hurricanegames 2005 - 6 days ago
can confirm learnt this symbol from someone at school in zimbabwe
Haunted 1919
Haunted 1919 - 6 days ago
Imma go back in time and then draw the universal ‘S’ for the trolls
Eral From Earth
Eral From Earth - 6 days ago
one word: stussy
Eral From Earth
Eral From Earth - 6 days ago
were the middlemen
Amazing video. Didn’t know the challenge but a friend of mine sent me the link and it has blown me away. Good job, congrats!
Oliver Szkaradek
Oliver Szkaradek - 7 days ago
Nice Keyboard, whats the name?
Will IV
Will IV - 7 days ago
I learned it as the “Superman S” back in grade school even though it’s clearly nothing like it. I think that would have been about 25 years ago now.
passtheBuck Canuck
passtheBuck Canuck - 7 days ago
Ive seen that 'S' on Ukrainian Easter Eggs from the early 1800s that my Baba had since 1898....No doubt this wabbit hole is VAWYEE VAWYEE DEEEP...
ma ryo kim
ma ryo kim - 7 days ago
"and this would turn out to be a massive break.. of my spirit." that cracked me up a lot
Lucky Lefty
Lucky Lefty - 7 days ago
Keep your blue pixels out of Dannebrog !!
Sebastian Hobbs
Sebastian Hobbs - 7 days ago
Look up Alexandre Cabanel’s 1848 painting “Albayde”
Leon Schoch
Leon Schoch - 7 days ago
What is that keyboard he always shows?
PhaktTheIsolationist - 7 days ago
It WAS on Stussy clothing. Back in the 80's there was run of tees and Porkpie hats that had it on. However, fuck, I can't even google a pair of trainers I owned in 2010, so they're gone to the ether. But I GUARANTEE they had them. I'm ASD and I remember fucking everything.
Clearly Stussy didn't invent it, but yeah, it was there.
ParallelUniversity - 5 days ago
There is a Stussy shirt on ebay right now with this logo, but it is the only one. I remember it too. They must have only used it for one season or something, because there is almost nothing left with that logo on it.
Bicycle Motorsports
Bicycle Motorsports - 8 days ago
what keyboard is that you have?
Neil Shalabia
Neil Shalabia - 8 days ago
fam whats that keyboard, shit looks hella nice
Mumtqz Khan
Mumtqz Khan - 8 days ago
I also remember drawing it I didn't knew back than that it was this special
Brett Presta-Valachovic
I encountered the Pointy S in grade school in 1974. England Air Force Base Elementary, Alexandria, La.
We called it the Striped S because it was colored in like a candy cane with alternating white and red diagonal bands.
When I asked my classmates where it came from, I was told it was from graffiti. Now, this is from 5th grade kids, which we all know are not the most accurate of information sources; but, it's interesting you found it used in graffiti in 1973. So, that' lines up.
Although, the Universal S may have its ultimate origin in knotwork. The way the S (or number 8) is constructed is exactly how an individual would go about making knotwork. Somebody happened upon the technique and things took off from there. It's certainly easier than spraypainting the outline of an S!
Ktoto Zachemto
Ktoto Zachemto - 8 days ago
Snoopy Doopy
Snoopy Doopy - 8 days ago
That's a pretty good S
PitBullSerbian - 8 days ago
I'm from Serbia, and my my brother (a car mechanic) showed me that and we called it Suzuki S.
Great video
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson - 8 days ago
I’m so done with stadia adverts
dias - 8 days ago
Tyson Thomas
Tyson Thomas - 9 days ago
dekkii -
dekkii - - 9 days ago
Wait isnt it the sucker punch company logo? Idk i have a ps2 game called "sly cooper 3" and this logo comes in the opening.
FRISHR - 9 days ago
The “S” originated 250 years ago from a planet called Krypton by the House of El, which means hope.
Richard N
Richard N - 10 days ago
I live in North Carolina, so I always assumed it had something to do with NC State. The logos look familiar if I remember right.
Zicky Kane
Zicky Kane - 10 days ago
What kind of Keyboard is that? :o
The Lords Of Time
The Lords Of Time - 10 days ago
1:52 When he said 'delusions of grandeur' did anyone think of Horrible Histories?
No, just me?
ZoroarKid Gamer
ZoroarKid Gamer - 11 days ago
Coming back to this video after a while, I asked my mom, who is an elementary school teacher. Kids these days are still doing it. Glad to know it still hasn't ended
Holly Michelle
Holly Michelle - 11 days ago
The S stands for Simulation
Ein Badner
Ein Badner - 8 days ago
The S stands for SEX
Wes' TECH - 11 days ago
In the 90's, we used it as "Skate" like thia SK8.
Azkika1 - 11 days ago
Great video. I too remember drawing this in the 80s -90s, and also remember it from a match stick puzzle.
Dutch Blades
Dutch Blades - 11 days ago
After wachting this I recall drawing the "S" on top of a some school assignment we got handed in class about Mayans or something along those lines.
It was featured on a temple/wall and had the chain linked pattern.
After drawing this on every scrap of paper as a child, I recognized it on the photo; so it must've been close to the "S".
I'll try to find whatever it was and let you know if you're interested.
(it would certainly predate the examples given if it's as close as I think it was)
BlehBleh Rahman
BlehBleh Rahman - 11 days ago
I drew that symbol before
Rahul Ranabhat
Rahul Ranabhat - 11 days ago
Rahul Ranabhat
Rahul Ranabhat - 11 days ago
Hogaza - 11 days ago
8:18 Are those sixty degree diamonds? I wanna EPP quilt that 😤
Roach DoggJR
Roach DoggJR - 12 days ago
This should be the universal symbol to represent older children and teens.
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