NoCap - So Lost / No Promises [Official Music Video]

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ccs Dawg
ccs Dawg - 5 hours ago
Ion like the sound they did on es
KENXL - 8 hours ago
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 9 hours ago
“So lost so lost so lost so lost” that just hits different 🤩
Benjamin Blue Strip
Benjamin Blue Strip - 9 hours ago
Benjamin Blue Strip
Benjamin Blue Strip - 9 hours ago
Hardest in the game , everybody bite the style
lebroon _
lebroon _ - 9 hours ago
All the view's from me no kap
Pree Toler
Pree Toler - 11 hours ago
This shit hit different 🖤
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 9 hours ago
Someone help this man he's lost.
Cici - 11 hours ago
I just made the bird call them eagles come and get y’all!!!!! POP YO SHIT!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 #goated
Str8RemyNoChaser T.N.M
Str8RemyNoChaser T.N.M - 11 hours ago
‼️New Song ‼️
Bold Adventures
Bold Adventures - 12 hours ago
This straight from the heart
DeejayLeaks - 12 hours ago
“Mama say watch the way you move, you gotta think smarter”
Sierra Ridley
Sierra Ridley - 13 hours ago
I love you.
Demet 85
Demet 85 - 14 hours ago
Im 35 and this the harder nigga out right now nocap🧢
Prince Huncho
Prince Huncho - 17 hours ago
The Goat
Michael Simon
Michael Simon - 22 hours ago
"yea" best part.
Lorna Georges
Lorna Georges - Day ago
this hit the soul
Jewuap - Day ago
Smile when it's storming hate it when its clear RN it's cloudy my typa vibe
Jewuap - Day ago
New Pain 😔
Marcel Curry
Marcel Curry - Day ago
Rest Up Fbg Duck 💔
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - Day ago
nocap too intellectual for y'all frfr. WHO ELSE WAITING FOR HIM TO DROP #i_can't😩
Sloppyfliptrick - Day ago
Someone help this man he's lost.
Zay Lucas
Zay Lucas - Day ago
“All dem damn memories still haunt me I work to hard but I still see my dreams crumbling” that’s da ☝🏾
Quinton Dale
Quinton Dale - Day ago
Who heard the Album already??🤔
Quinton Dale
Quinton Dale - Day ago
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - Day ago
How’d this get disliked?🤔
Jay Mills
Jay Mills - Day ago
Back again
Skee - Day ago
On repeat
houseplant - Day ago
Jayden Nicole
Jayden Nicole - Day ago
“work too hard, but still see my dreams crumbling”
fudge Working
fudge Working - Day ago
This made me cry bro amazing
Tsyia Phelps
Tsyia Phelps - Day ago
Go subscribe too FKG 3
J Walk Films
J Walk Films - Day ago
“All them damn memories still haunt me. I work so hard I feel like my dreams still crumbling” 🦅 his word play the best in the game rn!
Mark Dates
Mark Dates - Day ago
I hear bro pain on granny
YFG RE - 2 days ago
I hate when artist don’t put certain songs on Apple Music
HAROON ROHANI - 2 days ago
Best artist of 2020 on god
mc mugah mc
mc mugah mc - 2 days ago
best rapper alive
Biggie Cover
Biggie Cover - 2 days ago
No cap really got shooters theyll crash in public 💯💯💯💯🆑
Devante Green
Devante Green - 2 days ago
I just wanna know why this shii ain't hit a mill yet. They sleeping bad.
LadiesLoveGhost - 2 days ago
How’d this get disliked?🤔
yu lackin
yu lackin - 2 days ago
THE GØÄT - 2 days ago
Why cant they realize Alabama has some of the most creative humans on earth.
ssloob ypccarter
ssloob ypccarter - 2 days ago
Checking in
Capucine GORDON
Capucine GORDON - 2 days ago
Just found NO CAP lovin this song stay strong while your down NO CAP
I still never cared Pussy
Yea welcome this nigga sum different continuing tuning in to this other shit😂🔥🚫🧢
Capucine GORDON
Capucine GORDON - 2 days ago
I just found you Today NO CAP
Z - 2 days ago
This chick music
Todd Pepin
Todd Pepin - 2 days ago
Leave me when it’s all gone 🪐
Yung Swagg
Yung Swagg - 2 days ago
From detroit to mobile💪💪💪💪
Legendary Chris
Legendary Chris - 2 days ago
TheRapPlug YoungPheno
TheRapPlug YoungPheno - 2 days ago
This raw but check this freestyle out
HunnidRacks EntertainMent
I felt this shit in my soul moe
Hitman Saffold
Hitman Saffold - 2 days ago
no cap.....
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 2 days ago
“So lost so lost so lost so lost” that just hits different 🤩
Cruz Jacobs
Cruz Jacobs - 2 days ago
Lyrics came to my head the day after listening and searched through all the best rappers to find it
Demon JB
Demon JB - 2 days ago
He gotta stay outta jail 🔥🔙🔚
Chantz Esparza
Chantz Esparza - 2 days ago
574 haters an counting. Like this if u real no cap fan. #Nocap🧢
J. R.
J. R. - 2 days ago
That no promises deep 🧎🏾🙏🏾
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 2 days ago
miss miss miss beat win flawless victory
Katie Bella
Katie Bella - 2 days ago the Real treatment to covid 19 . No one has to quarantine...
Amp Brooks
Amp Brooks - 2 days ago
No cap your music gets me thru depression I can relate 💔
Wes Lee
Wes Lee - 2 days ago
Me n NoCap would make some heat
Keyon Hall
Keyon Hall - 2 days ago
Cap and Rylo taking over
K-S TheWise
K-S TheWise - 2 days ago
Here the first week and before a milli views
MontclairTD - 2 days ago
I tried to run away from pain , I just couldn’t afford it.
EnvyDae - 2 days ago
Babi KaKez
Babi KaKez - 2 days ago
Hurt control a nigga it’s so strict damn that’s deep my nigga
Marky&Cari’s Lifestyle
Why I feel this in my soul like Going to church after doing something bad💯💪🏾🔥
Remi Bailey
Remi Bailey - 3 days ago
Michelle Mitchell
Michelle Mitchell - 3 days ago
Luv you kid 💙🙏🏽 - Khaos Amiri
Antrown Phillips
Antrown Phillips - 3 days ago
Bump this EVERY morning. Every Workout, Everyday
DJ zorki
DJ zorki - 3 days ago
... REMEX...
اجمل ريمكس... 🤩
Вадим 2007
Вадим 2007 - 3 days ago
miss miss miss
beat win flawless victory
Yvonne Gonzalez
Yvonne Gonzalez - 3 days ago
Kasino died, that made me hit my knees a lil quicka ...
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 3 days ago
Do not call my phone you gone get the dail tone you only around me cause I’m on
Achieve You
Achieve You - 3 days ago
Such a beautiful song
Lonn - 3 days ago
.75 😢🔥🔥🔥🔥
ZipLock YaDigg
ZipLock YaDigg - 3 days ago
No cap something different
2shayy NYC
2shayy NYC - 3 days ago
Y’all sleeping on this man 🗣☝🏽
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 3 days ago
U don't need ya heart to live u just need ya pistol 🤷🏽‍♂️💯
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told - 3 days ago
Time is short. Repent and turn to God. Jesus died so that you can have eternal life. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Romans 10:13. Look around at the fallen world, time is short! There is still time to be saved from the punishment for sin. Jesus said, " I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me" John 14:6. Repent and be saved. Jesus died for YOU and will reveal Himself to you if you seek Him. He loves You. What does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul? Mark 8:36
Damon Hunter
Damon Hunter - 3 days ago
“I tried running away from pain I just couldn’t afford it”👨🏾‍🔬🦈🦅
Ar'Quel Smith
Ar'Quel Smith - 3 days ago
AYE StickyTv
AYE StickyTv - 3 days ago
Tupac would approve
Goop King
Goop King - 3 days ago
Dem angel voices hit different
Nuwinskii Baby
Nuwinskii Baby - 3 days ago
This song Grow on me the more I listen
JBmg - 3 days ago
He said fucc vocals😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Fly Tymez
Fly Tymez - 3 days ago
Fly Tymez
Fly Tymez - 3 days ago
Joshua Kin
Joshua Kin - 3 days ago
Thank you Kobe Crawford 🙏🏾 your music changed my life 💯
Porsha Daniels
Porsha Daniels - 3 days ago
I love him fr🖤😫
Shawty Yae
Shawty Yae - 3 days ago
Mobile Alabama
Not Nice
Not Nice - 3 days ago
Hes hurt
Dimeboyjere - 3 days ago
U don't need ya heart to live u just need ya pistol 🤷🏽‍♂️💯
Dimeboyjere - 3 days ago
God ik I'm living wrong I'm gon get right witchu😵
spam account
spam account - 3 days ago
rich kid
rich kid - 3 days ago
this nigga done
Warren Crowley
Warren Crowley - 3 days ago
His best songs always be the ones wit ANOTHER hot one behind it‼️
savage montana
savage montana - 3 days ago
Some how when it’s hard times you find a way to smile ... Although when times are better than ever it’s a negative demonic energy that comes out of no where to fuck up your perfect day always forward 🤍💪🏿
Alexandra Creasy
Alexandra Creasy - 3 days ago
When you really been through all ts nocap hit way different on bro 💯
SuijinDeity -
SuijinDeity - - 4 days ago
This on fucking replay
Yung Murci
Yung Murci - 4 days ago
I cried to this no cap
Jovany Nienow
Jovany Nienow - 4 days ago
He's so underrated. I mean he's better than most of the mainstream rappers.
enostripez - 4 days ago
Go listen to his potna eNo $tripez
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 4 days ago
Can just tell he put his pain into dis one folk stay strong💫
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