Turning Roadside WEEDS Into BREAD

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Cook Piru
Cook Piru - 10 hours ago
This is easy just get 3 pieces of wheat go in your inventory and make some bread
Valariegrace8 1der
Valariegrace8 1der - 14 hours ago
I am seriously going to try this with my kids
Ayy I am pro at Strucid
Ayy I am pro at Strucid - 15 hours ago
Smoke bread...i mean weeb EVERYDAYYY
SnakeKittenTiger Enough Said
You guys didn't have to go through that process... just get a crafting table and put 3 wheat in it and BOOM theres you bread.
Carly Rose
Carly Rose - 20 hours ago
Or a cow 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 1:28
Kubic - 21 hour ago
Many farmers still stick to the traditional methods here in India!
Elite Wolf
Elite Wolf - 21 hour ago
Whares the original dude who was amzing ? Anyone
Zulfadli Zul9021
Zulfadli Zul9021 - Day ago
Weed???I think Wheat
Flyte - Day ago
Imagine getting millions of views for making bread,must be nice
Danny DaGoat
Danny DaGoat - Day ago
Shut this mf up bro he took yo show
Travis Beard
Travis Beard - Day ago
Nobody caught the breaking bad reference?
DyreTheMaker - Day ago
WElcOME tO tHE bRead fiELDs MoTHer fu-
heath.fishes on ig
heath.fishes on ig - Day ago
Og scythe
saif minecraft gamings
Here in bijnor you can get a huge cane fill of grains and you have to take them to a place where they become flower and then you will make your food from that flower!! Its your life!!!
Mr. Parmesaen
Mr. Parmesaen - Day ago
8 year olds:Ur A sWeAt U uSe tHe sCyThE...FoRtNiTe
Ean Nieto
Ean Nieto - Day ago
5:04 all winter wong
TopicTrollin-YT - Day ago
I’m gonna try something new today
Doggo_FN - Day ago
*Miles and miles of food across the us.*
Still starving people
Stephanie Canady
Stephanie Canady - Day ago
lmao i saw that breaking bad reference
Kevin Ortega
Kevin Ortega - Day ago
U know who else had blunt force trama
Layia Mt
Layia Mt - Day ago
Whelp time to go get this bread. 🍞 🥖
Sebastian Sund gamer
Why does that guy have a bloody eye?
Ezmo - Day ago
Anyone notice a Phil Swift sticker on the fridge?
RobMacKendrick - 2 days ago
I've spent many hours over my lifetime throwing a scythe. Not to be that guy, but the guy in this video is not doing it right.
Tyler Gray
Tyler Gray - 2 days ago
11:59 lol the breaking bad camper
jarrod0987 - 2 days ago
I saw what you did there HAHAHA
Sax Girl
Sax Girl - 2 days ago
Me flash backing to 2-3 years ago: omg they finally made the video
Zorlock The Warlock
Zorlock The Warlock - 2 days ago
a scythe with no cross handles, yeesh
Fortnite Memes
Fortnite Memes - 2 days ago
He has the reaper pick axe from fortnite
xAlison x
xAlison x - 2 days ago
*what I felt like in 1st grade*
linda linacre
linda linacre - 2 days ago
toss it in the air :)
Dsylexic Gaming
Dsylexic Gaming - 2 days ago
11:59 why was there a breaking bad scene
LemonJuis Foreal
LemonJuis Foreal - 2 days ago
Boy Scouts
Thirsty boi
Thirsty boi - 2 days ago
Steals random farmers wheat*
Cameron Kirby
Cameron Kirby - 2 days ago
So an episode of dr. Stone inspired this one?
Pokémon Goer Pokémon is the best
I made bread at my school
Logan Archer
Logan Archer - 2 days ago
Anyone else see the sneaky breaking bad reference
crabby crabby
crabby crabby - 2 days ago
put sheep bones in the blender it would be cool
Akid Muzaffar
Akid Muzaffar - 3 days ago
Official The Rippa
Official The Rippa - 3 days ago
Shortly after talking about nunchucks 5:04 “all winter wong” bruh lol
Angela Raye
Angela Raye - 3 days ago
Normal people: Turning Roadside WEEDS Into BREAD

Me, an otaku: Turning Roadside WEEBS Into BREAD
Dylan Wickliffe
Dylan Wickliffe - 3 days ago
How about that subtle Breaking Bad reference at 11:59
killtime351 - 3 days ago
11:59 lmao
Kicked in the Biscuits
Kicked in the Biscuits - 3 days ago
I read this:
Turning roadside *WEEBS* into bread
WRXSTIFAN0523 - 3 days ago
Curious, is anyone else curious whether or not they filmed the pancake / bread portion of the video was filmed at 1 am?
Ryan Jensen
Ryan Jensen - 3 days ago
atropa - 3 days ago
"all winter wong"
April Axton
April Axton - 3 days ago
when the zombie apocalypse hits...
BobfishTheCat - 3 days ago
In the scrapyard intro why he looks so much less threatening than her with his tiny crowbar or whatever he's holding.
David Bermudez
David Bermudez - 3 days ago
This is awesome I’m going to try it so much different than in biblical times
MemeLord8096 - 3 days ago
At 10:55 look at Nate's face
Jsweizston - 3 days ago
Pro tip for when the apocalypse comes. Side of the highway, got it. Also a sourdough starter is not as easy to make as he explained but rather look up a guide.
Biliana B.
Biliana B. - 3 days ago
breaking bad reference ....
Juan Melendez
Juan Melendez - 3 days ago
Minecraft farming
Zahin Quadir
Zahin Quadir - 3 days ago
10:24 is see flex seal behimd joseph ;-;
PhAnToM WaTcHeR - 3 days ago
Nate:or a cow
bread man:blanks him
Random at its pure finest
I am the only one who sow the breaking bad RV in 11:59 or am i tripping
Shetasen - 3 days ago
I started baking bread about a year ago and now i understand why artisan bread costs so much, but even so, if I can help it, i don't buy sandwich bread anymore. The only exception are bagels.
Joseph Drayton
Joseph Drayton - 3 days ago
turning roadside weebs into bread
Aldo Game
Aldo Game - 3 days ago
Search "Making Bread with ROCKS and WHEAT"
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