The Try Guys Make Surprise DIY Valentines

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Seema Thapa
Seema Thapa - 15 hours ago
I want Keith kinda guy... ❤️
a a
a a - 21 hour ago
13:41 he just describes the relationship of hufflepuff and slytherin
Kaizer Coral
Kaizer Coral - 23 hours ago
Ashley Miranda
Ashley Miranda - 2 days ago
I am not sure how I missed this video, but I am so glad I am watching it now. Everyone had me laughing through the whole thing, but my favorite scene is how Eugene is so proud in his retelling of his schools play. An Irish play about his ex wife killing his baby and burning his cattle. Then, watching Ned's reaction and how he questions Eugene, "I'm sorry what play is this?" lmao PRICELESS!
Becca Brii
Becca Brii - 3 days ago
Yarelly Garza
Yarelly Garza - 4 days ago
I love how ned learns things from eugene 😂😂😂
Madalyn Botello
Madalyn Botello - 5 days ago
Practice for zach’s future company
Helanie Malherbe
Helanie Malherbe - 7 days ago
I am 100% Eugene in this video
melanieeilish martinez
melanieeilish martinez - 9 days ago
so no ones gonna talk about thanks daddy.... ok
Ab Dab
Ab Dab - 11 days ago
Can I just say the basically the presents they give to there Significant others is basically just for them
Kieth: using food in the soap on of he’s favourite things
Zack: tea literally his favourite thing in the world
Eugene: giving things to his dogs
Ned: he’s wife and baby I have nothing else to say about Ned
queen bee
queen bee - 11 days ago
Becky + kieth 💙
Zach + maggie💚
Ned + Ariel + west❤
Eugene + max + emma + pesto💜
There all great together❣
Pia Ayen
Pia Ayen - 12 days ago
thats my fave post credits
mahima mohanto
mahima mohanto - 15 days ago
4:46 my heart 🥰🥰🥰
Addison May
Addison May - 15 days ago
Maggie and Bowie curled up on the couch was so cute!!
Gauri Moghe
Gauri Moghe - 17 days ago
I hate Eugene's hair in this
Isaias32 - 17 days ago
Rachel in the background reminds me of a kindergarten teacher helping her students.
Constanza Durán Collao
Constanza Durán Collao - 18 days ago
this is so wholesome 🥰 makes my heart happy every time I watch it
Adelyn McBride
Adelyn McBride - 19 days ago
I love how only 1 person is talking abt how zack and Maggie are engaged
Ruby Billings
Ruby Billings - 20 days ago
I love how I’m watching this when zack and Maggie are engaged
sara sorathia
sara sorathia - 21 day ago
Eugene: cuz I had a lot of problems
Ned: nods diligently
Danielly Lopes
Danielly Lopes - 21 day ago
I really love this guys LOL
Nathaniel Mitchell
Nathaniel Mitchell - 24 days ago
Uh Keith goat's milk has plenty of lactose in it ... Don't eat that goat's milk glycerine
Erin Strahorn
Erin Strahorn - 24 days ago
ned and eugene talking about fisting was literally my favorite part
Jo Stewart
Jo Stewart - 27 days ago
Zach should make those tea bag things (but better quality) to sell w/ his tea
hahahanshaha :D
hahahanshaha :D - 27 days ago
TheDancerMacabre - 27 days ago
Of course Keith would mention Barney!
Wagi Aliz
Wagi Aliz - 28 days ago
I loved the little Animation's!♡
Caitlyn Sison
Caitlyn Sison - 29 days ago
Its gonna spray red liquid
That sounds like me when i stubed my toe
Sam - 29 days ago
Sugar9005 - Month ago
I need that pesto drawing as a sticker
Natalie Kendel
Natalie Kendel - Month ago
I thought Ned was really sweet to Eugene in this. And I LOVE IT!
A_Nerd_Who_Sings - Month ago
P D - Month ago
Picachki - Month ago
Seeing Becky laugh and smile at Keith’s puppet proves how perfect they are together!
ElleDeja Connolly
ElleDeja Connolly - Month ago
Idk why but this video made me smile without
even noticing I was smiling huge
Amanda Saylor
Amanda Saylor - Month ago
Honestly Rachel is the under appreciated joy of these videos! She keeps it all together and also makes everyone excited lol we love Rachel!!
Neha Umapathy
Neha Umapathy - Month ago
Zach’s so fucking cute in the thumbnail I can’t even🥰🥰
Samira Schwannecke
Samira Schwannecke - Month ago
Keith's gift actually is so thoughtful and the puppet it super funny. He put his own twist on it, it's quiet Keith-ish. I love it!
shark13 shark13
shark13 shark13 - Month ago
Keith's puppet bag is adorable and creative and there arent any comments about it
Mamta Ganguly
Mamta Ganguly - Month ago
Can't belive I am crushing on Eugene.
Not because of looks but the dark humor.
Dan Wills
Dan Wills - Month ago
I wish someone loved me like this
- - Month ago
I never noticed this, but Eugene looks like Ned’s bodyguard. And Ned is dragging him into bonding activities and other misadventures
Biscuit girl _gacha
Biscuit girl _gacha - Month ago
The try guys friend group
Zach:cool dad
Ned actually a dad:basic white girl because pumpkin spice
Eugene:the cool one
Keith:the smol child
Anne - Month ago
I ship Matt and Eugene sooo hard!
Michel King
Michel King - Month ago
I think he’s giving Ariel more things then this..😭
AnimeSniperWolf 17
AnimeSniperWolf 17 - Month ago
He had something special planned for her
AnimeSniperWolf 17
AnimeSniperWolf 17 - Month ago
He did
herobrine is my boytoy
Poor Sally 😿😿
- RedCat -
- RedCat - - Month ago
Most people are complaining about ned being "mean" because he's making something for his son and wife, but praise eugene for making something for his dogs and dismissing his boyfriend? He refused to give the dog treats to his boyfriend to give to his dogs, ned is giving the crayons to Ariel to give to their son, I don't understand why people put ned as the bad guy in the situation. I love my pets more than anything, I made my cat a cake for her birthdays and celebrate her constantly, but I also would feel bad not giving my significant other anything. Idk i understand people adore it bc it shows "love isn't just about romance and relationships", but ned is also doing something different by making something for his son. Would you rather want your husband/bf giving you a gift for you and you son, or instead giving something to their dogs rather than you? So why is ned deemed as the "bad guy"? Have you forgotten who ned is?? I still love eugene but he also lacks romance a bit and its who he is, but it's still a bit backward to praise eugene and put ned down as if he's doing something wrong for loving both his son and wife, and on his insta he did more for her of course.
Felicia Xie
Felicia Xie - Month ago
Honestly, I feel that Eugene isn't "dismissing" his boyfriend, he just doesn't feel comfortable expressing romantic affection on camera (or really any overt affection for that matter). I'm sure that Eugene knows what he and his partner want best, and I also doubt that these handmade gifts are the only presents they gave their SOs for Valentine's Day. Aside from that I totally agree with you-- Ned loves his son and his wife very much, he would never ignore or prioritize one over the other, idk why there have been so many people arguing against his gift idea (which I personally thought was adorable!)
Sweetpea Chickadee
Sweetpea Chickadee - Month ago
I love the puppet idea. It’s so cute and original
Ashby Young
Ashby Young - Month ago
Ned shouldn’t confuse Ariel’s individuality with their baby. I get the parents love for their child part but they do still have individual personalities which shouldn’t be neglected.
Andrew Chung
Andrew Chung - Month ago
Even that product ad at the beginning hit me different especially when I've been diving into their channel and understood the reference! :)))
Sara Hopkins
Sara Hopkins - Month ago
10% of the comments: saying how terrible of a husband Ned is
85% of the comments: backing up Ned
5% of the comments: other
Dino Earth
Dino Earth - Month ago
ariel: *extremely excited IS IT SOAP?
ariel and ned: *disappointingly it's... crayons...
Neethi sri Neethi
Neethi sri Neethi - Month ago
The whole career ends if Becky misunderstand the soap as white choclate and eat it
kaokso - Month ago
This just made me think of how creative Keith is
Hyacintha Riztbally Sutopo
My romantic ass screams YAAASSS
Lunar eclipse_omni Gal
Does anybody else love Becky’s smile 😅 it just makes me happy not in a romantic way or anything but it just is such a sweet smile
😷The original moof🦄
They missed the time to say “time to present “
Lisa - Month ago
Aaaah this video is so heartwarming and so cuuuuuuute
clowshine - Month ago
i love keith so much he's just so goofy and adorable
Imagine STUDIOz
Imagine STUDIOz - Month ago
17:23 Keith slowly dying inside
Life Is Soup I Am A Fork
Making the bag a puppet is so Keith
ShmolKid - Month ago
Let’s be real here. We love zeith for a lot of things but one is that they make random songs out of the things they do and they actually sound dope. Keith and zack. I’d buy those songs
halasaurus - 2 months ago
I love Ned and Eugene’s matching wardrobes and Keith and Zach’s energy. These guys bring me so much joy.
chey cat
chey cat - 2 months ago
my mothers name iss sally...lollol
Ben Thewlis
Ben Thewlis - 2 months ago
Damn Ned really dressed up for this video
Kitcat Meow
Kitcat Meow - 2 months ago
when zach said when she dips this little heart in water and red liquid is just gonna explode everywhere i was just honestly like so like when you stab a vital organ
Stella Moonstone
Stella Moonstone - 2 months ago
Ned telling us about how he was able to have Ariel wake up to a flower filled room made me realize that that's the kind of love I want.
Brynne Colley
Brynne Colley - 2 months ago
He knows Whitney didn’t write that right? Because she just covered it. Dolly Parton wrote it.
kiana kkk
kiana kkk - 2 months ago
I loved Neds reaction when Eugene was bout to talk about him like so funny 😮😀👋
Nicole Culbreth
Nicole Culbreth - 2 months ago
I want that ending video of Eugene as my laptop screensaver
Kai Wu
Kai Wu - 2 months ago
Ned really be avoiding the questions like that...
Esther P.
Esther P. - 2 months ago
Eugene giving a high-five to Ned with a poker face is the most affectionate I've ever seen him with a Try Guy.
Slightly Stressed Blueberry
Eugene’s reaction to hearing there was a party in horror and then getting invited a second later to even more chagrin is everything 💚
R D - 2 months ago
Why didn't you guys just give Keith oil instead of capsules??
Gracie Howard
Gracie Howard - 2 months ago
This is so adorable, it reminds me of making gifts for parents for holidays at school, and being so excited to give it to them when you get home.🥺 more wholesome content from ttg🥺🥰
nicholeandalby - 2 months ago
I wanna watch this play so bad
Gaby - 2 months ago
Loving father attempts to connect with his adopted gay son
Ruby Mehmi
Ruby Mehmi - 2 months ago
Why is Eugene so freaking good at drawing
ImagineTheOutcomes - 2 months ago
I love Eugene and Ned’s friendship. They’re so much of opposites but great friends and it’s amazing lol
Bel Del
Bel Del - 2 months ago
Emmie S
Emmie S - 2 months ago
Till There Was You by The Beatles will forever be the most romantic song in my mind. It’s just so cute and sweet ☺️
Emma Ayers
Emma Ayers - 2 months ago
i just love how pleased Keith is with his puppet idea, the smile on his face! :)
Thot you would Never ask
Thot you would Never ask - 2 months ago
Pesto just warms my heart
Thot you would Never ask
Thot you would Never ask - 2 months ago
Neds first love story gets me every time
Arunima Sarkar
Arunima Sarkar - 2 months ago
At 12:51 I love the face Ned makes!!!
Sabah - 2 months ago
the real question is: did Emma approve?
Emily musser
Emily musser - 2 months ago
Keith - talking about ball pits
Eugene and Ned - talking about fisting
Christine Shane
Christine Shane - 2 months ago
Eugene representing the Ase Community since the birth of the internet.
Austin is thicc emo potato
Bowie : oh what’s that is for me
EmieCorn Games
EmieCorn Games - 2 months ago

*_Alexa, Play Careless Whisper._*
Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth - 2 months ago
Me: *t e a*
gabby reeder
gabby reeder - 2 months ago
I so related to the fact that Eugene is uncomfortable showing feelings for people but is totally fine showing his feelings for his dogs
Tidiane Fievet
Tidiane Fievet - 2 months ago
Eugene why don't give a present for your Boyfreindddd😖😖😇
Lexi Grimbrooke
Lexi Grimbrooke - 2 months ago
Zach’s pumping up Keith’s fragrance concerns is my favorite part of this video.
Drew Cherpin
Drew Cherpin - 2 months ago
Eugene and Rosa Diaz are the same
Manal Lafram
Manal Lafram - 2 months ago
I just realized that I've been watching your videos for 4years ( MY LONGEST COMMITMENT)
Meredith Hagan
Meredith Hagan - 2 months ago
I looked up “By the Bog of Cats.” It’s basically the Jason and Medea myth but without the Greek chorus.
Dea Devita
Dea Devita - 2 months ago
Eugene being full capricorn in this video really entertain me
geekgroupie42 - 2 months ago
6:42 is the best!
Lola McNamara
Lola McNamara - 2 months ago
6:33 Irish people are triggered
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