Señorita Parody Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - WRONG TWIN - Merrell Twins

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merrelltwins - 13 days ago
If you met us in person would you be able to tell us apart? :)
Liz - 5 days ago
Omg definitely!! You guys look really different to me.
Jaszlyn Rosales
Jaszlyn Rosales - 5 days ago
merrelltwins I can tell you guys apart already
Queen Potato
Queen Potato - 7 days ago
Love this!!
Destiny's Butterflies
Destiny's Butterflies - 10 days ago
Oh yeah
Xxprprincessxx - 10 days ago
Kailey Bombard
Kailey Bombard - 3 minutes ago
2:04 Aaron’s little smirk is SO hot. Not trying to steal him from you Roni! I don’t have a chance anyways😂 And I am not one of those people who always says “OMG THEY ARE SO DATING” But I think you would look cute together
Mia Gaming
Mia Gaming - 14 minutes ago
When Vanessa Said ooooh
I was like
Angie Morgan
Angie Morgan - 18 minutes ago
I love y’all so much; y’all are funny, sweet, and just amazing singers!!!
Yulibeth Hernandez Saldana
Yulibeth Hernandez Saldana - 23 minutes ago
Yes I could tell you guys apart
LE MAY 27 - 25 minutes ago
They don’t looked that alike to me so I can tell them apart 😂😂
D buff
D buff - 33 minutes ago
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - 40 minutes ago
I watched this 5 times already and this came out on me and my twin's birthday!!!
Hal Phillips
Hal Phillips - 54 minutes ago
When I first started watching the Merrell twins I could see the difference but I couldn’t say witch one was Veronica or Vanessa like if you agree
sabia begum
sabia begum - Hour ago
ayyyye loll
allicia valliere
allicia valliere - Hour ago
Yees I would tell you guys apart always
Cristina Perez
Cristina Perez - Hour ago
Can u do a bts to this or bloopers
Rodrigo Campos
Rodrigo Campos - Hour ago
This probably my favourite song
Ebie Gillie
Ebie Gillie - Hour ago
You can sing so good!!
Jessie D
Jessie D - Hour ago
Paul ( Merrel twins dad) thank you so much for editing these vids turn out fantastic and all of them do 😊
Kelsey Map
Kelsey Map - Hour ago
I wished I had a twin
Bella H
Bella H - Hour ago
The Seventh Hokage
The Seventh Hokage - Hour ago
2:20 Aaron’s face was saying to Roni
THIS IS BETRAYAL !!!!!!!!!!!☹️🥺😭
Jessie D
Jessie D - Hour ago
Wooiooaaaaaah Vanessa haha
Garvin Lionel
Garvin Lionel - 2 hours ago
Love you
Olivia Freeman
Olivia Freeman - 2 hours ago
I know which one is Roni and Nessa :)
reborn world
reborn world - 2 hours ago
Hi you are good singing wrong twin
rosie rose
rosie rose - 2 hours ago
Floria Ng
Floria Ng - 2 hours ago
I like this song!i love you guy!
Jemiy Atsepoyi
Jemiy Atsepoyi - 2 hours ago
Yes I would
rodha al mehairi
rodha al mehairi - 2 hours ago
i know you apart i actually can always tell twins apart its a weird talent i have
Kailey Bombard
Kailey Bombard - 3 hours ago
Jasmine Kaur
Jasmine Kaur - 3 hours ago
yes :)
Jasmine Kaur
Jasmine Kaur - 3 hours ago
Tim B
Tim B - 3 hours ago
First you say ypur name is vanessa but at then end you say it is Veronica so at the end he got it right
Tucker The dog
Tucker The dog - 3 hours ago
Theory: sawmilla and ronron are kind of the same , they are both shiped and they are both boosting their ships by making the song and them making a parody so they might be dating or they might not idk but I hope they both are dating but it's fine totally fine if they aren't. in the original señorita it says that they are best friends but best friends don't know the way they taste and in the parody it says that they are just friends and that it is making roni feel some kind of way like why would they make the song if it wasn't true like if it wasn't y would they want to do it
LB_ life
LB_ life - 3 hours ago
They are on jane the virgin
Amii MM
Amii MM - 3 hours ago
They look different to me, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten them mixed up😂
Im an asmr Lover
Im an asmr Lover - 3 hours ago
Wait wait wait...the left is...uhhh ve-ve-Veronica? And the right is Vanessa??
Latonya - 3 hours ago
Imaginative Gamer
Imaginative Gamer - 4 hours ago
i love her Evil smile for some reason at 2:18
Dalili Channel
Dalili Channel - 4 hours ago
vanessa and veronica not only pretty but their voice are AMAZING
Brooke Holmes
Brooke Holmes - 4 hours ago
I could tell you guys apart🤪
Hala Khadra
Hala Khadra - 4 hours ago
I actually don't know who is who
Sarraya Pointon
Sarraya Pointon - 5 hours ago
I Love this song
Tiffany Tovar
Tiffany Tovar - 5 hours ago
I love your song so much I want to see you so much .😍😋
Roisin Etac
Roisin Etac - 6 hours ago
the struggle when you have aidentical twin
Lily Ovenseri
Lily Ovenseri - 6 hours ago
I would because ur makeup s are different
Sanritz kumar
Sanritz kumar - 6 hours ago
2:05 Aaron looks so cute
Thida Lwin
Thida Lwin - 7 hours ago
U guys are really good at parodies
PH Channel
PH Channel - 7 hours ago
When 1:30 nessa sound like roni
Awash albaddah
Awash albaddah - 7 hours ago
i can tell you apart
An Van Cauwenberge
An Van Cauwenberge - 7 hours ago
Gulu Q
Gulu Q - 7 hours ago
I want the parody of say my name
Yvonne Bui
Yvonne Bui - 8 hours ago
If my someone ever gets my name wrong I'm going to start singing this song but with my own name
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