2019 Drivers' First F1 Wins | 2019 Belgian Grand Prix

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Atharva Date
Atharva Date - 15 hours ago
Seb, Riccardo, and Kubica
hands down the most deserved guys to win grand prix's
Dominic Ibrom
Dominic Ibrom - Day ago
And Alex albon?
Praveena S
Praveena S - 2 days ago
Hey F1, please do 'F1 drivers first podium' with Gasly and Carlos ❤❤❤
carromaniatico 3
carromaniatico 3 - 2 days ago
Now Carlos Sainz jr had a podium
Ludarth - 3 days ago
Sad hulk noise
Luggas - 4 days ago
Does anyone know the background music?
R o N i
R o N i - 5 days ago
Where is Mark Webber's 1st win?
JoSaZa - 6 days ago
where is niko hulkenberg...oh wait
Sultan gaming
Sultan gaming - 6 days ago
Song title please?
Jamila Zavery
Jamila Zavery - 7 days ago
Stars are born in Canada
Silver - 8 days ago
Lasse K
Lasse K - 9 days ago
Valtteri its james give your first win to lewis
Ninetendo Beldor
Ninetendo Beldor - 9 days ago
No Lewis
LuiWi 2498
LuiWi 2498 - 10 days ago
🇨🇦: A Birthplace to Stars
Toby Fox Fan
Toby Fox Fan - 11 days ago
Forza Robert!
Papa Jags
Papa Jags - 12 days ago
I have always been a Ferrari and McLaren fan. Ever since Charles Leclerc joined Ferrari he gas been racing like a true beast. I feel as though with his skills and an amazing team like this behind him. He has a chance to become one of the best this sport has ever seen.
Khnawher 2910
Khnawher 2910 - 13 days ago
Here’s the background song
Rammiii - 13 days ago
When will Norris win 😂
S.E.A Gamer
S.E.A Gamer - 14 days ago
0:53 lewis heidfeld and who in the podiums?
Jiminie Pabo
Jiminie Pabo - 15 days ago
Did Daniel just cry when he won?!

My heart...
δ - 15 days ago
3:50 Crofty broke down for a moment
Shishir Rao
Shishir Rao - 15 days ago
Vettel was the only one to win in a weak car 🙂🙂
Joshua Lovatt
Joshua Lovatt - 15 days ago
i liked sebastian vettel win in 2008 for my childhood
Jo McDougall
Jo McDougall - 16 days ago
F to lando
Praveena S
Praveena S - Day ago
Giannimngianni Smith
Giannimngianni Smith - 16 days ago
The sport for only the rich man
Charles Ariyibi
Charles Ariyibi - 17 days ago
This video reminds me why I love F1 so much !!! I cant wait for Lando's, George's, and Albon's first victories
Vincent St-Amour
Vincent St-Amour - 17 days ago
3 drivers won their first grand prix in canada damm
David garcia pizaro
David garcia pizaro - 17 days ago
Big kimi
Praveena S
Praveena S - Day ago
Baby face Kimi ❤
x1- fruitt
x1- fruitt - 17 days ago
they did bottas dirty for showing that as his winning image xd
Marco Rebecchi
Marco Rebecchi - 17 days ago
1:11 imagine hearing that now
David Panken
David Panken - 17 days ago
I thought Grosjean also won one, with Lotus?
YAK - 12 days ago
No, he only made a few podiums with Lotus
Janvincent Licudine
Janvincent Licudine - 17 days ago
Poor lando norris in the side cause of losing power in his car
JOGADOR_560 - 18 days ago
where's Grosjean's victory in melborn 2016 with Haas
Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH
Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH - 19 days ago
3:46 A moment of respekt to nANdO lOrRiS
Mic muted again Stampy
Mic muted again Stampy - 20 days ago
What about they all won a race?

Oh wait.............
Josef Chadraba -7K-
Josef Chadraba -7K- - 20 days ago
Which music is playing there?
Otherwise, I think that a more brutal low-injury smash than Kubica Canada 2007 is not.
Johnny Weaver
Johnny Weaver - 21 day ago
Cawlos signs and lando norris next year added to this??
Henri Nieminen
Henri Nieminen - 22 days ago
3:50 Epic voice crack
MimM - 22 days ago
Amazing that Kubica got his first win one year later at the place he almost died.
UV - 22 days ago
Uhh. Bottas first win is Austria, same year.
UV - 11 days ago
@YAK Oh. You're right.
YAK - 12 days ago
Austria was after Russia during this year.
Sadia Rahman
Sadia Rahman - 23 days ago
I want Nico Hulkemberg to join red bull because he is a better driver and he deserves it
SEptIk FIngEr
SEptIk FIngEr - 26 days ago
00:08 Raikkonen has drink?¿
mike55 - 27 days ago
XD memes
XD memes - 27 days ago
Vettel 2008 = kvyat
Hakim Kamaruzaman
Hakim Kamaruzaman - 28 days ago
Song name: John 00 Fleming - Colourful Kites In The Sky
Just Simon
Just Simon - 28 days ago
Is it a coincidence that most of these wins happened in Canada? They are even more if you go outside the 2019 grid with Jean Alesi and the most important one, Gilles Villeneuve!
Last Crimson
Last Crimson - Month ago
1:45 I thought Kovalainen was Bottas!
Redeye for Games
Redeye for Games - Month ago
1:50 wrong color
aulona adili.22
aulona adili.22 - Month ago
Shivam Shukla
Shivam Shukla - Month ago
"You cannot imagine tougher race than this for a rookie to win" - Seb " Hold my Grazie Ragazzi"
marsal 79
marsal 79 - Month ago
yeah all with best cars 👍👉🤷🏼‍♂️

torro rosso... 😋
O Fenómeno
O Fenómeno - Month ago
This is too British-biased. Why not use local commentary from the winner's cointry? Maybe with suibtitles...
1000 subscribers without any videos
Why are almost all of the races at Canada or Malaysia
Shanley Savage
Shanley Savage - Month ago
F1 2008 the year of stars are born (best year ever)
crusherbmx - Month ago
3 of them in Canada, so which track has hosted more first time winners? Canada, Hungary, Monaco, something else?
MateuszLBN - Month ago
One of the best videos on the channel! Wow thank you very much for that one! That's couple of amazing moments in there!
Speck könig
Speck könig - Month ago
Cool video but Lecry destroys it
MineGamer - Month ago
I am not sure if I am the only person to notice but every time Leclerc has gotten pole he has finished on podium
Barhian:pole, 3rd
Austria:pole, 2cd
Belgium:pole, win
Italy:Pole Posation, WIN BABY
Singapore:pole, 2cd
Russia:pole, 3rd
Pootisbird 3000
Pootisbird 3000 - Month ago
Lewis’ first win: back before he was cocky piece of shit. The good old days
The egg Eggy
The egg Eggy - Month ago
Who better
Comment = Hamilton
Like = valterri
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