2019 German Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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N Z - 6 hours ago
One of the best races of the 2010s.
Rockett Sally
Rockett Sally - 12 hours ago
sagar shetkar
sagar shetkar - 22 hours ago
German gp 2019: best race of the season
Brazil 2019: hold my 🍺
P G - Day ago
I will miss the German GP
Soulz 98
Soulz 98 - Day ago
1:43 1:52 somebody gonna put Tokyo drift song theme in this scene.
Omar Khan
Omar Khan - Day ago
I feel so sad for Gasly, especially since he's performing so well now. He finally got his 1st podium in Brazil 19
Marcio Filho
Marcio Filho - Day ago
Yeah, this race looks just like a walk in the park after the Brazilian GP.
Bryan Sandoval
Bryan Sandoval - Day ago
Yeah no Brazil was better 👍🏼
Crimeniax - Day ago
Bryan Sandoval they both were great races. It was a thrilling and great race if Verstappen wins. (Austria, Germany and Brazil) were great races
Charodeiski - Day ago
All the Gasly vs Kvyat jokes suddenly didn't age so well after Brazil 2019 🤣🤣🤣
Vitor Hugo
Vitor Hugo - Day ago
Germany P3 Kvyat for STR
In Brazil Pierre Gasly get P2 for STR
What a year.
Mujahid Syed
Mujahid Syed - Day ago
No one:
Grand Prix: *starts
Ferrari: "Ight imma crash"
clash n' co
clash n' co - Day ago
who is here after gasly got on the podium?
Louis Browne
Louis Browne - 2 days ago
Who's here after the Brazilian GP
CLASSIFIED DATA - CD - 2 days ago
Now f1 is an USA thing, you have to kick away these way too many uk guys, I cant even stand this drugged british gay accent, change asap before all the f1 value is gone for good and #FWONA gets totally screwed
Victor TK
Victor TK - 2 days ago
Hii Brazil here!
Martijn Moers
Martijn Moers - 2 days ago
Who is here after the Brazilian grand prix 2019?
Jey - 8 hours ago
Martinus Umbertus Pieter Konijn
@Martijn Moers idd
Martijn Moers
Martijn Moers - Day ago
@Martinus Umbertus Pieter Konijn Ja gunde hem echt die podiumplek
Martinus Umbertus Pieter Konijn
@Martijn Moers lekker mann jammer van albon he
Martijn Moers
Martijn Moers - Day ago
@Martinus Umbertus Pieter Konijn Tuurlijk!
Jamar Simms
Jamar Simms - 2 days ago
Who's here after watching the Brazilian GP?
Brian Zhang
Brian Zhang - 2 days ago
Germany 2019 vs Brazil 2019?
Juna Siahaan
Juna Siahaan - Day ago
Both are great imo
Nido jing
Nido jing - 2 days ago
Germany 2019: 7 DNF 1 Midfieldteam on podium 64 laps Rain Brazil 2019 4 DNF 2 midfieldteams on podium 71 Laps I found germany better
High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter - 2 days ago
This one.
Zachary Corona
Zachary Corona - 2 days ago
Who's here after the Brazilian Grand Prix? 😂
Oriol - 2 days ago
Who is here after after the podium of Gasly
Lucas Glendon
Lucas Glendon - 2 days ago
Best race of the season: Brazil joins the chat..
Dreamy - 2 days ago
I love the rain 💪
NielsW124 - 3 days ago
the screaming is so annoying....
Alex Tabara
Alex Tabara - 3 days ago
never thought I will see Hamilton so close to Wiliams
Seesaw41 - 3 days ago
Who was DotD there?
山﨑勝斗 - 3 days ago
Mitchell Wesseling
Mitchell Wesseling - 3 days ago
The thumbnail tells enough
Kosuke K
Kosuke K - 3 days ago
3:34 proves the reason why hulk lost his seat.
Press Start
Press Start - 3 days ago
Imagine if hulkenberg got podium
Mitchell Wesseling
Mitchell Wesseling - 6 days ago
Long question guy: asks a long question ending with, how are you doing so well in that car to Kim I
Kim’s: bwoah, it drives like a Ferrari
Paul - 7 days ago
2:41 What the F*ck is the Ferrari Fan with the Ferrari cap laughting at?
Red Fox
Red Fox - 7 days ago
Mercedes bribed the FIA not to put Germany on the calendar next year
Red Fox
Red Fox - 7 days ago
2:15 I was so scared I thought that was Vettel
Red Fox
Red Fox - 7 days ago
I can’t wait for next year Germany
Oooh wait 😕😕
Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius - 7 days ago
5:41 👊💥
Jay Malamute
Jay Malamute - 8 days ago
"NO!" -Leclerc
Frank Wessels
Frank Wessels - 8 days ago
Chaos: Exists
Verstappen: Hold my Heineken
Pedro Rodrigues
Pedro Rodrigues - 9 days ago
Checo: You like my crash?
trca101 - 9 days ago
Still we rise... x6
Rami Rieble
Rami Rieble - 10 days ago
Im gonna miss this track so much...
Neale Ware
Neale Ware - 10 days ago
While it might great fun to watch for some people I think they should ban racing in wet weather. Cares racing each other is way moor fun to watch for me then watching cares sliding all over the place. If I want to watch that I can go to an ice ring people there sliding all over the place. And lets not forget the expense when a car gets recked.
md.ahmedullah Farooqui
md.ahmedullah Farooqui - 11 days ago
Best race of 2019
TheColinChapman - 11 days ago
2:59 : Lewis Hamilton going off under yellow flags while the stranded Ferrari is still standing there. I still cannot believe Lewis Hamilton was not penalized for risking too much under yellow flags.
Chronicle - 12 days ago
Just so you know, F1 left out Hamiltons spin in turn 1
WhiteNinjainblack - 12 days ago
Get in there Lewis 2008
Get in there Lewis 2014
Get in there Lewis 2015
Get in there Lewis 2017
Get in there Lewis 2018

Get in there Lewis 2019

Get in there Lewis 2020
Get in there Lewis 2021
Get in there Lewis 2022
Get in there Lewis 2023
Get in there Lewis 2024
Get in there Lewis 2025
Get in there Lewis 2026
Get in there Lewis 2027
Get in there Lewis 2028

Distant future:
Get in there Lewis in retirement
So much of uncertainty in F1 these days.
Dragan TruckTV
Dragan TruckTV - 12 days ago
Vettel 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
SG 7104C
SG 7104C - 13 days ago
Thumbnail: Sand
Me: Oh Shit Turn 16 Miracles...
Video: You’re Very Right, Good Job.
Thomas Caswell
Thomas Caswell - 14 days ago
best race of 2019
Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH
Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH - 14 days ago
My boi vettel is on podium guys :D
Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH
Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH - 14 days ago
Just here to see the torpedo on the podium
Yabba Dabba
Yabba Dabba - 16 days ago
Awesome wet weather skills among these fair weather steering wheel attendees lol
Squid-Player - 17 days ago
Sadly we don't have a German Race next year. Maybe 2021.
I see Bottas has now been given the six time F1 champion set up, while Hamilton is left with the second driver set up that can't even produce a first or second row qualification on the grid. Doing Man Dirty
The powers that be must think that I've forgotten about how they sabotaged Lewis Hamilton's championship campaign in 2016, Hamilton had the most D.N.Fs that season because Team Mercedes was instructed to help Nico Roseberg B.A.M.N to win the F1 tittle that year. Smh
It's not a coincidence that a German F1 team, favoured a German F1 driver, to please the family of an Ex German F1 Champion who coincidentally is the father of Nico Rosberg.
No matter how much championships or money L.W makes for #MercedesAMG team, they will always prioritise their white employees before their black ones.
Hence why in the 80's and 90's there wasn't too many P.O.C in F1 because rolex sponsored sports had a reputation for being places for wealthy white people with white privileges.
Now Bottas is benefiting from these privileges, every season Team Mercedes are plotting on new methods to get their blonde hair blue eyed Nazi representative ahead of Hamilton without the Emperor seeing. Smh
Mic muted again Stampy
Mic muted again Stampy - 18 days ago
samer Abbas
samer Abbas - 20 days ago
The barrier in this race tolerate too much
Daniel Tart
Daniel Tart - 20 days ago
This is going to be a long comment but if I had to be honest: This race is a boring one to me. You may think I am a Mercedes fan but listen to what I'm going to say. This race somehow was not memorable to me as I felt that there was no racing, it's just drive to survive as I will explain in this comment why this race is just mediocre.
The first thing to talk about is the 'unpredictablity'. This moment occurred as
Hamilton: Crashed and take a long pitstop
Bottas: Just pitted
Vettel: Still catching up from last
Leclerc: Crashed
Gasly (In Red Bull At the time): Being himself, underperforming.
This let to me feeling that Max was gifted a win and there was no 'unpredictablity' due to the circumstances that mentioned above.
Another point I would want to point out is a quote from Ayrton Senna: If you're no longer going for a gap that doesn't exist, you are no longer a racing driver. Not wanting to diss the Mid Field teams but just like what Senna said, I think it is time for the Mid Field teams to catch up with the big 3 teams (Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull) for the upcoming 2021 season and I felt that a midfield driver should start to be aggressive to a top team driver. Many people claim that Max is usually the one to make races exciting. Yet, in this race, he somehow made it boring after Lewis made that long pit stop which was unfortunately ironic.
Another thing I want to point out is the undeserved hate Mercedes have. As you can see Mercedes only scored two points in this race since the Alfa Romeo drivers got penalised. However before the penalties were applied, Lewis (the only driver for Mercedes to be left running as Bottas crashed, more on him later) finished 11th and what I found disturbing is that people were rudely laughing and cheering at him and Mercedes for their mistakes. This was an example of people failing to show respect to a team who has a large achievement during the V6 turbo hybrid era which I think the fans were wrong to do and I hope one day, the fans would start to appreciate their achievements like people started to do so on Redbull 2010-2013, Ferrari 2000-2004 and McLaren 1988-1991.
My next point is that the 'unpredictability' came after Lance Stroll pitted. The drivers immediately followed what Stroll did (pit for soft compounds, the faster but less durable tyres, as Racing Point, the team he was racing for, felt that the track has dried up). In my opinion, this was somehow not racing, it's just a battle on who pits the fastest, with the cars in front having an advantage to leave the pits first and I feel it is those 'Anything you can do, I can do it better' moments. And with these tyres, people can't get the grip that that they crashed, which is my next point: upsets.
The upsets in this race were unmemorable that they don't stand out. Some of these moments, the start line crash incident in Singapore 2017, the Mercedes wipe out Spain 2016, Vettel crashing out at the in Germany last year with 15 laps to go, Schumacher and Montoya collided behind the safety car at Monaco 2004, and Senna and Prost colliding in Japan in both 1989 and 1990 that made these races memorable which some of them became talking and controversial moments, which is my next point.
There is nothing going on social media, a place where a debatable topic becomes a big topic, after the race as people would start to forget about each moment. That's why some topics like penalties (Canada 2019for exanple, where Vettel got a controversial 5 second penalty for rejoining the track unsafely), Collisions (Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill in 1994 when Schumacher collided with Hill following a mistake Schumacher made as it was a championship decider race), team orders (Multi 21 at Malaysia in 2013 where Vettel disobeyed team orders. The order is about Car no. 2 [Mark Webber] would be ahead of Car no. 1 [Vettel]) and off track action moments (Crashgate, where Fernando Alonso won in Singapore 2008 as his teammate at the time, Nelson Piquet Jr., crashed on purpose to keep his job. Piquet will later on expose this the following year, after he was dropped out mid season.)
Overall, those who said that this race was 'the best race', 'unpredictable race' or 'the best race ever', deserved to get a slap on their face as to me, a race is all about racing to get first place, not about crashes, unpredictability and Mercedes not winning. If you were me, I think it's time to stop the Mercedes hate and start to appreciate their efforts which led them to achieve more than Ferrari. Therefore, this race in my opinion, is overrated.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones - 20 days ago
@6:35 anyone else see the little tornadoes coming off the rear wings of Vettle and Kvyat's cars?
Viggo Aiking
Viggo Aiking - 8 days ago
Chris Jones yep, thats the way the airflow works, and with rain you can see it more clearly
Mile Samardzić
Mile Samardzić - 22 days ago
i wonder why does it have 6.3 milion views.
the guy
the guy - 23 days ago
Still the best race of 2019!
Qiang Miao
Qiang Miao - 23 days ago
Stroll can't hold long. Lance *STROLL* strolling on the tracks leisurelu (edit:' leisurely)
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