Xbox Project Scarlett Console Announcement | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019

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Speeder - 8 hours ago
1:28 that guys beard is LEGENDARY! he must have at least gotten at least one achievement for that
Speeder - 8 hours ago
gaming is not just pc, not just console, not just mobile, it all of the above.

i thought you were trying to promote the console, not everything else!
Speeder - 8 hours ago
0:50 the same team... ten years later... have come to create the future of gaming for you
Gav - 14 hours ago
Hopefully this one has an easier way to connect controllers
MrPuggyWins - Day ago
2:56 The combination of the SSD and the solid state drive. Di... Did I, just have a fucking stroke?
TeqZyy - Day ago
No more loading screens!

GtaV: Hold my beer
working on a name s
working on a name s - 3 days ago
"No more loading screens"
Fallout : *why hello there*
DJ Ezasscul
DJ Ezasscul - 3 days ago
This is dope ya just need more exclusives like final fantasy type shit for the lame ps4 nerds, than ya gon be on top of the world. I been rockin w Xbox since day one (Deontay Wilder voice)
N8 Dgr8
N8 Dgr8 - 3 days ago
Was that a black lady or man
thork son
thork son - 5 days ago
Its gonna be called the Xxx_xbox_xxX
Lyrical - 5 days ago
*Laughs at PC*
100,000 subs no vids subscribe please
When is the xbox released
Monjuri borgohain
Monjuri borgohain - 5 days ago
I am OK with load time just give me 120 fps with gtx1080ti level graphics.
JOJO fan
JOJO fan - 2 days ago
it wont have that and it wont game 8k 120 fps there are specs for it in the internet
Peanut Head553
Peanut Head553 - 5 days ago
I’m excited for this Xbox but for better performance I think 144hz would be better that’s what most gaming screens are for and then I’m sure lower frames when you boost it up to 4K and halo and this Xbox better be absolutely perfected and amazing I can’t wait for next level stuff
Peanut Head553
Peanut Head553 - 5 days ago
Make it 144hz
Ente de Ficción
Ente de Ficción - 6 days ago
1:28 Corncob God!
Deezy_ M
Deezy_ M - 6 days ago
The future
Bodacious - 6 days ago
it should be called xbox infinity coz it sounds cool and it can be like “endless storage, endless possibilities” or something like that
j m
j m - 7 days ago
Followed by the RRD and power supply fun !!! 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
uroboros eats waffles
uroboros eats waffles - 7 days ago
Fortnite has loading screens
E mcn
E mcn - 8 days ago
Xbox: come to our show and u will get a free Xbox
When it comes out: *MAKES US PAY FOR GOLD*
E mcn
E mcn - 8 days ago
Holly Molly!
I am No one
I am No one - 8 days ago
Will it do 4k at 120fps on all games or only exclusives
Shahir - 9 days ago
But will it have roblox?
Vayne Carudas Solidor
Vayne Carudas Solidor - 9 days ago
journalist: "how many *exclusives that won't go to pcmr* there will be!?"
X-Box Scarllet: "YES!"
Xavier Exum
Xavier Exum - 9 days ago
Nobody in this vid looks like they even play games
Mizz Wicked
Mizz Wicked - 10 days ago
Damn when I already bought a xbox one x and a 4k giant tv. Ugh now I gota buy a 8k tv and a new xbox 😡
Orbital Dew*
Orbital Dew* - 10 days ago
i love how the big tech companies brainwashed all the consumer drones into the believe that framerate and resolution increases your graphical fidelity

have fun playing your games at 120fps 4k with minimum details ....
i remember how impressed i was after i heared that they released BF3 on the PS3 back then
till i saw that the models were made out of 3 polygons
Starfy Star 2019
Starfy Star 2019 - 11 days ago
Wow! I think it will be the XBOX 360 *X*
Cirque Du Soleil Memes
Cirque Du Soleil Memes - 12 days ago
The human eye can only smell 30 fps
stav/ gvora
stav/ gvora - 12 days ago
When is the console coming out????????
Isaac lacuma vega
Isaac lacuma vega - 11 days ago
Louis oO
Louis oO - 13 days ago
I love Xbox 💚
maxkingone - 13 days ago
Bla Bla
Timothy Nickles 2 the VHS fan
The new xbox will a optical dive in it
Real Gamer
Real Gamer - 14 days ago
Bobby viper
Bobby viper - 15 days ago
Everything they say is a lie
Real Gamer
Real Gamer - 14 days ago
DG 1
DG 1 - 16 days ago
Halo should be a pack in game. Man make it like the 90's again. Pack in the game and two controllers. Bring it back to what gaming truly was. About the games/gamers. No more celebrities. No more hollywood BS. Some of us just want to turn it on and game.
Sfqe - 17 days ago
*Makes Us pay for gold*
Greybert 567
Greybert 567 - 17 days ago
I’m not happy cause now I have to beg my mom and dad again for a new console. Lol jk I’m happy af
Log Drop
Log Drop - 17 days ago
8K 120FPS High Graphics Ray Tracing V-Sync 40× Powered SSD
Wait an RTX 2080Ti give 30 FPS on 8K and these guys said 8K 120 FPS on a İntegrated GPU don't make me laugh
Real Gamer
Real Gamer - 17 days ago
They didn't 8k at 120fps Thats very different
Yomchy - 17 days ago
But will destiny run at 60fps is my question
Real Gamer
Real Gamer - 17 days ago
If bungie update it sure
Nicole Vlogs
Nicole Vlogs - 18 days ago
What year does it come out
Nicole Vlogs
Nicole Vlogs - 17 days ago
@Real Gamer damn that long mind as while get in xbox1
Real Gamer
Real Gamer - 17 days ago
2020 end of year
evion223 - 18 days ago
3 mins of blah blah = to say loading is faster, period.
WeBe Flexin
WeBe Flexin - 18 days ago
All for a low price of $1199.95 😂 honestly if that’s the case just buy a PC for the same price and you can probably do double of what that Xbox can do!
Real Gamer
Real Gamer - 17 days ago
What are you smoking 500 price
Cowen Hames
Cowen Hames - 18 days ago
8K? I'm still running my 480P box TV over here with Composite cables!
God Eater Gamer
God Eater Gamer - 18 days ago
PS4 FOREEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben Yang
Ben Yang - 18 days ago
Not going to be able to buy it 😞
memeking - 19 days ago
Can they make a xbox vr?
Donovan Serrano
Donovan Serrano - 19 days ago
Bro bro bro hold my beer, insert something stupid has left the chat, I'm about to end this mans whole career
UKVATO - 21 day ago
They should allow to upgrade hard drive like PS4 does.
dogosrevenge dog
dogosrevenge dog - 21 day ago
we want vr
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