Xbox Project Scarlett Console Announcement | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019

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kitcatter _noob
kitcatter _noob - 7 days ago
Its a fuckin fridge
mordoil coil
mordoil coil - 27 days ago
Needs 50+ mbps, enter Australia...
Draconis - Month ago
I just hope this console is white and red like how I saw all over the internet, unfortunately people say it’s fan art and if that’s true I will be really aggravated if the loading screen and the power button aren’t scarlet. I mean why name it after a color and it’s the same plain green it’s always been.
Zaka Khan Niazi
Zaka Khan Niazi - Month ago
I like so much xbox but I'm very poor man😥
Eat Your Cereal
Eat Your Cereal - Month ago
It might eat monsters for breakfast, but what's the price and when is it coming out
Ant Man
Ant Man - Month ago
Dark souls don’t have any loading screens (in game)
Odin Witt
Odin Witt - 2 months ago
GTA V loading screens: Oh your coming straight towards me instead of running away
Project Scarlett: I can’t beat the shit out of you without coming closer
Kalo Dimi
Kalo Dimi - 2 months ago
no vr
ThisguyQuake - 2 months ago
You can see the rectangle.
HippoAnonymous - 3 months ago
ACTIVISION in 2011: aye Xbox we cool
ACTIVISION in 2019/2020
Screw u Xbox and PC players
Cruz Control
Cruz Control - 4 months ago
I kept thinking his explosive phone was going to ring prompting him to answer lol
Rachel Tensions
Rachel Tensions - 4 months ago
Oh....They hire w*men?
Rob Doyle
Rob Doyle - 4 months ago
*laughs in pc*
Crane4271 :D
Crane4271 :D - 4 months ago
Oh no will fortnite be on the project scarlett
Darknesswolf Yt
Darknesswolf Yt - 5 months ago
Me : saving 500$
Xbox series x : comes out

Me : ah $&!t here we go again
Richard bunt
Richard bunt - 5 months ago
How come you ain't got VR yet .
GameingKnight 23
GameingKnight 23 - 5 months ago
All this shit better be true when it comes out
Xana Montana
Xana Montana - 5 months ago
Really, That's all?
I think I will finally make that move back home to PlayStation
NAME NAME - 5 months ago
yeah yeah, how about you add the fps counter to consoles. And graphics options.
P C - 5 months ago
I love it when companies treat me like a moron.
The thousand Cock stare
The thousand Cock stare - 5 months ago
So did they Change the Name to Xbox Series X Now???
Juan Subiry
Juan Subiry - 5 months ago
Xbox needs better exclusives if its going to survive against Playstation.
I AM UNKNOWN - 5 months ago
its not even called scarlet now....
Tyler - 5 months ago
friggen knuckle draggers. imagine being a console player in 2019
RŌNIN - 5 months ago
Awwww shit here we go again 🙄😒
Bayers Dwarf
Bayers Dwarf - 5 months ago
So its a closed platform amd gaming pc?
Also why would consol gamers care about 120fps how much do 120hz tvs cost? "CAN RUN GAMES AT 8K" haha bullshit. The last gen couldn't even max settings 60 fps at 1080 P. But guys they have SSD cards lmao
OUT RAAAGE US - 5 months ago
Lmao I run minecraft with 1200 fps pftttttt.
Adam Rhodes
Adam Rhodes - 6 months ago
"The combination of the SSD and the solid state drive..."

They will be unstoppable!
RII0T0 - 6 months ago
Half of this fcking video is just people saying how much faster the loading screens are
gypsychavie - 6 months ago
Xbox 2 .fifa 2021 same graphics but no loading whooo . . Dumb fcks
iiSeeKeR - 6 months ago
120 fps hahahahaha thats it
iiSeeKeR - 6 months ago
Lol my PC is like 5 times better than this
penguin - 6 months ago
same team that engineered the elite controller? lmao thats not something yall should be proud of. but yeah i got faith they bounce back 2013 xbox fucked up so bad
Whole Wheat Bread
Whole Wheat Bread - 6 months ago
*U P T O 1 2 0 F R A M E S P E R S E C O N D*
Well you say EATS MONSTERS FOR BREAKFAST! OK a lot of time have come and gone. Now 12/1/2019
BLACK FRYDAY have come and gone. BLACK FRYDAY is day one for CHRISTMAS SALES Dealers demand to cash in with your money. So you can buy this next gen XBOX ONE X2 its not out. no word on launch. LINUS from LINUS TECH TIPS (LINUS MEDIA GROUP) have not made any noise about it.
I guess your wish list video have not come true.
Devdimmadome - 6 months ago

Cool - 6 months ago
If it’s 400$-500$ I might buy it but idk man
R WARRIOR - 6 months ago
Build a console that will play Star Citizen, then and only then, will you have some thing special.
R WARRIOR - 6 months ago
Get rid of the guy with the long goofy looking beard. lol
ReconBranta - 6 months ago
they said "more immersive" i heard "much more expensive"
motri - 6 months ago
This is very good consol
Some Random
Some Random - 6 months ago
You know what would really get everyone's dicks hard? Add a cross platform with steam, PS4, Xbox and mobile. Add a keyboard and mouse (optional to buy) and let people play games like Garry's mod and such. Make the console more like a PC. Of course money is what's going to make this never going to happen lol. Every company wants their piece of the pie.
lynnie helmsh
lynnie helmsh - 6 months ago
8k..I don't even have hd tv
Gavin Wilke
Gavin Wilke - 6 months ago
You guys remebr the Xbox 720

Oh wait!
WARNER RDz - 6 months ago
1080p at 1000HZ
Bryan Max
Bryan Max - 6 months ago
Might go with Google gaming option. Probably will cost 600
SamuelTheSquare - 6 months ago
In an alternate universe, it’s another Xbox One model lol
Cameron Dowden
Cameron Dowden - 6 months ago
But how about some good exclusives?
ŚØŁĪĐ ĞØŁĐ - 6 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if Fallout 76 came bundled with the consoles on launch day.
Muhammad Qureshi
Muhammad Qureshi - 6 months ago
Lol i am tired of fucking xbox .
I skyqtie I
I skyqtie I - 6 months ago
Now lets see the gayps4 try to beat this xbox
JT 1999
JT 1999 - 6 months ago
“A console should be designed for gaming” s**t . I really hope they back the hype up I want a console that can run big survival games eg like 7 days to die(up to date with pc)and others.
And with the whole no loading screen talk I’m pretty confident that there’s still going to be loading screens but aye never know I guess. I wanna get excited for the new console but deep down I know there f**k up and completely ignore what gamers want and go hey guys this camera system is no joke lol
I love Xbox and I believe they can make a console like no other but they need to listen to the gamers.
Jack Olsen
Jack Olsen - 6 months ago
Mittz Agarwal
Mittz Agarwal - 6 months ago
I think it price will be 80k in Indian inr
Blaster Games
Blaster Games - 6 months ago
"A console should be designed for gaming"
*Proceeds to talk about tech*
_Meanwhile PC users laugh_

Xbox Users: And what about new games?
*Xbox leaves the chat*
gohan 2614
gohan 2614 - 7 months ago
Arent most tv's 60 fps
The JK Studios
The JK Studios - 7 months ago
No more loading screens!!!
Fortnite:I’m about to end this mans whole career
soap - 7 months ago
and can we play online for free without buying gold noooo
Malevolent Storm
Malevolent Storm - 7 months ago
No more loading screens:

Sea of Thieves: Yes... *but no*
DJ Guardiola
DJ Guardiola - 7 months ago
I recently bought an Xbox One X, what does this mean for me?
Your Bad
Your Bad - 7 months ago
Can you make me not lag cuh
JJ's Content
JJ's Content - 7 months ago
120fps 8k gaming. LOL FUNNY JOKE HAHA!
Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker - 7 months ago
Watches Xbox video
Gets PlayStation ad
Jarrod Moore
Jarrod Moore - 7 months ago
I can't wait to buy skyrim again
William Stephens
William Stephens - 7 months ago
2:55 If you know anything about tech, check this out....
"The combination of the SSD, and Solid state drive.... " 2:55
FailSpencer - 7 months ago
He actually said " the combination of the SOC and the Solid State Drive".
Dougal McGuire
Dougal McGuire - 7 months ago
ive got an idea, focus on the gameplay rather than the dollers! ban microtransactions! it is ruining gaming!
Rafael Gonzalez Gutierrez
Rafael Gonzalez Gutierrez - 7 months ago
I dont mind a lot about the loadscreens. But wanna now how is this console gonna be not extremely expensive thanks to the super nice tech
Erdinc Yedikat
Erdinc Yedikat - 7 months ago
OG BALLER23 - 7 months ago
Xbox beat ps5 sorry idc what y'all say
MrMastadox - 7 months ago
2020: project scarlett: x86 platform,Laptop cpu, amd laptop gpu, ssd, 120fps requiring a pc monitor.

2024: Xbox XII: Alright... alright.. its a goddamn small formfactor PC.
MrMastadox - 7 months ago
The way they talk about it like it is this amazing product strikes me as odd. An SSD.. those things have been around for ages. 120fps?? yeah, maybe unheard of for a console. But above 60 fps has been around for years now on pc. But what really does that 120fps mean when most people still use a console on a 60hz TV. Unless 120 hz tv becomes mainstream. What is the use of having a console and hooking it up to a pc monitor. You might aswel buy a pc then. ray tracing is in its infancy. And can only be utilized to a certain degree.. Using it also reduces framerates significantly. SO you would not even get to 120fps with raytracing enabled. What they are basically saying is.. We will release a small formfactor pc in 2020. And it will have the cpu of today's gaming laptops. With a midrange GPu of today.. And if you want to play it at 120 fps , you will need a 120hz pc monitor to boot. hmmmmmmmmmm consoles are x86. same as pc. They basically are pcs these days. More so than ever before.
friendly frenzy
friendly frenzy - 7 months ago
The Xbox 2 and PS5 are gonna be hella expensive. Like I'd say in the $800.00 range or higher
Infamous Bucks
Infamous Bucks - 7 months ago
I jus dnt wanna keep paying for live like its like $500 jus to buy the console then we have to pay for live ion got money like dat
maximos kodrat
maximos kodrat - 7 months ago
The xbox xxx launches, here a stretched 8k images running 4 fps ,,yes cinematic!! But dont worry we are working on forza with dynamic resolution and fps,,straight line stretched 8k with 4 fps to fell the speed, in corners 120 fps and 480p for better control and replay in 720p with 24 fps with black bars,for cinematic experience !
Yeo dats crazy
Yeo dats crazy - 7 months ago
Ps4: *ight imma head out*
Michael Leaman
Michael Leaman - 7 months ago
Sounding better than the ps whatever they're upto lol
Yo Dude
Yo Dude - 7 months ago
Good console just cost 3k
LATIN STACKER - 7 months ago
What a weird name for the new console,
Hey mom im done with my homework can i play project scarlett now?
Baird Carver
Baird Carver - 7 months ago
The world won’t be ready for 8k till like 2025, you know how fast your internet will have to be to download/stream 8k games and the space that it would take up not to count the lack of 8k TVs
Ronslux - 7 months ago
*sigh* at this point, I’ll just custom build a pc, instead of buying consoles after consoles, just too expensive
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