Here's Why Tana's Friends Don't Trust Jake Paul | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

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whoisjesusionlyknowbaeksus you know
'Take pics, photoshop me in' love Imari 😂😂😂
Sj Sj
Sj Sj - Day ago
13:58 *...and then they got engaged...* 💀
erica moore
erica moore - 2 days ago
i feel like tana thinks she’s more famous than she actually is
Vic Cruz
Vic Cruz - 2 days ago
Jake Paul (controversial YouTuber )
Turtle_T - 2 days ago
I would take Imari on a dope ass date he is so cute .
Raul Garza
Raul Garza - 3 days ago
Tana and Jake are the Stacy and Chad on the Internet and people who rag on them are just people who will never be that successful in their own life
Allan Duncan
Allan Duncan - 3 days ago
I bet Tana pussy stink all that Frozen cum she has in that pussy her dusty ass she look like a sex doll with her mouth open waiting for a big fat dick to go in there
SkyTangerine :D
SkyTangerine :D - 3 days ago
I love how they labeled Jake "Controversial Youtuber"
Kim Picot
Kim Picot - 3 days ago
Ok please someone tell me what "plan b" means??
AzuraeSkye - 2 days ago
It's an emergency contraceptive pill that can be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex
RAIN HAVOK - 4 days ago
So gross. I can smell her from here.
room messy
room messy - 4 days ago
I feel like tana wanted to be a porn star, but her voice was too deep
Ashley S
Ashley S - 4 days ago
Jake Paul "controversial youtuber"
mormor'sWorld - 4 days ago
There saying it with a D its not wielding out it wild´N out
scary scary
scary scary - 5 days ago
14:50-14:54 i need a gay boy bestfriend to do that with me
Scotty Hov
Scotty Hov - 5 days ago
"what if I get roasted and look like a dumbass on national television"... Too late already do
b0sslady247 - 5 days ago
How in the hell does she have all of those dislikes
Brandon Babesz
Brandon Babesz - 5 days ago
I love Ashely’s outfit 😍😍😍🔥
The Starseed Guru
The Starseed Guru - 6 days ago
the way tana looks now is really scary i'm sorry
Tikle Me
Tikle Me - 6 days ago
Wait, so did MTV really just make Tana lie about not having sex with Jake Paul? Like we all know that the first thing they did was hookup. So why are they making her lie about it?
Brandi Zoe
Brandi Zoe - 6 days ago
Well let’s hope she don’t say the N word like she did a few years back 🤔
ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ - 7 days ago
I really don't understand the point of these people.
greenartisticfiend - 7 days ago
jordan and tana's personality clash so much like jordan doesnt put up with her bullshit and tana reacts so defensively lmao i love seeing the high tension between tana and her manager
blessing lindsay
blessing lindsay - 7 days ago
That was so nice of what she did. Trying to make tana comfortable
blessing lindsay
blessing lindsay - 7 days ago
Jordan is so calm I just love it but at the same time I love hype people Lmaoooo
Ruby Suarez
Ruby Suarez - 7 days ago
no one:
Jake: bAkInG wItH jAkE
Alice Arthur
Alice Arthur - 7 days ago
Tana has to wait 3 more elections until she can run for president tana 2033 lmao
Bad As
Bad As - 8 days ago
Ur both fakes and ur just Jakes whore to make him relevant in the real world, hahaha hes using u the way he used Alyssa but he actually loved her, to bad his brother was the real man Alyssa deserved lol #Cancelled #ByeFelicia
nicole idk
nicole idk - 8 days ago
love when girls wear jordan’s yas
Claire - 8 days ago
Coming from the recent episode from Tanas birthday party, I understand why her friends hate jake lol. Scripted or not I feel like deep down they still hate him in some way. I feel bad for tana.
tinaeverett1 - 8 days ago
Love the flowers under the vase what are they
Wasabi_Me - 8 days ago
Holy 💩, I didn’t know they actually got married
Caitlan Harding
Caitlan Harding - 8 days ago
when it's called tana no filter but there's still filters for when they sware
Lois Parsons
Lois Parsons - 9 days ago
“jake paul: controversial youtuber” BAHAHHAH
Scarlett Frazier
Scarlett Frazier - 9 days ago
7:18 that’s a whole mood
Ashly Hawkenson
Ashly Hawkenson - 9 days ago
Just here to say that I’ve never met another Ashly spelled like mine and I’m living.... that’s all. Have a good day 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Ms ballerina xo
Ms ballerina xo - 10 days ago
Lmao so fake they ALL have to be in on the fake marriage c'mon, and the no sex thing? Shes like a flat tire dirty and easy to move and isnt completely useless , please they were both posting naughty pictures while she was still with bella...
Erika Miller
Erika Miller - 10 days ago
God she looks old as hell. Testament that lots of cosmetic procedures on a young face ages you. Leave it alone girl.
Aerobtw - 10 days ago
Lucky she didn’t go against Dc
Lakin Henderson
Lakin Henderson - 10 days ago
Im honestly so proud of tana, to watch her on YouTube then seeing her on tv, shes accomplished a lot. 😩💓
Geneva Guevara
Geneva Guevara - 10 days ago
I never thought I’d live to see the day Jake Paul bakes
Suvidhi Anand
Suvidhi Anand - 10 days ago
tana in the video: "we are being person-to-person, like we're taking it really slow."
tana with her wedding ring on and rewatching the video: huh
Loren - 10 days ago
Tanas manager being the only logical one
LUCID!LEN - 10 days ago
Jake Paul
Controversial Youtuber
Lissa Benaja
Lissa Benaja - 11 days ago
We all knew that she wasn’t about to rap or diss someone and just jump on another Bella Thorne
Cydney O
Cydney O - 11 days ago
Tana: we never had sex
Also tana on her vids: we’re hooking up
Jake: we hooked up the first night we met two years ago
I love tana 😂
Cydney O
Cydney O - 11 days ago
I thought they were going to roast each other !!!!
Capri Lica
Capri Lica - 11 days ago
Lipstick Junkie
Lipstick Junkie - 11 days ago
Ashley looks like she could be a Playboy bunny... I think Hugh would have loved her lol.
Karma Darcy
Karma Darcy - 11 days ago
Bold of Tana to assume that that show is not showing all her meme moments
victoria lang
victoria lang - 12 days ago
i think jordan needs to realize that Tana and controversy just go together. I for one love her for it I think she's a hilarious controversial bitch and I live for her!! I know I'm not the only one
松谷春樹 - 12 days ago
I love when Jordan calls tana Tina lol
Collin Crews
Collin Crews - 12 days ago
Okay but Jordan and Ashly
Lil Cool xx
Lil Cool xx - 12 days ago
Angélique Rose
Angélique Rose - 12 days ago
“We’re taking it slow” flash forward 2 months and they’re married😂😂
NY Nurse
NY Nurse - 12 days ago
5:16 Jordan saying “WIiiiild n’ OwwwT” 🤣
_.12345 6789_.
_.12345 6789_. - 12 days ago
I really like jordan
aniyiah rose
aniyiah rose - 12 days ago
everyone was so uncomfortable lmaoaoa
Ariana Valencia
Ariana Valencia - 12 days ago
i still cant get over what jake did to cody ko...... just me???
zi zi
zi zi - 12 days ago
i hate that i love watching this
Misty I
Misty I - 12 days ago
13:55, but... has she been proven otherwise though?? 🤔
Misty I
Misty I - 12 days ago
9:07, whoa Tana! That side boob though! 🤤😜😘❤️
Layah White
Layah White - 12 days ago
Na it sounds like trump. He says one thing and everyone else takes one word or sentence a blows it out of proportion
Misty I
Misty I - 12 days ago
I love the chair Tana is sitting in during her q&a with the director behind the episodes.. just wanted to throw that out there.. 😜
Hope H
Hope H - 12 days ago
Tana and Jordan remind me of Danielle bregoli and her security guard frank they have a love hate relationship and Jordan and frank feel like the parent at times lol
Khayla Tovar
Khayla Tovar - 12 days ago
She still has the same decor from when KnJ lived there
Amanda Cors
Amanda Cors - 12 days ago
Tana is a porn ⭐️ the first time I saw her I thought she was lesbian
aicha blinks
aicha blinks - 13 days ago
*jake is using her for views*
Mo r
Mo r - 13 days ago
Tanas friend talking trash about *Jake,* yet playing with her hair like she thinks he's hot 😂😂😂
Hey Sluts
Hey Sluts - 13 days ago
This is so staged all tana stans know how she rlly acts and this ain’t it
Mustafa Mohamed
Mustafa Mohamed - 13 days ago
Wild ‘n’ out is a place we’re u just say shit even if it’s not funny but still love though favourite Chico and Karlous.😂😂😂
Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson - 14 days ago
I can’t wait to see tannas story times when her and jake split (no hate)
JusTina - 14 days ago
Lol u can see Ashley's dislike for him...
JusTina - 14 days ago
Annnd Jordan sooooo wants Ashley.
BahamianLily - 14 days ago
Ashly's face when Imari mentions #JakePaul... "priceless"
Looks like Ashly watched # ShaneDawson's Jake Paul series...
And, Jordan clearly doesn't know what ‘Wild ‘N Out’ is...lolololololol
Tana did well, too, with Justine's help, of course. But, well, nonetheless...
Paola V
Paola V - 15 days ago
Ew she is so rude to the people who work for her... who does she honestly think she is
tanisha - 15 days ago
i wanna know why tana was on wildin out😭😭
x0xmadix0x - 15 days ago
Imari in the tub is a whole mood
Abbey Gunter
Abbey Gunter - 15 days ago
I HONESTLY kind of wish that they actually fall in love. I feel like they are just enough crazy for each other, not just anybody will be able to hanldle Jake or Tana.
Ccneenees - 15 days ago
Tana: "She also kinda looks like my *ex* which is weird-"
**shows clip of tana jumping qnd wrapping her legs around Justina Valentine**
Me: Oh really?
obese rat
obese rat - 15 days ago
No one:
Tana when she laughs: :OOOOOOOO (silent)
Amber Garcia
Amber Garcia - 15 days ago
“we are moving so slow” *1 month later* *is married*
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