Trump Fan-Boy Matt Gaetz Left Off The President's Team Of GOP Impeachment Warriors

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Rhena Chase
Rhena Chase - 4 days ago
Trump 2020
Michael V
Michael V - 10 days ago
Matt Gaetz is that guy who never adjusted to life outside the pranks and parties of the frat house. He spends so much time sucking the backside of Trump, who lives, breathes, and produces BS that the two of them are likely to reenact Two girls and a Cup by accident. Oh, "Florida Man", thy name is Gaetz. As far the rest of them, it's sad that continuing to serve as a Republican in Congress means having to have your spine & dignity surgically removed.
Michael V
Michael V - 10 hours ago
BTW, if anyone hasn't heard of the Two girls thing & tries to look it up, be aware that the video is not work or kid safe at all and even a lot of adults would probably prefer to see a description instead.
skyboundpilot - 11 days ago
I hate Trump with a passion, and I think he is most likely one of the dumbest presidents in modern history (not to mention his lack of "class"....being rich does NOT mean you have "class").......However, I don't have Trump derangement syndrome like most of the people liking this video so It's so frustrating to hear people cheer over the mind-numbing concept that he shouldn't be president because he didn't win the "popular vote". He says it here in this video and the idiots cheer like Human-Sheep-People who possess a double digit IQ.....a "room temperature" IQ, if you will.
Open Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes - 11 days ago
Yes I watched hours of opinion and hearsay with no evidence so boring and then I go to news channels and comedy shows like yours and hear the opposite. Your audience will eventual catch on jack ass and when they do your show will be over. You people are being lied too!
Minda Kahn
Minda Kahn - 12 days ago
Funny, this is what I watch and gauge comments for sanity. Based on this what the H is wrong with YouTube algorithm if they keep sending me conservative crap from millennial know nothings?
Look at Al Franken’s blog. There are senators with phones, he’s been texted. “He said I could have you removed.” Why didn’t he? What does he owe these AH’s?
Sadie Hallinger
Sadie Hallinger - 13 days ago
11 mil, half of Taiwan was watching. lol
Samantha Anders
Samantha Anders - 15 days ago
😀 Matt Gatez Swallows all of
t Rumps Jizz stream after
the women in his office finish
their Head job
Dean William
Dean William - 16 days ago
5 more years of this carnival
Dutch Berean
Dutch Berean - 16 days ago
I miss Dave. This stuff is tired . What will Convert talk about it Sanders gets elected. Maybe he can call Ricky Gervais for ideas
Wendy Desparois
Wendy Desparois - 17 days ago
3 years is definitely more than enough... by about.... oh, 3 years, I'd say.
Abdoulie John
Abdoulie John - 17 days ago
Hope Trump will not blame Obama for masterminding the impeachment trial...
Joshua Dowling
Joshua Dowling - 17 days ago
Yeah. Our President is awesome. But does he speak English? Seriously. Who is backing this asshole?
Jane Andrews
Jane Andrews - 18 days ago
FLOUTED, not "flaunted".
Rustica Urbano
Rustica Urbano - 18 days ago
sooooo funny
Der Andere Schlüssel
Der Andere Schlüssel - 18 days ago
i guess this theatre is more part of the problem than most viewers think
momcatwoo - 18 days ago
“...The puppies still have their balls.” Genius set-up, Colbert.
Graeme Lastname
Graeme Lastname - 18 days ago
Absolute proof of what a wonderful idea democracy is? Let the fools vote for the idiots and you get this.
Sandra J Gobely
Sandra J Gobely - 18 days ago
Evangeliman - 18 days ago
To be fair to lindsay G... My shits take a MINIMUM of 15 minutes.
Steve H
Steve H - 18 days ago
Let Hunter Biden testify, in exchange for Bolton's testimony, Lev Parnas testimony, release of Trumps Tax Returns, and testimony regarding the affairs Trump and hush money paid, just prior to the last election.
Steve H
Steve H - 18 days ago
Let Hunter Biden testify, in exchange for Bolton's testimony, Lev Parnas testimony, release of Trumps Tax Returns, and testimony regarding the affairs Trump and hush money paid, just prior to the last election.
CFTV Data - 18 days ago
Saw the Costco dump joke coming from about 10 miles away 🙄
That Bernie was 🔥🔥🔥
Paterika Hengreaves
Paterika Hengreaves - 18 days ago
Just lovely
Ricky Daniele
Ricky Daniele - 18 days ago
honestly- why can't some see the truth? truth is what they say it is, it seems. Repubs are scrubs. Remove President. He is ruining a great country!!!
Jimmy Yang
Jimmy Yang - 18 days ago
Matt Gaetz did the right thing.
Dr Nisu Unn
Dr Nisu Unn - 18 days ago
Hvalpikk - 18 days ago
Eleven million viewers! That’s only 3% of the population, no wonder the crooks took over. Pay attention people.
Rush P.
Rush P. - 18 days ago
All that milk, the chamber must smell pretty bloat-farty.
just me
just me - 18 days ago
Lindsey graham was in the bathroom changing his tampon.
Rety Fuller
Rety Fuller - 19 days ago
What a disgrace to the Office of the President!
Trump is not a moral person showed to us over and over again and has no leadership skills.
An enemy stand
An enemy stand - 19 days ago
Haha Bernie sanders is old! Get it? Do you get it? Bernie is old! This is our only joke please laugh
mary hershelman
mary hershelman - 19 days ago
Not to mention NPR listeners.
Keep IT Real
Keep IT Real - 19 days ago
Why cant Hollywood just be NEUTRAL in politics? Very disappointed in Steve Colbert show. He used to be funny, but he is just like all the rest of them left wing NUTS! :/
Sharon18042 - 19 days ago
Impeach Trump!
Appel Blossom
Appel Blossom - 19 days ago
Amen to your ABC’s!
Emanuel Hayashi
Emanuel Hayashi - 19 days ago
Like The Apprentice Reality TV show Trump from the Nation that believes in fairness and the American Way Your FIRED
lol - 19 days ago
We need to get out and vote!! Country over party!!
Ally P
Ally P - 19 days ago
Stephen, you had me at the puppies still have their balls hahahaha
Suck my buttery cum gun
Suck my buttery cum gun - 19 days ago
You're gonna say this is worse than WATERGATE?! like are y'all this brainwashed that y'all really believe this? You take news from someone like Stephen Colbert? And CNN? Sad
boston babe
boston babe - 19 days ago
Peter Garland
Peter Garland - 19 days ago
Oh dear ! is the little side kick of Captain Combover out of favour !
pica - 19 days ago
How ironic! RICHpubliKKKons deny "quid pro quo" in dealing with Ukraine, yet, they are using it NOW to get the ORANGE IMBECILE off the hook!!! If they don't vote against impeachment, the ORANGE IMBECILE is coming for their heads!!! Why are they afraid of the SCUMBAG/BULLY wannabe??? I know he's more man than 3 women put together, but give me a break!!!
Em J
Em J - 19 days ago
@StephenColbert I hope your taxes go up to 90% whenever the dems get back into the Whitehouse
T K - 19 days ago
Why would that happen?
Tory Sama
Tory Sama - 19 days ago
Why defend a monster who will turn against you first chance he gets??? Those people are just Stupid.
Lucy Belay
Lucy Belay - 19 days ago
These men are old. The should be on their by 8pm the latest. May be they should allow them to listen every time the wake up for bathroom.
Susan Sokoloski
Susan Sokoloski - 19 days ago
A,B,C's and 1 2,3's ❤
Cameron Bellamy
Cameron Bellamy - 19 days ago
I’m a Canadian and this is entertaining to watch
ChannelMath - 19 days ago
can't believe Graham said a high crime is "you start using the power of your high office to hurt people"?? Has he heard of a thing called "military action"? It requires the use of a high office, and hurting people is the entire point!
Kimoki - 19 days ago
Okay, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can top Colbert's Bernie Sanders impression. Right or wrong, he has the voice and persona dead to rights.
Reading is Magic! TV
Reading is Magic! TV - 19 days ago
Spines disintegrate...LOL
adBuryD Ire
adBuryD Ire - 19 days ago
"If your lips leave trumps ass even for a second..." Gold!
saul2007t - 19 days ago
Stephen does a decent impression of Bernie.
Marc Van Giel
Marc Van Giel - 19 days ago
Another reason why Bernie should be the next POTUS: Stephen's imitation is spot on! :-D
A lesser Gracie
A lesser Gracie - 18 days ago
Marc Van Giel it would be warm to listen to Bernie for 4 years, he's avuncular, and I like his rage, there is real empathy in it. Yep, Colbert does all the voices really well. I hope Bloomberg supports any candidate like he says. Just pick one already then everyone throw all their support behind that. That is something the Dems have not been so good at in the past. They need to pick someone, now. I like Bernie and Mayor Pete. I think Mayor Pete would smear trump in a debate. Biden is toast after these hearings, just by association.
Jules Madison ArtPreneur
Jules Madison ArtPreneur - 19 days ago
You are my favorite night show host – but you have the worst PR department everyone else posts segments of the show within hours
Scorpio Cove
Scorpio Cove - 19 days ago
Vote Bernie then maybe your country has a chance
dean deansalot
dean deansalot - 19 days ago
lindsey 'shitlips' graham
Thomas Buchovecky
Thomas Buchovecky - 19 days ago
I think Noam Chomsky is correct when he says that the Republican party is most dangerous organization in human history.
Iproductions0 - 19 days ago
This is your best monologue.
Jason Rennie
Jason Rennie - 19 days ago
"If your lips leave Trump's a** for even a second... you're dead to him."
Charles Jones Sr.
Charles Jones Sr. - 23 hours ago
@TheTruthIsRacist It seems like you know what Trump's ass tastes like.
TheTruthIsRacist - 18 days ago
I think you're thinking about your Mom.
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