6LACK ft. Lil Baby - Know My Rights (Official Music Video)

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r kim
r kim - 9 hours ago
Syabonga Sthomo
Syabonga Sthomo - 10 hours ago
Legendary song by two goats 🐐🐐🎶 # SouthAfrica approves 🔥
jon3 maxim
jon3 maxim - 10 hours ago
Krishna Akhil Achanta
Krishna Akhil Achanta - 11 hours ago
I'm simple man.
I see 6lack.
I click.
Two Black
Two Black - 11 hours ago
https://youtu.be/hzZCAxrlAXA 🔥🔥🔊
Ross Coley
Ross Coley - 11 hours ago
This whole thing was INDEED saucy
Alex Apostolov
Alex Apostolov - 12 hours ago
UKELA - 12 hours ago
everywhere a baby!
yhaw fhlexkid
yhaw fhlexkid - 13 hours ago
I just got off the plane from Ghana🇬🇭
Ghana loves you bruh can't wait to see you again🙌❣️
Where my Ghanaians at??
Sha Kur
Sha Kur - 13 hours ago
U got luv from Ghana🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭
Archie Toby
Archie Toby - 14 hours ago
“Couldn’t even enjoy June” straight faxxx
BraXdotexe - 15 hours ago
This song got a vibe on another level.
LA Sports Walk Ups/In Game Music
rip Kobe & gigi 💔
Angelikah Polidor
Angelikah Polidor - 16 hours ago
take no advice..I been in the field..I know my wrong and I know my rights🤦‍♂️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Antoinette Payne
Antoinette Payne - 17 hours ago
That was a dope song y'all keep doing your thing
Swagger Guru
Swagger Guru - 18 hours ago
You have the right to appreciate this wavy sh!t. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vIexIU2LxI
Purple Heart Gunna
Purple Heart Gunna - 18 hours ago
“Lil Baby ain’t missed all year.” Yeah except this music video
Drippin’ Nyimi
Drippin’ Nyimi - 18 hours ago
I just came for lil baby lmao
Seeking Vital
Seeking Vital - 18 hours ago
Summer slap callin it
Chubby Banana
Chubby Banana - 20 hours ago
this song fire
Brenda Gail
Brenda Gail - 21 hour ago
Lil Baby 11:11 🙌🙌🙌🦋🦋🦋
dayle. Johnson
dayle. Johnson - 21 hour ago
Good vibes straight.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Moodii Alshreef
Moodii Alshreef - 21 hour ago
6lack voice is so gifted he can sing wth out any instruments and will make a hot one !
Bz Beats
Bz Beats - 21 hour ago
Explotado !!!
Alyssa Patrick
Alyssa Patrick - 21 hour ago
Fire ass video🔥💯
Pino 1
Pino 1 - 22 hours ago
I love 6lack ❤️❤️❤️
Ryan Guy
Ryan Guy - 22 hours ago
I love 6lack . But imma be honest I read lil baby in the feature and had to give it a click .
H A Z 3 Y L A X
H A Z 3 Y L A X - 22 hours ago
🔥B E A T🤍🔥
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 21 hour ago
Cristian J
Cristian J - 22 hours ago
Lil baby out here running gunna’s money for the most features this year
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 21 hour ago
Know my rights. 'Wears mask'
George Givenchy
George Givenchy - 23 hours ago
Here coz I see 6lack....
6IX Nation 杰出人物
6IX Nation 杰出人物 - 23 hours ago
The random person who likes will be a millionaire in the future
Anisa Co
Anisa Co - Day ago
Drew M.
Drew M. - Day ago
Stay Up young g
jamie altenbach
jamie altenbach - Day ago
6 black you now I'm not starting this back up , your business much love lil.sis @$
Aryana D
Aryana D - Day ago
This is an awesome video! Only thing that would be cooler is personalized masks.. www.togetherletsfaceit.com
Dick Tator
Dick Tator - Day ago
It was given to EM
Vice versa
FTG - Day ago
Bust down both of our wrists at 11:11 if yk yk
BrenDen Polar
BrenDen Polar - Day ago
It's offical, 6LACK can simply do no wrong. Everything this man does I swear is always 💯 on point & guaranteed 🔥. A King Midas of Rap fr.
Ashy Lyn
Ashy Lyn - Day ago
Awww sad lil baby didnt make his own clip to add in. Good song regardless ♡
GVK BBG - Day ago
Who ever came up with the idea for visuals for this video screwed up in my opinion. Where you flying to my dude with corona. lol.
Ebo Afari
Ebo Afari - Day ago
"Just caught a plane from Ghana."
Ghana loves u 6Lack.🔥💪
Asra M
Asra M - Day ago
can i like have a chance looking at those pretty eyes for once maybe?
Kinging 0
Kinging 0 - Day ago
Know my rights. 'Wears mask'
C Adri
C Adri - Day ago
If you sad listen it to 0.75
Jordan A
Jordan A - Day ago
pinkflamingousa gang 🔥🔥
steven estevao
steven estevao - Day ago
he the GOAT
Time Rider
Time Rider - Day ago
Finally something new. Waited like crazy
Roman Wilson
Roman Wilson - Day ago
lil baby said “no breaks , no brakes “
Ajan - Day ago
Finally sum quality solid shit.. 6lack killed it
YOUNG Suavo - Day ago
AdmiraL - Day ago
#BEGE Klip Çalmış #BerkcanGüven
church girl
church girl - Day ago
N N H B E A T S - Day ago
6lack has forever fans we ain't going nowhere
Kirkland Funz
Kirkland Funz - Day ago
Start running this mans numbers up 6LACK needs way more recognition for his work you see some clout chasers out there with all these views and put little thought into a repetitive, lyric repeat type song
Mr.Trace #
Mr.Trace # - Day ago
Mister Sturm
Mister Sturm - Day ago
Don’t ever put these fugly skeezers on my feed again .
donkeradon - Day ago
Hamza Rochdi
Hamza Rochdi - Day ago
6lack's voice stick on my head fgs
Rhuan Tavares
Rhuan Tavares - Day ago
Rose N
Rose N - Day ago
6lack is handsome
Jiameisha Latrell
Jiameisha Latrell - Day ago
Here Because Of 6lack ❗️But Baby doing his thing 2020 🤞🏾
Orestis Yaw
Orestis Yaw - Day ago
Always with the smoothest chillest vibes, nonchalant indeed
Marcelo Canchi Valladares
Kidd keo eres tú?
Michael Swayd
Michael Swayd - Day ago
This vibe is just perfect, i legit thought lil baby said he's not doing anymore features.. but yo for this he just had too🔥
Robert Mazilu
Robert Mazilu - Day ago
6LACK allways delivers...props to the whole team that made this song happen.
Ssalo Didebashvili
Ssalo Didebashvili - Day ago
Darren Pierre Malik
Lil baby hits different
Dakota Jean
Dakota Jean - Day ago
I just love you 💜 thanks for this
svincentr - Day ago
Had to listen 2x in a row... sick hook🐲🔥
zack zablocki
zack zablocki - Day ago
this shit is it boy
Brave Artists
Brave Artists - Day ago
I really like the concept of this song.
A.K.A T.A - Day ago
6LAck is unchangeable!!
A Google User
A Google User - Day ago
Black I see you! Blacks need to withdraw from both parties and start a independent party, without casting any candidates. 42 million strong, they would vote as a block if a candidate came along who satisfies their requirements for their vote.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - Day ago
6Lack is so confident that he doesn't stress when killing this hook
Flacko House
Flacko House - Day ago
I just got on a plane from Ghana 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭 🔥🔥🔥
Raplosofo - Day ago
6LACK ft Darkovibes Kwesi Arthur would be straight flames
Jovem Black Mirror
Jovem Black Mirror - Day ago
lil baby matou
Egg Yolk Gaming
Egg Yolk Gaming - Day ago
This kinda reminds me of Lost It by RIch The Kid lmao
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - Day ago
Such a badass song. Vibing in my backyard in FL. Having a dance party by myself.
IAMDEX - Day ago
wtf lil baby died? NO !
Daniele Morgana
Daniele Morgana - Day ago
Quem for do Brasil escute Slim Nem Tudo Mudou e apoie o trap nacional independente!
Lai Vibes.
Lai Vibes. - Day ago
Talk about a paper and pen. 🌹🔥🔥
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