Conan Furloughs Non-Essential Staffers

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Prince Harming
Prince Harming - 20 hours ago
Sona Movsesian can come do crossword puzzles in my office All Day Long.
Michael George
Michael George - 20 hours ago
Wow. I got half-way through and noticed the upload date.
Trekkinguy 1701
Trekkinguy 1701 - 21 hour ago
Wow I thought the term essential worker was new for Coronavirus.
Rokenrolas Lankanlolas
Wtf does he do
maydos alper
maydos alper - Day ago
dragon ball super broly full movie
Ghassan Barghouti
Ghassan Barghouti - Day ago
Why the comments section is filled with something called "The algorithm" I'm trying to find the reference without any luck. Could someone tell me please?
i p
i p - Day ago
Its USa-video's way of personalizing videos to your preferences.
FreezeKick - 2 days ago
Conan with the perfect cross examination of Sona at 1:30
BuBsFN - 3 days ago
well this aged pretty well.
CLuv - 3 days ago
Oh please Team Coco gods, give us another 20 million viewed Jordan video
DanielPasten - 3 days ago
They changed the title
Leopard 3402
Leopard 3402 - 3 days ago
3:46 so another Jordan friend
Duties of IT Director:
Ensures that you get your mail.
2020 everybody
Messisilly - 5 days ago
Bless the algarythem for this
Jason Luong
Jason Luong - 5 days ago
With Covid-19, this clip timely but not as funny.
Jock Doubleday
Jock Doubleday - 5 days ago
Both funny and sad: Brita water filters are the worst filters on the planet.
Mathi - 5 days ago
6:30 I just love that moment. Conan's attempt to CONTAIN (false) ANGER towards Jordan somehow SUMS UP their entire chemistry.
Roger Limoseth
Roger Limoseth - 5 days ago
He's by far the funniest and best of all the late night talk show hosts.
Robert san diego
Robert san diego - 5 days ago
Does NBC realized how much they fucked up by not giving The tonight show to Conan and giving it to that fucked up Jimmy Fallon?
digital subliminal messages
S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S.
Haaa/ geezzz/ oh wow I///// love that 1st amendment
Jason Stevenson
Jason Stevenson - 6 days ago
anny chua92
anny chua92 - 6 days ago
Sorry but Jordan is definitely the most essential staff in Conan team 😆
Heath Sims
Heath Sims - 6 days ago
"With the exception of yourself, any particular staff member could be eliminated without any visible result on air."
Imagine if by 'eliminate' he means 'kill' instead of 'fire'. Sociopath kills everyone.
Victor Sanders
Victor Sanders - 6 days ago
first non-essential staff, 7 years ago. Now........
Chris Ravage
Chris Ravage - 6 days ago
Anyone else watching in Quarantine? This is very apt
ChillRichard - 7 days ago
Conan was ahead of his time!
Roy Long
Roy Long - 7 days ago
I just saw the title and for a second thought it was a very recent video in light of the coronavirus. interesting turn of events
Huma Rehman
Huma Rehman - 7 days ago
He's the executive producer assistant.still she says Jordans name
Lucas Cody
Lucas Cody - 7 days ago
well this aged beautifully
Playz_1408 - 7 days ago
Jordans so innocent though😂🤣
12 TO 6 ELBOWS - 7 days ago
Pops up in my recommendations just as I'm on furlough from work due to covid-19.
YouTube is the devil
Stassie Levyn
Stassie Levyn - 7 days ago
I am shocked this was 6 years ago and not today. 💀
Ramirez Ortiz
Ramirez Ortiz - 7 days ago
So many talented comedians would kill to be in this Grad School piece of shit's shoes and he can't even make it to work on time smh 😤
Ian haubner
Ian haubner - 8 days ago
Ken Chan
Ken Chan - 8 days ago
Oh wow, when this popped up I thought this was recent!
Lemonade S
Lemonade S - 8 days ago
just realize this video is from 2013 wtf
Mark Lind
Mark Lind - 8 days ago
Conan Furloughs Non-Essential Staffers
19,274,306 views•Oct 2, 2013
Is this really 7 years old or are there some shenanigans.
Matthew Bender
Matthew Bender - 8 days ago
Of course Jordon is Essential.
Helio Ocean
Helio Ocean - 9 days ago
The Good Pilgrim
The Good Pilgrim - 9 days ago
if you look carefully jordan was about to burst laughing at 6:16
Jeremy Howard
Jeremy Howard - 9 days ago
Conan was 6 years ahead of this
Simon Chung
Simon Chung - 9 days ago
Conan please redo this now in 2020
Flybynick - 9 days ago
Still a classic and oh so relevant even 6 yrs later
Akki Kishore
Akki Kishore - 9 days ago
Corona, woo....
nick woodward
nick woodward - 9 days ago
Easily over 8 pints a day I reckon
Wolfman Jackster
Wolfman Jackster - 9 days ago
Thought this was released just now lmao, Conan got on the layoff train early hot damn
Raven Ridge
Raven Ridge - 11 days ago
Is there a clip that jordan, conan and sona all together...???
TrueNovice - 11 days ago
You remember when Conan was funny? I don't either
Yidaki - 11 days ago
"You have the body language of Lee Harvey Oswald" is the greatest insult Conan has delivered to Jordan lol.
Yidaki - 11 days ago
"I assist the executive producer."
As she recommends laying off the executive producer. 😆
E W - 9 days ago
Jordan is the 'associate producer' not the executive producer...
Christian Darrall
Christian Darrall - 11 days ago
subject Jordan to SAS style interrogation
Nominis - 12 days ago
4:27 on Jordan Schlansky's door it says "One cranky fake italian"
N. Joel
N. Joel - 12 days ago
Sonia: "That crossword puzzle is very essential Conan"... "Where else do you think you get your material from?" .."Now, as you were saying.. for instance, about the word 'CAR' ..."
Fact Seekers
Fact Seekers - 13 days ago
The LockDown failed. Biden touches kids:
TURD BURGLAR - 13 days ago
A three letter word for vehicle that starts with c ? OMG how do these people get hired for anything?
Trevino - 13 days ago
A round of applause for our essential workers. And Jordan
RyaanS Music
RyaanS Music - 13 days ago
YouTube recommended is savage af
Mike O
Mike O - 13 days ago
I know Conan worked on The Simpsons, does this mean he has their premonition??
Horatio Moonraker
Horatio Moonraker - 14 days ago
The crossword puzzle clue is "Over-burdened postman."
Hmmm. How many letters?
Make Cool Apps
Make Cool Apps - 14 days ago
funny how there reused the old clips and tied it to corona virus stuff
mick the eagle
mick the eagle - 11 days ago
This was released October 2, 2013.
owen 234
owen 234 - 14 days ago
Sub to my YouTube channel
Richard Bacchus
Richard Bacchus - 14 days ago
wait the government shut down in 2013
Jj Sands
Jj Sands - 14 days ago
anyone who's name is "Jordan" is a loser.
j soo
j soo - 14 days ago
I drink at least 100 ozs. of water a day. What's weird about that?
mrenaep - 14 days ago
Oh crap - I thought this was recent!
jordan Christeson
jordan Christeson - 14 days ago
What are you a weeping willow?
Felicia Vale
Felicia Vale - 14 days ago
Sona is so cute.
Mara de la Rosa
Mara de la Rosa - 15 days ago
I wonder how many of the 19,173,134 views (as of the time that I am writing this) have watched this in the last 2 months!?
hannahrae927 - 15 days ago
lol I drink like over a gallon of water a day. 72 ounces is not that much.
Tom Steele
Tom Steele - 15 days ago
I have never enjoyed Conan very much - this was top quality funny stuff! Hmm...
J A - 15 days ago
*"you have the body language of Lee Harvey Oswald."*
That was so specific & true. 🤣😂🤣
moshrosh - 16 days ago
Super confused how this is comedy
The Gaming Walrus
The Gaming Walrus - 16 days ago
Interesting title, given the circumstances
ZANEY Alexander
ZANEY Alexander - 16 days ago
This is funny- this is exactly what we’re going through. They should just get rid of all the late night talk show hosts and keep Conan.
A mildly enjoyable train ride
This could've been released today and it would be just as relevant
DanJ100m - 16 days ago
0:09 …well well well this guys the new simpsons
Tom DeLaCruz
Tom DeLaCruz - 16 days ago
Jordan is 10 times more entertaining than Andy
Abdi Marmalade
Abdi Marmalade - 17 days ago
The title has aged like fine wine.
HI MY NAME IS JAJAHOI!!! - 16 days ago
Honestly it has lol
Borderlands808 - 17 days ago
I got furloughed. Can you send me 10 million dollars?
Sheila Zhiyi Liang Nguyen
Who is watching this 2020?
lafayette le baguette
lafayette le baguette - 17 days ago
how did he know
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