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eugenia valdez
eugenia valdez - 9 hours ago
“50 new subs” wow you have come so so far, currently sitting at 2million +
foxy lover
foxy lover - 4 days ago
Love u adam😘😘😘😘
Just a person YT
Just a person YT - 6 days ago
YOUR FRIGGIN BEST FRIENDS WITH YOUR FAV YOUTUBER!!!! If I asked my fav YouTube which is totally not u ;) to collab with me would u say yes
kimp mooi
kimp mooi - 15 days ago
Well heres yor job
Lluvia Marisol
Lluvia Marisol - 17 days ago
i subbed
Stephanie Gustafson
Stephanie Gustafson - 19 days ago
He is really cute... Damn
LOGAN NATION - 21 day ago
Thought welcome😈
cute girl
cute girl - 24 days ago
He's hot wtf
Elif - 25 days ago
I love your eyes
Melissa Ashley
Melissa Ashley - 27 days ago
Dear Adam this is one of your subscribers from the future you have so many more subscribers then you had when you make this you also made a song able trying your best as much as you can
zia ali
zia ali - Month ago
R u markiplier
Fallout Fanbase
Fallout Fanbase - Month ago
Thank you something Elseyt for making the videos
Emilyy Barwick
Emilyy Barwick - Month ago
Tbh.....ur cute😅❤️🙄❗️
LL27 - Month ago
He has almost 2 million subs now
Sheldon Plankton
Sheldon Plankton - 2 months ago
You look like a child markiplier.
Erica Fliss
Erica Fliss - 2 months ago
...10M... for odd1sout
infinityfaith - 2 months ago
it is so cute how he said how cool it was that James followed him. and now they're like best friends. skksjdjskj
Lil nacho Animations
Lil nacho Animations - 2 months ago
U have 1m subs now bruh u dont need a job anymore
Madi Animations
Madi Animations - 2 months ago
youre best friends now lol
Sienna Herohorse
Sienna Herohorse - 3 months ago
Btw your rlly cute ❤️
Sienna Herohorse
Sienna Herohorse - 3 months ago
I love your animations!
William Paton
William Paton - 3 months ago
Min Hwang
Min Hwang - 3 months ago
I'm late to the party but hope I can help support you.
Hayaa Amatullah Pean
Hayaa Amatullah Pean - 3 months ago
He's better looking than Markiplier if you wanted to know
Caroline McGuckin
Caroline McGuckin - 4 months ago
Seeing this in 2018 is just... so..., good job Adam, good job.
* Support hugz *
Ryan Ge
Ryan Ge - 5 months ago
Currently taking a long journey through your channel, and wow how things have changed! Just hit 1.4M subs and started hanging out with James all the time. Guess it was not something that unusual, seeing how much effort you put into your content, which is great and really fun to watch. Regret not noticing great animators like you earlier, but glad that I found you!
C-Life Vlogs
C-Life Vlogs - 5 months ago
I know this was a long time ago, but look at you! 1-Million. Congrats Bro!
Meow - 5 months ago
2 years later they’re like besties
Leila Fajer
Leila Fajer - 6 months ago
yay, happy story! your videos are so funny and cool i cant stop laughing!
Anna Bonnett
Anna Bonnett - 6 months ago
hes at 1.3 M now lol
Funny Edits From Alexiosoo
hi markiplier!
Anna Bonnett
Anna Bonnett - 6 months ago
i see it
Hailey Maland
Hailey Maland - 6 months ago
Awww he’s sooo cuteeeee☺️
0MindSwept0 - 6 months ago
What the fruit? I thought I subscribed to you....
Eden Michelle
Eden Michelle - 7 months ago
Why is he so low key cute. Like he has a bit of a lisp but I like don’t mind it.
Bree Carter
Bree Carter - 8 months ago
U look kinda like Markiplier
Victor Cembrano
Victor Cembrano - 8 months ago
-Madd _Slacks-
-Madd _Slacks- - 8 months ago
But job is a job :l
KMartinez 86176
KMartinez 86176 - 9 months ago
i am in the year 2018 and you got so much better and have 991K subscribers and Ur doing well :)
KMartinez 86176
KMartinez 86176 - 9 months ago
u r cute
Mariah Leah
Mariah Leah - 10 months ago
You are so udorubol
OtomeGirl~ - 10 months ago
I just started to watch your videos and WHERE WERE YOU IN MY LIFE OMG I shall go on a marathon of your vids lol
Isaac LuisJuan
Isaac LuisJuan - 10 months ago
Too everyone saying Adam looks like markiplier... you got it wrong markiplier looks like him
Slasher - 10 months ago
Adam your a good animator when ever I’m sad or bored and you make me laugh and smile
Puppy Paw
Puppy Paw - 11 months ago
he looks like markiplier
SpAzSpAnIeL - Year ago
Damn markiplier animates
Ava Weigel
Ava Weigel - Year ago
Puppypetperson - Year ago
you're so hot
LitLitMinecraft - Year ago
He’s going to be your friend later on and you’ll be living with him too
Ash Wood
Ash Wood - Year ago
probibly not as important now but i subscribed :)
adultish gambino
adultish gambino - Year ago
You’re so underrated:(
adultish gambino
adultish gambino - Year ago
Ultimate Llama2004 oh shit my bad
Ultimate Llama2004
Ultimate Llama2004 - Year ago
adultish gambino You’re*
avi h
avi h - Year ago
Can know this sounds stupid but can you mention me to James, Jayden, TimTom, and Becca. By the way LOVE your videos.
Non generic boy Number 62
Dude you look like a fucking young model holy shit also hope you reach one million thank you for all your content I love it
ResettiSpahgetti - Year ago
y u look and sound like meme a plier
Bryan Aughal
Bryan Aughal - Year ago
I'm pretty sure you've been told this before, but holy HELL YOU LOOK EXACTLY LIKE MARKIPLIER.
IamWithoutA Name
IamWithoutA Name - Year ago
no wonder he looks like markiplier
fairyland princess
fairyland princess - Year ago
Just gonna say..... you’re amazing............. *slowly walks away* fuck yeah!!! *runs*😂😂😂
lil_ garbage
lil_ garbage - Year ago
Damn he’s cute
Rafarield77 - Year ago
AdvancedQUBE - Year ago
Ace Case
Ace Case - Year ago
Ahh esta bien guapo
Avamadoodle_ - Year ago
Wow, even when you go through all this, most people I'm sure would of quit, you've been getting all this support and you really deserve it! I'm glad you're actually trying to get content out for us, most of the people I knew just would put there youtube aside and do something else with their lives. We'll always be here to support you!
Kristian Hughes
Kristian Hughes - Year ago
duuuuude! you look like my cousin Phraustie!! ...he's native alaskan.
№½ ₱€£$©Π™
Dis boi with his Markiplier looking face
Fluffyhowl24 AJ
Fluffyhowl24 AJ - Year ago
Ash Glassman
Ash Glassman - Year ago
You are coot
LineGuyAnimates - Year ago
What's going on boi?
devilwithwings - Year ago
man, you look like my nephew
Hooman Bean
Hooman Bean - Year ago
OMG Bae is that you. 😰
EZsniper101 - Year ago
Ho dis like 😲🖕
Djinn C
Djinn C - Year ago
No one cares tbh
yeet - Year ago
Wai r u so hawt
Luna Tagi
Luna Tagi - Year ago
I wanna meet you someday
V. Iris
V. Iris - Year ago
Aye boi you ain't the bad looking (XD kill me plz)
Some_random _rabbit
Some_random _rabbit - Year ago
you kinda look like markiplier
LongEggChild - Year ago
You'll do great things
Eristic. - Year ago
Super Mario DK Bonanza
Super Mario DK Bonanza - 25 days ago
Sheldon Plankton
Sheldon Plankton - 2 months ago
This boy has markipliers genes somewhere
Janell Stephenson
Janell Stephenson - 3 months ago
Matteo är bäst
Matteo är bäst - 3 months ago
Maybe he is markiplier
PinkWEIRDunicorn - Year ago
I love this ❤️
Carrin Christiano
Carrin Christiano - Year ago
this is so cool! I love your videos. stay cool.
Emma Boonzaier
Emma Boonzaier - Year ago
Hello! New sub here!
Winter Storms
Winter Storms - Year ago
Baby you fucking cute.
Foxy DaBoss
Foxy DaBoss - Year ago
He has a hole in his door
Emilia M
Emilia M - Year ago
how did you notice that
Wolfers Animations
Wolfers Animations - Year ago
Dear Adam,
Hope you reach your goal. I have been here since 187 subs. You are my favorite YouTuber ever. You inspired my cousin to make a YouTube channel. You inspire me to draw and do other things I was scared to do. I hope you reach your goal and have a successful YouTuber channel.
- Hanna
Adrian Acevedo
Adrian Acevedo - Year ago
you look like a mix between markplier and scarce
TheOdd1sOut - 2 years ago
youre a donk
Ender _Pro
Ender _Pro - 5 days ago
TheOdd1sOut your a donkeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Lama Drama
Lama Drama - 8 days ago
Leafy the leafeon 123
Leafy the leafeon 123 - 12 days ago
Lolzypopgirl - 20 days ago
Noob gamer
Noob gamer - 24 days ago
No u
noimad yrnrehcm
noimad yrnrehcm - 2 years ago
your welcome 😘😘🙄
Yacine - 2 years ago
I subbed
Tremstor - 2 years ago
A Guy
A Guy - 2 years ago
84K subscribers keep it up your videos are great!
gieg jije
gieg jije - 2 years ago
has anyone said that you look like Markiplier just saying he looks like Markiplier to me😶
Guillaume Vadnais
Guillaume Vadnais - 2 years ago
I got here when he had 100 subs. He is going up really fast!! 👍
student Melanie Hernandez Rodriguez
Oh my God you're gorgeous
jacob051906 drangonite
jacob051906 drangonite - 2 years ago
i sub too
2Deku2 - 2 years ago
You deserve more subscribers.
Can we get to 1000 subscribers without a video?
*you're* is you are. *your* is not.
TheLil3K - 2 years ago
You look like Mark's younger brother.
Plush Master64
Plush Master64 - 2 years ago
Do you have a skype/google hangouts where you can chat with fans or something.
Gracie isweird
Gracie isweird - 2 years ago
Adam, you are an amazing dude! Your videos always calm me down and they are just flat out amazing! I haven't been subscribed for long (maybe 3-4 months IDK) but I actually found you waaay before i found other big animators and tbh, I prefer watching your videos then Jack or Mark XD and another thing is, You inspire me. Ever since i found you and The Odd1sout i wanted to be an animator also! Just wanted to say thank you for posting videos! (and sorry for the long comment XD)
Your_dad Doesn’t-love-you
Gracie isweird no problem 👍
Gracie isweird
Gracie isweird - 2 years ago
Awe Thank You <3
Your_dad Doesn’t-love-you
Gracie isweird 😭 so sweet
Jaxa 77ax
Jaxa 77ax - 2 years ago
I'll be here from 47k to 1M
i need help
i need help - 8 months ago
Yup he has 1M already😄😄
TheFuriousGoat - Year ago
Jaxa 77ax why not further?
its good to be special
its good to be special - 2 years ago
you are a good human thing
Kyle Shorts
Kyle Shorts - 2 years ago
Emily Chavez
Emily Chavez - 3 months ago
Preston Tasker
Preston Tasker - 10 months ago
Boy we're u wrong
Victoria W
Victoria W - Year ago
Oml XD
Kyle Shorts
Kyle Shorts - 2 years ago
+Zayden Gaming No! In one of his videos he said he was black!! Proof he just reads creepy pasta
Zayden Playz
Zayden Playz - 2 years ago
Next videos