This Adapter Will Destroy Your Car

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer - Year ago
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Jeb Ziffel
Jeb Ziffel - 2 months ago
Scotty Kilmer ; Scotty, Einstein is actually quoted as saying:" It takes a genius to see the obvious ".
Wes Oblander
Wes Oblander - 6 months ago
@df2dot, if you run too many of those dastardly devices, your catalytic converter will clog up and your car engine will die. As soon as you remove it, your car will run perfectly!
Roberto Tamborrini
Roberto Tamborrini - 8 months ago
Scott I've got a land rover Discovery 1 1991 plate and when I drive sometimes the gear box housing gets really hot and at other times it doesnt. Any suggestions?
James Holmberg
James Holmberg - 8 months ago
@tarstarkusz R U trying to say Scotty's wrong about something? That's it! You officially not kicked off of this channel. 1) It's a free country. 2) Scotty's a big boy and he can take it. Is it too late to sign up for winning the thingamajig or the whatchamacallit?
Gabriel Silvaz
Gabriel Silvaz - 8 months ago
Hey Scotty I love your videos!!!! Can you explain the dynamics involved with turbo engines and letting them cool down before shutting the motor off to avoid a “cold Shot” in the turbo in a video?
SpaceFighter TZZ
SpaceFighter TZZ - 2 hours ago
If I use the left cig lighter port on my ford f250 it will blow the fuse after a few days and some reason that fuse is also connected to the ODB2 port. So I can't get any diagnostics when it blows the fuse. I did go in and replace the fuse for a diagnostic ODB2 report then later thinking everything is ok, I used that cig lighter port again and blew the fuse again. I just left it blown. The right cig lighter port seems to work fine.
FORMLESS ACT - 4 hours ago
Shawn - 2 days ago
Datz Dope!!!
Charles Edwards
Charles Edwards - 3 days ago
Great advice.
Randy Neal
Randy Neal - 3 days ago
My 2017 f150 has a built in inverter. The new ones supposedly will have a generator as an option.
Obrien Rowland
Obrien Rowland - 6 days ago
I like your videos , advice
bajojohn - 8 days ago
I’m a EE. Physicists and engineers understand electromagnetism. In fact, it is a whole branch of engineering.
Patricia Doyen
Patricia Doyen - 11 days ago
Great info. Thanks
Jerry G.
Jerry G. - 12 days ago
I always buy high quality charger adapters. My SUV also has a number of them built in around the vehicle as an option.
Ismael Dos Santos
Ismael Dos Santos - 12 days ago
It won't destroy your car, it will blow the fuse if inserted wrong. Just maker sure if the fuse is the recomended one.
Deven - 13 days ago
Gravity isn’t real Scotty. You are denser than the air hence why you come back down after jumping
Deven - 13 days ago
Research the Flat Earth
krs1coolguy - 14 days ago
I was able to find a silly error by removing 1 of the cheap USB connectors! Thanks
Gavin Lee
Gavin Lee - 14 days ago
I'm pretty sure physicist do understand interference lol
Hank Morast
Hank Morast - 15 days ago
thanks Scotty, This was very helpfull.
skyler bowerbank
skyler bowerbank - 16 days ago
I just have to correct you... even if the cideo is a year old
What your describing is A method, but i have seen another where it uses a (name forgotten) and it just goes on and off quickly, and the average of the time on and off is 5v, and if it fails then you just get constant 12v (i know cuz i just had that problem)
Then it goes into an inductor and capacitor. That method is cheaper, and I'd argue safer
Frank Severin
Frank Severin - 16 days ago
Agreed, i had my TPMS light come on bc of this
robert tufo
robert tufo - 20 days ago
scotty is the best dude on the net,,i dont care about weather his right or wrong, he sounds so believable and i am a believer,i just love watching this crazy dude,,,scottys the mannnnnn,,
sunclan04 - 20 days ago
Always a great big help Scotty
Jeff Pittman
Jeff Pittman - 20 days ago
Not just USB adapters. I had a pre-bluetooth 2004 Cadillac XLR with keyless entry & start which was also a new thing then. There was no key at all, just a fob. Plugged a bluetooth receiver/FM transmitter into the cig lighter. Paired my phone to it via bluetooth, then tuned the factory FM radio to the station broadcast by the device. Awesome sound BUT...the car could no longer see the keyfob that makes the car start. Lesson learned - assume nothing!
Daniel - 21 day ago
Chosen by computer, without any RF interference ( RFI )
Augustine Martinez
Augustine Martinez - 21 day ago
I should listen to mr scotty i think i got a cheapo ha ha ....ohh no
cumshot247 - 22 days ago
Gee Scotty you should shop around for better gas prices, the station you go to can shorten your lifespan! 1:49
Neal B
Neal B - 26 days ago
I enjoy watching your videos scotty!
Roniel Domingo
Roniel Domingo - 26 days ago
It's been almost a year, this vid was uploaded and I thought you'll give away your refrigerator 😅
Morris Arceneaux
Morris Arceneaux - 28 days ago
I have 2012 liberty jeep the fan continues to run when it off. What must I do to cut it off. Thank you. Have bless day.
Andre Williams
Andre Williams - 29 days ago
Look how easily could be us up but something you buy out of the store
JS Mariani
JS Mariani - Month ago
"Driving will destroy your car."
Fabian flores
Fabian flores - Month ago
I have a 2014 ford fusion titanium. It has a wall outlet connector. What are your thoughts about using that?
TheBlindOldMan - Month ago
2 Adapters 4 ports per adapter at least 1 in use 4 of the ports, my adapters are fused at the panel so not possible to overload. Did you use a nail in the fuse box to suggest that you can overload and let the smoke out? RFI? sure about as much produced from the 3 ECMs on the vehicles.....
Ken C_Sr.
Ken C_Sr. - Month ago
Once again, great information to know!!! Thanks!!!
Dwayne Leach
Dwayne Leach - Month ago
Ban Parlous
Ban Parlous - Month ago
I live in north east US. Its cold half the year. Would a second battery for inverter be overkill? I’ve ran small inverter on beater truck i didn’t care too much about, & it did fine. But I still hate the idea of running inverter off original battery. Any thoughts? Would 2nd battery be silly?
WW - Month ago
Hello Scotty, I've been enjoying your videos for years and I found it funny that you brought up the ignorance of scientists, electromagnetism and gravity all in one take. To say I'm impressed is a understatement. The truth is gravity is an electromagnetic force and scientists have been willfully ignoring that fact since they shunned the concept over a century ago with the help of Einstein, who later admitted that Maxwell's equations on electromagnetism were the source of his special relativity which was used to explain gravity being the only force in the universe.
Sorry for the diatribe but thank you for bringing up the fact that smart people are choosing to be stupid.
harry Henderson
harry Henderson - Month ago
AS USUAL !!!!"
Casey Sweat
Casey Sweat - Month ago
Rite'on, Scotty thanx'man ! Peace
J Winslow
J Winslow - Month ago
Good advice, Scotty!
TGOTR - Month ago
I am surprised the cheapo units don't have just voltage dividing circuits, rather than using an inverter then going to a rectifier. All you need for a voltage divider is three resistors.
Sal Regalado
Sal Regalado - Month ago
Now, I realize , this may sound stupid, your advise and opinions, are priceless. I listen to your comments like your an ole pal.
Thanks for your no nonsense, plain spoken, gems.
Fresno, CA.
Django Freeman
Django Freeman - Month ago
Gravity is not a law . It is a stupid theory that makes all the things that make no sense work on a fraudulent globe earth .
On My Watch
On My Watch - Month ago
I’m all Revvvvvvved up to win a free gift on mechanic Monday
Rob V
Rob V - Month ago
Gonna try this
c4prlm4st3r - Month ago
totally agree with you sir. being figure out why my head unit always distort when am listen to fm radio. it seem come from my DVR power supply. cheap PSU come with the unit not good as the DVR itself.
Louise Hayle
Louise Hayle - Month ago
Bought a car with USB outlets, built in. I have a modern car to run modern equipment. Just leave your 1990's car and drive something modern. I see the same thing, with computers - people using incompatible hardware. I COULD reinstall my 3.5 floppy drive and load MS-DOS 3.3. I have a soft spot for that OS. But it came out in 1981 and if I run it with a 2020 CPU etc. It'll cause an ungodly mess. All you need, in most cases, is to understand ALL of your toys and have a basic idea if they are the least but compatible. If you have to run a $8,000 laptop off the cigarette Lighter in a Chevy Nova, SURE, get the best damned adapter you can. But better yet, figure out what decade you want to live in.
Jim Mccoy
Jim Mccoy - Month ago
5 star rated
Ky Storm
Ky Storm - Month ago
This video has to be the one where he lost his marbles xD. The sockets in the car are 12v DC sockets. and these USB adapters, they're made to regular energy output and you cant break your car when your car generated 200v and 50amp from.the damn alternator. These adapters won't output more than what they're rated at, unless they cheap and shitty quality. Don't be silly these things aren't a danger 😂
atirek wribhu
atirek wribhu - Month ago
Clean, non-offensive comment
Sander Kinney
Sander Kinney - Month ago
"Even the physicists don't really understand electromagnetic stuff." Umm, OK, sure. I had one of the really cheap power adapters in an old Chevy Nova. That must be the reason that the engine ran out of oil and ceased up!
Classic Hmong Music Productions
Oh wait So this is why my sound system started having white noise. Thanks. Gonna unplug it now. Gonna get a more expensive one.
J M - Month ago
this sort of thing isnt that common. these are extreme cases hes referring to where other factors lined up to make this happen
sinaloa#1 - Month ago
can you make a video on the RAM c/v cargo van please
Kirt Hedquist
Kirt Hedquist - Month ago
Yep I had one drove me nuts! My TPMS and Remote Door locks quit working because of one of those crap devices. Found it by dumb luck
Hated Soldier
Hated Soldier - Month ago
Oh I have 12v inverter wall outlet thingy adapter
kristi wilkerson
kristi wilkerson - Month ago
Thanks Scotty, I had a problem a year ago......You r sooo right as rain!
Thomas Knight
Thomas Knight - Month ago
Also be careful of cheap house chargers
That won’t screw up your house but it could catch fire or fry your phone
Paul DeBruyn
Paul DeBruyn - Month ago
Hey Scotty, Love your show, I'm 80 something. A life time of being a gearhead. Sharing your experiences and being informed on current new things make my armchair wrenching enjoyable. Thanks for sharing . Eh?
Bill Olsen
Bill Olsen - Month ago
Einstein: "Duh" LMAO
Warren Russo
Warren Russo - Month ago
Scotty, you are the best! I thought I knew all about cars until I started watching you. Thanks to you, I am now taking better care of my four cars!
- Warren Russo
colton meadows
colton meadows - Month ago
I love your videos scotty! Just wanted to say thank you for always being so stand up and helpful. Saving ppl money daily!
Mike Gillaspy
Mike Gillaspy - Month ago
I wanted my mechanic to install a 800w inverter in my 2006 chevy trailblazer. He said he wouldnt because it would screw up the alternator. Is this true?
Matthew Pecinovsky
Matthew Pecinovsky - Month ago
Really enjoy your videos they've immensely with working on my car when mechanics will not. I have a built 5.0 that no one will touch unless I go too a really expensive mustang shop. Thank you , you do a great job explaining things. Plz do a 5.0 video on basic performance issues if you ever get a chance.
Laurie Ann Rodriguez
Laurie Ann Rodriguez - Month ago
USA! USA! USB! This has been a clean and non- offensive comment.
Laurie Ann Rodriguez
Laurie Ann Rodriguez - Month ago
MAY 13, 2019, the good ol' days!_
N J - Month ago
if Joe Dirt and my granny had a kid...Scotty would be it.
William Lechner
William Lechner - Month ago
Thanks Scotty. My 2020 KIA Sportage has only the power port in the back. This will help the kids charge their stuff.😄
Demebeso714 - Month ago
Great Video once again!
ryukdluffy - Month ago
I have a question please. What about FM transmitters???? Im thinking of getting one, should I just go for a none cheap one?
Chris Edward
Chris Edward - Month ago
This is good. I used a small air compressor to air up a low tire. I hooked it up to cigarette lighter adapter in the dash next thing I know my – started smoking it ran for a little while but then the wires melted together and ever since then my car has been ruined take his advice use power adapters straight to the battery.
Joesph Marzella
Joesph Marzella - Month ago
Hey Scotty, once again you the man. Thank you for letting us know about the phone / device charger adapter. I use one to change my phone but I don't use it all the time. Turns out probably a good thing. Lol
Brigante.P71 - Month ago
Informative video. My car battery has been dying overnight for no visible reason. This may be it.
madmax 1970
madmax 1970 - Month ago
ive never seen anybody have this if you want but this is the same guy that said that 5.0 foxbody mustangs are junk and ugly ......sompin wrong with that!!!
gunther Lill
gunther Lill - Month ago
Worth knowing !
Geoff Mayberry
Geoff Mayberry - Month ago
Just Imagine the problems that will arise now from useage of new 5G networks!!!
Linda Merrill
Linda Merrill - Month ago
Thanks Scotty...being a widow you make my fear of autos almost non existent. Learning from you has empowered my ability to avoid a lot of anxiety when it comes to cars both in purchasing and repairs!
loose screws2
loose screws2 - Month ago
recently left my phone plugged in while I was in a building for 2 hours. after a hard start i was driving when everything went bonkers and the vehicle stopped in the road. my battery was dead, my alternator would not charge and I had my vehicle towed home after failing to get it started. I replaced my battery, alternator, several fuses before realizing my computer had a burned conector. long story short the phone charging had literally burned my computer and I had to replace the computer. my vehicle is a 1999 and has a cigarette lighter not designed for long term charging of electronic devices.
schnauzerdaddy - Month ago
Clean non offensive 3
Jens Greta
Jens Greta - Month ago
This is spot on!! My Audi wont even unlock the my steering wheel if i have my FM-transsmiter plugged in. It´is like i don't even recognise that the key is in the ignition.
Idok Watcher
Idok Watcher - Month ago
Not so subtle Qualcomm advertisement.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller - Month ago
I've been using the same adapter in my cigarette lighter for 10 years for my 2003 GMC Sierra. No issues.
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