Jeffrey Epstein Death May Put Alleged Co-Conspirators In New Legal Peril | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Kelly ann kanye
Kelly ann kanye - 9 hours ago
Now, its confirmed that the trump administration is full of Pedophiles.
starjasper - 21 hour ago
QUESTIONS.........Were the cameras working when the (so called) first attempted suicide happened? If so, where's the tape? If not, surely they would have been fixed! Wouldn't you want the cameras working when someone is on suicide watch? So, logically speaking, what are the odds that 2 cameras would mysteriously STOP working in such within such a short period of time? Common sense needs to be had here.
Jim666 - 2 days ago
WTF Mobster Trump put out a contract?
Jim Riopelle
Jim Riopelle - 5 days ago
This whole thing stinks so bad. It will be difficult to sweep this away. If it is swept away, then we truly do live in a corrupt world where the elites are above the law and human decency. I do not believe the American people will let any of this slide.
Kevin Montegomery
Kevin Montegomery - 7 days ago
William Barr has appointed a friend and colleague as Chief of the Prison System She was just called before
Congress for an update on Epsein's death she new nothing the FBI is handling this case.Now they are working with Scotland Yard to see if Prince Andrew will be brought up on charges.England is now behind
Virginia Roberts after she did an interview with the BBC.After Prince Andrew did a 60 minute interview in Australia.The Prince appears guilty in this interview.The Queen has taken away all of his duties.Seems like the media in the UK are looking for justice.Despite the Amerian media not reporting on this except to help
Allen Durshowitz defame Virginia Roberts on every station.
Tawnee Rain
Tawnee Rain - 7 days ago
If this was another country we would be going in and killing people involved.?
Ulysses Fernandez
Ulysses Fernandez - 7 days ago
Now we are months after Epstein's death, and all American News cycles have gone dark on the case. Only foreign news outlets and mainstream television are pursuing answers. Cover up?
Marcus Mitchell
Marcus Mitchell - 7 days ago
Christine Diasio
Christine Diasio - 8 days ago
Notice how she was quick to mention Trump but no mention of the Clintons.
John Kotz
John Kotz - 9 days ago
To the point. Enough of the queefs through the teefs!
Wirez C
Wirez C - 10 days ago
If you have 7 papers on your desk medow the last 2 shouldn’t both say 6 of 7 pages and then the last one also saying 6 of 7 pages when it’s suppose to be #7 of 7 plus the same info on both
Shuhei Hisagi
Shuhei Hisagi - 10 days ago
I hope them prosecutors do the civil forieture!!!!!
Nicki nurse
Nicki nurse - 10 days ago
With all his billions of do we know Epstein is not living on an island somewhere under an assumed name after some cosmetic surgery? This whole death could have been faked.
little me
little me - 11 days ago
If Epstein is'nt really dead he may well be in hiding with 584 youtube accounts and giving this thumbs down
California Girl
California Girl - 11 days ago
Epstein is a typical Jew. They run this country and they do not have to observe law. Just take a look at Madoff, Abramoff, Weinstein, Dersovitz etc, etc. What is common? They all are Jews.
Matthew Meuleman
Matthew Meuleman - 12 days ago
Doesn't the U.S. have laws about organised crime designed to bring down the mob? Or is that only the case when they lack evidence and want to prosecute?
Colin Smith
Colin Smith - 13 days ago
He was killed by a contract because if he came to trial a lot of big names would be exposed !!!
Nancy Wharton
Nancy Wharton - 13 days ago
Rachel I think you are wonderful. You explain things so good.
Nancy Wharton
Nancy Wharton - 13 days ago
I don’t think Epstein killed himself. I wonder who killed him
Tskissme22 - 15 days ago
Actually its the perfect way to get out of all his legal troubles. Fake ones death and live freely. Also with all the land he owns all over the world he can easily live freely and unnoticed....with his death it'll be much difficult for the authorities to seize his assets...with no closure for his alleged victims.
Tskissme22 - 15 days ago
The way she keeps saying "now that he's DEAD" over n over just sounds like she enjoy saying it really makes her feel good. This man was allegedly a monster with that said it seems as if she is happy he's dead. Just something to notice.
jean myers
jean myers - 15 days ago
Oops I meant why hasn’t it been seized?
jean myers
jean myers - 15 days ago
Why hasn’t Guilaine Maxwell’s millions of £ house, where picture Virginia photo was taken?
jean myers
jean myers - 15 days ago
Florida should be in jail, well done New York, from UK.
Darren Douglas
Darren Douglas - 17 days ago
Trump Trump Trump Shame on this news platform Please stop mentioning Trump Clinton has far more links to Epstein . This is opportunity all media platforms prove arent bias & go after names victims have produced total sleazy Dersowitz blatantly mixed up in this He was one struck deal with Acosta yet i heard Trumps name not his ???
AJ Silver
AJ Silver - 17 days ago
Did the Clinton crime family or the Royals knock off Epstein?
James Parker
James Parker - Month ago
Metokur Mirror: Finding the Finders, "We gotta find..." It sounds like: There is a United States of Perverts of America in existence that is doing quite well in the upper echelons of Political Power!! McMartin Preschool: Anatomy of a Panic | Retro Report | The New York Times Please rethink this again Rachel.
Ash Richards
Ash Richards - Month ago
The Medical Examiner who did JFK autopsy was asked to be present with the autopsy of Epstein. A double of JFK was shot to be able to muddy the JFK murder waters...that double was a cop. This cop, lookalike was selected long before the murder. Samething could have happened with epstein...they selected a lookalike in case epstein needed a way out of jail. Just a conspiracy theory... Anyways... why do we not hear about the arrest for his number one..Maxwell
Lidia Valentine
Lidia Valentine - Month ago
Not to mention that he was a monster but what happened to all his property and money?! He was a Billionaire
Gala - 2 months ago
Hey, Rachel, he was killed by Russians!! Why not?...🤣🤣🤣
Melissa Knight
Melissa Knight - 2 months ago
I REALLY HOPE this dont "just go away" as so many other major issues seem to do 😑
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson - 2 months ago
I hope someday Karma catches up to Donald Trump just like it caught up to Jeffery Epstein.
Ernest Leibu
Ernest Leibu - 2 months ago
This sh---y person makes a lot anty--- for your station!!!!!!
D_Vyne Black Krown
D_Vyne Black Krown - 2 months ago
I know why they give that deal... because the names that was about to drop are too big to be reviled
Jane B
Jane B - 2 months ago
He is not dead!!!!
T C - 2 months ago
Why is this person still on the air? CNN FAKE NEWS!
William Helfrich
William Helfrich - 3 months ago
Barr's DOJ hit on Epstein and the criminal conspiracy cover up
Anthony Gray
Anthony Gray - 3 months ago
David Of The Family Barr
David Of The Family Barr - 3 months ago
Come on this is all being covered up couldn't have perverts in jail
Mark Dodani
Mark Dodani - 3 months ago
The Russian KGB not only interfere with are election but they bring the Russian corruption to United States
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