Jeffrey Epstein Death May Put Alleged Co-Conspirators In New Legal Peril | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Bellatrix O
Bellatrix O - Day ago
I believe Mr. Epstein had immunity years ago, he fake his death on this last days he had the money to corrupt the whole entire jail environment and he has good friends and good position actually one of the best and highest position of a friend ever could had .... Mr President Trump have a great day I bet that it's one the wish from one of you best friends...
Imani Malaika
Imani Malaika - Day ago
Why is no one talking about the connection between Epstein, Trump & Bill Clinton?
"Jeffrey Epstein had a little black book filled with the names and personal phone numbers of some of the world’s wealthiest and most influential people, from Bill Clinton and Donald Trump to actors, actresses, scientists and business tycoons. @t
A money manager for the super-rich, Epstein had two private jets, the largest single residence in Manhattan, an island in the Caribbean, a ranch in New Mexico and a waterfront estate in Florida."
Read more here: @t
j Lestel
j Lestel - 19 hours ago
Isnt it obvious? This has to be blamed on Trump. I have not heard the name Clinton mentioned since they said how his name was found in the plane logs.
Victoria A Beeching
So what's that make the Clinton body count now?
Christopher Doxtator
I hope all his child trafficer friends hang themselves too.
Nadine C LeGrand
Nadine C LeGrand - Day ago
This document was wrong then and even more damaging now.
William Helfrich
William Helfrich - 2 days ago
Epstein is dead now where are the presidents Lolitas gonna come from?please no more Slovenian whores
Al Bundy
Al Bundy - 2 days ago
New White House press release! JFK was accidentally shot while cleaning his gun. 😄
rleb blco l
rleb blco l - 2 days ago
LAD Teknologies
LAD Teknologies - 2 days ago
Does this mean that Epstein is now making Cosby look better? Who was the bigger pervert? Hahahaha!
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez - 2 days ago
Well this is just an speculation, What if Mr.Jeffrey Epstein was taking out of prison and then brought back to his cell already dead .
John Keith
John Keith - 3 days ago
Renaissance Technologies $15,511,600
McMahon Ventures $6,002,700
Walt Disney Co $5,005,823
GH Palmer Assoc $5,005,400
Mountaire Corp $2,013,500
Houston Texans $2,010,800
Beal Bank $2,005,400
Cerberus Capital Management $1,492,190
Electroimpact Inc $1,003,027
Buckley Muething Capital Management $1,000,000
Hawaiian Gardens Casino $1,000,000
Clarium Capital Management $1,000,000
Auburn Manor Holding $705,400
Rhs Investments (Hank Seale) $500,000
Murray Energy $303,580
Hamilton Co $300,056
GEO Group $281,360
WSJ Properties $277,700
Skye Lane Properties LLC $250,000
Trusted Leadership PAC $210,963
jungle slim
jungle slim - 3 days ago
Now we know why Trump is taking kids away from their parents..
Trump is selling the children..
j Lestel
j Lestel - 18 hours ago
Probably selling them to Bill Clinton who was on that plane to perv island plenty of times we now know.
bionikball75 - 3 days ago
Would love to see ANY sports figure take a knee for all the abused children we will never know about.
nickel mickel
nickel mickel - 3 days ago
See how many come out now that their cash cow how gone out to greener pastures.
Hubert Farnsworth
Hubert Farnsworth - 3 days ago
Show us the body of Epstein
Purvis 1993
Purvis 1993 - 3 days ago
How did he turn up dead? It seems MSNBC does care.
Rich - 3 days ago
I would like to know how much money he had in his bank account. Your not a billionaire because you don't have money there. Why don't they just take the money from there and just later sell his assets? I would think that would be quicker. Also did he have a will?
RAN-DAM O - 3 days ago
this is some Law and order SVU type mess
jrae - 4 days ago
What? Rachael I try to listen to you but you are so, I'm a Trump supporter. I wondered when you were going to bring Trump into it. LOSER!
Jessica Lubien
Jessica Lubien - 4 days ago
What aboit Climdon and Doucheowitz?? The whole world knows how guilty they are
j Lestel
j Lestel - 18 hours ago
That doesn't fit with the media narrative so you wont hear about it much.
Ms. Jackie
Ms. Jackie - 4 days ago
This is much bigger than Epstein. I don't believe he is dead. He's somewhere getting plastic surgery, and a new identity. These devils don't die. They multiply
Beth Bryant
Beth Bryant - 4 days ago
FAKE news Rachel MadCow
brian mcintyre
brian mcintyre - 4 days ago
Do the right thing and let TSHTF.
allan kealy
allan kealy - 4 days ago
And the sheep follow the so called shepherd what a disgrace this so called journalist is.
drewswebsite - 4 days ago
Flights aboard the "Lolita Express: Bill Clinton = 26+. Donald Trump = 0
drumitar - 4 days ago
maybe if u investigated Epstein as much as you do trump you might get somewhere
Teresa Young
Teresa Young - 4 days ago
Someone said this news person is mtf. Anyone know?
Camille - 4 days ago
What is the difference between criminal asset forfeiture and civil asset forfeiture? Not much, when the defendant becomes deceased. Tear up all those NDA’s and expose all of his playmates. JE did not operate in a solo orb.
Camille - 4 days ago
Since JE was instrumental in introducing Melania to her husband, there seems to be no leap of faith in concluding why his death ought not be investigated as homicide.
j Lestel
j Lestel - 18 hours ago
We THINK he introduced Melania to her now husband, but we KNOW Bill Clinton was on that plane more than a few times. This is not a partisan thing. A perv is a perv.
Hank Williams
Hank Williams - 4 days ago
He is not dead. Had to move him before names were exposed so he is on another Island drinking Captain Morgan spice rum and Coke on ice and getting ready for some more dates. Oh yeah. He may need to be flown to a hospital due to uncontrollable laughter. He can't eat, or drink his rum or take his Viagra because he can't stop laughing.
109PokerFace - 4 days ago
Acosta and Alan Dershowitz, who are part of the same international criminal network as Jeffrey Epstein, deserve to be the first targets of the Justice system for high treason.
G C - 4 days ago
Maybe he's alive and that's why Trump wants to buy an island lol
TOZE - 4 days ago
1 month ago there were dozens of photos of Epstein with Bill Clinton all over the internet. Now, google removed them from search results and pushed a photo of Epstein and Trump!!!
There are records that Bill Clinton flew 26 times in Epsteins private jet, known as Lolita Express by the elite, but official records only show around 10 and half of them Bill Clinton actually specified that he didn't want Secret Services protection!
“Clinton frequently flew with Epstein aboard his plane, then suddenly stopped – raising the suspicion that the friendship abruptly ended, perhaps because of events related to Epstein’s sexual abuse of children,” it said.
But what they also did not see was the fact that, before anyone was going after Epstein, President Trump took action against him.
And it was the attorney of some of Epstein’s victims that told the courts that Trump before he was president, took the action.
“Epstein was barred from President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., ‘because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club, according to court documents,’” The Washington Post reported.
“I learned through a source that Trump banned Epstein from his Maralago [Mar-A- Lago] Club in West Palm Beach because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club,” Fort Lauderdale lawyer Bradley Edwards’ said.
How can you be so blind and still are hunting Trump? How hateful can you be??
Lucy Vautour
Lucy Vautour - 4 days ago
When Epstein was first found in his cell, it was told , he was naked , nothing on his bed, no strings or no rope . nothing to hook anythings on , whats is all m this , then it started with other things , I am not smart, but not this crazy,...
William Basham
William Basham - 5 days ago
Barr does'nt look healthy he will have a heart attack soon but just guessing
Terry Kimsey
Terry Kimsey - 5 days ago
This goes above Acosta. He was told to take the deal, that it was above his pay grade and that Epstein was an intelligence asset. How is possible that agencies able to give immunity to individuals they consider too much of a resource to be held accountable for their crimes, even when they reach this scale?
Jah Healing Kemetic Temple
xl - 5 days ago
Epstein is actually Ep - stine -- rhymes with 'mine'
Not sure why US Americans pronounce it like that
Just like Einstein or Weinstein
It rhymes with mine
robert graziano
robert graziano - 5 days ago
I smell trump!
j Lestel
j Lestel - 18 hours ago
The Clintom stench is stronger
Gordon Mcsweeny
Gordon Mcsweeny - 5 days ago
This is all great television. There is a picture of this guy with Trump, and Bill Clinton was obviously a close friend. But...
There are underage prostitutes working every night three blocks from my home in Seattle and nobody ( law enforcement included ) seems to care much. It's a shame that this kind of activity only makes the news when it involves the rich and powerful. To the boys and girls walking the streets at night, this is all a sad joke.
Karen M
Karen M - 5 days ago
She's an attractive person, but her facial contortion while she talks is not. Highly intelligent but I don't agree with her most of the time. It seems she nailed this one though.
JoopRode De Rode
JoopRode De Rode - 5 days ago
Rachel you need a new nose, one that doesn't stop growing ...
liv Hemingway
liv Hemingway - 5 days ago
Trump planted Barr asap to make sure his dirty deeds won't be uncovered.
MG Massey
MG Massey - 5 days ago
Historically,rich men have abused who they wish to.
Rarely,if ever, are they prosecuted.
This is wrong.
Hunt pedophiles like they hunt children.
cosgrove notts
cosgrove notts - 5 days ago
Something very shifty here. Building 7 comes to mind
Tracey Edwards
Tracey Edwards - 5 days ago
YES! Very good ladies, you keep fighting. This is probably the best therapy for you. Now if Barr was out of the picture, he should just retire before the next generation see him as the evil villain, the enemy of the good people.
Sounds like a storm’s coming, gonna knock a few tree’s over with this storm! Luv u Rachel
Squishy Potato
Squishy Potato - 5 days ago
We effing knew this was gonna happen.
JoAnn Holmes
JoAnn Holmes - 5 days ago
The Prosecutors can NOT give immunity to people that are UNKNOWN that may become known some other year or day. That is an absurdity. Insane. Florida give immunity to unknown people who may or may not be anywhere at any time doing whatever or conspiring to sexually abusing, raping, stealing from, hitting, battering, murdering his victims?? DISTURBING is right? Conspired with Epstein to solicit PROSTITUTION from a girl that is not even at the age of consent! See what I am saying. That Florida case should be totally null and void and Acosta investigated. Following that money. He investing his money in Art like the painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress and red Jimmy Choo heels? Weird Art.
Stephen Short
Stephen Short - 5 days ago
2007: no mention of Obama being the POTUS at that time...only mention Trump in a bad light...biased reporting. The deal was made on Obama's watch, not Trump's. Epstein was taken into custody, again, during Trump's watch.'s not rocket science...stay tuned for further arrests. Perhaps, begin with Bill Clinton...? Of course, there will be civil lawsuits...more information will come out. The co-conspirators were bi-partisan. Will justice be done? Recent history suggests not.
A Mishel
A Mishel - 5 days ago
You’re trying so hard to tie Epstein to Trump. Disgusting!
P Clayton
P Clayton - 5 days ago
A man is dead. We need to get to the truth before you start throwing around your theories and more people end up dead! Rachel, you talk like a 3rd grader.
J. Hurt
J. Hurt - 5 days ago
Was trump a client? Trump couldn't be revealed if he was.
Scorpio3 - 5 days ago I watched this documentary years ago about this group of was pulled before it went to air. Everyone and I need everyone needs to watch this. Its not even conspiracy ...just facts and proof.
DR Dubois
DR Dubois - 5 days ago
Acosta has something to hide, and he's hiding hoping nothing comes his way.
DR Dubois
DR Dubois - 5 days ago
Did Epstein make all his money from blackmailing important wealthy people who he has dirt on? Possible film or photos of sticky situations?
fastermx - 5 days ago
I hope investigators aren’t too blithely assuming the body in the jail cell really WAS Epstein’s. While many powerful people would want him dead to silence him, let’s not forget that he has been very popular - very USEFUL - to the rich and powerful. They surely DID have to silence him, but with Barr running everything, they can silence him and let him go on living the high life under the witness protection program.

Objective forensic people should go out of their way to prove it really was him - DNA tests would probably be easy enough.

It isn’t established 100% yet that he’s dead. Once it is, the question is “suicide or murder?”
Can any forensic expert in Barr's Justice regime likely to be objective?

Suicide is profoundly unlikely with a mega-narcissist like him; almost an impossibility. So once the body is objectively confirmed as his, we’re really left with murder. But with Barr getting all hard evidence in his hands, he’s going to be sure there will never be ant indictments. Neat and tidy,
H S - 5 days ago
Charges against Acosta!!!
chandler whalen
chandler whalen - 5 days ago
Of course this all went down in New York. Home of the most crooked cops and most crooked people on earth.
Shaka Khan
Shaka Khan - 6 days ago
J E F F R E Y E P S T E I N I S D E A D !! L O N G L I V E J E F F R E Y E P S T E I N !! My theory ? HE paid a King's Ransom - LOL😠 and had a lot of assistance from fellow pedos in high place to stage the "death". Who knows? Maybe they had a waxworker create a torso and head and used that as a prop. I think someone got very rich very quick and ol' JE's got his game on somewhere they will never find him.
Priscilla Affan
Priscilla Affan - 6 days ago
Only rich get away with this stuff.
Mary Feather
Mary Feather - 6 days ago
Aren't you sick and tired of all of this circus?Child traffickers rule the world so this will never ever end!!!Even 'if' Epstein is dead there are hundreds of perverts behind him,to continue his sick work,that pretty much sums it up people so get on with your lives,there is nothing we can do about it,it is happening and always will be happening,it is how this sick world works..sweet dreams!
Velha Guarda Tricolor
Velha Guarda Tricolor - 6 days ago
The real question is: Who were "his" clients. CLINTON, TRUMP, ... Might be those guys who suicided him.
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller - 6 days ago
with all those scientists👨‍🔬 & 👨‍⚕️Doctors, that he surrounded himself with... SH!T... 👀 plastic surgery wouldn't b NOTHIN to HIM... i wanna SEE the BODY!! 😳 - i just wanna make sure his buddies, in the elites, DIDN'T help him fake his death... (i aint the only 1 that's wondering this either) 🤔 cuz it's either THAT or, some1 killed him. *i do NOT believe that HE took HIMSELF outta the equation!!* 🙄
Lae W
Lae W - 6 days ago
Send them all the jail not right they just get off for trafficking right along with him. A price of paper should not make it ok there is a limit those victims can take. They are just as guilty and need to be charged.
Jim Menard
Jim Menard - 6 days ago
Alex Hills
Alex Hills - 6 days ago
wow rachel maddow "error by omission" should be your middle name
Ken Blevins
Ken Blevins - 6 days ago
Its.sad for the victims that they came face him in court. But for Rachel maddow I dont believe anything she says. She is a tool for the evil socialists democratic party.
Ramon Fuller
Ramon Fuller - 6 days ago
Non disclosure agreements are not valid when it involves disclosure of a crime and breaking the law....
Finch Harper
Finch Harper - 6 days ago
Why aren't you talking about Clintons 27 flights to Pedo Island?
I like how you keep pumping Trumps name, even though Court documents show Trump never even flirted with the girls. Now Trump is gross, a cheater, and liar, but amazingly he didn't do anything with Epsteins girls, and the girls and court documents prove it.
Tania Ohman
Tania Ohman - 6 days ago
That was my first jaw dropping gasp from the beginning ! WHY were OTHERS protected?!
A M - 6 days ago
Only the best people
Betty Giles
Betty Giles - 6 days ago
His money came from trafficking these young girls all over the world to all of the sick individuals....also how many people are doing this today....#45 which is trying to blame clinton for beiing a part of this...which in fact he should be implemented in this also.....i remember reading a story about #45 and a 13yo girl...whatever happened to that? paid off im sure.
The Duuderino
The Duuderino - 6 days ago
The Orange Emperor = sh*t magnet.
susan charlton
susan charlton - 6 days ago
This is the first card to fall in a house of cards that will reveal the dirty truth of all the systems on earth. They will do all they can to hold onto power, but the truth will prevail. The media has been bound for so long, but they're beginning to come into the Light.
Lennart Krantz
Lennart Krantz - 6 days ago
Show us PICTURES OF THE SHEET Epstein used. If you don't have a pair of scissors , then it is difficult to tear a stripe from a strong cotton fabric. Also difficult to tie two complicated knots. Not much stripe left for the fall height. Why are you so silent , Mr. Barr ? A photo of the sheet , the bed and the cell takes two minutes , Mr. Barr.
Jerome Santos
Jerome Santos - 6 days ago
Do you think they will ever actually tell the plebs the truth about the things that go on behind the curtains? dream on
Alehia klorian
Alehia klorian - 6 days ago
He bought and sold people. He knew their weakness of money... Do not sell yourself!
red drib
red drib - 6 days ago
John Jones
John Jones - 6 days ago
bring the Maxwell woman to justice.
jbot91 - 6 days ago
It was clearly all Trump's fault. Aka Russia. Does she mention the Clinton's at all in this speech of hers? Maddow is a disgusting hack.
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