100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut

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The Reason Why
The Reason Why - 3 hours ago
please listen https://youtu.be/7ebpzddkaEE
Karima Magroun
Karima Magroun - 14 hours ago
I wish everyone would feel that "I wonder why I was hurt when I was the one who decided to cheat"
Karima Magroun
Karima Magroun - 12 hours ago
@Michelle Reeves oh no haha, the phrase literally stood out to me, was very deep and wanted to share it in the comments 😊
Michelle Reeves
Michelle Reeves - 13 hours ago
I got help from someone that’s why I’m asking!!!
Michelle Reeves
Michelle Reeves - 13 hours ago
Do you need help on how to restore your Ex back?
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker - Day ago
What was his name? ..... Buttface Maximus
Cansu Üstünsoy
Cansu Üstünsoy - Day ago
I actually like the idea of throwing a burrito. Instead of going through all that misery just throw a burrito man. Genuis.
Virginia Irion
Virginia Irion - 2 days ago
Why is nobody talking about how one person‘s boyfriend left in the middle of the night and another guy left in the middle of the night conspiracy here
Walter Dawson
Walter Dawson - 2 days ago
wachuka matelakengisa
wachuka matelakengisa - 2 days ago
They dipped in the middle of the night 😭💔
vanessa vexy
vanessa vexy - 2 days ago
Over text man life sucks
T. Park
T. Park - 2 days ago
The girl who had the most recent break up, damn... I felt for her. You just wanna give them a hug.
Benjamin - 2 days ago
3:05 this girl looks like just came out of a European painting and I bet whoever she's dating is treating her right or she just hasn't found the right person yet.
herny ferry
herny ferry - 3 days ago
I'm invicted at breaking up, 'cause I never had a boyfriend U.U
Mauricio Leopold
Mauricio Leopold - 3 days ago
Every time I break up, I watch this & I feel a whole lot better
Jaya K
Jaya K - 3 days ago
The guy who wouldn't claim his child because the mother is half black🤦
I can't believe this shit.
Ajax Snow
Ajax Snow - 3 days ago
Are there really many gay people in the US or does cut intentionally bring gay people to shoot videos?
Muhammed A. Kirdar
Muhammed A. Kirdar - 3 days ago
Is there not a single straight guy in this video?
Stella Grigorakou
Stella Grigorakou - 3 days ago
Alexus Michelle
Alexus Michelle - 4 days ago
*“He was like I’m GoNnA gO tRy hErOiN”* yeooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Althea Fleury
Althea Fleury - 4 days ago
my bf of two years just broke up with me, youtube knew that I needed that video
Vale Weinmann
Vale Weinmann - 5 days ago
they putting the guy who left in the middle of the night right after the girl who *was left* in the middle of the night killed me JAJAJA
deer hat
deer hat - 5 days ago
my bf also broke up with me the day before Valentine's Day and I had the shittiest month ever even in my birth day I wasnt happy I was sad af
Mayah Mckoy
Mayah Mckoy - 6 days ago
“but how could you leave these titties” had me tolling
Snorligeon - 6 days ago
Body bags
Body bags - 6 days ago
How'd u get over it??
That one dude: smoked some weed....
Ma maanssss🤙🤙🤙🖤🖤
Lynn K
Lynn K - 6 days ago
People are really, seriously horrible.
vilsujami - 6 days ago
4:22 My man right here suffers from Oblivion face.
Heather Sorensen
Heather Sorensen - 7 days ago
I WaNnA gO tRY hErOiN
ArezdoX - 7 days ago
Been broke so many times.......Don’t know what to believe
Annie Jonathan
Annie Jonathan - 6 days ago
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Annie Jonathan - 6 days ago
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Annie Jonathan
Annie Jonathan - 6 days ago
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Pineapples On Pizza
Pineapples On Pizza - 7 days ago
They worse story was when the guy said he threw a burrito... How can you hurt a burrito that way, you bastard!!!
Raymond Torrez
Raymond Torrez - 7 days ago
"i threw a burrito"
Stephanianna Lozito
Stephanianna Lozito - 7 days ago
Them:”What’s your worst breakup?”
Me:”My Happiness”
Maxx - 8 days ago
You're a piece of trash HAHAHAHA
Vegan Dolls
Vegan Dolls - 8 days ago
what kind of a freak loser doesn't like dogs
Andy Roid
Andy Roid - 8 days ago
I’m that 3:14 beeetchhh
Andiris Martinez
Andiris Martinez - 8 days ago
"How'd you get over her?"
"Smoked some weed"
I- 😅😂😂😂😂
Gabriela Martinez
Gabriela Martinez - 8 days ago
“How could you leave these tities” lol
itizzwhatitizz ok
itizzwhatitizz ok - 8 days ago
"Who tf is Jared" I'm ded I I cant
Coen A
Coen A - 9 days ago
How fucking hilarious would it be if the guy 0:41 at the ex of the girl at 0:33?
Whoopsie - 9 days ago
Hey everyone...i’m in a pickle right now and i need some advice.. My ex and i still talk thanks to a group chat. But after 3 days he started talking to his ex...his ex girlfriend who cheated on him with his best friend...and it makes me so angry but i want to get over him so bad...but it’s so hard to let go of someone i love....
Brooke Molitor
Brooke Molitor - 9 days ago
Who would date these people they are so ugly
5jerry1 - 9 days ago
~ With most of these people, I see why.
Aubrey Morales
Aubrey Morales - 9 days ago
Who would cheat on Antonio tho? 🤨🧐
chelsey jackson
chelsey jackson - 9 days ago
I threw a burrito😂😂
حبيب الكل الممتاز
how could you leave these titties hahaha
Z C - 9 days ago
I wish there was a part two with the other half’s reaction.
Lackadaisical - 9 days ago
What sucks is being totally in love with somebody but not ready to admit your relationship was crap
Gabriel Paganini
Gabriel Paganini - 9 days ago
"How'd you get over it?"
Smoke some weeed
EiD0L0N - 10 days ago
4:02 His face looks like Kabuki mask.
No joke. Google 'kabuki mask'.
Morinoshi Ron
Morinoshi Ron - 10 days ago
The girl at 5:05 sounds like Jenna marbles! XD
Lisa-Marie 7
Lisa-Marie 7 - 10 days ago
Last one was so funny 😂👌🏼
Sleepy toilet bowl
Sleepy toilet bowl - 10 days ago
the girl in 5:25 is the same girl that cries in every freaking episode it’s always about her break up
InvaderKitty - 10 days ago
Worst breakup? Breaking up with my long term best friend. She's all I had.
Masker kefir
Masker kefir - 11 days ago
Hyper neon
Hyper neon - 11 days ago
Welp in messenger a girl used her fake name and fake image to be in relationships with someone ..... cuz she is not beautiful.......welp its totally wrong this is how a relationships should not be done :v

Welp she is 15 -,-
Jayze Pickles
Jayze Pickles - 12 days ago
I needed to see this, I thought it'd make me sad, but it makes me feel a lot better.
Patricia Giovana Vilchez Nolasco
He was in prison and he got out, and things just changed. I dieeeeeed XD
Ashlee Earl
Ashlee Earl - 13 days ago
F*** you,Tyler Payne in my a**! You're a piece of trash!
Ashlee Earl
Ashlee Earl - 13 days ago
My worst breakup was when I was in high school,and he accused me of cheating on him,which I didn't,and then,he almost cheated on me but he didn't and then the last straw was when he was going around,telling everyone that he "didn't have a girlfriend". I was the girlfriend,so I broke up with him because of that and I hadn't talked to him in 2 years. I moved on from an ugly a** 18 year old to a cute 17 year old. I'm 19. This 17 year old guy and I are going to date in a few years after he graduates high school. Like,after he turns 21.
47 - 13 days ago
" I care about my self and my feelings enough to not stay with person not serving me "
Stormeth - 6 days ago
Sounds like she cares about herself a little too much, seeing as "serving" is often a one way street sort of scenario.
Saloni Rao
Saloni Rao - 13 days ago
Just before my brthdy..😭😭😭
The Ripped Reaper
The Ripped Reaper - 13 days ago
Why am I watching this? Never been in a relationship
Dwan Sangma
Dwan Sangma - 13 days ago
Don't ever break up over the phone or text message
Liza Wright22
Liza Wright22 - 14 days ago
So is nobody gonna mention the bottles of piss? Cool💀
Adam - 14 days ago
Imagine having someone to break up with...
marvelghost - 14 days ago
I love the asian lady with the gray and red hair. Awesome look
no1nestandsalone - 14 days ago
Why is no one talking about the piss bottle guy? That is so gross!
no1nestandsalone - 14 days ago
I’ve never been in a relationship
AmberCollins - 15 days ago
“WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME?” “HOW cOuLd YoU lEaVe tHeSe TiTiEs??”
Dr Shyho
Dr Shyho - 15 days ago
xivix vasace
xivix vasace - 15 days ago
Spent 3 years with someone just to be cheated on. It hurts at first but keep your heads up because nothing is better then learning to love yourself before loving someone else
EgyptianGirlzCurlz - 15 days ago
😂😂😂 my nigga! @6:06
Destroyer xv 1
Destroyer xv 1 - 15 days ago
Why are they mostly gay and leasbian people 🤮
Paige Elise
Paige Elise - 15 days ago
"I threw a burrito"
Fa Tee
Fa Tee - 15 days ago
"... To not stay with a person that is not serving me."
"I was a real dick"
😂 This editor better be getting paid. 👀😂
l'ornithorynque de l'espace
5:03 the WORST one 😭
Annie Jonathan
Annie Jonathan - 15 days ago
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Noa McDonald
Noa McDonald - 16 days ago
LOVE the Lion King Hat :)!
justmadeit2-my channel
justmadeit2-my channel - 16 days ago
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dude am cyborg
dude am cyborg - 16 days ago
;-; me and my ex we didn't really broke up we just didn't talk for two months that's all the two months became 2 years
dude am cyborg
dude am cyborg - 16 days ago
@Kerine Jonnes ouh i really appreciate that , it's been two years so am really over it
Kerine Jonnes
Kerine Jonnes - 16 days ago
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Hb K
Hb K - 16 days ago
After 3 years he woke up and said he didn’t want a gf, no fights no arguements, no disagreement he just left.
Hb K
Hb K - 16 days ago
Kerine Jonnes I’m okay thanks, he’s an ex for a reason.
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Bryan Thomas
Bryan Thomas - 16 days ago
Halima - 17 days ago
The girl on the the thumbnail looks like Rice from Rice and Slice
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