100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut

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Kitty Alvarez
Kitty Alvarez - Hour ago
“Who the fuck is Jared?!”
bookdragon34 - 2 hours ago
my girlfriend never really talked to me, she just kissed me and held my hand and wanted to have sex with me and call me pet names
i realized i was in love with someone else and that i hardly even liked my current girlfriend at the time
when i tried to break up with my girlfriend and she went to go kill herself
then when i finally got over her and her death and i asked out the dude i had been in love with this whole time
we dated for a long time
i got depressed
he got depressed
i started to think that i might be trans
i was trans but didnt tell him because he was straight and i was born a female and i loved him
he started hanging out with this girl alexa
she said she didnt like him and he said he didnt like her but i knew he loved her
and a few months later he dumped me and hung out with alexa non stop
i got distant
i came out as transgender and he accepted me
alexa and him sang a love duet at a karaoke thing that i was also at and they started dating
he and i are currently best friends
but what he doenst know is
im still in love with him
that will never change and i will not love anyone else
its been a year
i forced myself into tons of short relationships just to try to make myself get over him
but i didnt work and i got more depressed than ever
and i ended up breaking a ton of peoples hearts
and im so madly in love with this boy still
but i could never date him because hes straight and i came out to him as a trans man
and i tried to fight alexa because i started going crazy but my friends pulled me off of her
and now i will never get married, something ive always been so excited to do
because the man i love is with some bitch and hes staright and im a boy
so now im permidantly heartbroken
bookdragon34 - 2 hours ago
oh also i tried to kill myself multiple times for that and because of other reasons
Shammah - 3 hours ago
"how could you leave these tities"
Girl, same
Emiii Le
Emiii Le - 4 hours ago
Why does this show only have gay people??
Jacob Lemus
Jacob Lemus - 10 hours ago
“If you share your life with somebody else, and they leave, It’s like taking half of your life with them” dayummm
It's Just Kayla
It's Just Kayla - 12 hours ago
zack warner after watching this: Oh.
Victoria _
Victoria _ - 12 hours ago
*breaks up*
gets back together
*breaks up again*
is shocked
Faith Hamilton
Faith Hamilton - 13 hours ago
Andrea - 13 hours ago
I wanna hang with them all
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie - 14 hours ago
To my boyfriend when I want him to leave: *well ima go try heroin*
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie - 14 hours ago
Melanie Mullikin
Melanie Mullikin - 14 hours ago
6:07 mood
Tyler Bush
Tyler Bush - 15 hours ago
Where tf do
U get these weird ass people from
Rebecca Cruz
Rebecca Cruz - 15 hours ago
You posted this on my wedding day 😂😭
Madeline Eade
Madeline Eade - 17 hours ago
“I threw a burrito” fucking same.
Oghren - 17 hours ago
Just hit it and move on easy
Caylie Brown
Caylie Brown - 17 hours ago
Humans are waaaack
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh - 18 hours ago

Okay. Me.
UTUBE CH8NEL - 19 hours ago
*But WhY doNT yOu lOvE me?!*
*WhY woUlD yOU lEAve tHesE tiTIes*
UTUBE CH8NEL - 19 hours ago
“he left in the middle of the night”
“i left in the middle of the night”
and i oop-
Chloe Bell
Chloe Bell - 20 hours ago
This is what I watch to feel less sad about being single
G Torres
G Torres - 21 hour ago
4:22 is that mr incredible?
Kara Isbell
Kara Isbell - 22 hours ago
Alright let’s go back to the PISS IN THE BOTTLES THE FUCK
Mayaki Favour
Mayaki Favour - 22 hours ago
How could you leave this tits😂😌💔😭
Mayaki Favour
Mayaki Favour - 22 hours ago
Butt face maximum😂💔
aurora - 23 hours ago
not to be that person but can we talk about how gorgeous the guy at 6:05 is
Captain Ramirez
Captain Ramirez - Day ago
“I threw a burrito” 🌯
Ben Murgatroyd
Ben Murgatroyd - Day ago
Y can’t y’all get normal ppl on here
Bernadette Diemer
Bernadette Diemer - Day ago
06:04 most beautiful person I have ever seen...
JoBeatz Beatbox
JoBeatz Beatbox - Day ago
Some of these breakups are so lame..
People really breakup over the dumbest things, like what’s the point?
(Never had a girlfriend)
oToo_Quick - Day ago
"I threw a burrito"
P Z - Day ago
2.18 raelly ? u expect to have someone support for murdering an innocent child ? u fucking stupid selfish evil whore. and u were surprised he broke up w u ? really ?
Who Cares
Who Cares - Day ago
“I threw a burrito.”
Hunter Winslow
Hunter Winslow - Day ago
4:51 someone missed out lol
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez - Day ago
Why do you girls pick to date these assholes?! And leave the nice guys out on the street?
Armani Allen
Armani Allen - Day ago
But but why dont you love me
*HoW CoUlD yOu LeAvE ThEsE TiTtIeS*
I squealed
Here goes your daily mood
Wendy Shantz
Wendy Shantz - Day ago
"i still miss her but-my dog!"
k malmel
k malmel - Day ago
So many homosexuals in this world 😭
ValnirAesling - Day ago
why is it that gays make up only 5 percent of the population but on cut it seems like 50%
kara lauzon
kara lauzon - Day ago
He moved to China.
That one Asian kid 1010
Okay, but are we just going to ignore the girl that yelled, *"hOw cAn yOu leAvE thESe tiTtiEs?!"* Had me rolling. 😂🤣
Lily Underwood
Lily Underwood - Day ago
“She’d take my balls if she could” 😭
Clanden - Day ago
Love is difficult so luckily I'm flying solo and also high
Gillberg #TYDB #DAY1ISH
4:51 who is that girl??? Jesus!!!
Gillberg #TYDB #DAY1ISH
Zack Warner, you are the dumbest guy to ever grace this planet...
Aijaja Hahaha
Aijaja Hahaha - Day ago
lxuren xv
lxuren xv - Day ago
So no ones talking about how the girl talking about the 5 yr relationship doesn’t relate to the one where the guy broke down in his girls arms???
Kristen Collins
Kristen Collins - Day ago
This video would have been so much better if it wasn't for the dumbass elevator music playing in the background.
Katherine Cheung
Katherine Cheung - 2 days ago
Girl at the end was gonna say something but she caught herself LOL
05 mustang gt
05 mustang gt - 2 days ago
Seriously tho the girl in 5:44. Girl I feel you. I just left my fiance last night and we had been together almost three years. Same for me. Our relationship was toxic,rushed, and I didn't see myself marrying her. She wanted different things. And I couldn't bare to keep hurting her with how I was too. We just aren't good for each other and I'm trying to stay strong for myself.
05 mustang gt
05 mustang gt - 2 days ago
Ooooh 4:51 she's hella cute. I'd date her !
AdrianZeAwes - 2 days ago
There are so many transgender people nowadays
Unknown Gurl
Unknown Gurl - 2 days ago
5:24 That's how my mood changes.
Nina Koshkina
Nina Koshkina - 2 days ago
I need that STEPHEN KING RULES t-shirt in my life
Nina Koshkina
Nina Koshkina - 2 days ago
I need that STEPHEN KING RULES t-shirt in my life
아름Andrea - 2 days ago
Call me a masochist and all but I want to feel this so bad... Songs don’t make me feel the same now that I don’t have anyone to dedicate them to.
Ricky Ant
Ricky Ant - 2 days ago
wtf with the android
mady benn
mady benn - 2 days ago
damn bitch love is scary where can I find it
Littie Committee
Littie Committee - 2 days ago
Wtf I get this in my recommended an hour after me breaking up with my girlfriend...
Asha - 2 days ago
Your phone hears everything you say.
Bethany Fisher
Bethany Fisher - 2 days ago
I threw a burrito 🌯
Bethany Fisher
Bethany Fisher - 2 days ago
Why on Valentine’s Day
That’s about love wth
Candice Dodd
Candice Dodd - 2 days ago
Damn hearing all these stories makes me just want to be single. I’ve dated before and it never worked out. Dating nowadays is too draining and I’m over it lol
unknown unknown
unknown unknown - 2 days ago
85% of these asked are gay.
Albe1_ Nyx
Albe1_ Nyx - 2 days ago
What kind of trash ends a relationship over a doggo. Those people will burn in Hell
Anonymus - 2 days ago
I was on r/awww on Reddit. Time for some negativity
Dan Mann
Dan Mann - 2 days ago
how is nobody spamming 01:04
Unlimited Edition Pepe
Unlimited Edition Pepe - 2 days ago
5:03 *That shit whack*
Zavik 424
Zavik 424 - 2 days ago
"How could you leave these tittys?"-😂🤣☠
Vincent Chazal
Vincent Chazal - 2 days ago
"I threw a burrito".
I never wanted to be somebody else so badly in my life.
Valdy Febres
Valdy Febres - 3 days ago
5:06 sounds exactly like Jenna Marbles
MystiQue - 3 days ago
Devin Latta
Devin Latta - 3 days ago
6:16 is that a guy or a girl? I can’t tell
yillee metin
yillee metin - 3 days ago
"I still miss her.
But my DOG"
Jimmy Fitsimons
Jimmy Fitsimons - 3 days ago
6:07 how did you get over it him smoked some weed bruhh 😂
Penni SSS
Penni SSS - 3 days ago
4:37 umm what??
Арина Галянова
Jxhnnie Yt
Jxhnnie Yt - 3 days ago
Bruhh, he said that she tried running him over in a Wendy's parking lot.😭😭😭
jonathxx5 - 3 days ago
6:14 sorry but was not expecting that voice.
7.16v - 3 days ago
The girl who had an abortion deserves to be broken up with. Period.
NastyPeach - 3 days ago
dude at 4:22 looks like a smaller Mr. incredible.
Marten Dekker
Marten Dekker - 3 days ago
What a shit video...so many are sooo short = not enough info to have value. 👎
Lee Pink
Lee Pink - 3 days ago
Guy at 2:42 ❤️
Silly 10870
Silly 10870 - 3 days ago
did anyone else notice how abusive half of this is......
Jake Sease
Jake Sease - 3 days ago
Literally just jumped to “how could u leave these titties” well then...
Willow Wants
Willow Wants - 3 days ago
My worst breakup was when I broke up with my boyfriend because I wanted him to pursue his dream to be a dr. I didn’t want to interfere with his goal having a girlfriend. I was also very insecure because I never had a university education. I really loved him so much I let him go. I hope he’s happy.
Shinozaki Sachiko
Shinozaki Sachiko - 3 days ago
6:25 - i strive to be that mom
Bekah truby
Bekah truby - 3 days ago
"So what was your worst breakup?"
"One day I broke up with some one at a wendy's parking lot, she tried to run me over... I got a frosty on my shirt..."
Allen Townsend
Allen Townsend - 3 days ago
Why is almost everyone gay. This is bs
Carmen Cela
Carmen Cela - 3 days ago
2:22 Bobby is that youuuuuuuu
Ilastagirl - 3 days ago
'i threw a burrito'
I would too man. I would too
Natalie Reyes
Natalie Reyes - 3 days ago
mind_expander - 3 days ago
Lel. Pretty sure my ex that turned out to be a pedophile & committed revenge porn would crush all these typical sappy scenarios.
Cops in TX did nothing because Kik is a Canadian based app..... 🤢🙄
Platano Man
Platano Man - 3 days ago
What’s with this guy that thinks he’s a robot.
Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom - 3 days ago
Leaving suddenly w/o warning is the best way to leave.
Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom - 2 days ago
meh Usually they were warned several times. When they wake up by themselves all of a sudden one day, then they know you weren’t fuckin’ around. But by then it’s too late. I’m not there for you to try to change my mind or talk me out of it. I’m gone.✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾
meh - 2 days ago
Unless it happens to you
Damaris Verastica
Damaris Verastica - 3 days ago
2:07 she would take my balls if she could
Super HumanTV
Super HumanTV - 3 days ago
worst break up... cant break up if your single
sophie.schroeder - 4 days ago
“ i threw a burrito “ 😂 LMAOOO
VENADO MAZISO - 4 days ago
Ha im still with my first love 💘
Yee Yee
Yee Yee - 4 days ago
Instead of fuck you how about wishing them the best
resounder boi
resounder boi - 4 days ago
Thank god i am a virgin
[sadly LMFAOO]
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