Average Andy with the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders

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Balaji Sahu
Balaji Sahu - Day ago
I think I saw Brent rivera's crush dancing
Anna Lucky
Anna Lucky - Day ago
I was there that game it was awsome
Natalie M
Natalie M - 2 days ago
This is my emotional support daughter lol I’m dying
Victoria Pina
Victoria Pina - 5 days ago
I added this to my “Feeling Sad??” Playlist just to make me fell good about my self and to remind me that there are people like this in the world 😂 😂 💀
Gacha crazy !
Gacha crazy ! - 6 days ago
When they started dancing he just LOST IT 😂And he was in his own world
Karla Hurtado
Karla Hurtado - 6 days ago
Andy is funny 😂😂
Linutee 23
Linutee 23 - 7 days ago
He's so cute 💖💖💖 omg I'm crying 😂😂😂
ICloudydust - 7 days ago
This is HILARIOUS! Andy is the best!!!
Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box - 8 days ago
My firend made me join the cheer team at my school and that's is exactly how I was during my first half time
Bush baby Studios
Bush baby Studios - 9 days ago
Can Andy do Allstar cheer next?
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg - 9 days ago
sophia maria
sophia maria - 9 days ago
“my emotional support daughter ” 😂😂😂
Naimo Ahmed
Naimo Ahmed - 9 days ago
bad dab
bad dab - 10 days ago
It hurts my eyes to see andy dance like me 😂😂
๔єlคภєy - 10 days ago
Imagine if they tried stunting or tumbling with him 😂
Katie Productions
Katie Productions - 10 days ago
I bet Andy was like looking at the girls thinking the fact they even try
net surfer65
net surfer65 - 11 days ago
Andy do lost some weight for these years due to all those years
It'sChloe Here
It'sChloe Here - 11 days ago
If that was me I would have messed up and embarrassed myself
Adriann Acup
Adriann Acup - 12 days ago
I miss having the Rams in St. Louis 😭😭😭 we have no football team now...
Loraine Umurwaneza
Loraine Umurwaneza - 12 days ago
Please make more
Allison Panzica
Allison Panzica - 12 days ago
I'd love to partner with Andy so it can be Average Andy and Ally. I have a very contrasting personality to Andy so it would be hilarious
mary lancour
mary lancour - 12 days ago
There playing against the packers that's my hometown team
Faith Alarcon-Calden
Faith Alarcon-Calden - 13 days ago
Vivian Le
Vivian Le - 14 days ago
Average Andy with the USA volleyball team 😂
holsteinchick - 14 days ago
taylor jeernigan
taylor jeernigan - 14 days ago
this is hilarious 🤣
Stephanie Hawley
Stephanie Hawley - 15 days ago
I feel bad for Andy,but it's SO SO SO funny
rosetta Christopher
rosetta Christopher - 16 days ago
Am I the only person who has a playlist just for Andy😂😂?
Val3rie _1627
Val3rie _1627 - 17 days ago
Who noticed that MylifeisAva was there
Aquadog Gaming
Aquadog Gaming - 17 days ago
Was it just me or did he looked he really tried???
Younita - 19 days ago
You should make Andy wear that woman suit
Markus Odland
Markus Odland - 20 days ago
Bethany Webber
Bethany Webber - 20 days ago
Wow I'm really impressed by now average Andy did!😂
•City_Stone• - 21 day ago
Sarai Isaza
Sarai Isaza - 21 day ago
I know the feeling Andy, I am not a person who likes dancing, I appreciate it but that's it, when my cousin ask me to be part of her dance crew for her birthday party, I was feeling so nervous but at the same time excited to get out of my comfort zone, and let's just say I did a pretty average job! Hahaha. Glad you are testing your limits, well that Ellen is testing your limits, is never to late to learn something new.
iram hasnat
iram hasnat - 22 days ago
he is not average he is awesome,andy.
Angie MontoyaCuri
Angie MontoyaCuri - 22 days ago
Andy is me
CocoPets AR
CocoPets AR - 23 days ago
wow he is so brave to go up with all those people watching
xRosetta Yellowx
xRosetta Yellowx - 27 days ago
You know what ellen gives andy... Not encouragement
_dyinginside_ - 29 days ago
"you can see... stuff" i'm wheezing help me
Julia Sanchez
Julia Sanchez - 29 days ago
At 1:01 when the girl goes a beat early lol
rasheka carter
rasheka carter - Month ago
andy you did great lol
Conny V
Conny V - Month ago
He is so lovable in all his exquisit dorkyness. What I am waiting for is a 4 am workout session with Andy and Mark Wahlberg though. 😂
Lora Tana
Lora Tana - Month ago
I'm sorry did you say average?
Serena Hounsell
Serena Hounsell - Month ago
Just me melanie
Just me melanie - Month ago
Cute andy
RicoLord1 - Month ago
I bet Everywone laughed at that Football Game.
Kira Dugdell
Kira Dugdell - Month ago
What if Ellen sent him to dance moms
Rosana Pozo
Rosana Pozo - Month ago
Andy cooking with a professional chef!
Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma - Month ago
At least he has the confidence of performing in front of thousands of people.
Jeo Games
Jeo Games - Month ago
Andy with the diver was my favorite
SUPERGIRL The Second Last Kryptonian
Andy needs Chest Day!
THATWASLIT - Month ago
i can feel through the screen your pipi
Vlog It: & Discuss it
Vlog It: & Discuss it - Month ago
The blonde cheerleaders are so pretty and stand out
Kallie Denney
Kallie Denney - Month ago
Good job Andy
GRUPOFISIO 2015 - Month ago
You should send Andy to the New York City ballet
samantha torres
samantha torres - Month ago
I love the cheerleaders for being such cheer/dance girls and yelling the moves at him! Like that’s what it’s all about, pushing everyone to look good!
Martine Mathijs
Martine Mathijs - Month ago
Go Andy...go Andy....yeaaaaaaah....!
Reese Overton
Reese Overton - Month ago
that was actully really good
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange - Month ago
I’ve been a cheerleader for months now and I still stand out exactly like Andy
Amalie Mirzad Kristoffersen
Isabel - Month ago
he nailed it!
Earnest Simmerton
Earnest Simmerton - Month ago
lol they were playing the packers, I’m from Wisco
David G.
David G. - Month ago
If things keep going this way, in a few more years you guys are going to have to start making a segment for Alpha Andy.
Jacob Meyer
Jacob Meyer - Month ago
He looks like Jared from subway
Ashley Matthews
Ashley Matthews - Month ago
If I was super rich I’d just hire cheerleaders to boost my self esteem 24/7 😂😂
DarkYuvGib - Month ago
fucking king
Mari Style
Mari Style - Month ago
I danced with that choreographer! He is so much fun
Chasse - Month ago
Andy is literally one of my favorite people in America!
Kei Ran
Kei Ran - Month ago
Okay this is off but the dude with the makeup that highlight is blinding
DanVlogs - Fun, Vlogs and Tips
If cheerleading was easy, it would be called football
daily fortnite
daily fortnite - Month ago
They are all thicc
Akío Aslan
Akío Aslan - Month ago
Talented men
Vaibh K
Vaibh K - Month ago
Omg he's so so so cuteeeee ❤❤❤❤
Unicorn Outsiders
Unicorn Outsiders - Month ago
WHOOO!!! GO ANDY!!!!!😃
Jasmine Lacanaria
Jasmine Lacanaria - Month ago
Jenny - Month ago
This has to be the best one yet!
Gillian - Month ago
Best one yet. 😂
Brigette Matthews
Brigette Matthews - Month ago
Give this comment a like for Nacho to teach Andy how to play polo!!
B1N68 - Month ago
andy is really funny
Jeanae Rowley
Jeanae Rowley - Month ago
Andy is such a great sport 🙌🏻
Saydee Chavez
Saydee Chavez - Month ago
Boo rams like if agree
Matt Tavenner
Matt Tavenner - Month ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂 I nearly cried the whole time
Jessi - Month ago
Yes boy I do cheer too SLAYYY
Matthew Levy
Matthew Levy - Month ago
He looks about like Elon musk
Emily Louise Parker
Emily Louise Parker - Month ago
We love Andy!!
Nathan Riess
Nathan Riess - Month ago
Make sure nothing fills with blood while he dances with them.
2011whack - Month ago
Love the ellen show but Andy comes across as a spoilt child. I'd say he talks down to people like he's better than them.. or so he believes anyway..its somethong ive noticed in the past .just an opinion
LDuncs87 - Month ago
He’s adorable
Juventine Asingei
Juventine Asingei - Month ago
Andy is actually getting in shape
PRAY40G_scythe - Month ago
I went red watching this
Ogor2 ogorr
Ogor2 ogorr - Month ago
So cute! Much love...
Reinebow - Month ago
Andy should guest star at Kevin Hart’s What the Fit.
Kanon Ningthoujam
Kanon Ningthoujam - Month ago
Andy is so so soo funny
anna cutis
anna cutis - Month ago
Did no one else think on 2:11 she looks like mylifeasEva?
anna cutis
anna cutis - Month ago
Did no one else think on 2:11 she looks like mylifeasEva?
Sabastian M
Sabastian M - Month ago
I don't mind doing that every game!!
Yan Zhang
Yan Zhang - Month ago
Lol, Andy did so much in his life ;/
SS Rashib
SS Rashib - Month ago
There are some beautiful girls 😍😍
Lu Yu Xuan
Lu Yu Xuan - Month ago
I have to watch 2 times of the dance, first I watch just Andy, second time I just watch the cheerleaders HAHAHA
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